Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear: Types & Slots

Our guide on the Best Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League gives you the best character and gear pairings by playstyle and positioning

In Mario Strikers Battle League, players are expected to select 4 characters from the Mario franchise to play for their team. Each character has attributes such as strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique. You can improve the attributes of the characters of your choice by equipping them with Gear. This is why in this guide we shall look at the Best Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers also has a system of stats on characters and they can further be enhanced by gears.
  • There are a total of 5 different gear sets, each having different pieces for different body parts.
  • The 5 different categories of gear sets in Mario Strikers are: 
    • Strength Gear Set
    • Speed Gear Set
    • Shooting Gear Set
    • Passing Gear Set
    • Technique Gear Set
  • Each of these gear sets has its own unique effects and will be useful on certain builds such as Strength Team or Speed Team.
  • You can also get your hands on another gear set called “Bushido Set” which can be acquired by winning cup battles.
  • It also costs coins to upgrade these sets, the rest of the sets will cost only 100 coins whereas Bushido costs 300 coins.

How Gears Work in Mario Strikers Battle League

As mentioned before Gears are pieces of equipment that can be used to improve the character attributes of the players in your team. You can attach different gear to the head, arms, body, and legs of each character.

In the game, the Gears exist in Gear sets. Each set focuses on one attribute and compromises on the others. All sets contain four pieces each (one for each part of the character’s body). Before we get into the Best Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League, let’s have a quick look at the Gear Sets in the game.

What Are Different Types of Gears

As we said earlier, in the game gears are classified under different Gear Sets. The modification that a certain gear makes to the character attributes will depend on the Gear Set it belongs to. Here are the different Gear sets in the game and their focus attributes.

Name Of Gear SetFocus Attribute
Muscle Gear SetStrength
Turbo Gear SetSpeed
Cannon Gear SetShooting
Chain Gear SetPassing
Trick Gear SetTechnique

All four gears in the above sets give you +2 points in their focus attribute and deduct -2 points from one of the remaining four attributes. Each gear in all the above categories costs one hundred gold coins.

The Secret Gear Set: Bushido Set

There is another set called the Bushido Set which can only be unlocked by completing the Championship Cup on Normal Cup Battle Difficulty. There is no focus attribute for the bushido set. Each gear in this set gives you +4 points in one particular attribute (except shooting) and deducts -1 point from all other character attributes. Each gear in the set costs three hundred coins.

The Bushido Helmet
The Bushido helmet in a player’s inverntory.

At first glance the Bushido set might appear to contain the Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League. However, you cannot pair multiple Bushido gears together. Since they will start to cancel each other. To find the best gears for your team we need to go into much more detail regarding the playstyle and position of each character on your team

The Best Gear In Mario Strikers Battle League

To begin our discussion on the best gear in the game let’s make sure that you are aware of the positioning order of the characters. Remember that it is important that you choose your character in the right order where their roles match their attributes.

The best gear choice will vary from character to character depending on their position. We shall now go through each character’s position and look at the best gear choice for them. Although these positions are not strictly defined, many players have found them to be generally true because of the dynamics of the game.

The Captain (Player 1)

The captain of your team will be a part of every kickoff. From the perspective of the game, the captain will mostly remain forward and at the center of the field. Due to the crucial positioning, the captain will be frequently taking shots at the opponent’s goals.

Suitable Characters

When it comes to choosing a suitable captain for your team you need an all-rounding character that has good shooting stats along with some reasonable amount of strength and speed. Characters that are suitable for the role are mainly Mario and Rosalina.

Best Gear For Captains

Although we did mention Mario in the last paragraph, we recommend that you choose Rosalina. Since she has considerably higher stats in shooting and strength than Mario. The main focus for her Gear will be speed. We need to select gear that increases the speed but does not compromise on strength or shooting. This leaves us with two gears in the Turbo gear set. These are as follows.

  • Turbo Helmet (Head): +2 speed, -2 Technique
  • Turbo Pad (Body): +2 Speed, -2 Passing

Since Rosalina is quite well-balanced, she will not need many upgrades. Feel free to choose from the above two gears.

Slot 2 and Slot 3

These are the characters that are generally on the wings. They will complement your captain from the sides of the field and usually take shots from the sides. They are the centerpieces for getaway strategies and making manual passes into the opponent’s box.

The main attributes that you should focus on for slots 2 and 3 should be speed, passing, and strength.

Suitable Characters

The best-suited characters for these positions are, either Yoshi or Toad for speed and Waluigi for strength.

Best Gear For Slot 2 & 3

The best gear options for these positions are as below. Make sure to try different combinations and different characters to see what suits you the best for your playstyle. Keep in mind to maintain a good balance between strength, speed, and passing.

Turbo gloves
A well-balanced Waluigi with Turbo gloves and balanced speed, passing, and strength.
  • Turbo Helmet (Head): +2 speed, -2 Technique
  • Turbo Gloves (Arms): +2 speed, -2 Strength
  • Muscle Chest (Body): +2 Strength, -2 Shooting
  • Bushido Sandals (Legs): +4 Speed, -1 Strength, -1 Shooting, -1 Technique, -1 Passing

Slot 4

The primary focus of a slot-4 character is to tackle your opponents and pass the ball to the teammates by taking possession of the ball. So, the position mainly focuses on the defensive aspect of the game. In terms of character attributes your primary focus will be strength and passing.

Suitable Character

The best-suited character for this position is undoubtedly Donkey Kong. Although you will have to use gears to further boost his passing and strength, he is undoubtedly the perfect option for the position.

Best Gear for Slot 4

The gear for the position will primarily focus on strength and passing while making a major sacrifice on shooting. Since it is a defensive position, the character will not require much shooting skill. Here are the best gears for the position.

Muscle Helmet
A Muscel helmet on Donkey Kong with a focus on strength and passing.
  • Muscle Helmet (Head): +2 Strength, -2 Technique
  • Chain Gauntlets (Arms): +2 Passing, -2 Shooting
  • Bushido Armor (Body): +4 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shooting , -1 Technique, -1 Passing

IF your defensive character is relatively slow compared to your other characters, then try giving them the Bushido Sandals for an extra speed boost.

Now that was all that you needed to know about the Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League. Did you find this information helpful? Will you be experimenting with the recommended characters and gear? Let us know in the comments below.

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