Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Luigi: Unlock & Abilities

Learn how to unlock Luigi's, master his abilities and understand how to dominate fights using Luigi.

Story Highlights
  • There are 9 playable characters in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope.
  • Luigi is one of the six characters that unlocks as soon as you finish the tutorial.
  • He is additionally the best long-range attacker in the game based on his weapon and abilities.

There are many playable characters here, and Luigi is the best long-range character that you can use in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. He is a long-range character and is the character with the longest attack radius. Luigi is best used at a far distance from enemies. But there are some drawbacks to using Luigi as well. You need to have a healer and a close to a mid-range attacker with him on the team.

How To Unlock Luigi

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
Luigi In The Game (Image Credit: eXputer)

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope has a roster of 9 playable characters. Some characters are also expected to be added as part of a DLC in the future. However, currently, 6 characters are unlocked at the very start of the game, while the other 3 are unlocked by progressing through the story.

There are approximately 5 planets in this game, and beating the boss on the first three planets unlocks one of the three locked characters. These three characters include Edge, Rabbid Rosalina, and Bowser. Thankfully Luigi is one of the six characters who is unlocked after completing the tutorial of the game. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Luigi’s Abilities 

Each character in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope has a total of two abilities. The first ability is actually locked to the character’s main weapon and the second ability is a special attack. Luigi’s main weapon is a Sharpshooter, and he also has two abilities additionally. We will now discuss his abilities in complete detail.

Sharpshooter Projectile

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Sharpshooter (Image Credit: eXputer)

Luigi’s Sharpshooter is the best long-range weapon and it has the potential to one-shot large opponents from long-range. The base damage of this weapon is already very high but it is further enhanced by how far Luigi is from the opponent. The farther you go the higher the damage output becomes.

Sharpshooter’s range is also very high but it can be increased by acquiring new skills for Luigi in the game. Doing so will make Luigi a deadly long-range assassin that will critically damage your opponent in a single hit. Luigi literally deletes fodder enemies additionally.

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Base Stats Of Sharpshooter (Image Credit: eXputer)

These are the basic stats of the Sharpshooter in the game and these can be further enhanced by using some of the upgraded skills for Luigi. The range for his weapon is already very high which is around 31 meters. 

Steely Stare

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Steely Stare (Image Credit: eXputer)

This is Luigi’s special attack, and he actually charges up his Sharpshooter using the ability. Then he waits for the enemy to move so he can unleash an absolutely devastating attack. When you use Steely Stare, Luigi’s turn gets used, and he charges up his weapon.

In the next turn, if the enemy moves in Luigi’s line of sight and is in the radius of Steely Stare, then he will get attacked with a Sharpshooter projectile that deals 120% more damage than normal. That is basically a death sentence for any enemy in the game, and the health bar of most bosses gets depleted very quickly as well.

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Base Stats Of Steely Stare (Image Credit: eXputer)

The overall radius or the area that Steely Stare covers is actually similar to the range of the Sharpshooter and is 37 meters. However, there is a drawback here as well. Once used, you will have to wait for two turns before Steely Stare can be used again. So you should use the attack wisely.

How To Play With Luigi

Luigi is not only one of the Best Characters In Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope, but he is also the best long-range attacker. He is almost useless at close range. However, Luigi is still serviceable at mid-range. However, always make sure that Luigi is behind some cover because he is weak to elemental attacks.

character in the game
The Sharpshooter In Action (Image Credit: eXputer)

As you can see in the image above, the range of the Sharpshooter is so high that it covers the entirety of the map in the battle. You can choose to one-shot any enemy that you want with Luigi’s weapon, and he is able to target almost every enemy if it’s in his line of sight, irrespective of the distance.

It is advised that you attack the farthest possible enemy first, as Luigi does more damage when the enemy is at a greater distance. Luigi’s Sharpshooter is definitely the best long-range weapon, and there is no other weapon that competes with it at that range.

character in the game
The Steely Stare In Action (Image Credit: eXputer)

Steely Stare marks almost every enemy in a 37-meter radius, and if any enemy even moves in Luigi’s line of sight, he will be critically hit with the Sharpshooter projectile. Any enemy that moves first is basically killed by this attack instantly.

Best Skills

Skills buff not only the weapon of a character but also his health and the ultimate attack in the game. We don’t need to invest in any skills for health since Luigi already stays at long-range and does not get close up with his opponents. However, there are some skills that buff movement and weapon damage which you need to focus on for Luigi. Following are the four skills that you should acquire for Luigi;

Skill #1

character in the game
Skill #1 (Image Credit: eXputer)

The first skill that you should focus on is the movement of Luigi. It is actually very cheap to upgrade additionally. Having a larger area of movement is always helpful for a long-range character like Luigi. He can choose to quickly increase the distance between himself and the enemy to increase the damage output of his weapon.

Additionally, having a larger area of movement also means that Luigi can make a quick escape if an enemy gets close to him, which is the weakest range for Luigi.

Skill #2

character in the game
Skill #2 (Image Credit: eXputer)

The second skill that requires importance and attention for Luigi’s character is the range of his weapon. The Sharpshooter is a deadly weapon at long range. Additionally, if you increase the range of this weapon from 31 meters to 37 meters, then you have the potential to deal more damage to opponents in the game. So, you should definitely focus on the range of the Sharpshooter in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope.

Skill #3

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
Skill #3 (Image Credit: eXputer)

Now, this is the skill that makes Luigi somewhat useable at close to mid-range. Luigi’s weapon is not strong enough to protect him at close-range combat as the damage dropoff is high. But the damage drop-off can be reduced by investing in the skill above. Doing so will make Luigi less vulnerable at close-range, and it will be easier for him to survive in that close-quarter combat.

Skill #4

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
Skill #4 (Image Credit: eXputer)

The last skill that is important for Luigi actually affects his ultimate attack, known as the Steely Stare. It is the Ghost Bullet skill which is very expensive to acquire but definitely worth it in the game. Basically, what the skill does is makes the Steely Stare a sure-fire hit. Sometimes, the Steely Stare ability is wasted if the opponents are hiding behind cover. But the Ghost Bullet makes sure that even the opponents moving behind the cover get hit with Luigi’s ultimate attack.

Best Sparks

Sparks are certain buddies or allies that provide buffs to your character upon use, and you can carry two sparks at once in the game. Luigi’s weapon is already great, and the skills further enhance the damage output of that weapon. We need some sparks that increase Luigi’s health or buff his long-range assassin playstyle in the game. Following are the two best sparks that you can use for Luigi in the game;


character in the game
The First Spark (Image Credit: eXputer)

Regenesis is one of the Best Sparks in the game and is very useful for someone like Luigi. Not only does this spark increase the maximum Hp of Luigi by 15%, but it will also heal Luigi’s health for two turns by 20%, which is huge. Luigi’s defenses are not that strong, but Regenesis can help him stay alive for longer in battle. Regenesis is a special spark that can be unlocked by completing the Hide N’ Squeak side quest in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope.


mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Second Spark (Image Credit: eXputer)

Ethering should be your second spark of choice for Luigi. Basically, this spark turns Luigi invisible upon use and the opponents won’t be able to see him for 1 turn. Luigi can now attack from long-range without being seen. Basically, Luigi doesn’t have to trade for 1 turn anymore as he will be safe for the next enemy turn on the battlefield. Ethering comes in clutch as a spark and is very useful for Luigi’s playstyle in the game.

Best Team

You play as a team of three in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. Basically, it is a tactical strategy game with three characters on the battlefield. You need to pair those two characters with Luigi that not only enhance his playstyle but are also helpful for him in battle.

mario rabbids sparks of hope luigi
The Best Team For Luigi (Image Credit: eXputer)

Luigi is a long-range character and is basically useless at close-range. He also has weak defenses and can be easily killed at close-range. We need a close-range attacker and a healer for Luigi in his team. Mario is the best choice for an attacker to pair with Luigi.

If Luigi can take care of long-range, then Mario can defeat enemies at both close and mid-range. Mario can additionally finish the enemies that are gravely damaged by Luigi but did not get one-shotted. Additionally, Mario uses Dual Pistols and can target two enemies at once.

Rabbid Peach is your best choice for a healer in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. She not only heals the whole team with her special ability, but she has a great main weapon that is particularly useful for defeating enemies that are hiding behind cover. In conclusion, Mario and Rabbid Peach are the best choices to use with Luigi in a team.


Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope received a majority of positive reviews, and the game is actually liked by most of the fans of the franchise. Nintendo almost never misses its first-party releases, and Mario Rabbids is no exception to that. The game is filled with hours of content with five different biomes of planets that you can explore. Additionally, each planet has unique and interesting boss fights that are both fun and challenging.

This concludes our guide for Luigi in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. We entailed almost everything that you need to know about the character. Everything from his abilities to the skills that best suit the character is discussed in complete detail. We have even mentioned the characters that work best with Luigi in a team as well. Let us know what you think about Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope in the comments below.


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