Minecraft Legends: Lapis [Uses, Farming, Location]

Learn how to use and acquire Lapis; one of the most valuable resource for your army in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is highly focused on getting rid of the Piglins that are trying to take control of the Overworld through the use of armies and other resources. One vital source required to build such armies in Minecraft Legends is Lapis. You can consider it as the building block of your entire army.

Although there are many resources available in Minecraft Legends, none of them can be considered as important as Lapis due to the fact that it is essential for creating golems and mobs. Luckily, there are numerous methods of acquiring Lapis, which we’ll explore in great detail.

Important: Players should figure out and acquire good sources of Lapis early on as it can become a limiting resource later on during bigger invasions.
Key Takeaways
  • Lapis is a vital resource in Minecraft Legends, essential for spawning golems and mobs to fight off the Piglin invasion.
  • Lapis is used to “feed the Flames of Creation” and is required when interacting with a Spawner to summon mobs.
  • The primary use of Lapis is to build a mob army, and players will need more of it as they progress through Minecraft Legends and unlock new mobs.
  • There are three main ways to obtain Lapis: opening Village Chests, defeating Piglins, and finding it in open-world chests.
    1. Village Chests are the easiest and most lucrative way to gather Lapis, yielding around 150 Lapis (can vary) per chest and refilling over time.
    2. Defeating Piglins is a fun way to get Lapis, but it yields less than Village Chests.
    3. Open-world chests can contain Lapis, but finding them isn’t guaranteed, and players can only carry a limited amount.
  • It’s crucial to maintain a steady Lapis supply to power up your mob army and successfully defeat the Piglin invasion.

What Does Lapis Do 

Minecraft legends lapis use
Lapis use being taught in tutorial [image by eXputer]
In regular Minecraft, Lapis was an important resource for enchanting, but it plays a much bigger role in Minecraft Legends. In Minecraft Legends, you’ll find that Lapis is quite a vital resource, as it helps you summon golems and other useful mobs to battle the Piglin invasion.

  • To get these mobs on your side, you need to “feed the Flames of Creation” with Lapis.
  • Whenever you interact with a Spawner, you’ll need to spend some Lapis to bring a golem or other mobs into the mix.
  • For instance, you’ll need 1 Lapis to get a golem.
  • For other mobs like Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies, it’s 2 Lapis

The main reason you’ll want to collect Lapis is to build a huge mob army to fight off Piglins. In the beginning, the game tutorial shows you how to spawn the Cobblestone Golem and the Plank Golem. Initially, Lapis will seem like a manageable resource as these Golems only require 1 Lapis.

  • But as you keep playing, you’ll unlock other mobs.
  • As you make your way through Minecraft Legends, you can use your Lapis to summon even more mobs to help in your battles against the Piglins.
  • Essentially, the bigger the battles, the more your Lapis will get used up.
  • Just remember to be smart with your Lapis use because the number of mobs you spawn can truly affect the outcome of any encounter.
  • You can keep track of your Lapis by looking at the bar on the bottom left of the screen.

Finding enough Minecraft Legends Lapis to tackle enemy strongholds can be a bit tricky. Although it’s not super hard to find, you’ll still have to put in some effort by taking out wandering Piglins, checking out village chests, or exploring the vast world of Minecraft Legends.

How To Get Lapis In Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, Lapis is like this super important resource you need to spawn golems and other mobs to help you beat the Piglin invasion. So, how do you get your hands on this precious Lapis? Well, there are three main ways:

  • Opening Village Chests
  • Taking down Piglins
  • Finding it in open-world chests.

Village Chests

Lapis in Villager Chests [screenshot by eXputer]
The easiest and perhaps the most lucrative way to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends is by opening Village Chests all over the map.

  • However, before you can start opening these chests, you’ll need to fight off Village Invasions and defend the village.
  • These chests are like a Lapis goldmine, giving you somewhere around 150 Lapis (can vary) each time you open one, and they refill with random items from the Overworld.
  • To keep your Lapis supply steady, visit a bunch of villages and wait for the chests to refill.
  • And when you’re running low or can’t find any Piglins to loot, head back to a village you’ve defended and grab the Lapis from the Village Chest.
  • Although the time taken for the chests to refill can vary, it usually takes around 20-30 minutes for them to refill.

Defeating Piglins

how to get lapis in minecraft legends
Fighting against piglins in their outposts and wild [image by eXputer]
Another way to score some Lapis is by defeating those wild roaming Piglins.

  • You’ll run into them often while exploring the vast world of Minecraft Legends, especially during the night.
  • When you take down a Piglin, they’ll drop Lapis, so be sure to pick it up before it disappears.
  • Additionally, you can clear out Piglin Outposts in order to find large amounts of Piglins and also gather Lapis.
  • Hunting down Piglins is a fun way to get Lapis, but it gives you less than the chests do.

Open-World Chests

Finally, you might come across Lapis in open-world chests while you’re out exploring. These chests are scattered around different locations and can hold all sorts of useful stuff like wood, stone, Prismarine, Diamonds, and of course, Lapis. This method isn’t a sure thing, though, and you can only carry so many Lapis. When you’re out in the wild, your inventory will be occupied by other resources as well.


With that, you know everything about Minecraft Legends Lapis. It is the lifeblood of your mob army in Minecraft Legends, and you’ll need a lot of it to take on enemy strongholds. That’s why it’s crucial to have a steady flow of Lapis to power up your forces. In a nutshell, there are three ways to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends: opening Village Chests, defeating Piglins, and finding it in open-world chests. Each method has its perks, and you’ll need to use all of them to gather enough Lapis to defeat the Piglin invasion and come out on top!

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