MHR Trainer: How to Download, All Cheats & Hotkeys

The in-depth guide to Monster Hunter Rise Trainer cheat which contains direction on how to download and install, the abilities, and its hotkeys.

The majority of the games on Microsoft Windows have their modded versions and cheat files which players use to save time or make things easy. MHR is among those games, and you can find loads of trainers, mods, and cheats on the internet. However, you need to be careful while you are installing these files, as they might not be what they appear to be. Some trainer cheats and mods might be a virus or malware.

Key Highlights
  • Cheats and mods are available for Monster Hunter Rise on Microsoft Windows. Players need to be careful while downloading cheats and mods as they can contain malware.
  • In Monster Hunter Rise, cheats can be used to improve weapons, armor, and graphics.
  • The “Trainer” cheat is considered reliable and does not require anti-virus software to check its reliability.
  • The trainer can only be used in the offline mode of MHR, as using it in the online mode risks account ban and detection due to its overpowering nature.
  • The trainer has features such as Infinite Health and Infinite Stamina that allow players to have an unlimited supply and be immortal in the game.
  • Other features include editing max health and stamina, no hunger, wirebugs with no cooldown, and max weapon sharpness.
  • Hotkeys are available for each feature for easy activation and deactivation.

What Are Cheats in Monster Hunter Rise

When it comes to cheats, MH Rise shows some leniency. There is room for cheats, but it is encouraged for players only to use them if there is a need. You can use several cheats to get better weapons, armor, and even graphics. Sometimes you will get stuck in a mission because you simply cannot beat the final monster. 

If you have been playing modded games or games with cheats on your PC, you will know how different the game starts to look. Everything will come for you easily, and you can save a lot of time. Since the game is extremely info-heavy, you will also be getting that. In many cases, you will not need to rely on your luck and simply have to press some buttons. 

Best Monster Hunter Rise Trainer

MHR: Trainer
Monster Hunter Rise: Trainer

The internet is full of cheats, most of them are not as good as they look, and only some are worth trusting. However, the Trainer is one of the best cheats and is reliable. You do not need to install any anti-virus software to check its reliability. 

If you are new to the cheats and mods, you might get confused about how to download and install them. Worry not, because this guide will tell you all about the best Monster Hunter Rise trainer along with how to download and install it.

Furthermore, the MHR trainer sounds too good to be true, but there is a catch. You can only use the trainer in the offline mode of the game. The anti-cheat system of Monster Hunter Rise is lenient but not easy to take. If you use the trainer in the online mode of MHR, then there is a risk that your account will get banned. The cheat is too overpowered so that you will get detected easily as well.

How To Download And Install Trainer

Simply click on this link which will automatically download a .zip file in your download folder. Once the folder downloads, extract the files and open them; it will install the trainer files. We recommend that once the trainer files install, you restart the PC. Also, consider reading the MHR Seregios boss fight guide.

Features of Trainer

As mentioned earlier, the trainer has features that sound too good to be true. When you use these features, it will be as if you have an unlimited amount of supply and you are immortal. These are the following options that you will get to see while after installing the trainer for Monster Hunter Rise:

  1. Infinite Health: When you activate this, your health will start restoring whenever it is low to the maximum. However, it does not mean that you are invincible. Upon dealing damage, your health will deplete as it depletes normally.
  2. Infinite Stamina: If you are tired of making your character rest for a few seconds after sprinting for a long duration, then activate the cheat. It will recharge your character’s amount of stamina to a maximum level and let them for a longer duration. However, the stamina bar will deplete as it normally does. 
  3. Edit Max Health: Unlike Infinite Health, where your character’s health would reach the maximum amount. The cheat will instead change the maximum health your player can have; keep it as high as possible. We recommend you use Edit Max Health and Infinite Health together to be invincible.
  4. Edit Max Stamina: You can change the maximum level of the stamina bar by using the trainer. Keep it as high as possible so you can sprint endlessly without making your character tiring. Use it with the Infinite Stamina for effective results.
  5. No Hunger: If you are tired of taking breaks so you can recharge your energy and health by consuming eatables. Then you surely need this trainer in MHR. Simply put, you won’t need to consume any eatable. Therefore, you won’t have to search for eatables, and you won’t have to consume.
  6. Wirebugs No Cooldown: It is one of the main features that people download the trainer for. By using this command, you will be able to use your wirebugs without any cooldown. So if you are climbing high mountains or buildings, then there is no need to wait. However, the cooldown will only work for the first two wirebugs.
  7. Max Weapon Sharpness: If you have weak weapons with you which deflect the attack and have lower damage, then you need to activate the command. Whenever you use your weapon, the trainer will restore your weapon’s sharpness back to maximum.
  8. Reset Mission Timer: Many Monster Hunter Rise gamers find the mission timer thing to be annoying. Some gamers want to speed run the initial missions. However, there is a cooldown every time you complete a mission. If you are in a hurry, activate the trainer so you can skip the mission timer cooldown and continue with your next mission while playing MHR.
  9. Infinite Quick Item Usage: whatever item you have selected in your quick item, when you use it will stay at 999. So, don’t worry about the finite resources or your time.
  10. Infinite Ammo: The trainer will only work if you have equipped a weapon that uses ammo to shoot. No matter how many rounds you fire, the count will stay at 9999 once the cheat is activated.
  11. Edit Money: What is better than editing your currency? Activating the cheat will allow you to get the maximum amount of money possible. Get as many items as you can that are purchasable.
  12. Set Game Speed: If you feel that the game is not at your pace, then by activating the trainer, you will be able to change the speed of your game. If you like playing the game at a fast pace, then simply increase the game speed from the trainer options.
  13. Edit Pts: Whenever you complete a mission in Monster Hunter Rise, you receive a reward with points. However, most gamers think that killing difficult monsters does not give them the rewards that they deserve. If you are one of those gamers, activate the trainer so you can edit the points that you receive in Monster Hunter Rise.
  14. Edit Item Quantity: To activate the cheat, you will first need to open your item box or item bag; otherwise, it will not work. Furthermore, ensure that the item you want to edit has more than one quantity.

Hotkeys For All Trainers 

Once the Trainer’s installation is complete in MHR, open the game. The good thing about the trainer is that it has hotkeys, so you activate and deactivate the cheats. The game will make a ringing sound whenever you use the trainer hotkey. These are the hotkeys, along with their commands which will let you activate the cheat:

  1. Infinite Health Hotkey: Num 1
  2. Infinite Stamina: Num 2
  3. Edit Max Health: Num 3
  4. Edit Max Stamina: Num 4
  5. No Hunger: Num 5
  6. Wirebugs No Cooldown: Num 6
  7. Max Weapon Sharpness: Num 7
  8. Reset Mission Timer: Num 8
  9. Infinite Quick Item Usage: Num 9
  10. Infinite Ammo: Num 0
  11. Edit Money: Ctrl+Num 1
  12. Set Game Speed: Ctrl+Num 4
  13. Edit Pts: Ctrl+Num 2
  14. Edit Item Quantity: Ctrl+Num 3


The game relies heavily on farming, so read the following guides if you are searching for Fucium Ore, Gold Lite Ore, King Rhino, and Inferno Sac. Moreover, if you are looking for the safest and most effective Monster Hunter Rise mods, then read the 16 BEST Monster Hunter Rise Mods guide.

That is all from our side; remember to use the trainer in the offline mode of Monster Hunter Rise; otherwise, your account might get banned. Make sure that you keep a backup save file before installing and using the Trainer. So, in case your game gets glitchy due to improper installation, your progress stays safe.

The hotkeys are for your ease. However, some players might find it tough to remember the hotkeys, but when you start using the frequent hotkeys, you will eventually end up memorizing them.

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