Mario Strikers Battle League BEST Items [Top 6]

Even though the main focus is to make a goal in the game Items can be a crucial thing for the players in Mario Strikers Battle League. That is why our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items guide entails everything you need to know about using the best and worst items in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers come with a multiplayer section of the game and whilst playing, random boxes will spawn containing items, for players to equip.
  • The different items you will obtain when you pick up the box are:
    • Bob-omb.
    • Mushroom.
    • Red Shell.
    • Green Shell.
    • Banana.
    • Star.
  • All of these items differ in how they help you in battle and affect both you and your opponents at times.
  • Your opponents can also get their hands on these items so it’s a matter of who collects the random box first.

What Are Items in Mario Strikers Battle League 

The football/soccer game in the Mario universe is called Mario Strikers: Battle League, and it has stirred a buzz in the community of Nintendo Switch owners. Players compete in a three-person team here and dominate the match by either doing a regular goal or a hyper-strike one.

You have the option of playing solo or online, and it is entirely up to you how you enjoy the game. Like in any traditional football game, you control one character at a time in single-player, and the rest of the team is AI-controlled.

However, the story is quite different when you are not playing single-player anymore as each participant in multiplayer controls one character, and there is a shared item pool.

The item will be added to that pool each time you choose to collect the pickup from the field. After that, anyone on your squad can use that item, and in order to play effectively, you will need to collaborate with one another on when and where to use the item.

The boxes come in two primary categories; one is the open-ended mystery box, while the other is the team box. Only the team for which the box is intended may open the team box, and the item can spawn at any time for the designated team. Therefore, it is uncertain which item you will receive, but regardless of it, it can’t be too bad, can it?

Well, I guess a bob-omb going off doesn’t exactly scream red card while Donkey Kong is doing a hyper-strike and hurling the ball via a powerful banana to the goalie or when Mario is using the star and becomes invincible, does it?

Yes, Mario Strikers is back and better than ever, with brutal and quick-paced gameplay. You’ll understand when I say that ability alone won’t cut it and that there are no rules to follow if you played the original, one of the finest GameCube games ever released.

Well, it may come as a surprise that there are just six things or usable items accessible in Mario Strikers: Battle League for the players at launch. Given the massive number of power-ups in the Mario franchise, just the six at launch seem a little shy of creativity from the developer’s end. 

Some of them are really helpful, but one or two only truly have the opportunity to shine in certain situations regardless of recklessly you use these items in the field full of tackling football players of the Mario franchise.

Ranking All Items in Mario Strikers Battle League: Worst To Best

It is also quite aggravating because players in Mario Strikers: Battle League cannot swap between items because this affects when an item may be utilized. However, with little effort, players should ultimately learn how to maximize the use of their equipment, which are listed below in order of worst to greatest.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, your team will receive an item box if you are tackled off the ball. Randomly selected from a limited pool of options is what you’ll get. Another item, the Star, is exclusively given to people who have experienced severe bullying. 

Below is a list of all the items in Mario Strikers: Battle League, along with descriptions of what they perform and when they often appear in games.


Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items
Bob-Omb – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

A player may be knocked out if a bob-omb hits them directly. It will then explode, creating an AoE around it. The AoE will knock anyone caught in it. Although it may seem like a nice skill, it is not really very useful.

It’s fairly simple to avoid the AoE. Therefore, the only remaining alternative is to employ it as a subpar variation of the green shell that doesn’t go too far. Bob-omb is ranked sixth on this list as a result.

The scale of the blast that the Bob-omb releases upon detonation can be quite problematic, despite the fact that it has its purposes. It’s not too horrible when used from a distance, but employing them up close will almost certainly render the person helpless as well.

The Bob-omb has another drawback in that it bursts a little bit later than either of the shells, which means that opponents that are a little farther away from the player may have relocated by then.

At kickoff, it’s OK, but throughout the open play, using the Bob-omb safely is rather challenging. 

Fire a bob-omb into the melee for maximum effect and to instantly shock the whole enemy. Since the enemy players are temporarily stunned by this explosion, you have the opportunity to execute some neat maneuvers and prepare for a Hyper Strike.


Mushroom Best Items
Mushroom – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

Want a little help getting past the defense? Want to attempt to outwit your friend or escape from that relentless assailant? The boost mushroom precisely does what it says on the box; it offers players a little boost to enable them to outrun any characters or objects that may be pursuing them.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, a mushroom provides you with a brief burst of speed. It is a useful talent, to be honest. However, it is very contextual. Only while attempting to evade a tackle or seize the ball from the opposition should you employ this skill.

Mushroom can also be used to narrow the distance between you and your tackling enemies. Again, it is beneficial, but tackling or knocking the player to obtain the ball for yourself is a superior alternative.

The Mushroom gives its owner a quick surge of speed, much as it does in the Mario Kart games. This may be particularly helpful for pursuing the opponent when they are through on goal or for eluding the opposition’s defense to create one’s own scoring opportunity.

The Mushroom’s major flaw is that it can only be used by one player at a time, making it impossible for players to pass the ball to a teammate once it has been activated without losing its advantages.

Red Shell

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items
Red Shell – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, Red Shell shoots at the player who is closest to it. The player will be pursued by it and struck. However, employing a red shell has the drawback of hitting any players in its path. Yes, your teammates will also be affected. The shell will keep going until it meets the border and breaks even after it strikes its target.

Because of this, a lot of people don’t believe the red shell is all that great. However, it is a rather nice item when compared to other things. Your squad may simply avoid being struck by it with a little coordination.

The Red Shell in Mario Strikers: Battle League has its uses, but for the most part, it is not as impressive as it seems. Similar to other Mario games, it’s intended to take out the closest tackling enemy, but it may also eliminate any teammates unlucky enough to block its path.

This issue is only made worse by the fact that the Red Shell doesn’t instantly vanish after impact, making it incredibly challenging to predict which member of the other side it will strike next.

Since the shell can hit friendly players as well, you may want to time it properly so that you hit the enemy team and not the players on your team.

Yes, the phrase chasing objects clearly alluded to the red shell, a symbol of Mario that everyone recognizes. When you fire off this homing missile in Mario Strikers Battle League, it always hits its target and eliminates the opponent who is closest to you.

The red shell works well for opening up space toward the goal, so you have more time to press the A button and let the ball fly into the goal. There is also no possibility of it flying back and smacking you in the face, unlike the green shell.

Green Shell

Green shell Items
Green Shell – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

The actions of Green Shell and Red Shell are the same; however, they differ a little from each other still. Where the red shell targets a player, you must first shoot at the green shell. The green shell cracks after a given amount of time and bounces off the barrier, but the red shell breaks immediately upon contact with the boundary.

The green shell is extremely lethal to your opponent, thanks to its bounce feature. They can never be certain that they have avoided the green shell entirely. Even if they evade it once, it could come back and attack them in either direction. Yes, your colleague can also be struck by it.

Another item with the potential to harm oneself or one’s own squad is the Green Shell. But if employed properly, it may be just as lethal for the other side as the Banana Peel.

The best part of using the Green Shell item in Mario Strikers: Battle League is that it can attack multiple targets at once, which is not how it used to be in the Mario Kart series of video games.

Although green shells have their purposes, they frequently fly back and strike me as I try to get closer to the target. You can aim them at an opponent, sure, but if they move or you miss, the damned things will wind up killing me.

I know I’m bad at evading missiles, but I’m more concerned about attempting to score than I am with remaining alive. Although perhaps not essential in a game that is literally on fire from beginning to end, green shells are wonderful if you’re seeking to cause some mayhem and spice things up a bit.


Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items
Banana – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

The most straightforward and effective item in Mario Strikers: Battle League is a banana. It just causes the player to trip, which knocks him down. It’s a great useful device to have because of how simple and simple it is to use.

A banana can be thrown to steal the ball from a player or thrown at random to set up a barrier in the field. It functions really well both times. Therefore, the next time you play, if you obtain a banana, utilize it to your advantage.

The Banana Peel is commonly considered the very worst item in the Mario Kart series. If the user is not careful, it can knock them out on their next lap of the course because it can be quite tough to position well. 

In a team sport like soccer, one might anticipate that the likelihood of self-sabotage would be far higher, yet when employed properly, the Banana Peel may really be very powerful.

Players can anticipate their computer AI teammates to sometimes come across Banana Peels if they are distributed randomly, but there is really no reason to utilize them that way. Instead, they should hold them until the opposing team kicks off, when they may swiftly take the ball back by flinging their Banana Peel at the opposing player as soon as the play starts up again.

The soccer stadium is now plagued by the same problems that plagued racetracks all around the Mushroom Kingdom. Throwing a weapon into the other team’s half before the ball is good since it will ideally spread the ranks.

However, in the heat of a tackle or when dribbling past the opponent, it’s all too easy to trip yourself up, so watch where you throw those items.


Star Best Items
Star – Mario Strikers Battle League Best Items

One of the finest things in many Mario games has always been the star, and we believe this holds true when it comes to ranking the star as the best item in Mario Strikers Battle League. For instance, the star in Mario Strikers: Battle League renders the player untouchable upon being tackled. 

The Star increases all of the user’s qualities in addition to temporarily becoming them invulnerable, enabling players to run and fire harder than ever before.

Timing is crucial because of the Star’s short lifespan, although that is hardly its worst drawback. The main issue with Star is how infrequently it appears. Players can complete whole Battle Cup competitions without ever seeing a drop of the legendary item.

Anybody the player touches will be knocked back. Additionally, when the star is employed, all of the aforementioned character traits are increased.

The use of a star facilitates passing, receiving the ball, and even shooting. Therefore, there is not a single instance in which employing a star is detrimental to the team. The star is the best item in Mario Strikers: Battle League as a result.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Best Items in Mario Strikers Battle League. Which is your favorite item in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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