Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: Hide N’ Squeak Quest

This Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope guide will give a complete walkthrough of the Hide N' Squeak Quest in the game.

Story Highlights
  • Hide N' Squeak is an optional side quest in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.
  • There are two parts of this quest which include the tracking down sections followed by the battle that happens at the end.
  • Completing this side quest will reward you with a very useful item for your journey in the game.

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is the second entry in the Mario Rabbids franchise, and it almost improves on everything as a sequel. Hide N’ Squeak is a tricky side quest that you encounter on the second planet known as the Pristine Peaks in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. Our guide will explain everything that you need to do in order to complete this side quest.

Solving The Hide N’ Squeak Side Quest

hide n squeak quest
Location of Hide N’ Squeak Side Quest on the map

As you can see in the image above, the Hide N’ Squeak side quest is actually accessible pretty early on the second planet. It is located beside a lake which is additionally very near to the ship. You can go attempt the quest as soon as you land on the Pristine Peaks.

hide n squeak quest
Starting the Hide N’ Squeak Quest

Once you arrive at the location given on the map, you will find a Spark that’s looking for some help. Basically, the spark known as Regenesis is actually looking for his lost penguins that serve as his crew on the boat. Regenesis wants to sail again and needs his crew in order to do that. That is where the first part of this side quest begins when you have to look for the penguins around the area near the boat. Now we will discuss the locations of these penguins.

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Locating The Penguins 

There are three total penguins that you have to find and throw back on the ship. Doing so will complete the first part of the quest. Following is the location of the three penguins in the game;

Penguin #1

hide n squeak quest
The Location of the first penguin on the map

The first penguin that you should try to find is the one that is located opposite the nearby merchant bot on the map. It is actually close to the top bridge of the lake in Pristine Peaks. The penguin is basically located inside an ice cube at the location given on the map.

hide n squeak quest
Breaking The Ice Cube

Uses your sonic ability by pressing ZR and proceed to break the ice cube. The penguin should be lying on the ground once you break the ice. Pick the penguin up and throw it back on the ship that is present in the middle of the lake near Regenesis.

hide n squeak quest
The First Penguin

Penguin #2

hide n squeak quest
The Location of Second Penguin on the map

The second penguin is actually located on a small hill that cannot be directly accessed. However, there is a hidden path near the lower bridge of the lake. You can use that hidden path to get to the top of the hill where the second penguin is hiding.

hide n squeak quest
The Hidden Pipe

When you reach the location shown on the map above, you should arrive at a pipe. Enter the pipe and follow the linear path in front of you. It will directly take you to the second penguin. Pick up the second penguin and jump down from the hill so that you can throw the penguin back on the ship.

hide n squeak quest
The Second Penguin

Penguin #3

hide n squeak quest
The Location of Third Penguin on the map

The last penguin that you need to find is located on the other side of the lake and is additionally present in the upper part of the map. You don’t have to climb anything; just follow the path along to bridge to the location that is shown on the map above.

objective in the game
Shaking The Tree

you will see a tree when you arrive at the given location. Just shake the tree when you see the prompt, and doing so will make the last penguin fall down. Pick up the last penguin and throw it back on the ship. This will complete the first part of the Hide N’ Squeak Side Quest.

objective of the game
The Third Penguin

Fighting The Darkmess In The Lake

objective in the game
The Darkmess In The Lake

Once all the penguins are on board, Regenesis wants to go on a journey, but the lake becomes corrupted with Darkmess. This is where the second part of the quest actually begins. You have to fight the Darkmess and cleanse the lake so that the ship can move again.

objective in the game
Fighting The Darkmess

The battle starts when your team spawns in the middle of three Darkmess Eyes with three different paths. The best way to tackle the fight is to make each of your characters go a separate way so that you can take care of the three eyes in a single turn.

Make sure to look out for other fodder enemies along the way. Keep going toward the end of the three paths, where you’ll find eggs that you can throw on the Darkmess Eyes and one-shot them. Doing so will end the battle, and you will have completed the Hide N’ Squeak Side Quest.

Rewards For Completing Hide N’ Squeak Quest 

hide n squeak quest
Completion Of The Quest

Once you win the battle against the Darkmess Puddle, Regenesis will come back to your team saying that the penguins had kicked it. Regenesis now wants to join your team, and that is actually your reward for completing the Hide N’ Squeak side quest in the game.

hide n squeak quest
Regenesis In The Game

Sparks are certain allies to your characters that provide buffs upon use in battle. However, you do consume a turn when you use these sparks. Some sparks provide elemental buffs to your weapons, while others affect your mobility and overall health.

For more information on Sparks, consider reading our Mario Rabbids Best Sparks guide that entails the best sparks which you can use in the game. Undoubtedly, Regenesis is one of the best Sparks in the game and is worth the grind that you have to do for the Hide N’ Squeak side quest.

Regenesis allows your character to heal for two turns, and that healing is equal to 20% of your character’s total health. This is very useful, especially in the later areas of the game where enemies start dealing massive amounts of damage. Additionally, Regenesis comes in handy when you’ve got no healer on the team.


Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope is a great sequel and a really good tactical strategy game. It is additionally a crossover game where you play with both the iconic Nintendo Characters and the Rabbid versions of these characters. There is a lot of content in the game, and it doesn’t get boring playing through everything since the gameplay loop is addicting. 

This concludes our guide to the Hide N’ Squeak Quest in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. We entailed a step-by-step guide of the whole quest and even explained the rewards that you get by completing the quest in the game. We hope that the guide was helpful in finding the penguins, which is the tricky part of the quest. Let us know what you think about the latest Mario Rabbids in the comments below!


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