Modern Warfare 2: Best Lachmann Sub Loadouts

Lachmann weapon series has taken the Modern Warfare 2 meta by storm & here are the best loadouts for Lachmann Sub AKA MP5.

The Lachmann weapons series are some of the best guns in COD Modern Warfare 2. That is due to the fact that these weapons each excel in their category. For the SMG category, we have the Lachmann Sub. So, in the following guide, we’ll cover everything there is in Modern Warfare 2 to know about the Best Lachmann Sub Loadout, Class Setup, and Builds. So, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways
  • Lachmann Sub is the dominating SMG in Modern Warfare 2.
  • It has great accuracy when it comes to nailing down the opponent in mere seconds, here are the attachments players should go for:
    • Barrel: FTAC M-SUB 12”
    • Muzzle: SA Schalldampfer 99
    • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
    • Magazine: 50-Round Drum
    • Rear Grip: LM Cronus Grip
  • The Lachmann Sub works best with X13 Auto, preferably its Side Impact blueprint.
  • You can either use it to deal good damage at mid-range with low mobility or deal good damage at close range with high mobility.

Best Lachmann Sub Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

There are numerous Loadouts to the Lachman Sub in the game. That is because the gun has 10 different attachment slots. Each of these slots has a variety of attachments for you to put in them. So, you’ll get tons of loadouts from these attachments.

Now, all of these attachments can be better. To make the best loadouts, you’d have to carefully test out each of the attachments available for the gun. Now, that is a tedious job. Making a loadout, testing it, checking out its flaws, and then remaking or completely revamping it. We have created the Best Lachmann Sub Loadouts for the game to save you from it. These loadouts are designed to work best.

Lachmann Sub Loadout No 1

The first loadout of the Lachmann Sub focuses on the stability of the gun and ensures that you stay longer in the fights. It has enough healing factors to ensure that you heal yourself after every kill. Not only that, the perks are focused on resupplying you with ammo. Your goal will be to hunt enemies while staying off the radar with the Ghost perk.

1st loadout for Lachmann sub.
Our first loadout focuses on keeping you in the battle for a longer duration. [Image Credit: eXputer]


BarrelMuzzleUnderbarrelMagazineRear Grip
FTAC M-SUB 12”SA Schalldampfer 99FSS Sharkfin 9050-Round DrumLM Cronus Grip

In the first loadout, the attachments that we put on the Lachmann Sub focus on the stability of the weapon. They increase the Aim Down Sight stability of it, so you can easily aim for the head. We have a big magazine that will give you a large space for errors.

Even if you can’t aim down the sight, you’ll have enough stability to take out the opponents with the hip fire mode. Okay so, here is the best attachments loadout build in Modern Warfare 2 for the Lachmann Sub.

Attachments of Lachmann Sub.
The attachments give it extra accuracy, hip fire accuracy, and bullets. [Image Credit: eXputer]


The FTAC M-SUB 12” is the best barrel for the SMG. It gives your bullets the much-needed bullet velocity on the SMG while increasing the Damage Range and Hip Fire Accuracy. But, there is a trade of Movement Speed, Hip Recoil Control, and Aim Down Sight Speed. Now this tradeoff is almost negligible as the gun already has good mobility and Handling.


The Muzzle we have selected for the loadout is SA Schalldampfer 99. The main reason for that Muzzle is its ability to Sound Suppression. It keeps you out of the mini-map and safe from enemy hearings. You’ll realize its importance when we get to the Perks. Apart from that, it comes in handy as we use it to increase the range of the gun. As for the recoil control, that becomes great with the suppressor.


As you’ll be on the move almost all of the time in the game, it is better to have the FFS Sharkfin 90. It is the Underbarrel used in our Lachmann Sub SMG’s loadout for Modern Warfare 2. FFS Sharkfin 90 is quite useful for Aiming Stability on the gun. It increases the Aiming Idle Stability, which comes in handy for players who don’t stay in one place. Moving all of the time will ensure that you are safe from enemies swarming up on you.


Now, Lachmann Sub is an SMG. It has good damage, but sometimes that isn’t enough to take out a group of enemies. You’ll find yourself running out of bullets in the fights. That’s why you’d need to have a bigger magazine. We decided to go with the 50-Round Drum. It gives as much ammo as possible for the gun. But it takes away speed from your gun. Your Mobility and Handling will be affected. 

Rear Grip

Lastly, for the Rear Grip, we went with the LM Cronus Grip. It adds much-needed weight to the gun. With that, the Grip is designed to increase the stability and accuracy of the weapon. So whenever you’re Aiming Down the Sight, you’ll have that much-needed accuracy to get headshots on the opponent.

Secondary Weapon

The Primary Gun of the loadout is powerful enough to take care of everything you face. It has enough firepower, mobility, and accuracy that enemies won’t be able to run from you. But, you can’t always rely on it. You’ll face times when you need to switch weapons while an enemy is following you. Then, you won’t have time to reload your weapon while you’re running from the opponent.

For the Secondary Weapon, we went with the X13 Auto. Now the X13 Auto in itself is great. You can take it in a fight and have great results with it. But we want to make the best out of it. For that, you’d need to add one or two attachments to make it reliable.

For our Lachmann Sub Class Loadout and Setup, we decided to use its Side Impact Blueprints. The blueprints come with a pre-made set of attachments. These attachments increase its Range, Accuracy, and Recoil Control. But takes away its Mobility and Handling, which is almost negligible. Overall, the Side Impact is much better than its base model. Not only that, you get superb skin for the gun.

You might have unlocked the Side Impact in the Beta of the game. For that, you’d have to get to rank 15. If you got it, then you’re in good luck, as it is a powerful version of X13 Auto.


With the Perks, you can seldom go wrong. That is because all of the perks in the game are great. But, to maximize the benefit you get from these perks, we have prepared the Best Perk Package. Our Perk package includes weapons that will help you hunt down enemies and ensure that you never have to run back to your team to heal.

The First Perk in our Loadout is none other than the Tracker perk. Now, when you pick that perk, it defines your gameplay. You’ll be tracking down the opponent and then taking them out.

The whole perk set is made on it. With the Tracker Perk, the enemies will leave a footprints trail behind. For you, the enemy’s death Markers will be visible. But for the opponent, your Kill markers will be hidden.

The Scavenger perk will ensure that you will stay with your set. It will constantly resupply you with Ammo or throwing knives. All you have to do is walk past dead players. That way, you won’t have to change your weapons to last longer in a game.

The Bonus Perk of the best Lachmann Sub Class Setup is the Quick Fix. Now, the Quick Fix is an interesting perk. It will heal you as soon as you kill a player. Now, the game mechanics heal you, but that healing comes into effect when you don’t take damage for a while. Apart from that, it will heal you when you’re handling the objectives.

Another great perk in our Perk Package is the Ghost perk. It helps you stay off the radar. If the enemy players use UAVs or Portable Radars, they won’t be able to detect you. Even Heartbeat Sensors don’t work with it. It gives you the benefit as all this equipment work for you.


For the equipment, we have two choices, Tactical and Lethal. For the Tactical, we decided to go with the Shock Stick. Now, it is great as you’ll electrocute enemies and cripple them. Not only that, if there is equipment near you, you’ll be able to destroy it. Overall, it is a great addition to the Loadout when you’re chasing opponents.

Semtex packs the power of a C4. It sticks to whatever surface it touches, even other players. If a player is running away from you, use it on them. If they run away from you, it won’t save them from getting killed.

Field Upgrade

The Field Upgrade selected for the Loadout is none other than Dead Silence. As your main play is to track down the opponent and kill them, it goes well with the setup. Now, When you activate it, your footsteps will become silent. If you get a kill with a Gun, melee, or throwing knife, it will refresh the duration.

Lachmann Sub Loadout No 2

Now, the loadout No. 2 of the Lachmann Sub focuses solely on going after the opponents in Modern Warfare 2. In it, we have decided to go full mobility. The perks focus on ensuring that you don’t get slowed down longer by the stuns or other tactical equipment. It gives your agent the ability to swap weapons whenever required. Other perks help reduce the killstreak and scorestreak requirements.

the second loadout of lachmann sub for class setup and builds.
The second Loadout focuses on increasing the mobility and handling of the gun. [Image Credit: eXputer]


BarrelStockUnderbarrelMagazineRear Grip
FTAC M-SUB 12”No StockLockgrip Precision-4040-Round DrumLachmann TCG-10

Here, your goal is to get the Attachments that increase the gun’s mobility. Your goal is to keep moving and don’t let your opponents corner you. The class isn’t as durable, but with mobility, you can come out safe out of any dangers.

attachment set for 2nd loadout.
The Second Loadout attachment set increases the mobility of the gun. [Image Credit; eXputer]


Okay, so, for the barrel of the class, we decided to go with FTAC M-Sub 12” Barrel. It is the same as that we used in the last class because of how good it is. It increases the Hip Fire Accuracy, Bullet Velocity, and Damage range of the gun. Not only that, it provides Recoil control. The drawbacks are pretty small. You’ll only have reduced movement speed and a bit of reduction in Aim Down Sight Speed.


The Lockgrip Precision-40 is the best choice for the Underbarrel of Lachmann Sub loadout. Now, remember, your goal with all of these classes is to hunt down opponents. That you’ll be doing at times when you’re running after enemies. So, the Lockgrip Precision-40 increases the Hip Fire Accuracy, so you don’t stop to aim. Not only that, it has increased Gun Kick Control and Aim Walking Steadiness.


With a small magazine, you’ll have better control over the gun, but your magazine will end before you can make a confirmed kill. Due to that, we decided to go with the 40-Round Mag. Now, it is smaller than the 50-Round Drum we used for the last Loadout, but it has less to give up on Mobility and Handling.

Rear Grip

Now, for the Rear Grip, we decided to go with the Lachmann TCG-10. It recovers the gun’s Recoil Control. That way, it’ll increase Speed and Mobility. But that will be at the cost of a decrease in Stability. Now that decrease isn’t significant. But still, the next attachment will ensure that we recover it back.


As your goal is to hunt down opponents, you need all the mobility and handling you can get. All attachments decrease the mobility or Handling of a gun. That’s why we went with the No Stock for the gun’s stock. It gives you a tactical advantage by increasing your speed. But, the accuracy of the weapon slightly reduces.

Secondary Weapon

The Lachmann Sub itself is great as it has all the damage or mobility you need. So, the Secondary weapon needs to be as powerful and as useful as it is. There isn’t a variety of options available for Secondary Weapons if you don’t use the Overkill Perk. We don’t want to use it as it doesn’t go well with our Weapons Class Setup of Lachmann Sub.

For the secondary weapon, there is no better option than the X13 Auto’s blueprint Side Impact. It is almost the same as the Lachmann Sub, and it goes well with the current Loadout Build. We’ve already explained its use case in the first class build of the Lachmann Sub. It is great for when you have to reload the gun. At that time, switching to Secondary is always better than reloading the gun.

By getting to level 15 of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you unlock the Side Impact. Once you acquire it, it’ll be yours to keep permanently.


Now, your playthrough with the loadout is to go after opponents and take them out. Your role is that of a hunter. So, the perks we’ll be using with the class setup of the Lachmann Sub increase your agent’s mobility and endurance against opponents’ flashes, etc.

The first Perk that we’re using is the Battle Hardened. Now, it is the important Perk that you have to use. The perk reduces the effects of the enemy’s tactical equipment. If they are using Flash, EMP, Gas Grenades, Shock Sticks, or Stuns, their effects will be greatly reduced. Making you battle-ready in mere seconds after you’re hit with any of these. Not only that, the ability makes you immune to the Snapshot Grenades.

Further increasing the mobility of your agent will help you significantly in following the enemy agents and taking them down. For that, the Double Time perk is the best. It doubles the duration of the Tactical Sprint that your agent can do. You’ll be able to follow them for longer durations. Not only that, if things turn south, you can run away from them for longer too.

A bonus Perk that goes great with the Class setup is Fast Hands. It will allow you to reload weapons faster. Not only that, if you have to use the equipment quickly or if you want to swap weapons, everything is significantly faster.

The Ultimate Perk that is perfect for the loadout is the Hardline. As you’ll be making numerous kills, it’s best to get rewards earlier. Hardline reduces the cost of Killstreaks by 1 kill. Not only that, the Scorestreak cost is decreased by 125.


Your main goal with the loadout is to stay in battle for the longest possible duration. That is only possible if you have all the healing abilities with you to heal you. Usually, Quick Fix would be the perk that you’ll use. But in the current Class Setup of Lachmann Sub, for that, you can use the Medical Syringe. It deals the maximum health in a little above 2 seconds. You can use your weapons one-handed while healing yourself.

Preferably, whenever you’re healing yourself, it is better to do it in a safe spot. So that no one can kill you while you’re healing. What better to cover your six than the Claymore? It is a ‘Proximity-activated explosive mine’ that triggers whenever an opponent is near it.

Field Upgrade

Dead Silence is again the best Field Upgrade for the loadout. That is because, with it, you’ll be able to go behind opponents to take them out. The opponents won’t even hear you coming after them.

How To Unlock Lachmann Sub

So, that was all there is in Modern Warfare 2 to the best Lachmann Sub loadout build. These explain how to utilize the SMG in a game better. But, remember, the gun isn’t available in the beginning. You’ll have to unlock it in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to use it. The process is a bit lengthy, but you’ll get to play with some of the best weapons in the game.

Okay, so, to begin with, you’ll have first to use the Lachmann 762. Then you’ll have to get it to level 13. When you get to level 13, it will unlock the Lachmann 556. Once you have the Lachmann 556, you need to make a new loadout for it to level it up.

With that loadout, progress through the game and get the Lachmann 556 to level 16. Once you get to level 16 of the Lachmann 556 in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll finally unlock the Lachmann Sub.

Pros And Cons Of Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub is one of the best SMGs in the game. That is thanks to its superb aim accuracy. Even without any attachments, you can always count on it to nail down the opponents in no time.

It is the MP5 in any other game, which is rebranded to the Lachmann Sub. There are other weapons in the Lachmann series, Lachmann 556, Lachmann 762, LM-S, and RAAP-H. All of these are top-notch weapons in their categories.

With that being said, the Lachmann Sub is great when it comes to accuracy. As an SMG, it is relatively easier to handle. If you aim down the sight, then almost all your bullets will be where you intended them to be. When it comes to mobility, the gun provides some great mobility. It is a lightweight SMG and handling it is quite easy. You’ll have an easy time using it.

The Lachmann Sub has some small flaws. They are nothing the Attachments can iron out. First of all, what we believed affected the gun the most was its relatively low damage range. If there is a distance between you and the opponent, then you’d need to fire one or two bullets more to take them out.

Apart from that, it has a small magazine. That magazine holds a small number of bullets. But that is nothing that the Magazine attachments can’t fix. We recommend using 40-Round or 50-Round magazines for it. They will surely give you an advantage over your opponents in a fight.

Final Thoughts

The Lachmann Sub is definitely one of the best SMGs available in the game. We further enhance the Lachmann Sub’s abilities with the help of our Best Loadout. That is because, even though it is the best SMG, it had a few tweaks that needed to be taken care of before it could truly be called the Best SMG.

So, for that, we have made two loadouts. These loadouts are quite diverse when it comes to killing opponents. Remember, Lachmann Sub is the MP5 SMG, so it doesn’t have that high damage. To make up for that damage, you need to close the gap between you and the opponent. What’s better than getting high mobility to get to the opponent and then take them out?

The first Loadout has all the necessary tweaks it needs to hunt down an opponent. Whereas for the second loadout, its design gives you the mobility we just mentioned. It increases your mobility and allows you to get in front of or behind the opponent (if needed) and then kill them.

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