Mario Strikers Battle League Football Best Team [Top 5]

These Top 5 best football teams will provide the most efficient styles to tackle every situation and battle in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario Strikers Battle League heavily relies on tactical awareness and skill play to succeed in it. The game will be pretty straightforward in the opening hours as it teaches you every mechanic and aspect of it. For now, let us discuss the Top 5 Best Football Teams to craft during your career at Mario Strikers Battle League. All of these five teams are built with distinctive roles. You have the choice to mix and match and test them out too.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers comes with many characters which allow players to create all kinds of team combinations.
  • You can unlock many teams as you progress throughout the game.
  • One of the best team combinations for the early game is:
    • Rosalina.
    • Wario.
    • Toad.
    • Waluigi.
  • The best team if you’re looking for a team with strength as a priority:
    • Bowser.
    • Donkey Kong.
    • Wario.
    • Rosalina.
  • The best team if you’re focusing on speed is:
    • Princess Peach.
    • Toad.
    • Yoshi.
    • Waluigi.
  • Players looking for a Balanced team can go for the following combination:
    • Mario.
    • Toad.
    • Luigi.
    • Bowser.
  • If you’re opting to go for a Hyper Strike Team, then here’s the best combination for that:
    • Donkey Kong.
    • Princess Peach.
    • Rosalina.
    • Yoshi.
  • All these teams differ in stats and you must choose what team suits your playstyle best.

The Best Football Teams in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario battle strikers battle league Best teams
The attributes and stats of each character play a key role in determining the best teams for Mario Strikers Battle League.

The structure and basis of the gameplay in Mario Strikers Battle League are extremely versatile. There a quite a few ways to make each character special from the other in their roles. They all have varied attributes and stats. So having access to a diverse team of players for a match will prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.

Most of the time, the usefulness of each playable character is dependent on their role. Preferably, players will want to focus on what kind of strategy their opposition team is using against them. You can then easily counter that with a team focused on either strength, speed, or simply a balanced one.

We have detailed our Top 5 best football teams, which are designed to fit almost every role of Mario Strikers Battle League. So we suggest experimenting with every team and seeing what will work best against your foes:

Beginner Football Team

Mario Strikers Battle League beginner team
The beginner’s team is perfect for getting you through most of the early-game content in Mario Strikers Battle League.

It is one of the earliest teams you can easily get a grip on at the start of the game. It strategizes on you passing the ball control mainly to Rosalina to help her score. For the offense, Wario is great because his tackles can easily clear off any obstacles in your way. He will be a great tank choice for first-time players of the game.

Toad has excellent speed stats to make him a valuable teammate to get passes in tight situations. He should be your primary option to get passes toward Rosalina in the quickest way.

Waluigi has a balanced spread in strength and speed. This is why he makes for a great defender, as most attackers can be neutralized by him. So your main role for him should always be goalkeeping at most. We recommend the following gear pieces for each character on the team to get the best stats possible:

  • Rosalina: Trick helmet, muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, cannon Boots
  • Wario: Muscle helmet and muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, canon Boots
  • Toad: Bushido helmet, turbo gloves, chain plate, and turbo boots
  • Waluigi: Turbo Helmet, muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, and bushido sandals

It is quite honestly the easiest team you can set up in the early parts of the game. It is very beginner-friendly, and you should face no trouble learning the ropes of the game’s teamwork system with this setup at your side.

Strength Football Team

The strength team Mario Strikers Battle League
The strength-suited team offers a strong defense against hard-hitting opponents as well as your attacks also become powerful.

The strength-focused football team is all about offense and powerful plays on the enemy team. They can fortify helpful resistances against enemy tackles. The only downside is that this team has low-speed attributes. Hence why the team mainly comprises the best strength class characters in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Donkey Kong is one of the only tank characters who possess both high strength and speed attributes. His role should be to provide passes to your teammates even at greater distances because he has great maneuverability.

Rosalina and Bowser have access to high-level shooting stats. So you can choose who to give the primary shooting role since they both have fantastic shooting capabilities to score goals with ease.

Meanwhile, Wario can be a great support tank who can fill in the roles of the characters above if they happen to get attacked or stunned amidst the game. He has decent shooting and passing stats as a supporting character. We recommend the following Gear pieces for each member of the Best strength team:

  • Bowser: Canon visor, muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, canon boots
  • Donkey Kong: Bushido helmet, chain gauntlets, bushido armor, muscle boots
  • Rosalina: Trick helmet, bushido bracers, Trick pad, and trick boots
  • Wario: Muscle helmet, muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, canon boots

As long as you carefully choose your powerups during the matches, the speed disadvantage on the team should not be too much of a problem. This team setup can stagger enemies with its strength and shooting attributes.

Speed Football Team

Best speed focused team
The best speed-focused team relies on fast mobility and high-speed tactics in Mario Strikers Battle League.

The best speed-oriented team relies on outmaneuvering your opponents on the playing field. It goes much beyond since this playstyle is specifically tailored for players who can concentrate solely on their speed alone. The basic gist is that your main arsenal will be the power-up items and Hyper Strike orbs on the field.

By utilizing the three highest speed stats characters with one well-rounded character, you can make quick work of the enemy teams. Your key focus should be to use power-ups and deny any plays of the attacker characters.

Preferably, Peach and Toad should be the main ball carriers of the team. Peach has high stats in passing, while Toad can easily outmatch the speed of almost every other opponent. Your primary attacker should ideally be Yoshi due to his balanced stats in speed and shooting. You can also make him a reliable support option.

Of course, Waluigi assists in the defense support for your team. The speed stat and minimalistic strength values make him an excellent flexible character for guarding and also goalkeeping. The following are the gear pieces to equip on the Best Speed team of Mario Strikers Battle League:

  • Princess Peach: Muscle helmet, bushido bracers, trick pad, bushido sandals
  • Toad: Bushido helmet, turbo gloves, chain plate, turbo boots
  • Yoshi: Canon visor, turbo gloves, canon plate, bushido sandals
  • Waluigi: Turbo helmet, muscle gauntlets, bushido armor, and bushido sandals

All in all, this team will work efficiently against teams who possess only physical strength prowess. They will fail to match up with your speed, and you can easily overthrow their slim chances of survival.

Balanced Football Team

The Best balanced Football team
The team setup focuses on mixing a diverse group of characters for a standard all-rounder team in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Provided you have the right gear at hand, each of these characters included in the best-balanced team has varied stats to accomplish every task. You can easily invest up to 16 points in at least one attribute of every character. This is pretty much a well-rounded team that cannot go wrong if you need something for the midgame.

Mario and Bowser are highly skilled shooters. They are flexible for other situations too. You can prioritize between the two on who to give the main attacker role since they are both equally excellent characters. From our experience, Bowser is a solid character to have in the defender role because of his peak strength stats.

Toad and Luigi are superb support characters to provide easy passes and outrun opponents with speed. Luigi can curl the ball into the goal from various angles too. You can mainly focus on passing the ball to Toad since his speed stats are unmatched with the proper gear setup.

Focus on testing this team out in matches and seeing which role they might fit in your perspective. The following are the pieces of gear to suit the best-balanced team setup in Mario Strikers Battle League:

  • Mario: Canon visor, turbo gloves, turbo pad, bushido sandals
  • Toad: Bushido helmet, turbo gloves, chain plate, turbo boots
  • Bowser: Canon visor, muscle gauntlets, Bushido armor, canon boots
  • Luigi: Bushido helmet, chain gauntlets, chain plate, Bushido sandals

The team has a relatively average spread in speed and strength. But it undoubtedly shines the brightest with its useful support characters and shooting capabilities hence why it is the most ‘balanced’ team in the game.

Hyper-strike Football Team

Mario Strikers Battle League best hyperstrike team
The hyper-strike team mostly focuses on collecting hyper orbs and unleashing their heavy attacks through them in Mario Strikers Battle League.

This football team setup is the best-of-the-best you can build in the game. The setup itself is pretty self-explanatory with the name. You use all of the game’s most versatile characters for hyper-strike attacks.

The hyper-strike attacks are essentially special moves activated once you have collected enough hyper orbs around the playing field. These moves can unleash devastating attacks to trivialize your opponents in seconds. Constantly being able to spam these hyper-strike attacks can create all sorts of openings for your teammates.

Princess Peach is arguably the best mobility character in the game. She has excellent passing stats, as well as her speed and technique, which make her skillset a necessity. She can also be a great support player too if you want.

Rosalina and Yoshi are incredible shooting players. Yoshi can also be placed as the midfielder of each battle. It is a rare role in which only a couple of characters might excel in Mario Strikers Battle League. Yoshi can compliment most passers as well as easily tackle every opposing player with his huge speed stats.

Donkey Kong should be your preferred tank role on the team. He provides fantastic offense and defense to suit almost every situation on the playing field. He is an ideal character to pick up orbs and powerups in matches. Following are the best gear pieces that can befit the best hyper-strike Team of the game:

  • Princess Peach: Trick helmet, bushido bracers, turbo pad, bushido sandals
  • Donkey Kong: Bushido helmet, chain gauntlets, bushido armor, muscle boots
  • Yoshi: Bushido helmet, canon gloves, chain plate, chain boots
  • Rosalina: Trick helmet, bushido bracers, trick pad, trick boots


Generally, every football team we mentioned performs great in various situations. You will mostly be switching up teams and seeing which may work best against the opposition during and before each battle.

The character roster will be updated later on as the game gets more content in the future. We will be sure to entail more of these future characters into their respective best teams. Most of the time, all of the best teams mentioned in the guide here heavily rely upon a combination of stats and attributes of each player.

Sooner or later, you will slowly but surely create your very own best team to suit your preferences and playstyle. Until then, you should follow up on this guide to learn about each character’s performance in matches.

We strongly recommend getting a feel for each of these teams because no match will play out the same. You will want to continuously switch up teams and assign roles to them during the preparation phases of matches.

This concludes our guide on the Top 5 Best Football Teams to use in Mario Strikers Battle League. If you have any further questions related to the guide, let us know in the comments below!

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