How To Fast Travel In Minecraft Legends

Try out fast travel & skip the trouble of exploring the vast map of Minecraft Legends on foot.

Minecraft Legends Fast Travel allows the players to move from one area to another in a matter of seconds. Fast Travel refers to the ability to teleport in a game from one place to another. In Minecraft Legends, the player has a vast map to explore, so they must know how and where to fast travel. There are also different methods and places you can fast-travel to. 

Before You Start: You need to complete at least a certain amount of story to unlock fast travel. You need to save at least 5 villages to be able to fast travel to the Well of Fate.

Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft Legends Fast Travel lets players move from one place to another in a matter of a second.
  • You need to save 5 villages before being able to fast travel in Minecraft Legends. 
  • There are a total of 3 methods the players can fast travel with.
  • Players can fast-travel to villages that they have already saved from the piglins.
  • The players can also fast-travel to the Well Of Fate after saving the 5 villages.
  • Wellsprings are craftable structures that the players can use to fast travel at locations other than the Well Of Fate and villages.
  • Wellsprings require 250x Wood and Stone, 75x Iron, and 50x Prismarine.

Consider watching our video about fast travel if you want to learn how to do it as soon as possible in Minecraft Legends.

All Fast Travel Methods In Minecraft Legends

well of fate
Map showing Well Of Fate and other locations players can fast-travel to.

To travel fast, players must utilize their maps. Open your map using it, and you can see different structures. These structures will give you the option to fast travel once you hover over them.

There are a total of 3 different methods that the players can use to fast-travel in Minecraft Legends:

  1. Villages: The players can fast-travel to any villages they have saved in their expedition. If you have set up collection devices near a certain village, then you can instantly travel there. 
  2. Well Of Fate: The Well Of Fate will always be a location any player can travel to. It is at the center of the map, so it is handy when the player gets lost. 
  3. Wellsprings: These structures are actually craftable. Wellsprings can be crafted using a set of materials. These Wellsprings can be placed in different places. You can place them near Piglin Outposts to easily travel there and defeat your enemies. 

How To Build Wellsprings 

As mentioned earlier, Wellsprings are actually craftable structures. They can be crafted using the following materials.

  • 250x Wood
  • 250x Stone
  • 75x Iron
  • 50x Prismarine

Wood, Stone, and Iron are fairly easy items to find. You can find most of these items easily as you explore the map. However, Prismarine is quite rare. You will need to explore and farm a lot to be able to find an ample amount of them.

Important: Because Prismarine is actually used in other ways, the players are advised that they don’t go on wasting them. Fast-travel Wellsprings should only be made near extremely important places.


Minecraft Legends Fast Travel lets the players travel from one place to another. Players can fast-travel from one location to another after completing a certain amount of the game’s story. You can fast travel to villages that you have saved. Or You can fast travel to the Well Of Fate, which is a very important place story-wise. Lastly, you can travel to Wellsprings, which are craftable structures. You need Wood, Stone, Iron, and Prismarine to craft a Wellspring. 

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