Luo Yan Dislyte Guide: Skills, Stats & Relic Sets

Luo Yan Dislyte is a strong character in the game that has one of the best skills and stats to defeat the enemy.

Luo Yan, also known as Yanluo Wang, has incarnated himself as an incorruptible ex-police officer and is an esper that provides 4 stars wind support in Dislyte. It’s also one of the strongest espers any team should have as it inflicts Fate on the diseased enemy in another team.

Key Highlights
  • Luo Yan is a four-star wind support Esper in Dislyte who thrives well in the Temporal Tower and Cube Miracles.
  • The skills Luo Yan possesses are very beneficial for his allies and crucial for the enemies due to their damage-dealing ability.
  • The Death skill deals damage equal to 120% of the enemies’ ATK in addition to healing whichever ally has the least health for 50% of the damage dealt.
  • The Life skill marks an ally with ‘Dead Tome’ and provides them ATK and recovery for two turns.
  • After the expiration of the Death Tome, the ally recovers any HP he lost during the 2 turns.
  • The Fate skill deals damage equal to 110% of the enemies’ ATK and reduces the HP Ceiling of the enemy by 30% with a 70% chance of inflicting ‘Diseased’ for two turns.
  • The Captain ability of Luo Yan increases the Ally Espers RESIST in Point War by 40%.
  • On Level 1, Luo Yan has 2693 HP, 210 DEF, 104 SPD, and 221 ATK.
  • On Level 60, Luo Yan has 12139 HP, 952 DEF, 104 SPD, and 1001 ATK.
  • The Relic sets suitable to Luo Yan are the one that helps him deal the maximum damage against the enemies.
  • The Wind Walker Set boosts the SPD by 25%, while the Apollo’s Box Set boosts the ACC by 25%.
  • The Neptunian Waves Set increases the cooldown reduction chance by 30% for 1 turn.
  • Luo Yan does not work against Apep hunts, Kronos, and Fafnir.

Luo Yan character harms the enemy by reducing their maximum HP and attacking the HP of both sides. It reduces HP by almost 30%. You can also read about more characters such as Ollie, Fabrice, and Ren Si

This energetic character, Luo Yan in the Dislyte game is known to thrive well in the Temporal Tower and Cube Miracles due to its skills.

One can attain the esper in later stages of the game when players have more resources to counteract the enemy. The ATK and Lifeskills help recover or reset any of the ally’s HP.

In our guide, you will get everything you need to know about Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang). Moreover, Dislyte Tier List will tell you about all other espers in the game. 

(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
(lvl 1 – 60)
4 StarSupportWind2,693 – 12,139221 – 1,001210 – 952104 – 10410% – 10%150% – 150%20% – 20%

Luo Yan Skills in Dislyte

Luo Yan has some really strong skills that can damage the enemy. There are four skills that our Luo Yan police character in Dislyte possesses. These skills are listed below for you. You can get all types and cards by reading this Elements Guide


The damage dealing with the Death skill of Luo Yan is equal to the enemy’s 120% ATK. The skill also offers healing from the ally with the lowest health value.

The healing power equals 50% of the damage dealt while fighting. There are four levels to increase the damage. Learn more strategies here. 

Death Luo Yan
Luo Yan Death
Level 2Damage is increased to 110%
Level 3Healing is increased to 40%
Level 4Damage is increased to 120%
Level 5Healing is increased to 50%


The Life skill helps you mark a teammate with the Death Tome, but you can do that for only two turns. It also provides them ATK and Recovery for two turns. Once the Death Tome is expired, the lost HP can be restored if the teammate has lost some of its HP in those two turns. With Life skills, Luo Yan also gets a Cooldown effect for three turns. This only has one level. 

Life Luo Yan
Luo Yan Life
Life 2 Luo Yan
Luo Yan Life 2
Level 2The Cooldown effect is reduced to one turn


The Fate skill reduces the HP ceiling of the enemy by 30%, and it also increases a 70% chance to damage any diseased for only two turns. It also deals damage that is equal to 110% ATK. The Cooldown effect is for four turns. 6 levels of damage can be inflicted with this skill. 

Fate Luo Yan
Luo Yan Fate
Level 2Damage is increase by 105%
Level 3Chances of trigger are increased by 60%
Level 4Damage is increased by 110%
Level 5Chances of trigger increased by 70%
Level 6Cooldown effect is reduced by 1 turn

Captain ability

This is another one of Luo Yan skills in Dislyte character skills that helps the espers in Point Wars. It helps in increasing the Resist of all allied espers by 40%. 

Point War
Point War Luo Yan

Luo Yan Base Stats in Dislyte

There are four base Stats of Luo Yan that help in damage dealing. There are two levels on which these stats work. One is level 1 and the other one is level 60. The table below shows different base Stats on each level. 

Luo Yan Stats
Stats of Luo Yan

Dislyte Relic Sets of Luo Yan 

There are some set combinations that can strengthen the results of damage dealing against the enemy. We have listed two set combinations below. 

Set 1

Wind Walker Set x4+25% SPD
Apollo’s Bow Set x2+25% ACC

Set 2

Neptunian Waves Set x4Increases 30% chance to reduce cooldown by 1 turn
Apollo’s Bow Set  x2+25% ACC

Main Stats

Una II Main StatsHP% and DEF%
Una IV Main StatsHP% and DEF%
Mui II Main Stats HP% and SPD

Luo Yan Pros and Cons in Dislyte

Every character has its pros and cons, and so does Luo Yan in Dislyte. Although there are more pros to Luo Yan than its cons. Read them all below. 


  • Skill 1 helps in healing against the attack
  • Skill 3 helps in inflicting disease on the enemy. The disease is unhealable. 
  • Luo Yan provides an attack buff and it also provides recovery or reviving if dead for skill 2. 
  • It has an HP ceiling decrease that resists well against very high HP targets.


  • This esper doesn’t work against Apep hunts, Kronos and Fafnir. 
  • The skill 1 of Luo Yan will work very slowly if the build has pure support. 

Since we have told you about all the specifications of Luo Yan, we will also tell you that this character is not helpful if you are a beginner in Dislyte.

You can only make use of these Luo Yan relics and skills in Disyte if you have other resources with you. Luo Yan provides more utility with more resources. You can also take a look at this Dislyte Codes Guide. 

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