Mario Strikers Battle League Multiplayer: Local & Online

Mario Strikers Battle League allows local multiplayer to play with your close friends and family. Here is everything you need to know.

Mario Strikers Battle League adds much more to the series by adding much more features including the Local Co-op and Online Co-op. The Co-op gameplay would consist of both PVE and PVP matches. Players can either against their friends or play together to defeat the game’s AI. Players would be required to score as many goals as possible to stand at the top. The Mario Strikers Local Multiplayer is a great way to enjoy a fun game with your friends and family. The more players join the game, the merrier and more fun the gameplay would be.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers comes with both PVE and PVP content. PVE content can be played against bots.
  • Mario Strikers has many game modes such as Quick Battle, Strikers Club, and Cup Battles.
  • The only game mode that can be played single is Quick Battle whereas Strikers Club and Cup Battles are multiplayer.
  • You can play these games locally also rather than playing with other players online.
  • You will need other players along with you with Switch Devices to be able to play with you locally.

Game Modes in Mario Strikers Battle League Multiplayer

Mario game modes
Game Modes

There are various game modes that players need to consider before starting the match. The Gameplay would vary significantly with each mode you choose. Different modes might also require players to buy additional hardware for matches.

Quick Battle Mode

Mario Strikers Battle League Local Multiplayer
Quick Battle options

The Quick Battle Mode provides players with a fast-paced single soccer match. It’s recommended to choose the Quick Battle mode if your friends want to try a quick game before leaving. Eight players can team up in PVP matches.

The Quick Battle Mode in Mario Striker Battle League would allow Local Multiplayer on a single Switch device. A total of eight players would be able to play the game on a single device but controllers and joy-cons must be arranged beforehand.

If you lack controllers then players can engage in Co-op using the local wireless feature. During the Local Wireless mode, a total of two players can play the game on the same device and four Nintendo switch devices can take part in multiplayer.

Cup Battle Mode

The Cup Battle Mode involves taking part in a tournament where players can compete against the AI. The players would have to win several matches to get to the final. Players can only lose two matches in the tournament before they get eliminated.

The Cup Battle Mode cannot be played online and is exclusive to local multiplayer in Mario Strikers Battle League. Four players at a time can engage in the cup battle mode to challenge the game Ai team in a PVE match.

Each of the four players would require a controller to join in the game. So, it is essential to arrange for extra switch pro controllers and joy-cons. This game mode can be enjoyed on local multiplayer including both single device and local wireless options.

How To Start Local Multiplayer in Mario Strikers Battle League

Local Multiplayer is a great way to enjoy the game with your friends and family right in your room. If you are wondering how to start a Local Multiplayer game in Mario Strikers Battle League, Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Before starting a multiplayer match, ensure that you have enough controllers. Make sure they are connected properly to your switch device before starting a match.
  2. Controllers can be connected wirelessly or through a USB. However, only 8 devices can be connected at the same time. A pair of joy-cons is considered two devices, so it is recommended to use pro controllers instead if you want more players playing together.
  3. You can also play with other Nintendo switch devices that are nearby to your device through Local Wireless mode.
  4. To start the Quick battle match, pick the quick battle option from the menu. You can play locally or online. To start a Local Multiplayer match in Mario Strikers Battle League.
  5. Players can join in the game using the L+R buttons simultaneously on their controllers.

Online Multiplayer in Mario Strikers Battle League 

Mario Strikers Battle League Local Multiplayer
An Online Match up

Players can also play online multiplayer with Mario Strikers Battle League players across the globe. All modes are supported in Online multiplayer with the addition of the Strikers club

Joining Multiplayer games can be done both ways. You can choose to join or battle with friends to play with people you know.

Moreover, Players can choose to play with anyone to get matched up with other players randomly. Online multiplayer is recommended if you don’t have friends over and you are craving a quick game.

Strikers Club

The Striker’s Club is an online battlefield where you compete against various other clubs. You can form a club with your friends and family to take on other clubs and increase your club’s world ranking.

A total of two players can play on a single system and you can form a club with them. If you want to make a larger Strikers club in Mario Strikers Battle league, you will need a total of 4 switch devices. A total of eight players can belong to a single club.

Your Club’s ranking would remain saved in the cloud. Moreover, players can spend the currency they earn through battling to customize their stadium to give it a fun look. You can also view your current season stats to improve them later.


Mario Strikers Battle League has certainly improved the series by adding much more multiplayer options and features. Players can now enjoy local multiplayer with their friends to join them or compete in versus battles.

Soccer is best enjoyed with more people, so it is recommended to get as many friends as possible on board. However, it is important to buy essential hardware including more controllers to play local co-op effectively.

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