Minecraft Legends: How To Destroy Piglin Structures

In our Minecraft Legends Destroy Structures guide we entail how to destroy the structures and what rewards you gain by doing so.

One of the Minecraft Legends’ key features and purpose is to destroy the evil Piglin structures and Piglin Outposts spawned in the Overworld from the Nether. Primarily there is only one way to Destroy Structures In Minecraft Legends and it does not involve the player himself or his shiny sword.

Key Takeaways
  • A key part of Minecraft Legends is to destroy various Piglin structures in order to send them back to the Nether.
  • The Piglin structures can only be destroyed by using the various mobs that you can deploy and have access to.
  • Among these mobs, the Cobblestone Golem and the Creeper are the best suited for the task of leveling out the different Piglin structures.
  • By destroying Piglin structures you gain different resources namely Prismarine and Gold.
  • It is essential that you know how to deal with the Piglin structures as they are a big part of the game. And by knowing this you will be able to deal with them quickly.

How To Destroy Piglin Structures

Piglin Structures
The Piglin Structures In Minecraft Legends [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Now as mentioned earlier there is only one way to destroy the Piglin structures in Minecraft Legends and it involves the use of your new allies the mobs. Furthermore, you are unable to destroy the structures yourself so that is why you will have to make use of different mobs that you can spawn in order to damage and destroy the structures.

Also, most mobs you spawn will damage the structures but the amount of damage done is decided by the mob used. This is due to the fact that some mobs specialize in destruction and are mostly used to completely destroy the structures in a small amount of time.

Best Mobs To Destroy The Piglin Structures

The best mobs to destroy the structures quickly are the Cobblestone Golems and of course the Creepers. Both of these mobs act differently and thus deal different amounts of damage to the structure. And each of them also has its own pros and cons.

Cobblestone Golem

Cobblestone Golem
The Cobblestone Golem In Minecraft Legends [Image By: eXputer]
Now the first choice that will be available to you earlier on in the game is the cobblestone golems. They are quite handy in destroying structures as they deal a lot of damage to the different Piglin structures. Thus if you spawn a horde of these golems the Piglin structure will be leveled in a small amount of time. 

Furthermore, they are the cheap option to destroy structures and they can be spawned in vast amounts. To spawn them you will first need to make a spawner which costs:

  • 25 Stone
  • 25 Wood

And after that, it will cost you the following to summon one cobblestone golem:


The Creeper In Minecraft Legends [Image Credit: eXputer]
Up next are the creepers which are the best choice to destroy structures as can instantly level large areas due to their self-exploding nature. However, each creeper can be used only once as upon attacking the creeper self explodes. Also, they are a bit expensive to summon. To make the creeper spawner you will need:

  • 25 Stone
  • 25 Wood
  • 5 Coal

And to summon one creeper in battle you will need:

  • 2 Coal
  • 2 Lapis

Rewards For Destroying Piglin Structures

Now Minecraft Legends is a game that mainly revolves around troop management and resource gathering and management. Thus the game often rewards the players with different resources and certain resources can be obtained by completing specific tasks. And in the case of destroying Piglin structures, the player is rewarded with Prismarine and Gold.


Prismarine [Image By: eXputer]
Prismarine is blueish in appearance just like the above image and is a resource in the game that is used to buy different improvements at the Well Of Fate. Also, as mentioned before it can be obtained by raiding and destroying Piglin structures.


Gold [Image Credit: eXputer]
Well, gold is a very valuable resource in Minecraft Legends as it is used in unlocking power towers and other various POI (Points Of Intrest). And again to gather gold you will have to destroy Piglin structures.

Final Remarks

And with this, we bring our Minecraft Legends Destroy Structures guide to an end. Where we thoroughly discussed how to destroy the Piglin structures in Minecraft Legends. Furthermore, we also informed you on the best mobs to destroy these structures and what resources you can potentially gain from them. However, if you believe we forgot to add something then please do let us know through the comment section down below.


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