Minecraft Legends: How To Beat Night Beacon Base

Get a detailed description of the Night Beacon Base in Minecraft Legends Along with the best strategies to beat it efficiently.

The Night Beacon Base is one of the early enemy bases that you will face in Minecraft Legends, in which you’ll encounter the cunning Piglins that will come to destroy your world. So, make sure to fight them appropriately and neutralize the danger to progress in the game efficiently. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Night Beacon Base is the First Piglins Seige that you will face in Minecraft Legends.
  • As the campaign starts, a strange portal will open up that will spawn Piglins to destroy the Overworld.
  • To beat the Night Beacon, you have to build an army of different creatures, including Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, and Golems.
  • Once your army is ready, start breaching the gates of the Walled Fortress and destroy the enemy barracks. 
  • Once you breach the gates, start heading towards the Nether Portal, but make sure to eliminate any troublesome building that comes in the way. 
  • If your army is getting weaker, you can ride back to your base for reinforcements. In this way, you can build multiple waves of ally troops that will help you in destroying the Portal. 
  • As you march forward, destroy all the Piglin encampments until you reach the Portal and destroy it. 

The Night Beacon Base

Minecraft Legends Night Beacon Base
Night Beacon Base

Conquering the Night Beacon Base is the first challenging mission in the game’s campaign, in which you have to fight the Piglins and destroy the base portal to end the cursed night. The Portal is heavily guarded by enemies and has a pretty decent defense. However, you do have an army of your own to push back the opponents effectively that are trying to invade the Overworld

To save up your world, Minecraft lets you build an army of your own which includes Skeletons, Zombie squads, and Creepers that can be added to your reinforcements. Having ally support makes the battle pretty even and fair, but if you don’t follow the right strategies, you might end up getting invaded by the Piglins. So, make sure that you lead your army the right way and destroy your enemies to keep the peace maintained. 

How To Beat The Night Beacon Base

Destroy the Portal
Beat the Night Beacon

To destroy the Night Beacon Base portal, you need to act smart and build multiple waves of ally forces that constantly attack the portal base. You should adapt the strategy of building a strong army that has all types of troops. The Skeletons are ranged units that will target the enemies from a distance, while the Zombies are melee fighters that will make up the front lineup. 

Breach The Gates

During the siege, your primary goal should be to breach through one of the gates of the Walled Fortress, as you have to break in to access the main Portal. So, start building your army, including different creatures, and send them all to one specific gate. One thing to keep in mind is that you can lead only 25 troops at a time with the banner. 

Minecraft Legends Night Beacon Base
Spawn Reinforcements

Once your banner troops are ready, start rushing towards the gate and eliminate any Piglin Barracks that come in the way. Destroying the Barracks and Rod towers will significantly impact the Piglin Troops and will weaken their attacks. While your army is charging at the enemies and trying to break through the gates, you can assist them by riding back to the camps and recruiting more mobs.

In this way, you can create multiple lineups that will follow your command and attack the Piglin encampments. You can continue sending the troops until you’re successful in breaching the gates and reaching the main Portal

Important: As you breach the Walled Fortress gates, make sure to target the hog mini-boss first among all the targets to destroy the defense lineup of the enemies.

Rush The Nether Portal

Once you get past the gates, you will be tempted to rush straight to the Portal and destroy it, but you should act strategically here. To make things easier for you, eliminate the opponent’s barracks first and open up all the cages that could give you extra mobs for assistance. The Portal is guarded by High firing towers. These towers throw projectiles that could easily eliminate your army and weaken them.

Invade the Piglins
Destroy Nether Portal [Image Credits: Pixlriffs]
So, try to target the High towers first that could distract your allies while attacking the main Portal. As you reach close to the Portal, the enemy waves will get much stronger and sturdier, which you have to break apart. Now it’s time to lead your army and encounter all the enemy waves. Once you see that the opponent’s lineup is breaking down, charge toward the Portal along with your troops and destroy it.

Additional Tips To Follow

If you follow the strategy correctly, you will be able to beat the base pretty easily. To help your further, here are some more tips and tricks that you can follow to fight your opponents flawlessly. 

Reach The Portal Quickly

The Piglins Spawns from the Portal endlessly, and there is no way to stop it. So, make sure to breach the gates and attack the Portal as quickly as possible, or the Piglin’s army will only increase with time. 

Keep A Regular Reinforcement Supply

To fight off your opponents effectively, you need to build a strong and numerous army. So, whenever you feel that your army is breaking apart, don’t hesitate to return back to the encampment to gather more reinforcement. Also, make sure to add some Golems as well that will aid your troops by healing them during the battle. 

Organize the Forces

To fight the Piglins effectively during the battle, you must organize your army to break down your opponents from all sides. You can send the Creepers to target the main Portal, while the Skeletons and Zombies can target the Giant Mini-Hog and High towers. 

Protect The Portal Attackers

Your primary goal is to destroy the Portal, so make sure to assist the troops that are attacking the Portal as they are doing the main task. If things are getting south, send in more reinforcement and attack with greater force until you see the Portal getting to bits. 

Wrapping Up

That sums up our guide on beating the Night Beacon Base in Minecraft Legends. The base can be destroyed without much hassle if you build up a decent army and attack appropriately. If you’ve just started the game, you can check out Minecraft Legends review to know the appraisal of the game according to the community. Other than that, if you’re a classic Minecraft fan then make sure to find your related guides as well.


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