10 BEST Mario Strikers Battle League Builds

This Mario Strikers Battle League Builds guide will showcase builds for all 10 characters to dominate foes!

Mario Strikers Battle League was recently got released, and essentially it is a soccer-based game that features every one of the characters from everyone’s favorite Super Mario original titles. The soccer-based game requires ultimate skill, gear as well as team compositions to absolutely dominate other players and take them down. We will uncover all Mario Strikers Battle League Builds in our guide today!

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers has 11 different playable characters and each of them has its own separate needs of gears and builds.
  • Each character will perform at their best when they have proper max gear and are part of a proper team.
  • Some of the best characters to have are Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.
  • The best set of gear for Mario is Trick Helmet, Trick Pad, Trick Boots, and Bushido Bracers.
  • The best set of gear for Luigi is Chain helmets, Chain Gauntlets, Chain plates, and Chain Boots.
  • The best set of gear for Princess Peach is Turbo Helmet, Bushido Bracers, Turbo Pad, and Bushido Sandals.

Mario Build 

Mario Strikers Mario
Mario Character

Starting with the first build, Mario in Mario Strikers is an incredibly balanced and well-rounded character. He has an overall high Technique stat, and he can dribble the ball as well as being able to shoot it across the field with ease makes him a pretty viable choice for many players. 

Best Gear 

For players that are looking for gear pieces for him, perhaps the Trick Gear Set will be the best option. 

  • The Trick Helmet will offer up an increase of 2 to the already high base Technique stat but will reduce passing by 2. 
  • The Trick Pad will yet again increase the technique by a total of 2, but reduce the strength by 2. 
  • The Trick Boots will prove to be the perfect foot-gear as it will enhance the Technique by 2 but reduce the Shooting stat by 2. 
  • The Bushido Bracers will enhance up the stat of Technique by 4, making him even more of a beast and making his Hyper Strike all the easier to use. 

Best Team Compositions 

If players are looking for the perfect Build in Mario Strikers Battle League, then his Quick Offense Team is the best option. 

  • Place Mario in the Main Scorer position since he will be able to gain increased precise shots as well as make his shot output stronger. 
  • Make Peach the Dribbler and Playmaker as essentially overpowered his Hyper Strike even more, and she is also able to do better plays in the field. 
  • Making Wario the Attacker will allow his High Shooting to also defend pretty viably in the field.
  • Lastly, Waluigi can be a Defender as well since he has High Strength and he can counterattack excellently. 

Luigi Build

Mario Strikers Luigi
Luigi Character

Mario Strikers players will have a blast if they end up choosing Luigi, as he mainly is impeccable in having a high Passing stat, and he also has a high Technique attribute. It makes his overall shot accuracy as well as ability to dribble the ball all the stronger.

Best Gear Pieces

Since Luigi in Mario Strikers is known to have a high passing stat, it is best to act on it and make him an absolute unit by using these pieces: 

  • Chain Helmet will offer up a +2 buff to the Passing stat, but beware that it might reduce the speed by 2. 
  • The Chain Gauntlets yet again prove to be important since it buffs u his Hyper Strikes and increases his passing. 
  • The Chain Plate enhances his Passing by 2 yet again but will reduce the overall Technique by 2. 
  • The Chain boots will buff up the passing again but will reduce Strength by 2, but it will make him one of the most viable characters in-game. 

Best Team Compositions 

This 4-team composition will make the player dominate any players that are present on the soccer field. 

  • Peach Can act as the Playmaker as well as the Dribbler since she is blessed with having a pretty high base Speed and Technique stat. 
  • Bowser can act as the Main Scorer on the team since his High Shooting stat and high Strength stats will allow him to zoom through the defense teams and score well. 
  • Luigi here will be the All-rounder since he can fit in and balance out the team. 
  • Waluigi can become the Quick Defender, since he will have Strength and Speed attributes, and his high mobility will allow him to defend against incoming shots. 

Peach Build 

Mario Strikers Peach
Peach Character

Yet another viable character that deserves to have a proper build in Mario Strikers Battle League is Peach. She is known to be incredibly capable since she can evade her foes as well incredibly well in offense teams. She has high agility and her Passing attribute are solid. 

Best Gear Pieces 

Taking advantage of her high speed is the best way to go, as it will make her all the more powerful in the arena. 

  • The Turbo Helmet will offer up an increase in speed by 2, but reduce the technique by 2. 
  • The Bushido Bracers that were previously used on Mario can also provide help, since they will increase Technique by 4, and it will enhance her overall agility even more. 
  • The Turbo Pad will increase the Speed by 2, making her all the more useful in gameplay and the only caveat is that it will reduce Passing by 2. 
  • Last but not least, the Bushido Sandals will enhance the Speed by 4, making her a beast. 

Best Team Compositions 

If you want to know what the best team to pair Peach in Mario Strikers with, then she will do good in an offense-based team with these members in it: 

  • Place Yoshi as the Main Scorer, mainly due to his High shooting stat which will help him score goals more easily. 
  • Peach will act up as the Playmaker as well as the Dribbler due to her increased Technique stat through which she can handle and sustain herself quite impeccably. 
  • Toad can also be another Playmaker due to his high Speed, as well as being ability to handle the ball nicely. 
  • Lastly, Rosalina will be the Long-Range Shooter, since she wields high Strength which grants her to shoot as well as defending abilities. 

Toad Build 

Mario Strikers Toad
Toad Character

Next up, Mario Strikers Toad is another one of the more useful combatants in gameplay and can show off his high passing attributes while also having high Speeds, because of which he can fit into any kind of team composition. If the opponent is on the leading end, then Toad will be able to transfer the ball from one end to the other with incredible ease. 

Best Gear Pieces 

The gear pieces that will fit best for these types of Mario Strikers Battle League Builds will be the ones that make Toad shine out to be an excellent Playmaker, and these pieces will offer up eh ability to charge past defenders with ease. 

  • Equip the Chain Gauntlets to gain an increase in Passing by 2, but it will decrease the Shooting stat by 2. 
  • Chain Plate will increase Padding by two yet again, adding up to the stat even more, and helping him in the team. 
  • Add up the Bushido Helmet to enhance his Passing by 4, but in return, it will lower the stats for Strength, Technique, Speed, and Shooting all by one. 
  • Bushido Sandals will make him have incredible speed by increasing it by 4, allowing him to move faster on the field. 

Best Team Comps 

For the team comps, the best option is to make him become an evens stronger Playmaker and add other members to add up to the defense aspect of the team. 

  • Toad will be the main Dribbler and Playmaker here since he hones the Passing attribute as well as also having Speed which grants him the ability to evade enemies with ease. 
  • Rosalina will be able to be a Long-Range Scorer by being able to use her High Shooting stats to launch out shots from a distance. 
  • Yoshi can be a second Playmaker while also being a Recorder, the main reason for that being that Mario Strikers Yoshi can make plays with ease. 
  • Lastly, the Waluigi character can end up being the defender due to him having Speed and Strength attributes that are high. 

Bowser Build 

Mario Strikers Bowser
Bowser Character

Bowser in Mario Strikers deems to be an exceptional player since he is mainly focused on being an offensive player. He can take on his opponents in the field by landing the highest shots and tackling his foes into oblivion and helping the team gain wins. 

Best Gear 

Since Bowser will typically be an offensive player, he can also prove to be a solid defender as well and with this speed and passing and strength-based build, these are pieces he can use: 

  • Use the Turbo Helmet to buff up his speed by 2 which will in retaliation reduce his Technique by 2. 
  • Give him the Bushido Bracers to increase his overall Technique stats, making him an excellent team member. 
  • The Cannon Plate buffs his Shooting abilities and stat by +2, allowing him to be an impeccable offender in the field. 
  • The Turbo Boots will help him out by increasing his speed again and raising the overall stats. 

Best Team 

For bowser, the best option for a team is to be an offender and work your way around the team. 

  • Luigi will act as the main Dribbler and Playmaker here, allowing him to use his Passing as well as Technique stats to perform plays and dribble better. 
  • Rosalina will be the Main Scorer in Mario Strikers, offering up the ability to shoot out the ball with no difficulties. 
  • Now, bowser will be the Alternate Scorer, as he already has pretty solid Strength and Shooting stats so it makes him an obvious option to be Scorer. 
  • Last but not least, Donkey King will be the Defender for completing one of these Mario Strikers Battle League Builds, and his high strength attributes will allow him to defend against opponents. 

Donkey Kong Build 

Mario Strikers Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong

When it comes to Donkey King, he will excel at tackling enemies while also being able to pass through foes without letting them take the ball. He is also best known to be a defensive player and he is known to have Strength and Passing attributes that are pretty high. 

Best Gear Pieces 

When mentioning the gear pieces that Donkey King would use, these pieces are the ones recommended for him: 

  • Equip a muscle Helmet so that he can gain 2 extra Strengths since it will further enhance his strength stats and make him even more useful in combat. 
  • Using the Cannon Gloves is an excellent idea since it increases his Shooting stat by 2 as well, making it all the more viable, but beware that the speed might be reduced by 2 as well. 
  • Cannon Boots can come in handy to increase the shooting attributes even more since it allows him to fit into any tight spots in the team, whether it is for scoring or defense. 

Best Team 

As for the team compositions, consider using an all-rounder team, since Donkey King will be in the defensive line but also assist his other party members in helping the Mario Striker player gain victory. 

  • Use Yoshi as a Main Scorer while also equipping him as the Playmaker, which will allow him to use his High passing stat to be the playmaker and shooting stat to increase goal inevitability. 
  • Peach will act as the Dribbler with her useful Shooting and Strength attributes, therefore allowing her to shoot more shots. 
  • Luigi will end up being the Backline Support since his overall stats are pretty stable, therefore he can also add up to the offense for the team. 
  • Lastly, use Donkey King as a defender, since his Strength stats allow him to stop opponents in their tracks. 

Yoshi Build 

Mario Strikers Yoshi
Yoshi Character

Next up, let’s cover Yoshi’s build in Mario Strikers Battle League as his main playstyle includes him being a strong shooter as well as being proper at passing the ball around. His main stats will include high Passing and Shooting attributes and he can intervene with foes easily. 

Best Gear 

Make him a complete passer with these build pieces: 

  • Cannon Gloves will increase shooting but reduce speed by 2 which will boost his scoring abilities. 
  • Add up the chain Plate to enhance his Passing by 2, allowing him to pass the ball around to his team members. 
  • Chain Boots will help boost up his Passin stats further by two ut reduce strength points by 2. 
  • Lastly, the Bushido Helmet will increase Passing attributes, even more, making him the best Passer on the team. 

Best Team Comps 

The team composition suggested for his playstyle will be a Quick score team. 

  • Rosalina is the Main Scorer with her High Technique and High shooting scores more shots.
  • Yoshi will be Shooter and Playmaker with his high Passing stats being able to shoot out the goals with ease. 
  • Peach will be Playmaker, and her base Passing will grant her the ability to pass out the ball around effectively. 

Rosalina Build 

Mario Strikers Rosalina
Rosalina Character

Moving on with the Builds guide, the next character will be Rosalina in Mario Strikers who will be an offensive character, with high shooting stats, and strength stats as well. Her shot accuracy is also pretty commendable. 

Best Gear 

Perhaps the best gear pieces for Rosalina include these four: 

  • Muscle helmet that will provide 2 extra Strength Points but reduce 2 Technique points. 
  • Cannon Gloves will act as a buffer for the shooting stat as it will add two extra stat points, making her shooting ability even more powerful. 
  • With that, the Bushido Armor will add up to +4 strength to her, but reduce all points by one from other stats. 
  • Cannon Boots will increase Shooting points by 2, allowing her to be the captain of the team more effectively. 

Best Team Compositions 

Since Rosalina has such a high offense ability, these four team members will be best for her: 

  • Rosalina is the main Scorer due to her high Shooting and High Strength stats. 
  • Use Peach as a Dribbler and Playmaker since she can make use of her Passing and Speed stats to quickie move across the field. 
  • Luigi is the Team Supporter since he has decent Passing and Technique stats. 
  • Bowser will be the Defender due to his increased Strength. 

Wario Build 

Mario Strikers Wario
Wario Character

Let’s keep going with our next character in the line, it being Wario in Mario Strikers, he is the king of having high strength and shooting stats, he can tackle his opponents and shoot out the goal. His Hyper Strikes are on the more powerful side. 

Best Gear 

When mentioning Wario’s Gear pieces, players should stick with a strength and shooter-enhanced build as shown below: 

  • Muscle Helmet will offer up an increased Strength stat by 2, while it will reduce the Technique by 2 as well. 
  • Muscle Gauntlets will increase their Strength by +2 yet again, allowing him to tackle his opponents and be more powerful in the field. 
  • Cannon Boots will allow him to shoot the ball easier as it will increase his Shooting stat by 2. 
  • Bushido armor is going to come in handy when wanting extra Strength points as it will increase it by 4. 

Best Team Composition 

The following team composition will help your team in Mario strikers become an absolute menace to the opponents: 

  • Place Peach as the dribbler and Playmaker, since she can use her increased passing and speed stats to demonstrate plays. 
  • Wario will act as the Main Scorer, and he will use his high shooting and strength points to score the highest points. 
  • Mario will be a Shooter with his enhanced Shooting stats and with the correct build. 
  • Waluigi can be the Defender since he is known to flaunt his high-speed stats and also tackle other enemies. 

Waluigi Build 

Mario Strikers Waluigi
Waluigi Character

Out of all the Builds in the Mario Strikers Battle League, possibly Waluigi’s is the easiest to comprehend since he is supposed to be an essential defender in the team. And he hones his increased speed and Technique stat. 

Best Gear 

For the best gear pieces for Waluigi, use the four mentioned below: 

  • Turbo Helmet will serve as the Speed enhancer, but it will also reduce Technique stats. 
  • Muscle Gauntlets will increase the strength points by two yet again, allowing for even increased defending against opponents. 
  • Bushido Armor will enhance the strength Points by 4, giving him the chance to defend his teammates yet again. 
  • Lastly, the Bushido Sandals increase the speed points by 4, giving him increased mobility.

Team Compositions 

If you are stuck on needing to choose a proper team composition, why not try out these four: 

  • Luigi is the main Playmaker and Dribbler will offer up his Hyper strike skill which will allow the team to score. 
  • Yoshi can be a Scorer with his high shooting stats. 
  • Waluigi will inevitably act as a Defender, considering we mentioned that he has incredibly high Strength attribute points. He can also use his Speed boost from his armor to surpass foes. 
  • Donkey Kong will be an Iron Defense, supporting Waluigi in defending the team against any kinds of foes and never allowing them to score. 

Boom Boom 

Now, while Mario Strikers Boom Boom isn’t an actual character. He is known to be a goalkeeper on the field itself, and if there are any kind of players who want to try out using Boom Boom as an actual character, they should know that they will have a very small amount of control over him. 

He can however provide the ball to other characters that are in your team if you do decide to use him as a character too, and while there isn’t going to be any kind of Build for him, he is still fun to try out. 

His main use will probably be to stop enemies in the field from doing any kind of Hyper strikes. Players are recommended to keep going at their A button on their controllers when the ball goes in Boom Boom’s arsenal so that they can stop foes from doing any kind of extra Hyper Strikes. With that, we will wrap up with our Mario Strikers Battle League Builds, we hope it was helpful!

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