Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Mint Chocolate

Nothing else freshens up a person like Mint Chocolate.

The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley put a lot of effort into the cooking activity. The player can make cuisines and dishes originating from all around the globe. Every single Meal that you make has a special recipe that you need to know beforehand. Today, our guide will tell you the recipe for Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Key Highlights
  • Mint Chocolate is a 4-star dessert. 
  • The hardest stuff to cook is the 5-star Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • To cook, the player needs to find a Cooking Station.
  • One Coal is an essential requirement to start the fire before you can begin the cooking process.
  • Mint Chocolate can be requested by Minnie Mouse or Ursula as a gift. 
  • When a Meal is cooked, it can be consumed or gifted to somebody.
  • Some Meals are among the best gifts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Cooking Mint Chocolate 

how to cook mint chocolate in disney dreamlight valley
Mint Chocolate is a 4-star dish | From eXputer

To cook Mint Chocolate, you’ll need to gather the following ingredients from specific locations:

  1. Cocoa Bean: You can find Cocoa Beans in the Sunlit Plateau or the Glade of Trust. Search these areas to collect Cocoa Beans.
  2. Mint: Mint leaves can be found in Frosted Heights. Explore this region, and you should come across Mint leaves while roaming around.
  3. Sugarcane: Visit Goofy’s second stall in Dazzle Beach to purchase sugarcane. Goofy’s stalls are a good source of various ingredients and seeds for growing ingredients.
  4. Butter: Obtain butter from Disney’s main chef, Remy, at Remy’s Kitchen.

Once you have gathered all these ingredients, follow these steps to cook Mint Chocolate:

  1. Find a Cooking Station: Interact with a Cooking Station in the game. Ensure the Cooking Station is turned on and ready to use.
  2. Add Ingredients: When prompted, place the required ingredients into the Cooking Station. For Mint Chocolate, you’ll need 1 Cocoa Bean, 1 Mint, 1 Sugarcane, and 1 Butter.
  3. Cooking: After adding all the correct ingredients, the Cooking Station will start preparing the dish. Wait for it to finish cooking.
  4. Collect the Dish: Once the Mint Chocolate is ready, it will be added to your inventory.

That’s it! You’ve successfully cooked Mint Chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can now use it for various purposes in the game, including gifting it to characters to increase your bond and unlock new quests.

Wrapping Up

It is obvious, due to this Subreddit post, that fans love growing their own crops and using them for Meals. It might not be Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas, but the game has certainly become a favorite open-world adventure for many non-gamers. The content it offers will only grow as time passes.

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a game like it. Most of the time, they don’t turn out great and are just a cash crab which is capitalizing on the nostalgia of fans. It is very refreshing to see that the developers love all these characters as much as the fans do.

Most people seem to love the game. They are very satisfied with the small, good quality, content-filled world that it provides. We want to hear your opinion. Did you have a fun time with all the activities? Who is your favorite Disney character? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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