How To Defeat Giant Wildclaw In Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Our guide explains how to defeat the Giant Wildclaw boss in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope has plenty of enemies for you to fight, but the toughest ones are the bosses. There are a great number of bosses that you will encounter while progressing through the game. Today, our guide will discuss how to defeat Giant Wildclaw in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, a boss you’ll encounter early on in the game.

The Giant Wildclaw is the first boss you encounter in the game. You face him at the end of the first dungeon, which also leads to unlocking a brand-new character named Edge. We’ll talk more about this character later on in our guide. For now, let’s take a look at how powerful the boss is.

The Giant Wildclaw boss fight isn’t difficult, but the boss will make you go through hell if you’re not careful enough. His attacks are lethal and can instantly send you to your grave. Therefore, don’t try to rush things, as it will do more harm than good. Also, you might want to check out our guide on the Riddle of Sunrise Temple in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

Key Takeaways 

  • The Giant Wildclaw is the first boss you encounter in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope.
  • The boss uses a combination of rush and close-range attacks, which can deplete your health quickly.
  • You can defeat the Giant Wildclaw easily by following various strategies, which include not getting too close to the boss, not keeping your characters close to each other, and so on. 

Giant Wildclaw Overview 

Giant Wildclaw has a base health of 1281, meaning that you will need to spend a good amount of time before you can empty this bar. Furthermore, before diving into the strategies you should adapt to while fighting this boss, it is important to remember that Giant Wildclaw has no weaknesses and can resist all elemental attacks. 

Throughout the fight, Giant Wildclaw will be using a total of two primary attacks. He excels in close-range combat and can quickly annihilate your character if you get too close to him. 

Giant Wildclaw
Giant Wildclaw [Image Captured By Exputer]
The main attack you need to look out for is the one where he charges toward your character to perform a ground-pound attack. You need to avoid getting hit by the attack because if you’re not careful enough, it can drain a quarter of your health quickly. In other words, he can kill you in an instant. 

And if you get too close to the boss, he will use an attack called Claw Fist. Using this attack, he can deal 292 damage with each hit, meaning that your entire health bar can go down to zero in only a few hits.

Now that you have learned about the kind of attacks Giant Wildclaw uses in combat ,let’s dive into how you can defeat him.  

How To Defeat The Giant Wildclaw  

Giant Wildclaw seems like a tough boss at first, but you can defeat him easily by following the strategies mentioned by us. 

Recommended Characters For The Fight 

At the beginning of the boss fight, a new character named Edge will unlock and join your party. Therefore, you will be using a total of three characters instead of two during the boss fight. This will make things easier as Edge is extremely powerful and can deliver powerful attacks. The other two characters we would recommend for the boss fight are Luigi and Rabbid Peach. 

Maintain Your Distance 

Throughout the fight, your primary goal should be to stay away from the Giant Wildclaw as much as you can. This is because, as mentioned before, he can take you out instantly if you get close to him by using the Claw Fist attack. And if you’re within his range, he can rush towards you quickly to pound you on the ground to deplete plenty of your character’s health. Therefore, stay away from him and always keep a good distance.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Giant Wildclaw
The Arena [Image Captured By Exputer]

Don’t Keep All Characters Close To Each Other 

Next, you want to make sure that your characters are spread out. As you will be in control of a total of three characters, keep them away from each other. This is because if all three of them are standing too close to each other, Giant Wildclaw can take out all of them in a single attack. Therefore, make sure you spread all three of them across the map. 

How To Properly Use Each Character 

Now, the reason why we recommend pairing Luigi and Rabbid Peach with Edge is that they can help you target the boss from a good distance and heal the party members as well. 

Luigi is an expert in long-range scenarios. When it comes to taking down enemies from far away, he is the best. Luigi has an attack called Sharpshooter, and by using it, he can deal 190 to 210 damage with each hit. Furthermore, the greater the distance of the enemy, the more damage his attack will deal. Therefore, ensure you get as far away from the Giant Wildcaw as possible, so you can deal the maximum damage.

On the hand, Rabbid Peach can play the role of a healer. By using an ability called Heal, she can provide 20% HP to all her party members as long as they are within a radius of 13m. This is the only time you need to keep your characters close to each other. An important thing to remember is that Rabbid Peach also heals herself during the process. 

When it comes to Edge, you need to use her Flying Blade attack on the Giant Wildclaw. This attack can deal 50 to 60 damage and has a 40% chance of landing a critical strike. This means that one attack in every three attacks will be a critical strike, which will deal 78 damage.

Edge Attack
Edge Flying Blade Attack [Image Captured By Exputer]
Throughout the fight, you need to use Edge as much as possible, as she has a base health higher than Luigi and Rabbid Peach, set at 946. Therefore, she can afford to take a few hits from Giant Wildclaw. You can use Rabbid Peach to heal her if her health drops significantly. 

While it is important to keep your distance from the Giant Wildclaw, you must also ensure you keep him within your attack’s radius. If you’re in control of Luigi, you can keep a distance of around 30m. But with Edge, his Flying Blade has a radius of 21m. Therefore, if you get too far away, you won’t be able to land any attacks on the boss. 

Don’t Worry About The Dark Portals 

During the fight, Giant Wildclaw will also make dark portals appear out of nowhere. You don’t need to worry much about these portals, as the enemies that come from them are weak and only here to distract you. Also, if you’re currently having trouble with the Fountain’s Mystery Puzzle, make sure to check our guide on it as well. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Giant Wildclaw
Dark Portals [Image Captured By Exputer]
Don’t shift your attention toward these enemies; your main priority should be to deal as much damage as possible to the boss during your turn. If you use Edge’s Flying Blade attack, you will be able to target both the main boss and these regular enemies. This is because after the blade hits the Giant Wildclaw, it will return to you and hit all enemies in its path. 

If you follow the strategies we mentioned, you can make the Giant Wildclaw circle around the map without damaging your characters. After a while, you will be able to defeat the boss and progress further into the story. 

It is important to remember that Giant Wildclaw can resist all types of elemental attacks. Therefore, don’t infuse your attacks with elements to make them more powerful. Instead, use your normal attacks, as they will do the job just fine.


This was everything you needed to know about how to defeat Giant Wildclaw in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Giant. As you can see for yourself, the boss fight is not difficult, but you can mess things up if you’re not careful enough. Just make sure to keep your characters at a safe distance and launch attacks from far away. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that the combination of characters we mentioned is our personal preference. If you think you can perform better with some other character, such as Mario or Rabbid Luigi, then feel free to use them. Before leaving, it will be wise to check out our Beach Beacon guide, as it will help you with accessing this secret zone. 

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