Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: Riddle Of Palette Prime

This Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope guide explains the complete solution to the Riddle of Palette Prime in the game.

Story Highlights
  • Planet Coins can be obtained either by doing side quests or solving riddles of each planet.
  • Each planet in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope has at least a single riddle that players can solve.
  • The Riddle of Palette Prime is requires to place some tokens at their right positions on the floor.

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is a really fun tactical strategy game that is additionally a direct sequel to Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The game is filled with many puzzles. However, each planet has a main puzzle known as the riddle. We will discuss the Riddle of Palette Prime in our guide, which is the third planet or zone in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope.

Solving Riddle Of Palette Prime

mario rabbids riddle palette prime
The Location Of The Riddle (Image Credit: eXputer)

The exact location of the riddle is not displayed on the map, but the building where it is located can be seen. It is actually the Abandoned Well location where the riddle is located. Additionally, the pipe that leads to the riddle is placed on the bottom floor of the well. 

The abandoned well can be accessed quite early on Palette Prime, and the game even leads you to its location in the first part of the main quest. You actually fight the first main boss here, but before doing that, you can attempt the riddle at the second lowest level of the well. You will find a pipe at that level that takes you into a room where there is another pipe that leads you to the riddle.

mario rabbids palette prime
The Pipe At The Second Lowest Level (Image Credit: eXputer)

Once you arrive at the second lowest level, look for a pipe that resembles the one in the image above. It is actually present on the leftmost side of the second-lowest room in the abandoned well. Enter the pipe in order to travel to the room where you can access the riddle.

mario rabbids palette prime
Interacting With The Archaeologist (Image Credit: eXputer)

When you arrive in the room with the riddle, interact with the archaeologist first. He will give you certain hints regarding the riddle and will additionally explain the whole situation. Now that you have interacted with the archaeologist, the riddle has officially begun.

Placing The Right Tokens

mario rabbids palette prime
The Riddle (Image Credit: eXputer)

The whole riddle is based on putting the right tokens on the four corners of the given floor in the room. It is not so simple, however, as you have almost five different tokens, and you have to place them at their respective corners carefully.

Each Corner is associated with a time of the day additionally, which includes the Sun, Dusk or Sunset, Full Moon, and Crescent Moon. The five tokens have shapes of animals on them which include a goat, armadillo, duck, sea horse, and bird. We have to place the right animals in front of the right time of the day according to the riddle.

Token In Infront Of The Sun

mario rabbids palette prime
Solving The Sun (Image Credit: eXputer)

According to the riddle, something happened at the lake during the time of the day. So the most proper animal that we can think of is a duck that is present in the lake. Pick up the token with the duck and place it in front of the sun since the hint tells us that the event at the lake happened during the daytime. 

Token In Front Of Dusk Or Sunset

objective in the game
Solving The Sunset (Image Credit: eXputer)

The riddle gives us a hint that something red appears during dusk. And only a bird can possibly be red, whereas the other animals do not fit that description. So all you have to do here is to place the token with the image of a bird in front of dusk or sunset.

Token In Front Of Full Moon

objective in the game
Solving The Full Moon (Image Credit: eXputer)

At nighttime, under the full moon, the riddle talks about some guardian animal. With the choices that we are left with, the goat seems to be the best possible answer for that. Proceed to put the token with the image of a goat in front of the full moon on the floor.

Token In Front Of Crescent Moon

objective in the game
Solving The Crescent Moon (Image Credit: eXputer)

We don’t get a direct hint about what to place at the crescent moon, but the riddle becomes very easy at this point. We are left with two choices, so it is easy to figure out which one is the right answer. The sea-horse token is actually what you need to place in front of the crescent moon in order to solve the riddle. Now that you have placed the right token in the correct positions, it’s time to get the rewards for completing the riddle.

Rewards For Solving The Palette Prime Riddle

mario rabbids palette prime
The Reward for solving the Riddle (Image Credit: eXputer)

You get a Planet Coin for solving the Riddle of Palette Prime in the game. It is actually a rare form of currency that can be used to purchase special items. Basically, the weapon skins can be purchased from the merchant bot by using these coins. Additionally, some special keys that unlock hidden zones of a planet can also be bought using these Planet Coins in the game.


Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope received massive popularity on its release day, and it is deserved. The sequel lives up to the hype and delivers a lot more. It even improves upon the negatives of its predecessor. The combat system has been refined, and there is the addition of new playable characters like Edge. You will definitely enjoy your time playing the game, and the story itself is very engaging additionally.

This concludes our guide for the Riddle of Palette Prime in Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. Getting to the riddle is actually very easy but solving it is quite hard. There are not many hints that you get in the riddle as opposed to the riddles of other planets. Nonetheless, we have entailed almost everything that you need to do in order to solve the riddle. Let us know what you think about Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope in the comments below!


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