Minecraft Legends Power Towers [All Types]

Power Towers in Minecraft Legends are the best source to enhance defenses.

The basic concept of a Power Tower is quite simple. Power Towers are defensive structures in Minecraft Legends that have unique abilities that can help you defend your base against the various Piglins that may try to attack it.

Although the regular base fortifications are quite powerful in Minecraft Legends, you’ll eventually find that the continuous and vicious Piglin raids will eventually break through them. Of course, such a thing is unavoidable and is part of the gameplay, but you can definitely make it harder for the enemies by incorporating Power Towers in your defenses.

Important: You can only start collecting Power Tower if you’ve got the “Collect Power Towers” Improvement. Whereas to place down the structures, you’ll need “Build Power Tower” Improvement.
Key Takeaways
  • Power Towers are unique defensive structures in Minecraft Legends that help players defend against Piglin invasions.
  • There are three types of Power Towers: Stun Tower, Frost Tower, and Blast Tower, each with distinct abilities and found in specific biomes.
    1. Stun Tower: Stuns enemies with shockwaves, found in Badlands, Swamp, or Forest biomes.
    2. Frost Tower: Slows down enemies with frost cubes located in Tundra biomes.
    3. Blast Tower: Knocks back and damages enemies with projectiles discovered in Meadow and Forest biomes.
  • To unlock and build Power Towers, players must create the “Collect Power Towers” and “Build Power Tower” improvements at the Improvement Hub.
  • Cores must be collected, and specific resources are required to construct each Power Tower type.
    Strategic placement and protection of Power Towers are essential for maximizing their effectiveness in defending against enemy invasions.

What Are Power Towers In Minecraft Legends

Power Towers have different types, which we’ll discuss in detail below. But essentially, there are three different types of Power Towers, and they all offer different abilities, such as projectiles, shockwaves, and frost effects, to help deal with incoming Piglins.

Strategically planning your defenses is a huge part of Minecraft Legends. Piglin raids are common, and if you’re not properly prepared for them, you can get set back quite a bit and lose the precious progress that you would’ve made. That’s where the Minecraft Legends Power Towers and their different types come into play.

However, acquiring these Power Towers and their different types is quite the process. But once you get hold of these towers, your defenses will get a massive boost, and you’ll actually feel a significant difference and improvement.

How To Unlock Power Towers In Minecraft Legends

power towers in minecraft legends
All Power Towers in Minecraft Legends [image by eXputer]
Power Towers play a crucial role in Minecraft Legends when it comes to combating the Piglin invasion. To unlock these essential structures, follow the following steps.

  • First, it is important to note that, unlike other structures in Minecraft Legends, Power Towers are not automatically available to the player’s Songbook.
  • Players must explore the expansive Overworld map to locate them.
  • Each type of Power Tower has certain biomes in which it is more likely to be found.
  • To unlock a Power Tower, approach it, and it will become a buildable structure as long as you have its core.
  • To collect Power Towers, players must gather the required resources and return to the Power Tower to retrieve them, adding them to their Songbook in the process.
  • The required resources are associated with collecting the core. Although the specifics are mentioned below, it is usually a combination of Gold, Diamond, Redstone, and Coal, depending on the type of tower.

But, even before constructing Power Towers or even adding them to their Songbook, players must first build an Improvement Hub.

  • Using the improvement hub, you’ll first need to create the improvement called “Collect Power Towers.”
  • It can only be built at the Well of Fate.
  • It requires 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine.
  • The Improvement will allow you to collect the Power Tower cores.

Once you’re ready to start building your Power Towers, you’ll need to create another Improvement that will allow you to do so.

  • Create an improvement called “Build Power Tower.”
  • It requires 200 Stones and 120 Prismarine.
  • To get more Prismarine, you can destroy Piglin Structures or through the Mob Homestead objectives.
  • The improvement will let you build your own Power Towers.

During exploration in Minecraft Legends, players will encounter various types of Power Towers. Upon finding one, approach it to unlock it as a buildable structure. This allows players to construct the tower in their world, enhancing their gameplay experience.

  • Keep in mind that each Power Tower requires specific materials for construction.
  • Players must consult the map to determine the necessary resources for their desired tower and gather them accordingly.
  • Once the required materials have been obtained, return to the Power Tower, collect them, and add it to the arsenal of buildable structures.

It is worth mentioning that each Power Tower core can only be used once.

  • However, players can reclaim the core by dismantling the tower after building it.
  • Additionally, there may be multiple cores for each tower type on the map, so a thorough exploration of the Overworld is recommended to locate them all.

All Power Tower Types

There are 3 types of Power Towers in Minecraft Legends. These types are distinct from each other in regards to the material which is required for building them, as well as their general abilities. It is worth mentioning that players tend to confuse the Protector Tower as part of the Power Towers as well.

However, as there is no core collection or requirement of the “Build Power Tower” improvement for the Protector Tower, it cannot be classified as a Power Tower. Regardless, here is a quick summary of each Power Tower, with details entailed below.

Tower TypeDescriptionLocation (For Collecting The Core)Building CostCore Collection Cost
Stun TowerPeriodically rings a bell, causing a shockwave that sends invading Piglins flying back. Highly effective in protecting key structures.Badlands, Swamp, or Forest biomes400 coal, 600 Stone25 Coal, 100 Gold
Frost TowerHurls frost cubes at the enemy, slowing them down over time. Limited in number and best used to slow down troops.Tundra biomes400 diamonds, 600 Stone25 Diamonds, 100 Gold
Blast TowerFires projectiles that knock back enemies on impact and cause damage. Limited in number and best used with other defensive structures.Meadow and Forest biomes400 Redstone, 600 Stone25 Redstone, 100 Gold

Stun Tower

Stun Tower in Minecraft Legends [image by eXputer]
The Stun Tower, a defensive tower in Minecraft Legends, specializes in stunning enemies within its range by emitting a powerful sonic attack. As adversaries draw near, the tower periodically strikes a bell, generating a shockwave that propels invading Piglins backward.

  • The bell’s sound temporarily paralyzes enemies, preventing them from moving or attacking for a brief period.
  • You can find its core in the Badlands, Swamps, or Forest biomes.
  • Distinct from other towers in Minecraft Legends, the Stun Tower lacks the ability to inflict damage on enemies and cannot receive buffs from other structures.
  • Compared to the Frost Tower, the Stun Tower possesses a shorter cooldown and can target enemies in its vicinity.
  • That is why constructing an excessive number of these towers is not advised, as you won’t be able to deal actual damage to enemies.

Frost Tower

frost tower in minecraft legends
Frost Tower description and showcase [screenshot by eXputer]
In Minecraft Legends, the Frost Tower is a distinctive Power Tower among the three types available for players to defend against invading Piglin hordes. Characterized by a central, towering piston, the Frost Tower launches frost cubes at enemies, progressively slowing them down.

  • As an effective crowd control structure, it excels in impairing and damaging enemies.
  • To acquire the Frost Tower, players must search for it in the Tundra biomes and collect it using 25 diamonds and 100 gold.
  • Similar to the other Power Towers in Minecraft Legends, it cannot receive buffs from other structures, but it can be repaired using the relevant resources.
  • It is crucial to protect the Frost Tower, as it cannot be rebuilt once destroyed.
  • To safeguard it, players should encircle it with walls and arrow towers.
  • Since only a limited number of Frost Towers are available, strategic use is essential.
  • To maximize their effectiveness, players can position Frost Towers near the edge of their defenses to decelerate incoming troops before they reach the outer walls.

Blast Tower

minecraft legends power tower types
Blast Tower description and showcase [captured by us]
The Blast Tower is the final type of tower that players can find. Unlike the Stun Tower, which only stuns enemies, Blast Tower is a useful defensive structure that can deal serious knockback damage to enemies by firing projectiles that knock them back on impact.

  • The Blast Tower is limited in number, and if it is destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt. Thus, it is essential to defend it by surrounding it with walls and arrow towers.
  • To build a Blast Tower in Minecraft Legends, players must collect the necessary materials and use their yellow Allays (mobs that can help in building structures) to construct it.
  • Its core can be found in the Meadow and Forest Biomes.
  • You will require 25 Redstone and 100 Gold to collect the core.
  • The tower can be repaired by collecting enough base building resources for that tower, including Iron, Redstone, Diamond, and Coal.
  • It will be your go-to tower if you want to set up something that packs a punch to incoming enemies.


With that, you know all about Minecraft Legends Power Towers. They’re quite useful defensive structures that can help immensely against the different hordes of Piglins trying to attack your base. However, if you want to acquire them, you’ll need to put in the initial effort to hunt down each Power Tower’s core, spread out across the overworld in different biomes. You’ll also need to invest some materials in acquiring the core. But once you’ve got the core, you can build the tower back at your base and get some really powerful protection.

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