Top 5 Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters

This Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters guide will showcase the top 5 best characters to choose in-game!

Mario Strikers recently has come out with their ever-new soccer-based game featuring everyone’s beloved childhood characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Luigi, and others. Though the total roster counts only 10, these characters can perform admirably well, and in our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters guide, we will uncover the top 5 best characters to play and have on your team! For complete beginners, our Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks guide will show how to conquer the game!

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers being a game that offers a lot of characters has some characters that are outstanding.
  • Each of these characters differs in stats and has its benefits and cons on the field.
  • Some of the best characters in Mario Strikers are:
    • Mario
    • Rosalina
    • Princess Peach
    • Waluigi
    • Luigi
  • You can use these characters to form different teams which work differently with unique resonances.
  • Some of the teams that you can form with these characters are:
    • Defense Teams
    • Strength Teams
    • Speed Teams

Mario Character 

Mario Strikers Mario
Mario Character

Let’s start by introducing our first character, who is a personal favorite of ours, Mario. He is also known to be an S-tier character and one of the best-performing characters of all times, not just in Mario Strikers alone. In this game, however, he is an overall balanced player with a high base technique stat. 

His attributes will also include high Shooting stats, which will inevitably convert him into an overly balanced character that can be slotted into any kind of team, whether used for being on the offensive or defensive end of the team. Mario in Mario Strikers is a player with impeccable shot accuracy, and his dribbling skills are unparalleled among others. 

While many players struggle to manage their character’s strike meters, Mario is incredibly easy to manage. With his Hyper strike abilities, he will launch himself into the air and roundhouse kick the ball at the goal, which will also cause pyro cyclones to burn off enemies in the way.

It is one of the biggest reasons he is one of the Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters.

Possible Team Composition 

Since Mario can fit into both offensive and defensive ends of the field, two possible team comps can work for him exceptionally well. 

Offense-based Team 

In this team: slot in the four characters we listed below to obliterate the enemies with your goals absolutely. 

  • Mario is the main Scorer who will occupy his high base Technique to hit accurate shots. 
  • Peach will be the playmaker and dribbler, and she will use her high technique stats as well, and her Hyper Strike will make it easy to achieve victory for the team. 
  • Wario can be both the Attacker and the Defender; with his shooting attributes, he can score quite well, and his strength can block off foes. 
  • Waluigi in Mario Strike will essentially fit in as the Nimble Defender who will use his extreme strength to fend off opponents. 

Defense-based Team 

In this team particularly, there will be a focus placed on the team’s defense side, as seen below by the team member’s roles in Mario Strikers

  • Mario will again fit in as the main Scorer and use his technique and shooting stats in the field. 
  • Toad can be the playmaker and dribbler, exhausting his shooting abilities to shoot out the ball and use his speed to zoom through the goalie. 
  • Bowser will end up being a defender, one of the reasons being that his Strength attribute is insane. 
  • Donkey Kong will be considered to be an Iron Defense member, and he can tackle down any kind of tough foe.

Mario’s Base Stats 

Below are the base stats that Mario will come equipped with, after which players can build him up with their gear and team compositions. 

  • His strength attribute will be set to 11, as he is not made to be a defensive character. 
  • Speed is going to be 12, so he can easily charge through foes. 
  • Shooting will be one of the highest, set at 14; he is meant to shoot goals ultimately. 
  • A passing attribute will be set to 10. 
  • Technique stat will be fixed to 16. 

Rosalina Character 

Mario Strikers Rosalina
Rosalina Character

Next up, the next character in our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters list will almost most include Rosalina, who will typically be used as an offensive team player. She does not excel in being impeccable at defending, but when it comes to her offensive skills, she can not be outperformed by any other characters. 

She will hone her high Shooting attributes and consistently launch shots that will help her gain goals faster than the opponent can think of taking the ball away from her. She also has excellent Strength stats and can flaunt her Technique attributes, which improves her shot accuracy even more. 

For her Hyper Strike, she will essentially use cryo to her advantage. With her shot, she will kick the ball at the goal, and it will also be able to slow down the opponent greatly while being able to ultimately stop Boom Boom from protecting the ball if he is on the defending end.

Possible Team Combinations 

The first team that we will mention will be an overall balanced team. 

  • Rosalina will be the main Scorer here and use her shooting stats to kick her goals
  • Donkey Kong will be the Attacker and playmaker here to occupy his speed and passing stats. 
  • Luigi will become the dribbler since his passing stats offer him excellent dribbling skills. 
  • Waluigi in Mario Strikers will become a defender here and occupy his strength to his advantage. 

Scoring-based Team 

The second team will set in Rosalina in Mario Strikers as an effective candidate for the Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters

  • Make Rosalina the Main Scorer again to abuse her shooting stats and her strong base stats to help her take the ball away from foes. 
  • Make Peach a dribbler since she can come in handy with her Strength skills. 
  • Players in Mario Strikers can use Luigi and make him the Playmaker since he will have comparatively high technique and passing attributes
  • Bowser will always be the Defender no matter what. 

Rosalina’s Stats 

When mentioning her base stats, these can be seen below: 

  • Strength is set at 14, and while she can defend, she will not excel at absolutely shredding foes with her strength. 
  • Speed is the lowest stat, with it being 9. 
  • Shooting attribute will be the highest, which makes her an offensive beast. 
  • A passing attribute will be 10. 
  • Technique stat will be set at 13, making her a solid S-tier character. 

Peach Character 

Mario Strikers Peach
Peach Character

The next character that will be mentioned will be Mario Strikers Peach, and while he may not be in the highest charts of the Best Characters, she is still a top-tier character. 

In essence, she is extremely agile on her feet, able to move from one end of the field to the other, mainly due to her high-speed stats. She can also evade all kinds of foes that are in her way, which is once again made possible due to her Technique stats, making her an excellent character for your victory teams. 

Her Mario Striker hyper Strike will be consistent with her launching the ball in a heart shape which will charge forward towards the goal with ease, and it will stun enemies for a few seconds to score the goal.

Best Team Compositions

Two main teams can work with her, one being an offense-based and the other being an overall solid team. 

Offense-based Team 

While wanting to make the teamwork, work out your rotations this way: 

  • Make Mario Strikers character Yoshi your main Scorer, as he will use his High shooting to shoot out the ball. 
  • Peach will come in handy as she can abuse her high passing to dribble the ball quickly, which also beautifully ties in her Technique skills on the field. 
  • Battle League Toad will end up being your main hand playmaker here; he will use his passing and speed to handle the ball and be the perfect playmaker. He can also be slotted in as a second dribbler
  • Rosalina can be a Long-range shooter, which makes her use her insane shooting ability to stay at a distance but still shoot out the ball easily. 

Overall Team 

For a more versatile team, use this rotation: 

  • Peach can be the dribbler and playmaker yet again with her Technique and passing skills. 
  • Rosalina can end up being the main Scorer due to her shooting abilities. 
  • Players in Mario Strikers can use Bowser’s character as a defender with his immense strength
  • Donkey Kong can also be slotted in as the Defender, as he hones high strength too. 

Peach’s Stats 

Lastly, what makes Peach the Best character in Mario Strikers Battle League is her stat allocation, as can be seen down below.

  • Strength is the lowest stat, with only 9, since she is more focused on the offense-end of the playability. 
  • Speed is the highest stat, with it being 17 as she is typically used to quickly moving on the field. 
  • Shooting is also only 9. 
  • The passing attribute is 13 simply due to her excellent ability to pass around the ball. 
  • Technique stat will be 15. 

Waluigi Character 

Mario Strikers Waluigi
Waluigi Character

Now we are moving into the category of A-rank characters that might not necessarily be the Best Character in Mario Strikers Battle League; however, they perform well when needed and when there is no other option. 

Waluigi is one excellent example, as he is an impeccable defender, and with his insane speed in his arsenal, he will move across the field quickly and go from one opponent to the other to steal the ball from them. Alongside that, he will also fulfill the task of tackling them down while he is at it. 

His Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers will allow him to shoot out the ball and lay down thorns as he is zooming across the field, which will trap his foes. The foe will include enemies like the Boom Boom and other foes.

Best Team Compositions 

The two teams that will come the handiest with Waluigi include the defense-based team and an all-rounder. 

Defense-based Team 

This team will be purely defense overload, as can be seen. 

  • Luigi will be a playmaker and dribbler with his high technique attributes which also include his passing stats. He can use his Hyper Strike pretty easily as well. 
  • Yoshi here will count as the Scorer due to his insanely high shooting attribute, which allows him to essentially just score with ease. 
  • Waluigi in Mario Strikers can be an excellent defender, as he is quite agile and can swiftly move across the field and block off his enemies
  • Donkey Kong can act as an iron defense, as we mentioned before since his passing and strength attributes will serve him as a physical blockage. 

Over-all Team 

The next team is essentially just an all-rounder, making the team have some of the Best Characters of Mario Strikers Battle League

  • Peach will be the Playmaker and main dribbler here. This is caused due to her technique and high speed, allowing her to zoom through the field with ultimate ease. 
  • Wario can be slotted in as the main Scorer here; simply due to his shooting abilities, he can handle the ball quite easily and shoot it out faster, helping the team score points faster. 
  • Waluigi will be the Nimble Defender with his ability to block off opponents while also honing his increased speeds as his stats are increased. 
  • Bowser in Mario Striker can be the alternate Scorer and a defender, mainly because he has solid strength and a big build allowing for proper defending against foes.

Waluigi’s Stats 

There are five main stats that Mario Strikers’ Waluigi will use: 

  • Their strength will be 15, which allows him to be an excellent defender on the field. 
  • Speed will be the highest stat, granting him the ability to move swiftly. 
  • Shooting is going to be set at 9. 
  • The passing stat will be set at 9 as well. 
  • The technique attribute will be 14 simply so that he can score easily. 

Luigi Character 

Mario Strikers Luigi
Luigi Character

The final character we will feature will include Luigi, who is more of an A-ranked character. He is neither the best nor the worst but can perform pretty solid when left in the hands of the field. 

His main skill lies in being present on the field, and whenever he has the ball in his hands, he will be able to pass it to his other teammates, who can then pass it to the main Scorer to score a goal. This is made possible due to his increased passing attribute. 

With that, he will also flaunt his high Technique attribute, ensuring that the opponents see that he is not a force to be reckoned with and that he is to be taken seriously in the game itself.

Mario Strikers players should not sleep on him, as he can also easily cast down his Hyper Strike.

Team Compositions 

As for the main team compositions, players in Mario Strikers can go for two main teams that might help them gain victory. 

Offense-based Team 

This team is purely focused on being an offense-all team that can obliterate any match: 

  • Mario will be the main of the in the list of the Best Characters of Mario Strikers Battle League and be the main Scorer with his increased shooting and technique attribute. 
  • Luigi will act as the Scorer and playmaker since he has solid passing and technique stats, making his Hyper Striker easily winnable. 
  • Yoshi will fit in with the Scorer and Playmaker role since he can easily shoot the ball across the field and pass it to fellow Mario Strikers characters
  • Bowser will be the Defender and alternate Scorer due to his high strength, where he can fend off foes, and his shooting abilities. 

Hyper-strike Based Team 

Here are the characters in Mario Strikers that you want to take advantage of: 

  • Peach will be the dribbler and playmaker as she always is; she can dribble and take the ball from opponents with her high-speed skills and dribbling abilities. 
  • Bowser will be the main Scorer here de to his strength and shooting attributes, as he can pass through the goalie on the field. 
  • Luigi will be the all-rounder here who can fit all of the slots, whether to pass, dribble or defend. 
  • Waluigi will be the Quick Defender as that is the role that fits him the best in this Hyper-strike-focused team. 

Luigi’s Stats 

The final category will feature his stats: 

  • Strength will only be 11, which essentially means that while he can dually defend himself, he is not the best at it. 
  • Speed is also set at 11, which also means that while he is not the most mobile and agile, he gets the job done just fine. 
  • The shooting ability is 10. 
  • His passing ability is 14, making him one of the best supports. 
  • The technique is the highest stat since he will have shot accuracy. 

With that, we will wrap up our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Characters guide, and we hope you enjoyed it! 

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