Top 15 Mario Strikers Battle League Tips & Tricks

If you want to dominate in all your matches, then check out our best Mario Strikers Battle League tips to help you out.

Mario Strikers Battle League is the third installment in the Mario Strikers series. It is jam-packed with chaotic gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With crazy power-ups to multiple throwables, there’s a lot to do in this game. But if you’re just getting started, then it can be quite difficult. So here are some Mario Strikers Battle League Tips to get you started.

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers seems like a relatively easy game on the surface but it is quite a challenging game when starting out.
  • When playing the game, it is best to switch your settings to “Manually” when passing the ball.
  • If you’re in the early stages of the game, focusing on good gear is not necessary as you need it most in Galactic mode.
  • When you acquire an item from the box mid-match, you have to time the usage of those items perfectly.
  • Mario Strikers also lets you tackle players and this is very beneficial but keep this optimal so you don’t get disqualified.
  • It is important to have a proper and balanced team that works with each other rather than a team of random characters.

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips You Should Know

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips
Mario Strikers Battle League – Gameplay

The premise of the game is simple, there is a ball, and you kick it around and try to score. However, with all the complex mechanics and player stats, there is a lot of strategizing and skill that gets involved.

In fact, even deciding something as minute as picking auto-switch or manual switching can have a huge difference on your gameplay. Therefore, it is important for you to know all of these Mario Strikers Battle League tips if you want to have a good chance of winning your next match!

Check out these quick tips and tricks for the game: 

Visual AssistantIf you're starting out then turning Visual Assistant On is a good way to not get
confused by the visuals
Manual or Auto-switching?Manual offers you more freedom but in the beginning we recommend you to use
auto switching
No Gear Can Be BetterSometimes having no gear can be better as new gear redistributes stat points making
you weaker in 1 compartment and stronger in the other
Dodging Using the Right Analogue StickUse of the right analog stick in order to dodge incoming tackles can massively improve
your movement
Create SpaceDon't be hasty and have all your teammates run towards the ball. Learn positioning
and play according to the position
Using Your Items WiselyBalanced use of items. Not too much and not too less. Use them in scenarios where
they can prove useful
Go For the Player, Not the BallDo not always chase the ball but keep a keen eye on the other player's movement. This
way you can predict their moves and get a higher success rate in stealing the ball
Don’t Tackle Too MuchDon't be too aggressive and tackle your opponents all the time as it can lead to them
getting awarded different items
Be UnpredictableCatch your opponents off guard with unpredictability. Make them think twice before they try
to challenge you
Balance Your TeamBalance out your team players. Each player should be chosen for a particular role.
Know Which Side You’re Starting OnTake note of your side in the start as the confusion later can cost you
Pass the BallUse passing as a way to break through the opponent's defense or for you repositioning
Approach the Goal Dead OnGo right down the middle of the goal to score goals as scoring from the side can be quite
Using a Weaker Hyper StrikeRather than waiting for the perfect hyper strike if you are in a situation where you are close
to the opponent it is better to get off a weaker hyper strike shot
Don’t Let the Hyper Strike Change Your PlaystyleDon't solely focus on Hyper Strike. You can use it as a way to trick your opponents into
making mistakes

Visual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
Mario Strikers Battle League – Virtual Assistant

If you’re just getting started out then getting used to all the over-the-top mechanics and visuals can be confusing. It can get to an extent where you don’t even realize which player you’re playing as.

To address this issue, you can turn on Visual Assistant from the menu. It will provide indicators such as a bold number on top of the selected character. Furthermore, it will differentiate the real players from the AI players as well with a diamond shape.

Manual or Auto-switching?

The second tip that we have is in regards to something that you get asked right at the start of the match. And that is the option of switching manually or automatically whenever you pass the ball around.

Ideally, you want to play with manual as you get more freedom. However, if you’re just getting started out, it’s recommended to actually have auto-switching turned on. This is because there’s so much else going on simultaneously on the field that switching is the last thing that comes to mind when playing.

In single-player, whenever you switch you have to press the left trigger each time to switch to the player you’ve passed to. So if you’re switching over and over, it can get really tedious. Therefore, it is often better to let the computer handle the switching instead.

However, when you get used to the various mechanics of the game, you should switch back to playing with the manual. It comes with no surprise that you will have more freedom in manual switching. You’ll be able to position your players far better for defense or an upcoming pass. Additionally, manual tends to work better for 2-players or above whereas auto works nicely in single-player.

No Gear Can Be Better

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips
Mario Strikers Battle League – Gear

When you’re starting off, you can customize your players to give them gear. The said gear in return alters the stats of your characters. So let’s say you want to increase the strength of a character, you’d equip them with some sort of item that allows for that.

However, sometimes having no gear at all could be better. The catch with improving your stats using gear is that you will end up compromising some other stat. So if you did increase your power/strength, you might’ve lost some points on passing instead.

That is because the gear system tweaks/redistributes the stats rather than adding on new points. Therefore, sometimes it’s actually to go in without wasting all that time on choosing the “perfect” gear.

Dodging Using the Right Analogue Stick

Without a doubt, dodging is one of the essentials of the game. You need to get out of all those aggressive tackles coming out the way and without dodging, you’d definitely lose the ball.

The tutorial teaches you that to dodge, you need to hold down the R trigger and the left analogue stick to dodge. There is nothing wrong with dodging like that, but there is actually a better way.

You can dodge using the right analogue stick as well. With a single flick in the direction that you want to dodge to, you’ll be able to perform a quick and easy dodge. Using just the analogue stick is far better and simpler than having to hold down a trigger and adjusting the stick at the same time.

It is almost surprising that the game tutorial does not mention it, only the guide does. But if you use just the right analogue stick, you will see a huge improvement in your movement skills.

Create Space

The next Mario Strikers Battle League tip is for player positioning. Often players make the mistake of piling up wherever the ball is. There is no reason that everyone should be following the ball wherever it goes. In fact, this can lead to an open defense and the opponent can score with ease.

What you want to do is space yourself cleverly away from the ball. Send out only a few players towards the ball while the others are rotating around, looking for any other openings.

If you see one of your teammates going in for a tackle, you should remain steadfast in defense. If they succeed then great. But if they fail the tackle, you’ll be ready to take on the approaching opponent.

Although creating space is more important when playing PvP, you can use it when playing alone as well. Just don’t run into your AI teammates as more often than not, they’re trying to space themselves out automatically.

Using Your Items Wisely

Green Turtle
Mario Strikers Battle League – Green Turtle

The sooner you realize how impactful the various items such as shells or banana peels are in the game, the sooner your game will improve.

Often players tend to simply forget to even utilize these items. It is a totally understandable thing considering how intense and fast-paced the match can get. However, you should actively look out for any items that you get during the match and use them whenever you get the chance.

These items can be insanely powerful. For example, the star can keep enemies away from you, allowing you to move towards the goal with ease. Other items, such as the mushroom, can also provide a huge advantage.

However, there are some other players that use the items way too much. It is worth noting that items such as the green shell or the banana peels can actually hurt your own teammates as well. So if you’re using them, just ensure that you’re aiming correctly and not throwing them out randomly.

Go For the Player, Not the Ball

The following Mario Strikers Battle League tip for tackling will help you get the ball more often. Whenever players are trying to get the ball, they tend to go straight for the ball without considering the opponent’s positioning.

You need to keep an eye on what the player is going for. Are they about to shoot? Are they in a position to dodge? These are all factors that you need to consider. When you do that, you’ll be able to predict their movements with ease and cut off their movement to steal the ball.

Don’t Tackle Too Much

If you want to get the ball, you have to tackle the players, simple as that. However, as you don’t get penalized for tackling, you can even tackle players that don’t have the ball to create space on the field. But, there are actually consequences for that.

If you are tackling someone without a ball over and over again, they can actually be awarded items such as the star, mushroom, etc. Therefore, if you don’t want to unnecessarily grant your opponents items that they can use against you, be careful and don’t be too aggressive.

Be Unpredictable

The following tip has to do with your playstyle. If you want to get a better chance of winning, you need to catch your opponents off-guard. The best way to do so is by being unpredictable.

There are various tricks that allow you to “fake” movements. For example, if you’re charging up a shot, you can actually cancel and continue moving. There are two ways of doing this. You can either press B when you are about to pass or you can dodge using the R trigger (or the analog flick as we taught you earlier).

Additionally, you can be unpredictable with your item usage. Whenever you get the banana peel or green turtle, the enemy expects you to use it instantly.

But if you hold on to it just for a few seconds longer, there is a chance that the opponent might get confused and end up performing an unintended action in anticipation of the item use. You can follow it up with the item, leaving them even more confused.

Balance Your Team

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips
Mario Strikers Battle League – Choosing a Balanced Team

The next Mario Strikers Battle League tip that we have for you is to choose characters that provide you with a great balance.

Each character provides unique stats that sets them apart from the other characters on the list. Ideally, you want to have a blend of great passers and those with high strength and shooting. That way, you’ll be able to have a good defense and offense.

Let’s say you didn’t follow this tip and decided to get all characters that are fast instead. Doing so will allow your opponent to easily tackle you and steal the ball due to a lack of strength-based characters in your team.

The opposite also applies, if you have pure strength-based players then you will not have the pace to outrun your opponents as they try to get in your way. With a little bit of everything in your team, you’ll be prepared for any challenge.

Know Which Side You’re Starting On

As basic as “knowing which side you’re on” may sound, it is actually something that catches many players by surprise.

That is because in single-player, you’re always playing on the left side. However, as soon as you shift to online, you can either be on the left or the right side. You’ll often notice players at the start just testing out to see which side they’re on.

In fact, you can use the confusion to your advantage. If there is a player that does not know their side and is just testing out, you can go in for a quick goal right off the bat. And if you want to ensure that does not happen to you, pay attention at the start and take note of your side.

Pass the Ball

Passing may seem like a straightforward and simple tip but surprisingly a lot of players don’t do it often. If you want to create proper space or openings, you need to pass the ball around. It might feel amazing to take on the entire team by yourself and dodge around the opponents, but soon you’ll get piled on.

One great technique for passing is to pass back to your own side. Not only does this confuse the opponent as they expect you to rush ahead, but it also allows your players to reposition themselves. Then, when the opponent breaks its defense to approach you, quickly pass around to get in their half.

Approach the Goal Dead On

Our Mario Strikers Battle league tip on scoring a goal is quite simple. Approach the goal right from the middle. If you’ve been struggling to score goals, the reason could be that you’ve been going too much towards the corners.

Although it might feel comfortable as you have more chances of avoiding players or some openings just naturally take you to the corners, you never want to shoot towards the goal from there

When you try to shoot at the goal from the side, there is a very tight opening that you have to make it through. Unless you’re really unpredictable or perform some crazy maneuver, scoring through such a tight spot is quite challenging.

Instead, you want to go down the middle where you will have the option to either shoot towards the left or right of the goal. Not only will this confuse the goalkeeper, but even the opponent’s defense as you can approach from any side.

Using a Weaker Hyper Strike

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips for Hyper Strike
Mario Strikers Battle League – Hyper Strike

This next one is a Mario Strikers Battle League tip for the Hyper Strike users. Usually, when you’re using the Hyper Strike, you have to charge up both the blue meters by timing your button press. But let’s say you’re being approached by the opponent, ready to tackle you. Then what do you do in such a situation?

Players often tend to dodge away or waste their Hyper Strike but there is a much better way of handling the situation. You can actually quickly bash on the Hyper Strike button to carry out a shot. It might be weaker but it is better than no shot at all.

Furthermore, while the goalkeeper is busy trying to hold off your weak Hyper Strike, you can use your items on the opponent to clear out a path. Then when it drops the ball, the keeper will be slightly stunned and you can use the opening to score a goal. 

Don’t Let the Hyper Strike Change Your Playstyle

The Hyper Strike is definitely the strongest attack that you can use. Not only does it score 2 points, but it is really hard to block when done right.

However, many players tend to focus too much on the Hyper Strike after getting the Hyper Orb. They take it to an extent where they forget all other tactics and try to rush towards the goal without looking out for the minute details; ultimately leaving them wide open to be tackled.

That is why you should not let the Hyper Orb/Strike overexcite you. You need to remain calm when using it. In fact, sometimes it can be better not to use the Hyper Strike at all. The glow on your player makes the opponent lose composure as well.

Additionally, they realize that you are capable of landing a devastating shot so they do anything to stop you. From reckless tackles to breaking their defense to coming after you, there are a lot of mistakes that you can exploit as soon as you have the Hyper Strike.

So instead of just rushing in with the Hyper Strike, use it as leverage to position yourself and sometimes even land a simple shot to get that game-changing goal.

With all these Mario Strikers Battle League tips, you’ll be winning your matches in no time. Just make sure to practice each tip and don’t forget to have fun!

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