Mario Strikers Battle League: All Unlockable Characters

Our Mario Strikers Battle League All Unlockable Characters guide entails how to get every character, gear, and various modes in the game.

We all have been playing Super Mario our entire childhood, and the new Mario Strikers Battle League has got everyone excited for the release. Players across the world have been wondering whether Mario Strikers Battle League has Unlockable Characters or not, as there were many unlockable characters in the previous Mario Striker games. 

Key Highlights
  • Mario Strikers comes with 11 different characters to choose from and you can have them right as you start.
  • You will get some characters that are available right off the bat, such as Mario, Luigi and Bowser.
  • Other characters from the Mario Franchise such as Wario, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach will also be available.
  • All these characters will differ in stats and they come with different abilities and dominant stats.
  • You can form different kinds of fun teams by combining all these characters, with a maximum of four in each team.

Mario Strikers Battle League

Although the Mario Strikers Battle League is a new release in the Mario Strikers series, it does not have any unlockable characters. The game has a smaller roster size, but there are quite a few abilities that are way better than the last games.

The players can improve their traits and stats by equipping themselves with better gear. Some different modes and gears are unlockable with earned coins.

Character in Mario Strikers Battle League

There are currently ten characters in Mario Strikers battle leagues and eleven characters, if we count the keeper, Boom Boom. All these characters are already available from the get-go, and the game has no Unlockable Characters at the time of writing.

Additionally, we believe when the game gets DLCs, we will see characters that may become available to play after you have unlocked them. In any case, here’s a list of all the characters in Mario Strikers Battle League 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Maria is known as a balanced character with the Trick Set gear. Mario has a high technique that makes him one of the greatest characters in the game. The capable character Mario is also renowned for their shooting style. 

Mario in Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Mario

If you are looking for a character that has shot accuracy and the best ball dribbling, then Mario must be your choice in Mario Strikers Battle League. Players can manage their Strike meter, giving you a chance of a good hyper strike while playing the game. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Luigi is known mostly for his clearing out strategy and then immobilizing the opponents. This character is well-rounded in Mario Striker Battle League. His high passing attribute allows Luigi to set up good shots. 

Luigi Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Luigi

Luigi has a high base technique stats that makes his shot accuracy and ball dribbling better than many characters in the game. The chain set makes Luigi a great playmaker throughout the field. By using the Trick Set, Luigi’s stats can increase from 17 to 25. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Bowser has a great trait that allows it to switch back and forth between the offense and defense. His shots are extremely difficult to block or interrupt by the opponents. Bowser is mostly known for his brutal tackles, which makes him a dominating character in the game. 

Bowser Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Bowser

Bowser has a high base strength, and his tackle resistance is unmatchable. If you are looking for a character that provides fast and dangerous shots, then you must choose Bowser. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Rosalina has good speed as well as good shooting. Rosalina is known as a powerhouse on offense. With her high strength, she can give a hard time to any goalie, and her shooting ability makes her a more demanding character in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Rosalina Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Rosalina

Rosalina has a good base technique stat that manages her shot accuracy as well as her ball dribbling. Most players find her strike meter easy to manage. This gives a successful hyper strike in the field. You can choose Rosalina if you want balanced gameplay. 

Donkey Kong 

(Unlocked from the get-go)

The highest stats of Donkey Kong are his strength and passing. Donkey Kong gets these stats by combining the muscle and chain gear sets. Donkey Kong is also known as a buffed defender. He can handle the ball without getting buffed. 

Donkey Kong Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong’s crushing tackles will help you win the game. The defensive barrier he provides is what all players want. Donkey Kong has a trait that allows him to get the ball from all ends of the field without any difficulty. This character is also great at tackling enemies. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Yoshi can equip himself with the best sets that boost his shooting skills as well as his passing technique. Yoshi is always in favor of helping his teammates during the game. Yoshi is a great player if you need a secondary scorer on your team. 

Yoshi Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Yoshi

Yoshi has a well-rounded gear set. Yoshi can swallow the ball and turn it into a huge egg that stuns the opponents with its bouncing power on the field. Most of his shots are difficult to block because of the speed he throws the ball. His swift passes are worth taking a look at. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Peach is another one of Mario’s playable characters that have a decent speed on the field. With his Hyper Strike technique, Peach can charm enemies on his way, making them stop temporarily. 

Peach Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Battle League

Peach is quick and capable of passing the ball with force. The technique attributes can evade the enemy without any issue. If you are looking for a character who is good against a tough defensive team, then you must choose Peache. The passing stat of Peach is another one of its plus points. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Toad is one of the best playmakers and a perfect passer, too, as it has a high speed and passing stat against the opponents. It is highly recommended to have Toad on your team since Toad can quickly bring the ball to the other end of the field. 

Toad Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Toad

If you have an offensive team and you know that the opponent is leading, then you should add Toad should be your ultimate character. The high-speed character is a must if you have little time left in the game and you’re losing the match. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

Waluigi is a great choice if you are looking for a defensive character that has a high speed and good strength. Waluigi is more focused on the defensive mechanism than helping his other team players. 

Waluigi Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Waluigi

Waluigi quickly rushes over the opponents and knocks them out within no time. His shot accuracy and his ball dribbling techniques are balanced. Waluigi offers better chances of a hyper strike on the field. 


(Unlocked from the get-go)

As his name describes, Wario is a powerful character in Mario Strikers. He has a high base strength with his Muscle and Bushido gear. His fierce shooting power makes him a good character for the team. 

Wario Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League Warrio

Wario can easily get himself to the front lines to shoot the ball more accurately. If you are looking for a character that can give charged shots and hyper strikes to the opponent, then you can choose Wario for your game team. 

Boom Boom

(Unlocked from the get-go)

Boom Boom is not a character on the field; rather, Boom Boom is a goalkeeper in Mario Strikers Battle League. His main aim is to protect the goalpost from the opponent’s ball. 

Once the Boom Boom has the ball, the player has to press B to pass the ball to any character of your team. Moreover, players can use Boom Boom when an opponent performs hyper strikes toward the goalkeeper. The player will have to press the button A to block the hyper strikes. 

Other Unlockables

Knowing that Mario Strikers Battle League doesn’t have any unlockable characters, we shouldn’t be sad because there are some very interesting game modes and gears that need to be unlocked. 


As you go further in the game, you can unlock new gear by purchasing it in exchange for the coins. Every set of gear has a different attribute that will improve your character’s playstyle. It will either boost up or reduce some specs of the character. Each gear set has a helmet, Gauntlets, chest, boots, and pad. 

If you want to unlock the gear sets, you have to go to the settings menu and purchase each piece of the gear set for 100 coins. All gear sets can be purchased with coins, but only the Bushido gear set needs to be unlocked differently. Here’s a list of all the Gear Sets.

  • Muscle Gear Set- boosts up the strength
  • Turbo Gear Set- Boosts up the speed
  • Trick Gear Set- Boosts up the techniques
  • Chain Gear Set- Boosts up passing
  • Cannon Gear Set- Boosts up strength
  • Bushido Gear Set- Boosts each stat by 4 points

Bushido Gear Set

The Bushido Gear Set is different because each one of the set pieces has the power to boost any attribute by 4 points, unlike in other gear sets that boost an attribute by 1 point only. 

The Bushido Gear Set can only be unlocked once the player wins the Championship Cup. Even after the Bushido Gear Set is unlocked, you have to buy it for 300 coins for each piece. This set is available from the Gear Settings menu. 


There are several modes in the Mario Strikes Battle League that can be unlocked to give the players a boost in several attributes. Two things can be unlocked to improve your progress in the game. One is the Championship Cup, and the other one is the Galactic Mode.

Championship Cup

The Championship Cup is an all-around cup that focuses on multiple attributes rather than a single one. To unlock the Championship Cup, the player will have first to unlock the basic cups, including the Cannon Cup, Chain Cup, Muscle Cup, Turbo Cup, and the Trick Cup. These all cups can be accessed in the Cup Battles mode. 

Once you have completed the main portion of the Cup Battles, you will automatically unlock the Championship Cup. 

Galactic Mode

Most players play the game in a Normal Difficulty mode, but the Galactic Mode is a step up from the Normal Difficulty mode. To unlock the Galactic Mode, you must complete all cups, including the Canon Cup, Chain Cup, Turbo Cup, Muscle Cup, Trick Cup, and the final Championship Cup, during the battles. 

All the Cup Battles are completed in the Normal Difficulty Mode, which will then enable the Galactic Mode for you. The Galactic Mode just makes every Cup Battle more difficult, and the player will have to play all battles again. 

DLC Characters in Mario Strikers Battle League

Since there are no unlockable characters in the Mario Strikers Battle League game, there are hints that character unlocks will be present in the form of a DLC. Previously Nintendo used this form of characters to add up in the game. 

Although this is different from the previous Mario Strikers, this new norm of adding characters in the DLC rather than making them unlockable is fascinating to many players who enjoy playing this series. 

Players are missing their old favorite characters that we are hoping to see in the DLC. These characters are Bowser, Daisy, Jr., Petey Pirahna, and Diddy Kong. These characters were previously seen in the Mario Strikers Charged as captains. 


We have given you all possibilities related to Mario Strikers Battle League, all Unlockable Characters. There are none in the game, but there will be some present in the DLC, which is good news for all the Mario Strikers players. We hope our guide on this newly launched game cleared all your queries and misunderstandings.

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