Marvel Snap Beginner’s Guide: Complete Walkthrough

This Marvel Snap Beginner’s Guide will uncover a complete step-by-step walkthrough of how to get started!

Marvel Snap is finally out! For complete newbies, our Marvel Snap Beginner’s Guide will give a complete walkthrough of what to expect when you first log in and how the gameplay aspect operates! 

Key Takeaways
  • Marvel Snap is a collectible card game (CCG) that features a fast-paced, three-minute match format. Players build decks of 15 cards, and matches are played over a series of three-minute rounds
  • The game was developed by Second Dinner, a team of former Blizzard Entertainment employees who were inspired by the success of Hearthstone. 
  • Marvel Snap was released in early access in October 2022, and it quickly became one of the most popular CCGs on the market.
  • The goal is to score more points than your opponent by playing cards with higher power levels or special abilities.
  • It has an excellent rating such as:
    • Metacritic Rating –  4/5

The First Play 

Marvel Snap The First Play
The First Play (Image Credit Exputer)

When you first signup for the game, you will be either asked to signup either using a guest ID, an Apple account, or a Facebook account, depending on the player’s requirements. 

The game will instantly jump you into your first match, whereby it will start searching for opponents; at this point, you will be paired up with a tutorial AI opponent named “Doctor Doom.”

Upon entering the match, you will be met with a “Turn ⅙” screen, after which you will see Doctor Doom in the top right corner, while Nick Fury will be on the top left, and in the middle of the screen, you will be able to see your first location, which in the tutorial phase will be New York. 

Marvel Snap Drag To Center Of Screen
Drag To Center Of Screen (Image Credit Exputer)

The game will ask you to drag your card to the center of the screen or your location, in which case you will be presented with a card of “Spiderman.” Once you do so, the card will be placed near the location, and a small button called “End Turn” will appear in the bottom right corner; pressing it will end your first turn. 

Opponent’s Play 

Marvel Snap Opponent's Play
Opponent’s Play (Image Credit Exputer)

Next up, when your turn is over, you can immediately expect your opponent to hit you with their cards on the first location. 

Marvel Snap Concept of Power
Concept of Power (Image Credit Exputer)

The concept of “power” is at play here, the person who has the highest amount of power will end up winning the match, and every card that you play will have the ability to add power to your end, determining you or your opponent’s win at the end of the match. 

Marvel Snap Turn 2 Out Of 6
Turn 2 Out Of 6 (Image Credit Exputer)

Upon completing your opponent’s turn, you will be given a second turn (remember, the concept of 6 total turns, this is your second). And you will once again be prompted to drag your card (which will have 3 power) on the top right of the card and drag it beside your previous card (Spider-Man). 

There will be three slots where you can put the card, either the middle, right, or left. After that, your second turn ends. Your opponent plays their cards, and your power adds up because both of you have two cards to your name now. So let’s say that you had one power and two power on the second card; it will add up to a total of 3 power. 

Location Winning 

Marvel Snap Location Winning
Location Winning (Image Credit Exputer)

When it comes to winning matches, there will be a location-based system in place. The first location was already revealed to us, which was New York. There will be two more locations, one to the right and one to the left. One will be revealed on the next turn that you play, while the third location will be revealed after two turns. 

The concept is simple, players in Marvel Snap will have to win a total of 2 out of 3 locations to consider themselves victors. 

Special Ability

Marvel Snap Special Ability
Special Ability (Image Credit Exputer)

After being revealed that you will need to win a total of 2 locations out of the 3 present in one match, your third turn will start. In this example, you will be showcased with “Star-Lord”’s card, which will have 2 power with him (the orange number on the top right corner of the card). 

It will also showcase that Star-Lord has a special ability and prompt you to check out the ability. As is revealed, Star Lord’s ability will be that if your opponent ends up playing a card on this turn right now, then your power will automatically be increased by +3, meaning that if you originally had 5 power with the previous two cards, then now your power will increase to 8. 

Once again, you will have three “locations” you can place the card towards, which completely depends on you. Drag your card to wherever you want to; let’s say we move it to the top left, which is settled. After that, you go ahead and end your 3rd turn. 

Obliterating Your Enemy

Marvel Snap Obliterating Your Enemy
Obliterating Your Enemy (Image Credit Exputer)

As was revealed beforehand, when Star Lord’s card was placed down, and your opponent revealed their next card, Star Lord’s ability came into play. Your power was immediately increased from 2 to 5, making you all the more overpowered. 

Revealing Second Location 

Marvel Snap Revealing Second Location
Revealing Second Location (Image Credit Exputer)

Since we moved Star Lord’s card to the location on the left, it would be revealed upon the next turn that we had, which is exactly what happened. The location was revealed to be Nova Roma, prompting you to “tap a location and see what it does,” so it’s best to do that and see what happens. 

Marvel Snap Medusa Revealed
Medusa Revealed (Image Credit Exputer)

The location revealed a new card; in our case, it was “Medusa.” Nearly all cards will have different special abilities, and Medusa’s abilities, showcases that “if this is at the middle location, +2 power”, meaning that if you end up moving your card to the middle location (New York, in our case), then your power increased by 2. 

Marvel Snap Hawkeye's Card
Hawkeye’s Card (Image Credit Exputer)

As for Hawkeye’s card, if you end up playing it here in the next turn, your power will also be increased by +2, which automatically works out in your favor. Player your next two cards however you wish, making sure to take note of the character’s abilities at hand. 

For our case, we will go for Hawkeye’s placement towards Nova Roma since our power on that location is already at +5. The opponent is only at +3, meaning placing our card down there will increase our power from 5 to 7, making it extremely difficult for the opponent to one-up us until they have a strong card. 

Main Aim 

Marvel Snap Main Aim
Main Aim (Image Credit Exputer)

Remember, your main aim will always be to hold out 2 out of 3 locations, meaning that you need to have the highest amount of power possible. You need to consider the number of turns, meaning that you can’t waste any potential turns to one-up your opponent in the card combat. 

Since we used Hawkeye towards Nova Roma, we can use Medusa (On Reveal: If this is at the middle location, +2 Power) towards new York to score our potential again our opponent. After that, go ahead and end your fourth turn. 

Opponent’s Retaliation 

Marvel Snap Opponent's Retaliation
Opponent’s Retaliation (Image Credit Exputer)

Your opponent may obliterate your original plans if you don’t pick the right plays. Your opponent will pick their next turn and choose the third location, which hasn’t been revealed to us yet, and after that, the next card will be introduced to us on your fifth turn, which will be Iron Man on our turn. 

Marvel Snap Iron Man's Power
Iron Man’s Power (Image Credit Exputer)

It will show that Iron Man has a “powerful ability,” so click on it to find out what it is. His ability will show that your total power will be doubled at the location you place him on. 

Revealing Third Location 

Marvel Snap Revealing Third Location
Revealing Third Location (Image Credit Exputer)

After that card is shown to you, the third location will unlock, which will be revealed to be the Wakandan Embassy, which will be able to give players a total of +2 power to the card that is present in your hand currently. 

Since we had Iron Man in our plan, and he had 0 power originally, the location will immediately give him +2 power, and it’s our turn to place him somewhere that can secure us a stronger spot. For now, we’ve placed it in the first location, which was the Nova Roma. After that, go ahead and end your fifth turn. 

Abusing Your Power 

As we said before, Iron Man’s ability was insanely strong. By placing him down on the Nova Roma spot, you emerged a few abilities from your original points and increased your total power from 8 to a whopping 20. Still, it also makes the opponent’s power higher. Nonetheless, since the opponent’s power is at 12 and yours is at 20, it still gives you the upper hand. 

The Final Turn

After that, the net card is revealed to you; in our case, it will be Hulk, who will have a power of 12.

  • If he is placed down at Nova Roma, it adds 12 to our power of 20. 
  • If he is placed down in New York, he adds our power and increases it to 21. 

At this point, it is highly up to you to take control of the abilities at hand and see where it takes you. Go ahead and place him down, and end your final turn. 

Winning The Battle 

Marvel Snap The Final Turn
The Final Turn (Image Captured By Exputer)

Since we ended up placing Hulk in the New York location, the power was upped to 21, while the card the opponent used increased their power to 11, which was not enough to combat us down. 

As it stands, the Nova Roma location finished with you having 20 power while your opponent had 12, and the New York location ended with you having 21 power while the opponent had 11, giving you a sweet, sweet victory in the end. And that is a starter walkthrough of the game. 

Other Tips and Tricks 

Now that we have covered the base gameplay walkthrough, let’s discuss a few Marvel Snap Tips and Tricks that will help you down the road when you get to the end game. 

Energy System 

Marvel Snap Energy System
Energy System (Image Captured By Exputer)

An energy system is also used for your second match, which a certain amount will expend as you play your cards. The energy will be present in the top left corner of your cards, allowing you to play the game. 

Every turn you make, you gain one energy, which allows you to gain 6 energy each match. If you don’t use any energy, it ends up getting wasted. 

Simplicity Is Key 

When you’re starting, you will need to ensure that you keep your decks as simple as possible. Confusion will not get you anywhere in the game; therefore, having a few solid cards will help you load. 

Upgrading Cards 

Marvel Snap Upgrading Cards
Upgrading Cards (Image Captured By Exputer)

After your first match, you will already have a few sets of cards. However, there will be an option whereby you can “upgrade” cards. Upgrading a card will allow you to make the card stronger overall, and when you’ve reached your max upgrades, you can decimate your opponents. 

Deck Building 

Deck building will always remain crucial in any card, and the same can be said for Marvel Snap. When you’ve gotten the hang of the game, before you can head into any newer match, you will need to have a total of 12 cards that will make one deck. 

On Reveal/On Going

Another small thing that players might have skipped across will be something that is known as an “On Reveal” and “On Going” system. 

Whenever a player clicks on a card to review it, they will receive an “on reveal” or an “on going” ability. 

  • On Reveal, abilities display the powerups that players will receive if they reveal their card to their opponent. 
  • Going abilities display any buffs they might receive as the game is being played. 

Hold 2 Instead Of 3 

You should always make a goal to hold out three locations. Usually, players will think that if they spread their powers to each of the three locations, they will win. 

However, the reality can be quite different as you might spread yourself too thin, and the power differences will be near to nothing, giving you and your opponent a slim chance to win or lose against each other. 


You will also have the option of retreating from the game whenever possible. This is highly crucial, especially for players who still haven’t gotten the hang of the game. 

Retreating will allow you to play your cards wisely and save your cubes as well so that you don’t end up simply wasting them. 

Unlocking New Cards 

As we mentioned before, the game will allow you to start using your credits to upgrade cards to increase their rarity and provide you with better cards. However, upgrading your cards can also end up unlocking newer cards to add to your collection. 

Mind Games 

One thing you might not have thought about will be thinking as if you are your opponent. Thinking about the types of moves that your opponent will be able to playa against you is crucial. 

Do Your Missions 

Another thing that you might not have considered is that as all games go, Marvel Snap will also have missions, which are crucial to progress with the game. 


And that’s all! These are a few tips and tricks you should know about as you progress into the game. 

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game (Think Hearthstone, but not really). It involves tons of strategy and allows players to relive their childhood by inviting the entire marvel multiverse into the card game and unleashing wrath on their opponents. With that, we will wrap up our Marvel Snap Beginner’s Guide!

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