Mario Strikers Battle League Hyper Strike Guide

Our guide showcases how you can land a perfect hyper strike in the game and we have also listed hyper strikes of all characters!

The Hyper Strike is a unique and powerful moveset in Mario Strikers Battle League that allows a player who possesses Strike Orb to make a two-point goal by unleashing a powerful finisher. This Technique is aesthetically distinct for each character and might have a different effect depending on who fired the ball.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers come with many different mechanisms, one of which is the Hyper Strike.
  • This is a special moveset that is the most precise and it can be randomly obtained on the field as an Orb.
  • This orb will randomly spawn between a match and whoever gets it first has to use it within 20 seconds.
  • The ability to score this goal also varies between each character, it is preferred for characters with high technique stats. 
  • You will see different animations for each character on screen when they use the Hyper Strike ability.

How To Do Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League

How to do Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League
Luigi hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

The strongest and most precise shots in the game are called Hyper Strikes. These techniques are particular to each character and may change the tide of a match in addition to looking amazing.

You must first locate a hyper orb on the field in order to begin a Hyper Strike. These appear out of nowhere, and you’ll know you have one when your character bursts into a lightning kind of spark.

Finding Strike Orb

By initially locating a Strike Orb, players can execute a Hyper Strike. If you see one, move quickly to touch it before the opposing team does. Otherwise, the opposing side could be able to launch a Hyper Strike against you!

The Strike Orb does not remain with your character for the entirety of the match. Also, when you pick the orb, you get a 20-second window to use it. Strike Orb spawns randomly.

Charging The Shot Properly

Hyper Strike blue zone
hyper meter blue zones – Mario Strikers Battle League
  • After obtaining a Strike Orb, enter the opponent’s field and press and hold A to charge a Charged Shot.
  • The Hyper Meter appears, displaying blue, orange, and black sections after a moment of charging.
  • Missing the blue zone lowers the chances of a successful Hyper Strike shot.
  • The opposing goalie may block your shot if you miss the two blue spots on the Hyper Meter.
  • A shot is guaranteed to be blocked if both zones are in the black on the Hyper Meter.
  • Placing one in either the orange or blue zone offers a chance to score.

Hyper Meter Shot Accuracy 

  • Hitting both blue on the hypermeter guarantees a goal.
  • One blue and one orange provide a high chance of success.
  • Both orange or both blue and black make success likely but not guaranteed.
  • Orange and black selection decrease the chances.
  • Both blacks result in a guaranteed block attempt.

Useful Tips For Hyper Strike in Mario Strikers Battle League

Hyper Strike useful tips
Mario hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League
  • Charging a Hyper Strike requires avoiding attacks or interruptions, so protect yourself accordingly.
  • You can use items while charging a Hyper Strike; use them to fend off approaching opponents.
  • A tactic without items is to bait an opponent’s tackle and dodge, briefly incapacitating them.
  • The Star power-up grants speed and invulnerability; use it to knock down nearby opponents before initiating a Hyper Strike.
  • Save your Star power-up until you can acquire a Hyper Strike orb for a more effective combo.
  • When a teammate grabs a Strike Orb, the entire team becomes charged, allowing any teammate to execute a Hyper Strike. If the orb isn’t used within 20 seconds, the charge is canceled.

How Character Technique Impacts Hyper Strike

  • Character technique stats impact Hyper Strike performance.
  • A higher technique stat makes hitting the blue zone on the Hyper Strike meter easier.
  • Use a character with a high technique stat or upgrade your character’s technique to improve Hyper Strike chances.
  • The technique stat affects the Hyper Strike minigame completion.
  • Consider raising the technique stat using gear or selecting characters like Mario or Luigi with high base technique stats.

Hyper Strikes of All Characters in Mario Strikers Battle League

Each character in the game has a unique hyper-strike animation that is connected to the signature abilities of each player. We have listed all of these unique moves that you will come across in Mario Strikers Battle Leauge.


raging fire mario Hyper Strike
Mario hyper strike goal – Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario’s hyper strike move is by far the best and most balanced in the game. He unleashes the unique attack by calling a fire cyclone which hurls toward the enemy team, reducing all the chances of getting hit by an enemy teammate. 


Luigi tornado Hyper Strike
Luigi hyper strike goal – Mario Strikers Battle League

Luigi and his destructive Spin Tornado can both come in the top five easy-to-land Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers Battle League. In this move, Luigi kicks the ball in a spinning motion with a lot of force, causing it to twist and turn and fly ferociously toward the goaltender.


Waluigi Hyper Strike
WaLuigi hyper strike goal – Mario Strikers Battle League

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, Waluigi accomplished the unthinkable, which doesn’t happen very frequently. Though lower than the Mario Bros’, Waluigi’s Technique is still among the greatest in the game, making his Thorn Barrier a formidable Hyper Strike that is challenging for the other side to cope with.

This is without a doubt a top-tier Hyper Strike due to the Thorn Barrier’s capacity to bind every opponent, including the goalie, and Waluigi’s excellent Technique.

Donkey Kong

banana strike Hyper Strike
Donkey Kong hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

Donkey Kong, who boasts the strongest Hyper Strike reported thus far with his powerful Banana Blast, rounds out the roster’s bottom five characters. In Donkey Kong’s Banana Blast, he launches the ball into the air before spiking it in the direction of the goalie in the shape of a banana.


Bowser Hyper Strike
Bowser hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

Due to how difficult it is to utilize and properly nail its meter, Bowser’s Hyper Strike is really rather good in comparison to Wario and Toad’s and is therefore difficult to rank among the others. Regarding the Hyper Strike, Bowser scoops up the ball after committing a football offense, sets it ablaze with his flame breath, and then hurls it towards the goaltender.


Toad Hyper Strike
Toad hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

Toad would undoubtedly be in the top three if we were ranking players just based on talent and flair in football since he was thrown into the air by several other Toads before striking the ball with a powerful headbutt. Unfortunately, this Hyper Strike doesn’t do much more than send the ball scurrying under the earth in the direction of the goalie.


Wario Hyper Strike Mario Strikers Battle League
wario hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

If you had to put a pin on the worst hyper strike in Mario Strikers Battle League, well, you will be looking at none other than Wario. It is impossible to rely on the ball in vital situations since, although being launched with great power, it will violently bounce off the arena walls, players, and everything else in its path, apparently at random. 


Peach Hyper Strike Mario Strikers Battle League
Peach hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

When it comes to Battle League, Peach is serious and supports it with Dance of Hearts, one of the strongest Hyper Strikes in the game. Dance of Hearts shares many similarities with Waluigi’s Thorn Barrier, but Peach’s superior Technique and capacity to Charm the adversary elevate it a notch.


Hyper Strike Rosalina Mario Strikers Battle League
Rosalina hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

Rosalina’s Hyper Strike is not only the silliest in the game, but it also ranks among the finest utility specials and outperforms all others. Rosalina kicks the ball far into space with the Orbital Burst, which causes it to orbit an ice planet and convert into a lump of ice. 


yosi Hyper Strike Mario Strikers Battle League
Yoshi hyper strike – Mario Strikers Battle League

Yoshi shares the same destiny as the characters on the list above, but he manages things better overall, allowing him to rise above them in a believable way.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the hyper strike of every character in Mario Strikers Battle League. Which character has the best hyper strike, according to you? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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