Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: Beach Beacon Secret Zone

Unlock the mini-dungeon with a secret key & get a free spark of power

Story Highlights
  • Beach Beacon Secret Zone is a mini-dungeon
  • You can unlock its door by purchasing the key from the nearby merchant in the area
  • The Merchant does not accept gold coins so you need planetary coins to purchase Sunrise key
  • Access the secret zone using the key, defeat enemies & unlock spark power

Beach Beacon is home to merchants, sidequests, main quests, and much more. However, there is a secret zone that needs to be unlocked via a key called Sunrise Key. You may think finding this key is a hassle, but actually, it is not, and you can buy it from a merchant instead of roaming the land, looking for the key at every nook and cranny. That is why we have curated Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Beach Beacon secret zone guide and entailed how to unlock and access this dungeon to get another spark power.  

Beach Beacon Secret Zone Location

beach Beacon secret zone location – Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope [Image credit: eXputer]
In order to find the Beach Beacon area position or exact location, hover over the point that you see in our captured image here. Once you’re there, you will come across a portal door with a sunrise kinda logo attached over the door’s keyhole. This is your first hint that you need a Sunrise Key in order to access or open the door.  

How To Enter Beach Beacon Secret Zone Area

Beach Beacon Secret Zone Door [Image credit: eXputer]
As mentioned earlier, you will need that special key called Sunrise Key if you want to access the mini secret dungeon in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Now, most players will assume that this key must be acquired after defeating a certain boss or venturing the lands and hoping to find this by solving a puzzle or a riddle. 

However, the truth is that you need to purchase the Beach Beacon secret zone’s key, and there is no other way of obtaining it. The reason we call this zone a mini-dungeon is that once you get access to it, you will find a lot of enemies at the other side of the door whom you need to defeat in order to get the spark power reward. 

This area is totally optional, and you can revisit it anytime in the game to unlock the spark power. However, the earlier you find and enter it, the better it would be to have that extra spark power and experience the skills of your characters

Purchasing Sunrise Key From Merchant

Sunrise Key Merchant Location – Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope [Image credit: eXputer]
To purchase the Sunrise Key, hover over to the location as we have shown in the map’s image above, and you will come across a merchant who will be willing to sell you the Sunrise Key at a price. Once you interact with the merchant and access his shop, you will notice him having the Sunrise key in inventory.

Reaching Merchant For Sunrise Key [Image credit: eXputer]
Interestingly, the merchant only sells you the Sunrise key so that you can access the Beach Beacon secret zone if you have enough planetary coins. He doesn’t trade it off with gold coins, so you’re out of options if you don’t have the required amount of coins, as you see in the image here.

Sunrise Key In Merchant’s Inventory [Image credit: eXputer]
You need at least 7 planetary coins in Mario Rabbids Spark of Hope to buy the Sunrise key and access the dungeon. It would be wise not to spend these coins purchasing other in-game items that you may or may not need early to mid-game. This will ensure that you have saved enough planetary coins to buy the key and progress ahead to the optional dungeon. 

Sunrise key purchased from merchant [Image credit: eXputer]

How To Get More Planetary Coins

Assuming you have spent a good amount of your Planetary coins and are unable to buy the Sunrise key from the merchant, well, in that case, you need to grind a bit more to get the coins. Before you reach this point in the game, you must already have enough coins to purchase the key from the merchant. However, if you spent most of it, then you need to defeat the boss of this biome and unlock the Sunrise side quests.   

When you successfully complete the Sunrise puzzles, you are rewarded with a planet or planetary currency. Purchasing weapon skins, hidden objects, and memories require the usage of a unique kind of payment known as planet coin, which can be traded with the merchant to obtain exotic or useful items.

A planet coin is represented by the emblem that appears above side missions, and completing most side quests will earn the player one of these coins.

Entering Secret Zone

Entering & Battling in Beach Beacon [Image credit: eXputer]
After you’ve acquired the Sunrise Key in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, move towards the secret dungeon’s door and access it. Once you’re inside, you will need to defeat a couple of enemies who will attack you the moment you get inside. 

These enemies are not super strong, and you can pretty much defeat them using the splash damage. Either way, you need to clear the room so that you can access the spark power as a reward that was hidden in this dungeon. 

Getting Spark Power Reward 

After completing the beach beacon secret dungeon, you will get the spark power.  

The game Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope introduces a new type of cure creature that is a cross between Lumas and Rabbids called a Spark. They are similar to Lumas, but their faces and ears are those of Rabbids. They are available in a wide range of hues and patterns, and each one has a unique set of capabilities.

In the course of the narrative of the game, Cursa orders her army to kidnap the Sparks so that she may use their power, and Mario and his friends immediately set out to liberate them. Once your squad has recovered a Spark, they will be able to harness its power to participate in combat against their foes.


That is pretty much everything there is to discuss about Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Beach Beacon Secret Zone and how to unlock this mini-dungeon. Did you find and get this spark power on your own, or are you still running in circles and finding a way to open the door? Was our guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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