Guide: Mario Strikers Battle League Galactic Mode

The Galactic Mode is one of the endgame championship modes of Mario Strikers Battle League so let's take a look at how to unlock it.

Mario Strikers Battle League has an online club mode where up to 20 players can compete with each other. Most importantly, the game has its championship mode where you battle increasingly difficult AI in team battles. The Galactic Mode opens up lastly in Mario Strikers battle League so let’s see how to unlock it and the strategies for it.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers has two difficulty levels, with Galactic Mode being the toughest.
  • To unlock Galactic Mode, you must first acquire all the cups in Normal difficulty.
  • Earning cups in Normal mode may be time-consuming, but you receive 1000 coins as a reward.
  • In Galactic Mode, in-game opponents become smarter and more challenging.
  • Despite the increased difficulty, the rewards and perks also grow, allowing for further gear upgrades.

Differences Between Normal & Galactic Modes

Here are the differences between Normal and Galactic Modes in Mario Strikers Battle League:

  1. Skill Progression: The game eases new players into its mechanics through gradual skill unlocks and tutorials.
  2. Normal Mode: Designed for newer players, it can be too easy for veterans of the series.
  3. Galactic Mode: Significantly increases the game’s difficulty, providing a challenge even for experienced players. Opposing teams visually appear the same, but matches become tougher.
  4. Gear Equipped: In Galactic Mode, all opposing team members have their Gear equipped, enhancing their abilities. It’s advisable to equip your team with the best gear for a competitive edge.
  5. Skill Gap: Galactic Mode is typically attempted once players have become proficient in the game due to its increased difficulty level.

In Galactic Mode, expect a substantial rise in the game’s challenge and the need for strategic gear management.

How To Unlock Galactic Mode

Mario Strikers Galactic Mode
The Galactic Mode is the hardest mode to be fought where it tests the best of the best from every player.

To unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the First Five Cups in Normal Mode: Start by playing and completing the first five cups in Normal Mode. Each cup consists of matches, and you need to win three matches to progress.
  2. Loser’s Bracket: Even if you lose a match in the cups, you can still qualify for the next round by landing in the Loser’s Bracket. Continue playing and progressing through the cups.
  3. Clear the Trick Cup: Upon clearing the Trick Cup, you will gain access to compete in the Championship League.
  4. Clear the Championship League: Successfully complete the Championship League. This achievement will reward you with 1000 coins and grant you permission to play in Galactic Mode at any time.
  5. Enjoy Galactic Mode: Galactic Mode is the hardest tier of the Cups championships and serves as the Hard Mode Modifier. In this mode, you’ll face tougher opponents, but your coin gains for winning battles will be doubled compared to Normal Mode.
  6. Bonus Reward: Upon completing the entire Galactic Mode for the first time, you will receive a handsome reward of 1000 gold coins. You can use this money to purchase gear or items that you may have missed earlier.

Be prepared for a higher level of challenge in Galactic Mode, as opponents will become more formidable and can make the matches more intense. It’s advisable to bring your best characters, gear sets, and strategies to succeed in Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Strategy Guide for Galactic Mode 

The first time players attempt matches in Galactic Mode might find their opponents to be God-Like. It is worth mentioning that the AI of the enemy team will gain increased awareness and capabilities. So be prepared to either survive or lose your first match of the Galactic mode in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario striker’s titles are built on the foundation of making players strategically improvise at every step of the way. This includes learning every tactical advantage and making proper use of your response times or awareness.

It is essential that you keep your composure strong during heated moments of battle as well as having a calm state of mind will help ease the stress when trying to land your goals into the net.

The strategy guide will mainly consist of the items, best playstyles, team comps, and more to help you easily overthrow your opponents and win battles without a worry at all.

Best Power-Ups to Use During Battles

Mario Strikers Battle League items
The items may spawn randomly on the playing field as “Question marks” which can be stored in your power-up slots

The power-ups are items that can spawn on the Playing field. They have a random spawn rate to appear and collect from either side of players. These power-ups provide unique buffs, bonuses, and special attacks.

  1. Star: Grants invincibility and stat boosts, perfect for a 100% knockdown strike with a Hyper Strike.
  2. Red Shell: Acts as a shield disc, blocking attacks and hitting multiple enemies in a row.
  3. Green Shell: Similar to Red Shell, with slightly less damage.
  4. Bob-Omb: A time bomb, use it strategically to create distractions and charge your goal shot.
  5. Banana: Causes opponents to slip briefly, creating an advantage.

Remember, power-ups spawn randomly as question marks on the field and have friendly fire enabled, so use them carefully and strategically. Start practicing with these items early to excel in Galactic Mode battles.

Recommended Playstyle & Tips to Improve Skills

Mario Strikers Battle League Strikes
The hyper strikes are a key component that can absolutely destroy enemy teams with ease.

Here are recommendations for playstyle and skill improvement in Galactic Mode:

  1. Hyper Strikes are game-changers, capable of devastating enemy teams.
  2. Combine power-ups with character skills to stagger and stun opponents effectively.
  3. Timing is crucial; use the Star item for guaranteed goals, and try the Mushroom with a Charging Tackle for impressive distance coverage.
  4. Master Hyper Strikes; use them strategically, especially after a Tackle to disrupt the opposing team.
  5. Watch out for enemy AI deflecting Hyper Strikes as the Goalie; counter with rebounds by positioning teammates near the goal.
  6. Use tackles only on players with the main ball to avoid losing items.
  7. Focus on Hyper Strikes and stay aware of your surroundings; employ Manual Passes and Manual Crosses for unpredictable attacks.

Following these tips and strategies will greatly enhance your performance in Galactic Mode battles.

Recommended Team Comps

Mario Strikers Team Comp
Having the best team comp is the first thing to make your team synergies shine throughout the field

Your team values greatly to determine the winning factor for your matches. Having access to the right amount of stats and being able to organize a balanced team is the key to winning most battles of the game.

Having access to a team with a high Technique Stat can help in order to improve the chances of hitting the blue areas of the Hyper Meter during Hyper Strikes. These blue areas will help with the success rate of the shot.

So hence why the following team comp is designed around the build for High Technique attributes:

Position Character Role
Right Position Peach Fast Item Collecting

・High Speed for getting items towards midfield
・Technique Stat: 22

Down Position Luigi Hyper Strike Shooter

・High Technique for desirable Hyper Meter
・Technique Stat: 24

Up Position Rosalina Hyper Strike Shooter

・High Technique for adequate Hyper Meter
・Technique Stat: 23

Left Position Waluigi Fast Item Collecting

・High Speed for getting items close to the team’s goal
・Technique Stat: 21

The team build will ensure that you will be having constant access to item pickups. You will also be having characters like Luigi and Rosalina to provide the main attack on the enemy’s strong points.

For the gear of each character we highly recommend equipping the Trick Helm and Chest Pad. Along with this, you can equip the Bushido bracers and Bushido Sandals. It will iron out any lack of defense in the team.

This concludes our guide on How to unlock the Galactic Mode on Mario Strikers Battle League. If you have any further questions let us know down in the comments section below!

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