Modern Warfare 2: BEST Lachmann-556 Loadouts

Learn about the Best Lachmann 556 class setups and class load-outs for close range and long range depending on your playstyle

One weapon which is taking the multiplayer scene by storm is the Lachmann 556 class setup. We will tell you all about the Lachmann 556 Best loadouts and class setups in Modern Warfare 2. The gun’s vast range of attachments makes it a great primary long and close-range weapon. You can beam your enemies from a distance or run it as a secondary with a sniper to shut down any enemies running up on you. It also makes it one of the best weapons in COD Modern Warfare 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Lachmann 556 is an AR that’s taking the game by storm.
  • There are two Loadouts you can run according to your playstyle. One is for long-range, and the other is for close-range combat.
  • The perks and field upgrades are pretty much the same for both. You will want to run Ghost and Dead Silence if you are an aggressive player. 
  • The gun feels good to use and is easy to control. It also gives you a lot of movement to run around the map.

Lachmann 556 Loadout 1

Loadout Of Lachmann 556
Lachmann 556 Class Setup – [Image credit: eXputer]
The First Lachmann setup is built for both mid and long-range, it also works well close range. You can use it to engage with multiple enemy units at once and eliminate them all. The setup works pretty well without sacrificing any movement speed. It has amazing Aim Down Sight speed, which is key to winning any COD fight.

Best Attachments

Best Attachements For Lachmann 556 and class setup In Modern Warfare 2
Lachmann 556 Attachments Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
Attachments are how you are going to overcome the cons of the Lachmann and transform it into a beast. They will help you increase movement, range, and Aim Down Sight speed. You can also increase the Magazine size according to your preference and add a scope. Here are the best attachments for Lachmann 556.


For the muzzle, we recommend running the Echo line GS-X Suppressor for mainly two reasons. Since this is more of a mid to long-range setup you need to have manageable recoil and a good position, so the enemies don’t know where you are. The Echoline suppressor provides recoil smoothness so you can control the weapon easily in long-range fights. Also, sound suppression helps keep you off the enemy’s radar, so even if you fight, they don’t know your position. 


For the barrel, you need to run the Lach – 12, which improves your Aim Down Sight speed and movement speed Significantly. As mentioned previously, Aim Down SIght Speed is key in winning any COD battle. The barrel allows you to run around and evade enemy shots until you can take cover and return fire.


The best Underbarrel that goes well with the other attachments is FSS Sharkfin 90. The Sharkfin Underbarrel assists in long-range fights and keeps your recoil steady, and improves your aim. The barrel provides increased accuracy, which will come in handy in most of your fights.


To overcome the ammo capacity issue in the gun you need to run the 40-Round Mag. you can also go with the 60-Round mag, but the 60-round Mag decreases all your speeds by a lot. You reload slower and have decreased movement speed. However, the 40 Round Mag gives you extra ammo capacity without nerfing you too much.


The last attachment is the optic, and the best one is going to be the Cronen Mini Red Dot. The Red doesn’t provide you with any zoom but comes in clutch when you need to fight the enemy at a distance. The Red Dot gives you that extra assistance and accuracy you need to track your tracks and land shots. 

Secondary Weapon

You will be running overkill in the first setup, so you can run a msg with the Lachmann 556 class loadout. The Lachmann combo is the best in the game, and you will want to try it. The best Smg is going to be the Lachmann sub, and with these attachments, it’s going to melt enemies at close range. 

So for the barrel, you want to run the F-Tech M-Sub 12” this gives you a lot of buffs. With the M-Sub 12” barrel, you get increased hip-fire accuracy, bullet velocity, and recoil under control. The barrel decreases some of your movement, but it’s not that significant, and you can run it easily. 

For the muzzle, you can run the SA Schalldampfer 99, which also gives you most of the same buffs and debuffs. Overall it makes the weapon easier to control and gives you increased accuracy. Also, the suppression keeps you off the minimap.

You will want to run the FSS Sharkfin 90 with the sub as well, which gives you the same benefits. It will make your shots more accurate, allowing you to win more fights. You can run the 50-Round Drum. It will slow you down but allows you to take on multiple enemies at once. The last thing you need is the LM Cronus Grip which ties the whole weapon together and makes it a beast. 


Perks provide you with the extra buffs you need to annihilate the enemy team. For the base perks, you will need to run Overkill so you can are both the Lachmann 556 and the Lachmann sub. The second base perk you will need to go for is the Scavenger, so you can loot bodies and gain more ammo. 

For the bonus perk, you should be running Quick Fix, which will allow you to start healing automatically after getting a kill. Quick Fix increases your chance of survival and gives you increased Health regeneration you capture objectives.

For Ultimate Perk, you can run Ghost and be undetectable from enemy UAVs and Scanners. Ghost helps you catch the enemy by surprise and gives you the upper hand in Fights. People using UAVs won’t expect you to flank them.


With the Loadout 1 setup, the best Equipment you could run is going to be the Flash Grenade and Semtex. The flash will blind enemies and will help you push them or reposition yourself. The syntax is great to stick enemies with or do some great splash damage. Combing the two can also help with easy 1v4s. 

Field Upgrade

The Dead Silence is the strongest Field Upgrade to push and flank enemies. They have nerfed it a bit to balance it out, but it’s still quite strong and good to use. Having it in your arsenal allows you to flank multiple enemies, and paired with Ghost and the Suppressor, they will never see you coming.

Lachmann 556 Loadout 2

Close Range Lachmann 556 Loadout and weapon class setup
Modern Warfare 2 Close Range Lachmann 556 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The second first-up is going to be for more of a fast close to the mid-range gun. You can push enemies with these attachments and run circles around them. Loadout two only has the Lachmann so you can solely focus on fighting enemies with your primary. You will want to keep moving with Loadout two cause its Optimized for agility.


Best Attachments For Close Range
Modern Warfare 2 Close Range Lachmann 556 – [Image credit: eXputer]
As with the previous Loadout, the attachments will help you run the gun to its full potential. In loadout two, your attachments will be focused more on Movement and Speed. If you are a player who loves to push enemies, the stock and barrel will help you out a lot. Without further Ado, let’s get into the attachments.


One different Attachment you will be running is the barrel. You will want to go for the LM Aurora 90 barrel instead of the Lach-12. The Aurora 90 barrel gives you more damage range and Hip-Fire accuracy, which will help you out quite a lot in close-range combat. The increase in bullet velocity is also going to be a winning factor in fights. The overall cons aren’t so bad, and the slight decrease in Aim Down Sight won’t matter in close combat.


For the Underbarrel, you should go for the Lockgrip Precision-40. The Precision-40 is optimized for close-range combat. You get kick control and hip-fire accuracy, so the gun doesn’t jump as much when you start firing, and you also have better hip-fire accuracy. There is a slight decrease in Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed, but it is canceled out by the hip fire accuracy. 


The best stock for movement with the Lachmann 556 is going to be the Lachmann S9 Factory Stock. The Factory Stock was designed for movement base players and gives you the most agility you can get. With the Factory Stock, you can slide cancel, push your enemies, and start hitting them from the back. 

The Stock provides you with increased Aim Down Sight speed and increased Aim Walking speed. It also gives you enhanced crouch movement speed, so you are still pretty agile even when you are in a fight. It drops your stability and increases your recoil, but they are canceled out by the other attachments.

Other Attachments

The optic and the Mag are going to remain the same as loadout 1. So you will be running the Cronen Mini Red Dot and 40-Round Mag, which completes your Lachmann 556. The Red Dot counters the stability drop of the stock and gives you good accuracy. The Mag allows you to deal more damage in a single clip. 

Secondary Weapon

Since you won’t be running overkill in the second loadout, you can use any pistol that you have. You won’t really be using it much or at all, so it won’t really matter; with The Lachmann 556 weapon class setup, you won’t need it. The pistol will only come into play if you are out of bullets or are on reload and have to engage with the enemy. So just choose a pistol you think you can get a kill with and start using it. 


So for the base perks, you will still want to run the Scavenger Perk, as it will allow you to restock on ammo, so you don’t run out. With it, you will want to Battle Hardened Perk since you will be running around and pushing enemies. You will get stunned or flash to immobilize you, but the Battle-Hardened perk allows you to push through their equipment. With the perk, you can also use your stun in close quarters, and they will get the worst of it, and you will still be at an advantage.

For the bonus perk, you will be running the Quick Fix Perk like in Loadout 1. Quick Fix is just a great perk when pushing enemies and taking on multiple units. You need to heal as fast as possible and as frequently cause you never know if an enemy might be behind the corner. 

The Ultimate Perk will also be the same as Loadout 1, which is the Ghost Perk. Ghost is also a must-have when running around in the enemy sites and flanking them. The more your location is hidden, the more kills you can get. Ghost will keep you hidden from all enemy radars.


The most useful equipment for the Lachmann 556 Loadout 2 is going to be the Medical Syringe and the Semtex. When playing aggressively, you need all the health you can get so the medical syringe will help you survive. The Semtex is a great lethal to have and can be used defensively and offensively. You can throw it while retreating to stop enemies from chasing after you. Moreover, you can throw it at a group of enemies to get them low so you can easily kill them in one Mag. 

Field Upgrade 

If you will be running around and want to be undetected, the best Field Upgrade is going to be the Dead Silence. It has received a little nerf, though. Now when you activate it, there is a loud sound from your location to let enemies know you went dead silent, so use it wisely. You can use it from a distance and then push enemies, so they won’t know what hit them. 

How to Unlock Lachmann 556

First thing first, the weapon does not come unlocked in the game, so you will have to unlock it. However, it will be really fast and simple, so you do not need to worry about it. All you need to do is level up your Lachmann 762 to level 13. Lachmann 762 is also a great starter weapon, and leveling it up is quite easy. 

Once you unlock the weapon, you can now equip it and use it, but there’s a catch. Since you are new to the game, you won’t have all the attachments available. To unlock and equip the required, you will need to level up your weapons

The upgrade mechanic is quite similar to all the previous COD games. All you need to do is equip the weapon and queue up some matches. The weapon gains a constant flow of XP in games, but you can speed up the process. The weapons gain more XP from eliminating enemies, completing objectives, and destroying killstreaks. Weapon XP tokens also enable you to gain more XP if activated before your matches.

Pros And Cons Of Lachmann 556

Lachmann 556 weapon class setup has its own advantages and disadvantages in Modern Warfare. However, the Pros outweigh the Cons, which can easily be overcome by adding the right attachments. Overall the gun is easy to use for old veteran players and new players coming into the game. 

Now how effectively you use the gun depends on the person handling the weapon. However, Lachmann 556  class setup is a very versatile class setup and caters to all playstyles. Whether you like to rush in and outmaneuver the enemy or lasering people from afar. The gun feels good to use and runs smoothly with any play style. 

Considering the fast fire rate and low TTK, it is primarily a great mid to long-range weapon. You meant to want to mainly run this as your main and use a secondary like a pistol or SMG. The recoil is manageable, and the fast movement the option gives makes it a valuable weapon in your arsenal. 

The low recoil allows you to steadily and continuously track and hit your enemies at long distances. When Equipped for movement, it has one of the fastest Aim Down Aight speeds. You can run around freely and instantly engage with any enemy you run into. 

The main drawback of the gun is its reload time and magazine capacity. But luckily, both of these can be overcome through perks and attachments. For reloading quickness, you can add the Fast Hands perk, which allows you to reload significantly faster. Regarding the Magazine capacity, you can increase the magazine size to 40 or even 60 rounds. Although the 60-round magazine comes with a lot of nerfs such as movement and reloads, quickness decreases.

The Lachmann 556 in modern warfare 2 belongs to the Assault Rifle weapon class. Lachmann 556 class setup is one of the best, if not the best, Assault Rifle setups in the game, and you should try it out. It’s a fully automatic weapon with a magazine capacity of 30, which can go up to 60. It has a relatively low recoil and decent movement without any attachment. 

The gun’s incredibly fast TTK (Time To Kill) makes it a problem for enemies to deal with if you initiate the fight. Catching an enemy off guard almost instantly seals their fate, and it’s good to fight multiple enemies at once. The only thing that stops you from just running in and annihilating the whole enemy team is the reload. The reload time is relatively low to keep the weapon balanced, but there are ways around that. 

Final Words

Lachmann 556 reminds you of the Grau from Modern Warfare 2019 and has a similar feel to it. The gun feels good to use, and you can have great mobility with it while rushing enemies. There are 2 main class setups you will wait to run according to your play style. Modern Warfare 2 has launched with all-new weapons for you to master and dominate

The Lachmann 556 class setup is going to be meta, at least for the start of the game. If you want to compete with the rest of the server, you should start mastering it. It will help you gain nukes and out-kill the lobby easily. So, after learning all the attachments and Pros and Cons, Will the Lachmann 556 be your go-to weapon?

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