Mario Strikers Battle League Coin Farming [5 Best Methods]

A comprehensive guide on coins in Mario Strikers Battle League including the ways to farm and earn coins in the game.

Mario Strikers Battle League is a 5v5 soccer game that has both PVE and PVP. Coins are Mario Striker’s currency that you’ll need to purchase all types of gear in the game. Our guide will focus on Coin farming in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers also has a system of currency and those are coins, which have many uses.
  • Coins are quite hard to come by and their main use is to upgrade the gears on your characters.
  • Although coins are hard to come by, there are many ways to obtain them such as by playing Cup Battles and Training matches.
  • You will get different amounts of coins when you win battles ranging from 2 coins to 1000 coins.
  • It is important to upgrade your characters and to fully maximize their stats, you need a total of 3200 coins.

Mario Strikers Battle League Fighting

Mario Strikers Battle League puts players against each other in online mode, and there is also an option for local CO-OP for the Nintendo Switch. Gameplay in Mario Strikers Battle League heavily depends upon the character you play and the gear you choose to use. Different builds have different pros and cons.

Alongside gear, there are many other unlockables in Mario Strikers Battle League, as the game features two different types of gameplay modes; a Normal Mode and a Galactic Mode. The Galactic mode in Mario Strikers Battle League is basically NG+ or an endgame difficulty mode.

What Are Coins in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario strikers coin farm
Coins in Mario Strikers Battle League

Coins are Mario Strikers Battle League’s only type of currency that you’re either going to farm or earn. The game offers a very low amount of coins as rewards, and most of them are earned through farming. We’ll discuss each and every method to farm coins in Mario Strikers Battle League.

What Are Coins Used For

Just like Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Strikers offers a variety of characters to test and play with. The ten playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League include;

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Bowser
  • Peach
  • Rosalina
  • Toad
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
Mario strikers characters
Complete Roster of Playable Characters in Mario Strikers Battle League

Each character has a different set of base stats and gear to choose from. Every character has 24 gear parts. Out of these 24 gear parts, 20 parts cost 100 coins, and 4 parts cost 300 coins. In conclusion, one character is going to cost you 3200 coins for all his gear. And if we include all the characters into this equation, then that number skyrockets to a whopping 32000 coins.

Mario strikers gear
Available Gear Pieces of a Character in Mario Strikers Battle League.

That is a big amount to get every piece of gear available in this game. That is why farming coins is extremely important in Mario Strikers Battle League in order to get all those goodies. Rest assured, our guide will explain each and every little trick to farm coins.

How To Farm Coins in Mario Strikers Battle League

Coins can either be earned once as a reward for completing a mission. Or you can farm them in different replayable match modes. However, do note that some modes only give coins as a one-time reward while others are used for farming. Following are some of the modes where earning coins is possible;

  • Training Match
  • Cup Battles
  • Galactic Cup Battles
  • Quickplay
  • Strikers Club

The following table separates different modes on the basis of coins that they can net you;

One-Time-Only Coin Rewards
Complete the Training Match800 Coins
Enter the Gear Settings Menu400 Coins
Win a Cup Battle Tournament (Normal Mode)400 Coins
Complete Normal Mode500 Coins
Win a Cup Battle Tournament (Galactic Mode)1,000 Coins
Complete Galactic Mode1,000 Coins
Farmable Coin Rewards
Repeat a Cup Battle Tournament (Normal Mode)50 Coins
Repeat a Cup Battle Tournament (Galactic Mode)100 Coins
Win a Quick Battle Match10 Coins
Lose a Quick Battle Match2 Coins
Win an Online Quick Battle Match20 Coins
Lose an Online Quick Battle Match5 Coins
Win a Strikers Club Match30 Coins

100 Bits

Lose a Strikers Club Match15 Coins

50 Bits

Mario Strikers will provide you with a measly 400 coins when you boot up. You’ll have to earn or farm the rest of the coins in Mario Strikers Battle League. Now let us discuss each of these modes in detail.

Training Match

Mario strikers training match
Training Match in Mario Strikers Battle League

It is an offline method of earning coins. This is a one-time reward, and you won’t get more coins than the set amount; in Order to start a training match, head over to the Training option in the main menu. Training match will put you against AI, and it is a PVE method of earning coins.

Winning the match against AI opponents will reward you with 800 coins. Although it can only be farmed once, it is still a hefty amount. It is also recommended to beat that training match as soon as you start your career in Mario Strikers Battle League for a headstart in coin farming.

Cup Battles

Cup battle mario strikers
Cup Battles Normal Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League

Another offline farming method for coins, Cup battles, a big one-time reward and can also be used repeatedly for farming. This means that once you win a cup battle, you’ll get a hefty sum of coins. In addition, you can replay cup battles to farm coins in Mario Strikers Battle League for a smaller reward than before.

The first time you win a cup battle offline, you’ll get rewarded with 400 in-game coins. There are many cup battles in Mario Strikers, but they will only reward 400 coins for your first victory. So if you decide to farm these cup battles, repeated wins will only land you 40 coins.

You will also win a reward of an additional 500 coins once you complete all Cup Battles. In Summary;

  • Normal Difficulty Cup Battles: 400 coins on first win, 50 coins on repeated victories.
  • Completing all Cup Battles in Normal Mode: 500 coins.

Galactic Cup Battles

Galactic mode mario strikers
Cup Battles Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League

Galactic mode is where most of your coin farming in Mario Strikers Battle League will happen. It is the most rewarding PVE mode, but it does come with increased difficulty. Galactic mode unlocks when you’re done completing every cup in normal mode. There are huge differences between the two modes.

Beating a cup battle in Galactic mode will reward you with 1000 coins. It is a very large amount, and you can purchase almost half of any character’s gear with this amount. If you decide to farm Galactic mode, then you will be rewarded with 100 coins on every win. That is why farming in Galactic mode is recommended.

You will also receive an additional amount of 1000 coins on successful completion of Galactic Mode. In Summary;

  • Galactic Difficulty Cup Battles: 1000 coins on first win, 100 coins on repeated victories.
  • Completing Galactic Mode: 1000 coins.

Quick Play Battles

Quick battle mario strikers
Battle Rewards for Quick Play in Mario Strikers Battle League

Quick play battles can be accessed at any given moment in Mario Strikers. They can be played both online and offline. But you won’t be able to farm enough coins from this mode. Winning a quick battle offline will net you 10 coins in offline mode, while doing the same in online mode will get you 20 coins.

In theory, that amount is very low. It will require hours of grinding before you can purchase a complete set of gears for a character. So if you don’t like to put in some hours, this mode is not for you. In Summary;

  • Offline Quick Battle Reward: 10 coins
  • Online Quick Battle Reward: 20 coins

Strikers Club

Strikers club Mario strikers
Striker Club Battle Rewards in Mario Strikers Battle League

Strikers Clubs are Mario’s take on Clan battles. Players will join a club of their choice or create a suitable club of their own. Clubs contain up to 20 players and battle one another for higher rankings on the leaderboard. Club battles will always net you a certain amount of coins irrespective of Victory or loss. 

Winning a club battle will reward you with 30 coins, whereas losing a club battle still gets you 15 coins. In addition to coins, club battles also provide 100 or 50 bolts depending upon your victory. Bolts can be used to customize your online battle stadium, which is just for aesthetics.

Using club battles to farm coins in Mario Strikers Battle League is the most fun method. It doesn’t feel like grinding, as you’ll continuously challenge other online players and test your skill. In Summary;

  • Strikers Club Match Victory Reward: 30 coins and 100 bolts.
  • Strikers Club Match Loss Reward: 15 coins and 50 bolts.


Mario Strikers Battle League is exclusively available to download on the Nintendo Switch. It is an amazing soccer game that you can play both online against real-time players and offline with your friends using local CO-OP. Players who own a Switch and want some CO-OP on the go should definitely check this game out.

Mario Strikers Battle League is the third installment in the Mario Strikers franchise. Developed by Next Level Games and Published by Nintendo. Next Level Games also developed and worked on Luigi’s Mansion 3.

That concludes our guide on Coin Farming in Mario Strikers Battle League. We hope it helped you unlock every single piece of gear available in Mario Strikers. Let us know what you think about Nintendo’s latest Mario Strikers game in the comments below.

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