Best M16 Loadout Cold War Class Setup For Season 6

Do you know the best M16 loadout for season 6 Cod Cold War? No? Read best M16 loadout Cold War here & create the best loadout in the game.

Season 6 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is live, and with it, many good old weapons that previously were nerfed have made a comeback. Like every season, the current one also sees a change in the meta, and more or less, the AK47 and M16 weapon has also returned back to their former glory. However, how good or bad this weapon performs out in the field is entirely dependent on how you make a loadout. So, for the best M16 loadout Cold War setup, we have suggested weapon’s attachments, the secondary weapon, wildcard, perks, and equipment that you should equip to dominate fights in season 6. 

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How To Unlock M16 In Cold War       

Before you embark on the journey of creating the season 6 M16 loadout, you must first unlock this tactical rifle in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. As mentioned in our MP5 and AK 74u guide previously, the weapon progression system of both games, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and COD Warzone, have synchronized, you can unlock M16 by reaching level 10. This means that by playing either game, the overall progression increases equally, and the weapon becomes accessible to use when you hit level 10 in either game.

Base Stats

Right of the bat, the stock version of the M16 tactical rifle houses a 30 rounds magazine and comes with a 3-burst mode of fire only. The weapon can be used in multiplayer as well as in zombies mode. When you upgrade M16 in zombies mode via Pack-a-Punch, this tactical rifle becomes Skullsplitter and receives a significant increase in overall stats; damage, mag size, range, and more.

Regardless of the base stats of M16, this tactical rifle is only good to use in close to mid-range combat if you slot in the right attachments and create a perfect class setup that can obliterate the enemy team.

Best Attachments For M16 Loadout

For the best attachments, you must equip the following loadout to become unstoppable at close range. For a medium-range, we have suggested Optics attachment. However, if you want to create an M16 class setup revolving around close combat engagements, you can ignore the optics attachment and equip the rest of the weapon attachments into the M16 tactical rifle.

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Opitcs: Axial Arms 3x

Axial Arms 3x looks very much similar to the ACOG scope. If you are to make the M16 a mid-long range tactical rifle in the game and reserve the shotgun for close combat, you must slot this optics attachment to the tactical rifle. Otherwise, if short-range is your forte while running with M16, then exclude this weapon attachment and pick the rest.

Muzzle: Silencer

The Silencer is by far the most necessary attachment you should pick up. It does penalize the bullet velocity of M16, but that does not impact the overall consistency and damage output of this tactical rifle. The Silencer muzzle unlocks at weapon’s level 20, and it increases the muzzle flash concealment, which is the best stat to remain undetected from a distant enemy.

Barrel: 20.5’’ Task Force

The 20.5’’ Task Force barrel is the second most important attachment you should pick while creating the best M16 loadout Cold War class setup. It is because you will need this barrel attachment to one-burst an opponent while being engaged in a close combat encounter. Without this, there are very low chances that an enemy can be taken down in a one-burst.

The 20.5’’ Task Force barrel does impact the overall horizontal and vertical recoil of the M16, but that does not matter much in this loadout (more on it the playstyle section). Other than that, the M16 receives a 50% increase in effective damage range and bullet velocity. Also, the tactical rifle also gets a 14% bonus damage by after installing this barrel attachment to the weapon.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
M16 Barrel Attachment Stats

Underbarrel: Infiltrator Grip

The best part of Infiltrator Grip is that it does not penalize any stat whatsoever. On the bright side, this attachment offers a 5% increase in movement speed, shooting move speed, and aim walking movement speed. All these three stats allows your character to be extra mobile in the field and will have a marginal advantage over others who may or may not be running with this attachment.

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Best M16 Loadout Cold War
M16 Underbarrel Attachment Stats

Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

For a close combat-focused M16 class setup, you must have the highest aim down sight time. This is where the Airborne Elastic Wrap comes as the attachment offers a 30% increase in aim down sight time, allowing you to quickly aim at a target and start shooting before your opponent gets the chance to see you through the weapon’s scope. Moreover, your character also gets a 90% flinch resistance with a marginal increase in aim while going prone stat.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
M16 Handle Attachment Stats

Stock: SAS Combat Stock

SAS combat stock is the best choice for an M16 close combat class setup. It is because, like the underbarrel, this attachment also offers a 10% increase in shooting move speed and 78% extra aim walking movement speed. Both of the increases allow your character to stay robust and mobile more than the opponents. However, the SAS combat stock also penalizes the hip-fire accuracy by -15%, but that is hardly a problem for the M16 loadout.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
M16 Stock Attachment Stats

The Secondary Weapon Loadout

Since we already are gunning for a close combat class setup, equipping a shotgun makes much more sense than any other weapon type. That is why we recommend going with the Shotgun Bravo Neutralizer, as it will become the next lethal weapon in your loadout after M16. The shotgun’s rapid-fire coupled with decent damage is the top two most crucial stats that allows this shotgun to stand out from the rest of weapon’s of the same category.

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Here is a list of attachments that you should also slot into this weapon after picking this one up as your go-to secondary weapon in the M16 class setup loadout.


  • Muzzle: Duckbill Choke
  • Barrel: 21.4’’ Reinforced Heavy
  • Body: Steady laser Aim
  • Magazine: STANAG 12 Rnd Tube
  • Stock: Wire Stock

Best Perks & Wildcard To Equip For M16 Loadout

Both primary and secondary weapons are not enough when it comes to fighting enemies on the field and dominating the fights. So, for the best wildcard, we recommend picking up the “Perk Greed” wildcard. It is because we want the players to have two sets of perks from each tab, and this wildcard is the perfect fit for that kind of playstyle.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Perk Greed Wildcard Description

Here are the perks that you should go with while creating season 6 M16 loadout in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask

Under perk tab 1, you must select the Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask perks. The former will allow your character to be a little bit more invincible towards Molotov, bow flames, and explosives thrown at you by foes. However, the latter perk is also an essential part of this class setup as it maximizes the resistance of your character towards stun grenades and flashbangs. Moreover, it also makes the player 100% immune from gas-based attacks.

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Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Flak Jacket Perk Description
Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Tactical Mask Perk Description

Scavenger and Tracker

Since M16 is a burst weapon and regardless of a large size magazine, it is bound to run out of rounds sooner than a single rate of firing weapons. This is where the Scavenger perk comes in, as it allows the player to replenish the ammo reserve from the fallen enemies in the field.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Scavenger Perk Description

Secondly, under the Perk 2 tab, you must go with the Tracker. As simple as the name implies, the Tracker perk allows you to reveal enemies after you spot their imprints and aim at them. Doing so will reveal the enemies on your teammate’s minimap. This serves as a greater advantage in the field, not for yourself but also for a combined team effort as well. So, make the most use out of it.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Tracker Perk Description

Ninja and Ghost

Lastly, under the Perk 3 tab, go with the Ninja and Ghost perks. The best part of creating a close combat engagement loadout is to remain hidden or less detected by the enemies so that you can get close and take them by surprise. This is why the Ninja perk is beneficial, as it allows the character to move more quietly than the ones without the said perk.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Ninja Perk Description

Furthermore, the spy planes are the ones that usually blow your cover and make you visible. This is why the Ghost perk makes your character undetectable to the Spy planes, allowing you to freely move in the field without the worry of being spotted.

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Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Ghost Perk Description

Best Equipment to Select for M16 Loadout

Of course, picking up the right equipment is another integral part of making this M16 class setup a killing machine loadout. So, go with the equipment we have suggested here.


Stimshot allows your character to recover the lost health quickly by kick-starting the health regeneration process before its intended time. So, this is must-have equipment for the M16 season 6 loadout.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Stimshot Equipment


C4 is a great offensive and defensive explosive device. The M16 class setup we have suggested so far favors rushing the enemy. It is why you must go with C4 to penetrate the enemy defenses or setup a perimeter just in case you think you are about to get ambushed.

Best M16 Loadout Cold War
C4 Equipment


Using Jammer is by far the easiest way to remain undetected from the enemy’s minimap or disrupt enemy’s Field Upgrades. This equipment goes hand in hand with the perks as well as the playstyle we have for the M16 season 6 loadout.

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Best M16 Loadout Cold War
Jammer Equipment

Season 6 M16 Playstyle In COD Cold War

We already put emphasis that our M16 class setup is strongly a one-burst-killing-machine kind of a weapon. That is why the attachments, secondary weapon, wildcard, and perks we have mentioned above go hand in hand with the primary M16 weapon. Moreover, to eliminate opponents quickly in a flick of a second, you must also go with the playstyle we suggest.

When it comes to aiming, you must always go for the belly and not the head. Based on our field testing of M16 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War with the setup mentioned above, we have found quite satisfactory results when shooting enemies on the belly and not the head. That is because when we started aiming for the head, since M16 is a burst weapon, there were great chances that a few bullets never landed on the target’s head. So, as a result, the missed shot is a bad omen, especially in close combat encounters.

Moreover, there is a slight change of optics for close or ranged engagements, as mentioned above. So, when it comes to close range but not tight space, you must use M16 and not the shotgun. However, if the range is short, and so is the space, go with the shotgun as it will prove to be a lethal weapon and will make every shot count due to weapon’s bullet spread.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best M16 Loadout Cold War in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Are you using this amazing weapon in season 6 of the game? If not, then which is your go-to weapon for close combat? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you are into other similar games, like PUBG, check out PUBG Best Weapons: Tier List.

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