Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Best Sparks [Top 10]

The best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sarks of Hope can help you gain an advantage over your enemies.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope allows you to choose from a great number of Sparks. These Sparks provide different types of effects, such as allowing your character to deal a certain type of elemental damage or regenerating their health automatically. Nevertheless, it is important to learn about the best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope so you can easily progress through the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope provides different types of effects, such as increasing your weapons’ damage, your character’s health, and so on.
  • Some of the Sparks are situational, while others can help you throughout the game.
  • Each character can equip a total of two sparks at the same time, and you can also upgrade them. 

Following are 10 of the best sparks in the game. Each one offers a different effect, so make sure to choose the ones you think go well with your playstyle. 


The first Spark we would like to mention on our list is Electroid. Now, there are times when you will face enemies in the game that are weak against Shock damage, and this is where Electroid comes in. By using it, you can make your weapons deal shock damage, which ends up doing 207 to 239 damage.

All weapon-based attacks will have a Shock Super Effect and will quickly take down enemies that are weak against this type of damage. Furthermore, the Spark also reduces the Supper Effect damage by 30%, and users no longer get affected by the Shock Supper Effect. 

best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Electroid [Image Captured By Exputer]
Now, while all of this sounds amazing, there is a big downside to the Electroid Spark. Before a battle starts, you have the luxury to look at the enemies you’ll be facing and prepare accordingly. During this time, if you don’t find any or a few enemies that are weak against Shock damage, there is no need to use the Electroid Spark.

In other words, this Spark is situational and is only meant for certain times. If you carry it around all the time, you will only put yourself at a great disadvantage against your enemies. Sure, it can deal great damage, but only to those who are weak against it. 


Next, we have Aquanox. As you might have already guessed from its name, this Spark is something that can help you greatly against enemies that are weak against Splash damage. When used, all of your weapons will start dealing Splash damage, and each attack will do 85 to 102 damage. In addition to this, the damage your characters receive from Super Effect will be reduced by 30%.

Aquanox is a Spark that can prove to be extremely useful during the first part of the game. This is because you will face a lot of enemies during this stage that are weak against Splash damage. Even when you enter the second world, you will keep on facing similar enemies at the start.

Therefore, it will be wise to upgrade this Spark as much as possible to make it even more powerful.

Aquanox [Image Captured By Exputer]
Now that you have learned about how amazing Aquanox can be, let’s discuss why this Spark isn’t among the top 3 Sparks. Just like Electroid, Aquanox is also a situational Spark, and you can’t keep it equipped forever. As discussed above, the Spark can allow your weapons to deal Splash damage, and only specific enemies are weak against this type of damage. 

After you have made some progress through the game, you will be introduced to other enemies that have different weaknesses. In other words, the use of Aquanox will become minimal, and it won’t be wise to keep it equipped all the time. Furthermore, it would be best if you prioritized upgrading it only during the first level of the game, as you will find better Sparks later on.


When you enter the second world, you will start encountering new types of enemies. One of the enemies you will face are going to be the ones who will deal Ooze damage. During these times, you need to get the Toxiquake Spark, which can help you greatly against such enemies.

The Toxiquake is yet another Spark on our list that is limited to a certain type of enemy. However, what makes this Spark different is that unlike the two listed above that are applied to weapons, this one works on its own and allows the user to send out three shockwaves toward the targets that deal Ooze damage. 

best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Toxiquake [Image Captured By Exputer]
Each shockwave deals 69 damage, so the burst can do a total of 207 damage. The radius of the shockwave increase as you upgrade the Spark. For instance, at level 3, the shockwaves have a radius of 13m. Therefore, you will need to be close to your enemies while using it. 

The Toxiquake Spark can help you do wonders, but only when facing enemies that are weak against Ooze damage. If you are fighting against a great number of enemies that are weak against it, you’ll be able to clear them out quickly, as the shockwaves can target multiple enemies at once. But again, it is a situational Spark, meaning that you can’t keep it equipped at all times.  


During the early stages of the game, you will face different types of enemies, and many of them will be weak against fire damage. For this purpose, you need to get something to help you quickly take down such enemies. Thankfully, Pyrostar is here to help you do the job.

Pyrostar [Image Captured By Exputer]
The best thing about Pyrostar is that you can acquire it during the game’s early stages, during which it is a life saver. When used, all of your weapons will start dealing fire damage. Whether you are playing with Luigi or Mario, their weapons will have the Burn Supper Effect. Thanks to this, all enemies that are weak against fire will get eliminated instantly.

Next, Pyrostar also offers Burn Protector. As you might have guessed from its name already, it protects you from fire attacks. The damage you receive from fire attacks is reduced by 30%. In other words, it can help you survive longer during the early parts of the game. 


This is where things get a little interesting as Exosphere differs from all three Sparks mentioned above. While the ones listed above focused on dealing a certain type of damage, this one focuses more on protecting you from incoming damage.

When used, Exosphere will reduce the damage taken by all allies by 45%. In other words, you and your teammates will receive half the damage from enemy attacks.

However, it is important to remember that the Spark will only work on allies that are within its radius, which keeps increasing as you upgrade it. At level 3, it has a radius of 13m. So make sure all of your characters are close to each other.

Exosphere [Image Captured By Exputer]
Exosphere can prove to be extremely useful in situations where you’re engaged in close-range combat. Certain types of enemies in the game don’t deal ranged damage and are always getting up close and personal with you.

These enemies can drain a lot of your health quickly if you’re not careful enough. However, if you have the Exosphere Spark equipped, they won’t be able to do much. 

Another situation where Exosphere can prove to be useful is when your character is alone and separate from other allies. During such times, Exosphere can help the character survive longer in combat by reducing the amount of damage it takes.

Although your characters will be close to each other most of the time, there can come situations where you have to spread them out. In such cases, make sure you have the Exosphere equipped. 

Exosphere also increases the damage of move abilities by 25%. Therefore, you can rely on dash attacks while using this Spark. Overall, Exosphere is an excellent spark that can do wonders in critical situations. 


After you have made significant progress in the game, or even before that, you will encounter powerful enemies that will surround you. These enemies will do everything in their power to quickly send you to your grave, but the Screech Spark can help you greatly against them.

Screech is a Spark that repels all enemies from your character that are within a certain range. For instance, at level 3, all enemies that are within a radius of 13m will be repelled. How does this work? Well, if you get surrounded by a group of powerful enemies, they will go away if you have the Screech Spark equipped. 

best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Screech [Image Captured By Exputer]
The Spark can prove to be extremely useful in multiple situations and can help you survive longer in combat. When playing the game, there were times when a group of enemies surrounded us, and we thought that it was the end of the road for us.

However, as we had Screech equipped, all of the enemies close to us wasted no time in going back, thus giving us room to breathe and the time to devise a strategy to deal with the situation. 

Another interesting thing about Screech is that it also increases the chance of critical hits from your weapons by 20%, so you can expect it to help you take down powerful enemies as well. Critical strikes deal more damage than regular attacks, so it’s great to have a better chance of landing them. 

Overall, Screech is one of the best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope that can help you out in critical situations. Whenever you get overwhelmed by enemies, you can trust this Spark to help you out. 


Reflector is the kind of Spark that is meant for those who like to have an aggressive approach toward taking down their targets. Or those who just want to get done with the enemy as quickly as possible. This is because it can help you increase the damage of your attack while making the enemy deal damage to itself.

If you have the Reflector Spark equipped, then your enemies will receive 40% of the damage of their own attack. For instance, if you’re facing a powerful boss and they attack you, they will receive 40% damage from their attack if you have this Spark equipped.

You can say that it acts as a mirror in front of your enemies, as no matter which attack they use against your character, they will also receive a taste of their own medicine. 

Reflector [Image Captured By Exputer]
Reflector can help you take down powerful bosses quickly, and it even saves you from the trouble of performing finishing blows. For instance, if a boss is near to its death, all you have to do is wait for its turn to attack. As soon as the boss attacks your character, it will get killed instantly due to the 40% of the damage it will receive from its own attack.

What makes Reflector even more powerful is that it can also increase the amount of damage dealt by your weapons by 20%. Therefore, not only will your enemies receive damage from their own attacks, but will also receive an extra 20% damage from your weapon-based attacks. All of this leads to you clearing a great number of enemies quickly. , 


In the game, there are times when you can’t afford to get spotted by the enemy. Sometimes, your enemies will have their abilities activated, through which they will attack anyone who walks inside a given radius.

For instance, if you’re trying to move from one corner to another, the enemies will attack you instantly if you get inside their radius, even if it’s not their turn. Because of this, it can get extremely difficult to move around the area. However, things can become easier with the Ethering Spark.

By using the Ethering Spark, you can make your character invisible for two turns. Thanks to this, you can move around the area for two turns without getting detected by the enemies. Even if you walk into their attack’s radius, they won’t be able to attack you because, well, they can’t see you.

best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Ethering [Image Captured By Exputer]
This Spark can prove to be extremely useful when you have to change your character’s position but can’t as there are multiple enemies nearby. You can easily move your character from the bottom left corner to the top right corner with it. However, remember that you will still be vulnerable to damage and Supper Effects.

Another amazing thing about Ethering is that it increases all move ability damage by 25%. In other words, your dash attacks will deal more damage. You can perform these attacks while repositioning your character from one corner of the area to another.  

Overall, Ethering is easily one of the most useful Sparks in the entire game. It can help turn the situation in your favor and counter the enemy team’s strategies. 


Coming down to the second-best Spark in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Regensis. As all of you already know, you need to defend your characters from enemy attacks as much as possible. This is because if your health falls down a certain percentage, bringing it back up can be difficult unless you have a healer like Rabbid Peach on your team.

As you get turns to perform attacks, you need to make sure you are utilizing each turn for performing attacks and not healing your characters. This is where Regensis comes in. When used, it regenerates 30% of your character’s max HP at the start of the next two turns. In other words, it automatically heals you.

Regensis [Image Captured By Exputer]
If you are someone who likes to push their enemies into the corner, you need to get Regensis. You can do wonders if you pair it with DPS characters like Edge or Mario. You can take them into the battle as a lone wolf without worrying about your health bar getting empty. 

As the Spark regenerates 30% of the character’s max HP, it will be wise to invest in it in the skill tree. The higher the max HP is, the more health your character will regenerate. Another amazing thing about REgensis is that it will also boost your character’s max HP by 25% for as long as it is active. 

Overall, Regensis is the kind of Spark that can help you survive longer in combat. If you’re fighting a powerful boss, this Spark can help you become aggressive. 


Starburst is easily the best Spark in the game. As you progress through the story, you will keep on getting into fights with powerful bosses that are not easy to take down. Even the first boss of the game, Giant Wildclaw, can make you go through hell if you’re not careful enough. But by using Starburst, you can make boss fights easier.

When used, Starburst will increase the amount of damage your allies deal by 40%. Both their attacks and movement abilities will deal 40% more damage. However, keep in mind that your allies must be within a radius of 13m to get under its effect. Furthermore, Starburst also reduces the amount of physical damage by 25%.

best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope
Starburst [Image Captured By Exputer]
Now, there are times when you are about to finish a powerful boss but are low on health. You are at great risk during such times, as one wrong move can get you killed. But with the Starburst Spark equipped, you can deliver a powerful finishing blow that will send the boss to their grave. The effect of the Spark lasts for one turn only, so make sure you use it carefully. 

Overall, Starburst is one of the most powerful Sparks that can help you turn the tables. The amount of damage it allows you to deal with your attacks is massive, and you can trust it against even the toughest of bosses. As you further progress through the game, it will be wise to upgrade it to match the level of the late-game bosses. 

Final Words 

These were some of the best Sparks in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. It is important to remember that the list is based on our personal choice so that you might find some other Sparks better than these ones. However, the ones we mentioned are pretty amazing, and you can trust them to help you out throughout the game. 

Also, it is important to remember that you must keep switching between different Sparks. This is because some of them are situational and are only perfect during certain times. 


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