Minecraft Legends Villager Chest [Explained]

Reap the fruits of the villagers' hard work with the Villager Chest in Minecraft Legends.

In Minecraft Legends, players can find the villager chests” at the Fountain, located at the center of every village. These chests contain valuable supplies and are refilled by the villagers at the start of a new day.

Key Takeaways
  • The Minecraft Legends villager chest contains many valuable resources and crafting materials.
  • Players can obtain them from the Fountain in any village.
  • Also, the supplies inside the “villager chests” are refilled at the start of a new day.
  • Keep in mind, if the Fountain is destroyed then the “villager chest” will also be lost.
  • As heading to every village to open the chest is a tedious task, players can craft the Improvement: Shared Villager Chest.
  • This chest allows players to obtain all villager chests from all villages at once.
Important: Make sure that you do not damage the Fountain or you can lose all loot inside the Villager Chest.

How To Get Villager Chest In Minecraft Legends

  • Players can find many villages throughout the world in Minecraft Legends.
Minecraft Legends Village
The Many Villages In Minecraft Legends | Image Credit: eXputer
  • At the center of each village, there is a Fountain. Players can obtain villager chests from this location. 
Minecraft Legends Villager Chest
A Villager Chest | Image By eXputer
  • Players can interact with these “villager chests” to obtain valuable resources.
  • In addition, these chests are refilled with more valuable resources by the villagers at the start of a new day.
  • Keep in mind, if the Fountain in the village is damaged, players will lose the villager chest of that village.
  • Also, players can check what resources can be obtained from a village by hovering over its icon on the world map.

Crafting The Improvement: Shared Villager Chest

  • As heading to every village to obtain the chest is a daunting task, players can craft the Improvement: Shared Villager Chest instead.
  • This chest allows players to loot every villager chest at once from every village.

Required Materials

Players will need the following materials in order to craft the Improvement: Shared Villager Chest.

  • 25 Iron
  • 25 Coal
  • 25 Diamonds
  • 25 Redstones
  • 100 Stones
  • 100 Prismarine


Minecraft Legends is a spinoff to the iconic and beloved original Minecraft. It is a strategy-based game with a decently big world to explore. In addition, Minecraft Legends also features online cooperation, opening the game up to a wild ride of fun with your friends.

And there you have it; with our guide on Minecraft Legends: Villager Chests, players will be able to obtain all sorts of valuable resources thanks to the hardworking villagers.

Check out our guide on Lapis and its usage. In addition, make sure that you know all about Power Towers and their types. Lastly, here are all the different Minecraft Legends editions.


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