Modern Warfare 2: BEST Lockwood 300 Loadouts [Expert’s Picks]

After spending 100+ hours in MW2, I recommend the following Lockwood 300 Loadout.

Lockwood 300 is one of the most powerful shotguns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and can deal beastly damage if built correctly. The double-barrel shotgun can be used on all maps and excels at dealing damage from mid to close range. 

It is important to know the best loadouts of the Lockwood 300 shotgun in COD Modern Warfare 2, along with the best class setup, perks, and equipment.

Here is a summarized look at the two best Lockwood 300 Loadouts in MW2:

Close-Range Loadout- Laser: Point-G3P 04
- Muzzle: Bryson Series XII Choke
- Stock: Heist Stock Mod
- Under Barrel: Agent Grip Or FSS Sharkfin 90
- Barrel: Matuzek 812 Barrel
M4 Assault Rifle or FSS Hurricane Submachine Gun- Base Perk 1: Overkill
- Base Perk 2: Double Time
- Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
- Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
- Tactical: C4
- Lethal: Flash Grenade
Run-n-Gun Loadout- Under Barrel: VX Pineapple
- Stock: Heist Stock Mod Or Cronen Marshal Stock
- Muzzle: Sakin DB107 Or X10 V.13 Choke
- Laser: STOVL Tac Laser
- Barrel: 71mm Matuzek D50
X13 Auto- Base Perk 1: Scavenger
- Base Perk 2: Tracker
- Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
- Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix Or Ghost
- Lethal: Semtex
- Tactical: Stun Grenade
- Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

Close Range Lockwood 300 Loadout

Lockwood 300
Lockwood 300 [Image Captured By eXputer]
In the first loadout of Lockwood 300, I will be focusing on factors that will affect its close-range abilities. Keep in mind that you are looking to extend the shotgun’s effective range and increase the pellet spread.

In this way, I can also increase the maximum damage of the shotgun while extending the range of the weapon Itself. 

Choosing the attachments, I have mentioned below will allow you to make the shotgun a viable option for mid-range as well while keeping the damage rate of the Lockwood 300 intact. 

Following are the details of the loadout:

  •  Laser: Point-G3P 04.
  •  Muzzle: Bryson Series XII Choke.
  •  Stock: Heist Stock Mod.
  •  Under Barrel: Agent Grip Or FSS Sharkfin 90.
  •  Barrel: Matuzek 812 Barrel.
  • One-Shot kill capability.
  • Improved Hip Fire Accuracy.
  • Reduced Hip fire bullet spread.
  • Vertical Recoil Control.
  • Aim Down Sight Speed.
  • Limited Ammo.

For this particular loadout, I will be focusing more on the damage output of the Lockwood 300 and increasing it. Moreover, I will also use attachments to buff up the recoil control offered by the shotgun and make it the deadliest weapon in close quarters.

My Tip: Remember that handling Lockwood 300 is not easy, which is where my attachment picks for the gun come in. The loadout makes it way easier to handle the Lockwood 300.

Best Perks And Equipment For The Loadout

Next, I will discuss the best class setup for Lockwood 300 in Modern Warfare 2. The features you will be focusing on will contribute to the shotgun’s mobility and handling capability.

Following are the perks and equipment I use:

  •  Base Perk 1: Overkill.
  •  Base Perk 2: Double Time.
  •  Bonus Perk: Fast Hands.
  •  Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix.
  •  Tactical Equipment: C4.
  •  Lethal Equipment: Flash Grenade.

Best Secondary Weapon For The Loadout 

The limitations that come with a shotgun might be fatal in case of certain combat situations. Therefore, it is important to have a powerful secondary weapon equipped at all times.

  • You will also need a weapon that can perform at a longer range where your shotgun is basically useless.
  • In my opinion, you should go for SMG Or Assault Rifles that can perform well in mid to close range.
  • A good SMG to use is FSS Hurricane which can be a good close-range alternative to Lockwood 300.
  • You can also go for the M4 assault rifle to give you a higher DPS in the mid-range. 

Run & Gun Lockwood 300 Loadout

XTEN Choke
Run n Gun Lockwood 300 Attachments [Image Captured By eXputer]
The second loadout of Lockwood 300 will focus on improving the running and gunning ability of your shotgun while maintaining its damage rate.

Moreover, you will also see a drastic difference in your mobility after using the attachments I have mentioned below.

With the loadout, you will be able to improve your damage range and increase your accuracy as well.

Let’s take a look at my personal recommendation for the second loadout for Lockwood 300. 

  •  Under Barrel: VX Pineapple.
  •  Stock: Heist Stock Mod Or Cronen Marshal Stock.
  •  Muzzle: Sakin DB107 Or X10 V.13 Choke.
  •  Laser: STOVL Tac Laser.
  •  Barrel: 71mm Matuzek D50.
  • Better Mobility.
  • Improved Sprint to Fire SpeedDamage Range.
  • One-shot kill capability.
  • Reduced ADS Speed.
  • Requires more Aiming Stability.

Best Perks And Attachment For The Loadout 

The perks I will use in this loadout will focus on stealth, reload speed, and weapon-swapping speed.

Following are the perks I use for the loadout. 

  •  Base Perk 1: Scavenger.
  •  Base Perk 2: Tracker.
  •  Bonus Perk: Fast Hands.
  •  Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix Or Ghost.
  •  Lethal Equipment: Semtex.
  •  Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade.
  •  Field Upgrade: Dead Silence.

Best Secondary Weapon For The Loadout. 

For the best loadouts of the Lockwood 300 shotgun in COD Modern Warfare 2 loadout, I recommend going for the X13 Auto since you will need a better ammo capacity for your secondary weapon.

If the close range is your focus, then you should have an auto gun with a better Ammo Capacity that can deal powerful damage to your enemies in close quarters. Therefore, X13 is a must, especially for the loadout build and class setups I have mentioned above. 

My Take On Lockwood 300

When it comes to the Shotgun category, Lockwood is one of the highest damage-dealing weapons. I personally love this weapon as it has the ability to blow the opponent down in a single shot. If you’re good at aiming, I recommend giving this weapon a go. Hopefully, after reading the guide, you will be able to choose better attachments to unlock the maximum potential of the Lockwood 300. 

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