COD MW2: Best MCPR 300 Loadout Detailed [2023]

MCPR 300 is a sniper rifle in COD Modern Warfare 2 with some of the best loadouts, perks, and equipment, making it a powerful weapon for any game mode.

MCPR 300 is a long-range sniper rifle in COD Modern Warfare 2 with some of the best and most versatile loadouts and class setups. You can easily customize the attachment options according to your play style and preferences. 

With some of the right attachments, you can turn the MCPR 300 into a powerful weapon to help you dominate every game mode. Below you will see some of the best loadouts for the MCPR 300 sniper rifle COD Modern Warfare 2.

Key Takeaways
  • There are two loadouts of MCPR 300, one for high damage and the other for long range.
  • The high damage loadout consists of FSS Merc Stock, 22” OMX-456, Cronen Cheetah Grip, .300 High-Velocity Ammo, and Canted Vibro-Dot 7.
  • The perks used are Scavenger, Battle-Hardened, Spotter, and Ghost.
  • For Lethal equipment, use Semtex and for Tactical Equipment use Stun Grenades. Trophy System as Field Upgrade.
  • As for the Secondary Weapon, we recommend using X13 auto or P890 handgun.

  • The Long-Range loadout has Nil Sound 90, FSS OLE-V Laser, Cheetah Grip, Cronen Smooth Bolt, and 5-Round Mag.
  • For Perks, we will be using Overkill, Double Time, Cold Blooded, and Ghost.
  • For Equipment, Frag Grenade as Lethal, and Stun Grenade as Tactical Equipment.
  • For a Secondary Weapon, use Lachmann SMG.

MCPR 300 High Damage Loadout

The first loadout will focus mainly on the damage ability and bullet velocity. Following are the details of the Loadout. 

  • Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity 
  • Stock: FSS Merc Stock 
  • Barrel: 22” OMX-456 
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip. 
  • Magazine: 5-Round Mag 
  • Laser: Canted Vibro-Dot 7. 
Best Sniper Rifle MCPR 300 Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
MCPR 300 [Image Captured By eXputer]
The best part about the build is definitely the components used, as they greatly complement the sniper rifle’s key features and attributes. If you are looking to make your sniper rifle a one-shot kill weapon, then this build is definitely the one to consider.

Not only does the build allow you to use the attachments effectively, but they make the sniper rifle more stable and more convenient to handle as well. Following are the features of the loadout. 

Weapon Attachments

The stock and grip we are using make the loadout build one of the best for MCPR 300.


Keep in mind the key factors we are looking to enhance for the sniper rifle are mobility, speed, and velocity. Furthermore, we are also looking to increase the damage and accuracy of the sniper rifle.

FSS Merc Stock
FSS Merc Stock [Image Captured By eXputer]
Thankfully, the stock we are using does just that. By using the FSS Merc Stock, you will be able to increase your Sprint Speed and Crouch Movement Speed significantly and improve your overall play style. Furthermore, the stock is also known for increasing the overall mobility of the weapon it is attached to.

Since we will be focusing highly on the Aim Down Sight Speed, the stock is perfect for the purpose, and it is one of the best attachments of MCPR 300 that will give you maximum improvement in ADS. 


Next, we have our grip, and we are going to focus on the gun’s stability for the attachment. Keeping that in mind, we will be using the Cronen Cheetah Grip, which is known to improve your Sprint To Fire speed the most in Modern Warfare 2.

Best MCPR 300 Grip Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
Cronen Cheetah Grip [Image Captured By eXputer]
Another great perk that comes with the Cheetah Grip is definitely a significant improvement in Aim Down Sight speed. So both your stock and grip will contribute towards your ADS and make your sniper rifle one of the best out there. 


Another crucial attachment of sniper rifles like the MCPR 300 is definitely the barrel. We have chosen the best of the best by using the 22” OMX-456 barrel. By using the attachment, you will be able to see a notable increase in your Hip Fire Accuracy that contributes to your overall stability of the weapon.

Best MCPR 300 Barrel Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
22″ OMX-456 Barrel [Image Captured By eXputer] 
To further improve the stability, we will also see a boost in recoil control and bullet velocity. Moreover, the damage range will also increase, and while the sniper rifle is already capable of covering long distances, your damage over the distance will significantly improve as well.


Another key attachment that will contribute towards a greater bullet velocity is the .300 Mag High-Velocity ammunition we will use. 

These attachments focus on the long-range capability of the sniper rifle and improve it. Next, we have our magazine slot, and for that, we will be using the 5 Round Magazine. The reason we did not opt for a higher magazine like the 15-Round Mag that comes in one of the attachments of MCPR 300 is to maintain the balance of the sniper rifle.

By using a 5 Round Magazine, the handling of the sniper rifle will remain intact while your overall mobility will increase as well. If you feel like you will need an extension for a certain game mode magazine, then you can definitely go for the 15 Round Magazine.

However, we recommend that you only use the five Round Magazine as the 15 Round Magazine can greatly impact the mobility and handling of the weapon and make it harder to deal with. The reloading speed that comes with a 5 Round Mag is also a good factor to consider. 


Next, we have our laser, and for that, we will be using the Canted Vibro- Dot 7 or the Corio LAZ-44 V3 laser. The laser we are using is to facilitate the players whenever they are operating the sniper rifle in a mid to close range.

Best MCPR 300 Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
Corio LAZ-44 V3 [Image Captured By eXputer]
It is no doubt that MCPR 300 will perform exceptionally well at a distance and deal the most damage. However, you can also use the rifle in mid to close range to eat up half of your enemy’s HP. But because of the heavy nature of the weapon, it will be hard to operate it at a shorter range.

Therefore, we will be using the Corio LAZ-44V3 laser or the Canted Vibro- Dot 7. Both of these lasers can help you improve your hipfire shorts greatly. Furthermore, they are also a viable option if you are looking to increase your Aim Down Sight speed. 

Best Perks And Equipment For The Loadout 

The perks we will be using in the loadout will help you tackle enemies whenever they attack you at a close range. These perks work great with sniper rifles like the MCPR 300 and make them a convenient weapon to handle. Following are the best perks and equipment for the loadout. 

  •  Base Perk 1: Scavenger 
  •  Best Perk 2: Battle Hardened 
  •  Bonus Perk: Spotter 
  •  Ultimate Perk: Ghost  
  •  Lethal Equipment: Semtex Or Proximity Mine 
  •  Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenades 
  •  Field Upgrade: Trophy System Or Munitions Box 

Base Perks

For the base perks, no option is better than the Scavenger and Battle Hardened, especially for the attachments we are using. With sniper rifles, you will be staying in one spot for most of the time in a match. Therefore, it is important to utilize perks that will allow you to keep your gun topped up.

For that purpose, we will be using the scavenger base perk, which will help you with the ammunition of your sniper rifle. The next perk we will be using is the Battle Hardened perk.

Being a sniper user, there are many chances of grenades being thrown at you since you will be an important part of the team. The Battle Hardened perk will help you encounter these flashbangs and improve your chances of surviving them.  

Bonus Perk

We will be using the Spotter perk as our bonus perk. By using the Spotter perk, you will be able to see the Field Upgrades and enemy equipment and even hack them. The powerful perk can be a game-changer for you if used the right way. 

Ultimate Perk

Next, we have our Ultimate Perk, and we will be using the Ghost perk. In case you are using your sniper rifle on maps where there are hardly any covers, the Ghost perk will help you out a lot as it keeps you off the radars. By using the product, you will be able to go completely invisible from Heartbeat Sensors, Portable Radar Scans, and even UAVs. So the Ghost perk is the best option for you if you want to improve your stealth as much as you can. 

Lethal Equipment

Next, we have our equipment, and for that, we will be using the Stun Grenades and Semtex. You can even use the Proximity Mine for your Lethal Equipment depending upon the game mode you are looking to use your sniper rifle in. With Proximity Mine, you will be able to deal damage to an enemy as soon as they trigger the mine. 

The Semtex equipment that we will be using will help you out a lot in dealing damage from a distance. Now you must be thinking that you can use a Frag Grenade for the same purpose as well. However, the major difference between Semtex and Frag Grenade is that it won’t roll like the grenade and stay in place.

Tactical Equipment

Therefore, you will be able to deal precise damage to your enemies, and they won’t be able to run away. Next, we have our Stun Grenades as our tactical equipment. Stun grenades are a good option if you want to get away from an ambush attack. Since you will be handling a sniper rifle, dealing with sudden attacks can be quite overwhelming. 

Field Upgrade

Therefore, we will be using these grenades to blind the enemy and allow you to flee from the situation or just deal damage to them without taking any damage yourself. For the Field Upgrade, we will be using Trophy System, which will allow you to dodge any incoming grenades or any other throwables.

As we mentioned before, being a sniper user, you can expect many throwables coming your way. Therefore the Trophy System is the best upgrade to tackle the situation. You can also use the Munitions Box as a field upgrade to have extra ammunition for you and your teammates. 

Secondary Weapon 

For this particular loadout, we highly recommend going for the X13 auto or the P890 handgun. Talking P890 will get a lot of damage with a lower recoil rate from the weapon.

While on the other hand, by using the X13 Auto, you will get a fast fire rate, and it complements your sniper rifle really well. 

MCPR 300 Sniper Loadout

In the second loadout, we will be focusing more on the effective range of the sniper rifle and improving the bullet velocity while keeping its damage rate intact. Following are other details of the loadout. 

  •  Bolt: Cronen Smooth Bolt 
  •  Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip 
  •  Magazine: 5-Round Mag 
  •  Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser 
  •  Muzzle: Nil Sound 90 
  •  Features Of The Loadout
Best MCPR 300 Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
MCPR 300 Loadout [Image Captured By eXputer]
Following are the features of loadout.


First, we have our Nil Sound 90 muzzle, which is by far the best silencer for sniper rifles. But that is not all. By using the silencer, you will be able to increase the range of the MCPR 300 Sniper Rifle as well.

Furthermore, the Nil Sound 90 Muzzle offers a great bullet velocity for your weapon so that your long-ranged shots don’t go out of their way. It guarantees that your shots will land every single time. 

Laser And Grip

Next, we will be using the FSS OLE-V laser and the Cheetah Grip. Since the weapon we are using is quite heavy, the grip and the laser make your sniper rifle easier to tackle and increase the handling speed as well.

Laser Best MCPR 300 Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
FSS OLE-V Laser [Image Captured By eXputer]
By using both of these attachments, you will be able to see a significant improvement in your Sprint To Fire speed. Moreover, the Aim Down Sight speed will increase as well, making your weapon more powerful than before. 


For the magazine, there is no better choice than the 5 Round Mag like our previous load out. You will be able to reload faster, and it won’t affect your mobility as well as compared to the heavy magazines. 

Best MCPR 300 Ammo Loadouts in COD Modern Warfare 2
5 Round Magazine [Image Captured By eXputer]


Next for the bolt, we will be using the Cronen Smooth Bolt. We highly recommend using this bolt in case you want to see better follow-up shots and land them faster as well. 

Best Perks And Equipment For The Loadout 

For this loadout, we will try to use perks that will complement the long-range damage capacity of the sniper rifle. Following are the perks and equipment for the loadout. 

  •  Base Perk 1: Overkill Or Extra Tactical 
  •  Base Perk 2: Double Time Or Bomb Squad 
  •  Bonus Perk: Cold Blooded Or Fast Hands You 
  •  Ultimate Perk: Ghost Or Birds Eye 
  •  Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade 
  •  Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade  

Base Perks

For our base perks, the best option is definitely the Overkill perk since it allows you to handle our second primary weapon in your arsenal. This perk is great for sniper players as with sniper, and you won’t get to cover much range.

Therefore, you can go for better secondary weapons in case you need to switch whenever in close quarters. We highly recommend going for assault rifles or any other secondary weapons that we have mentioned for the loadout. 

By using the Overkill perk, you will be able to cover all ranges and ultimately become the most important asset to your team. Another great perk to consider is the Double Time perk. By using it you will be able to reposition in a convenient and quicker way.

You can also go for the Bomb Squad perk, which will help you dodge any incoming frag grenades thrown at you by the enemies. You can also choose the Extra Tactical perk as one of your base perks, as it allows you to have Extra Tactical equipment every time you spawn. 

Bonus And Ultimate Perk

For our bonus and ultimate perks, we will be using Cold Blooded and Birds Eye. By using cold-blooded perk, you will be able to stay off the radar of your opponent’s team. Furthermore, you can also stay clear from high alert warnings and increase your stealth factor.  

With Bird’s Eye, you will be able to get better situational awareness by increasing your minimap in size. Doing so will allow you to figure out the location of your enemy. 

For types of equipment, we will be using Stun grenades and Frag Grenades for the loadout. Stun grenades are definitely the most viable option for sniper class, as it blinds your enemy. On the other hand, we have Frag Grenade, which will allow you to deal with ambush attacks easily. 

Best Secondary Weapon 

For the secondary weapon of the loadout, you can go for a nifty handgun like the P890 or the Lachmann SMG. With these weapons, you can expect a very high Time Kill Ratio.

Furthermore, the weapon offers a powerful DPS rate that can help you in tough situations. Using the Lachmann sub as your secondary weapon will ensure that you stay safe from the ambush attacks and be able to deal as much damage as possible at close range. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our guide on the best loadouts for MCPR 300 in COD Modern Warfare 2. After reading our guide, you will be able to choose the right attachments and equipment suitable to your playstyle for your Sniper rifle. If you have any queries regarding our guide, make sure to leave them down in the comment section. 

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