Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI: How To Install

This detailed guide will tell you all that you need to know about installing Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI on your Switch.

What Are XCI Files?

XCI files store the contents of a Nintendo Switch game in the NX Card Image format. It helps keep an encrypted backup of your Switch games, including the game ROM, icons, and metadata.

Why Do You Need An XCI Files?

  1. Convenience: XCI files allow you to create game dumps on your SD card. This means you can transfer your games from physical game cards to the SD card. It’s particularly useful for travelers or those on the move who prefer not to carry multiple game cards.
  2. Safety: Game cards can be easily lost, but the data on an SD card is more secure since it typically remains in your Nintendo Switch. This reduces the risk of losing your games.

We shall now see how you can make a Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI file.

Key Highlights
  • Mods can enhance games, and Mario Strikers is no exception, offering players the chance to improve their gameplay.
  • A popular mod for Mario Strikers is the “Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI files.”
  • This mod allows players to save their game data from the physical game card onto an SD card.
  • However, installing mods on the Nintendo Switch can be complex, as it requires jailbreaking the console.
  • The process for downloading this mod is intricate, and any mistakes can lead to data loss, so caution is advised.

Disclaimer does not endorse or promote piracy. The purpose of this article is strictly for the sake of making backups and improving the user accessibility of our readers.

Requirements For Making XCI Files

Before we explain the process of making an XCI file dump for your game, here are some requirements that must be met to follow through with the process.

  1. Jailbreaking Your Nintendo Switch: Jailbreaking, or hacking, your Nintendo Switch is necessary to proceed. This involves installing custom firmware on your device, which is against Nintendo’s policy. Be aware that this can result in your device being blocked by Nintendo. You can check online resources like “” for guides to determine if your Nintendo Switch can be safely jailbroken based on its serial number.
  2. An SD Card and Game Card: You’ll need both an SD card and a game card. These are essential components for the process. The game data from the card will be loaded onto the SD card.

Please note that while these are the requirements for creating XCI files, engaging in activities that violate Nintendo’s policies can have legal consequences and may result in the loss of warranty or access to online services. Ensure you understand the risks involved before proceeding.

How To Make Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI?

Although there are ways of making XCI files for a game other than gaming cards, these methods generally fall under piracy. We do not recommend that you use such methods since they infringe upon the hard work of the developers and cause significant losses to the game studios.

Assuming that you have now jailbroken your Nintendo Switch, let us follow you through the steps of making an XCI file for the game of concern, the fairly recent Mario Strikers Battle League Football.

Step 1: Install “gcdumptool” From The HomeBrew Store

As you may have guessed by now, HomeBrew is the name of your custom firmware that you have loaded onto your Nintendo Switch. The HomeBrew store is something you can access once you have the firmware installed.

To make an XCI dump, you need to install an app that will do this task for you. The name of this app is “gcdumptool” which typically stands for “game card dump tool”. It can be found on Homebrew Store. Here are the steps to install gcdumptool.

  • From your home screen go to Album.
  • Run the HomeBrew App Store.
  • Under Tools, look for gcdumptool.
Mario-Strikers-gcdumptool for making Battle League Footaball XCI
The gcdumptool in the HomeBrew App Store.
  • Once you find the tool, select download, and it will download the tool into your SD card.

Step 2: Insert The Card and Create XCI File

Once you have installed the required tool, insert your game card into the device. Here are the steps you must follow to complete this process.

  • Open Album and start gcdumptool.
  • When the app starts, you will then be presented with a few options. From the menu, select “Full XCI Dump”.
  • Here are the recommended settings once you are past the first menu.
Mario Strikers Battle League XCI
Additional options menu in gcdumptool.

WARNING: If your SD card is formatted in FAT 32 format, then change the first option to “Yes”. You can easily check your SD card format by plugging it into your computer and looking at its properties in file explorer.

The “Trim output dump” option prevents extra data from being added to the dumped file to save space on your SD card.

  • After this select, the Start XCI dump process, and the tool will start dumping the game onto your card.

Depending on the size of your game, the tool will take a shorter or longer time to create the XCI dump. The larger the game, the more time it will take.

Step 3: Installing Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI

Once the process is complete, close the tool. So far, we have created the XCI dump for our game on our SD card. Now it is time to install the game. For that, you need another tool by the name of “Tinfoil.” Since Tinfoil is unavailable in the store, you will have to install it externally. To do this, Switch off your Nintendo Switch and plug your SD card into your PC/laptop. The next steps are as follows.

  • Make a new games folder on your SD card and paste the XCI file into the folder.
  • Now download Tinfoil from their website (
  • Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract the tinfoil folder and paste it into your SD Card. Now when you look into Album on your Switch, you will see Tinfoil in the list.


Before we move on, remember that you must have the following patches in your “atmosphere”. This will ensure that Tinfoil runs successfully. Atmosphere > kip_patches > fx_patches and Atmosphere > exefs_patches. You must also use the “fuse primary payload” to boot into the atmosphere.

  • Plug your SD card back into the Switch and boot it up.
  • In the album menu, you will now see Tinfoil. Launch Tinfoil. Now go to File Browser > sdmc.
  • Look for your XCI file. Now select the file and hit install.

You can also choose whether you want to install the game on your device or your SD card.

Now that was all you needed to know about the Mario Strikers Battle League Football XCI. If you want to know more about the game, then try reading about all the unlockable characters in Mario Strikers Battle league. Did you find this guide helpful? Which games will you load onto your SD card after reading the guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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