MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt: How To Get & Use

This Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide will explain the various methods of obtaining the Prized Pelt material in-game.

Crafting is a very important mechanic in games like Monster Hunter Rise, and Sunbreak improves upon that by introducing new crafting materials like Prized Pelts. There are certain armors and equipment in Sunbreak that need the Prized Pelts to get crafted.

Key Takeaways
  • Prized Pelts, exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Master Rank Quests, are crucial for crafting top-tier gear.
  • Obtain Prized Pelts by hunting small monsters, Kelbi and Anteka.
  • Kelbi, found in locations like Shrine Ruins, has a 30% drop chance for Prized Pelts.
  • Anteka, with large horns in Frost Islands, offers an alternative but with a lower drop rate.
  • Both monsters may drop additional items like Kelbi Horns, White Livers, Anteka Proud Antler, and Raw Meat

How To Obtain Prized Pelts 

Prized Pelts can only be obtained by doing Master Rank Quests. Master Ranks feature a higher difficulty where you’ll have to face a more difficult version of the boss. 

In conclusion, the following methods can be used to obtain Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak;

  • Farming Kelbi
  • Farming Anteka

Now we will discuss the best farming methods of these monsters in complete detail.

Farming Kelbi

Kelbi mhr
The appearance of Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Make sure that you start an expedition on Master Rank in Sunbreak. Kelbi can be distinguished from other monsters by their smaller size. They also possess blue-colored fur that can be spotted from afar. Their appearance in Sunbreak is also like that of a goat in Moster Hunter Rise.

Kelbi can be found almost everywhere in Sunbreak but are most abundant in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and the Jungle. Kelbis are very fast creatures, but they are also very weak. Only two melee hits should be strong enough to hunt down a Kelbi.

Monster hunter prized pelts
Locations marked with a red circle show the abundant spawn points of Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

However, Kelbi can run away very quickly, so it is recommended to use ranged weapons or a Kunai to kill them. Using ranged weapons will almost always ensure a Kelbi Kill. It should be noted that Kelbi can run away when a large monster appears. So be swift in your hunts.

Kelbi has a 30% chance to drop a Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise, which is almost double the drop rate from Antekas in Sunbreak. You should be ready to hunt and carve quite a few Kelbi monsters before you get the precious Prized Pelts. Kelbi will also drop Kelbi Horns in addition to the Prized Pelts.

Kelbis have a chance to drop many other items other than Prized Pelts, including;

  • Kelbi Horn has a 35% chance of dropping
  • Prized Pelt has a drop rate of 30%
  • White Liver has a 15% chance of dropping
  • High-Quality Pelt has a drop rate of 10%
  • Raw Meat has a 10% chance of dropping

Farming Antekas

Mhr anteka
The appearance of Antekas in the Frost Islands of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Farming Antekas is the second-best method of obtaining Prized Pelts in Sunbreak. Antekas can be distinguished from other monsters by their large horns that come out from their heads. They also give a bull-like appearance from afar, which can be used to spot them.

Though, these creatures do not attack the player on sight. Antekas will defend themselves against the player if you try to hunt them down. Antekas can be abundantly found in the Frost Islands. Start an expedition on Master Rank in those islands and continue farming Antekas for Prized Pelts.

Prized pelts monster hunter rise
Locations marked with a red circle show the abundant spawn points of Antekas in the Frost Island of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The drop rate of Prized Pelt from Antekas is roughly 18% only. It is almost half the drop rate of Prized Pelts from Kelbis. It is recommended to farm Kelbis instead of Antekas for Prized Pelts, as Kelbis will give you your desired drop much more quickly. 

Antekas have a chance to drop many other items other than Prized Pelts, including;

  • Anteka Proud Antler has a drop rate of 40%
  • Raw Meat has a 32% chance of dropping
  • Prized Pelt has a drop rate of 18%
  • White Liver has a 10% chance of dropping

Uses of Prized Pelts

Prize Pelts are rare crafting resources that can be used to craft some of the best equipment and armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Notably, you can use the MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelts to make certain armor sets, including the Khezu Coil X and Volvidon Mail X. Moreover, there are many additional recipes in the game for which you will need Prized Pelts.

Prized Pelt is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, which is required for crafting. Rise features a massive catalog of weapons, so check out our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List for more information.

Sunbreak expansion also introduces a Master Rank where you can fight more difficult versions of different bosses. Master Rank not only makes these bosses difficult but also gives them new movesets and animations to keep the fight fresh. Let us know what you think about the latest DLC expansion of Monster Hunter Rise in the comments below!


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