Modern Warfare 2: How To Prestige [Explained]

Everything you need to know about Prestige: How to get it, how it will look, and how to prepare for it.

Grinding levels in Modern Warfare 2 is fun, and you might be wondering about how to Prestige. Whether it be just grinding to the max level or trying to find an option on how to get to Prestige, you probably just can not find it, but don’t worry, we are here to tell you how to Prestige in Modern Warfare 2 and everything you need to know regarding Prestige.

Key Takeaways

  • Prestige is not currently in the game so you can not get Prestige in the Per Season game.
  • Prestige is coming to Modern Warfare 2 along with the new season.
  • You can reset your level and get prestige and level it up 3 times in the Seasonal levels.
  • You can get XP by playing multiplayer matches and completing daily missions to level up faster. 
  • You can also prepare for Prestige by leveling up your weapons and unlocking attachments.

How To Prestige

To prepare for Prestige and level up quickly once the Prestige system is introduced, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Reach Level 55: Ensure you reach the maximum level of 55 in the game by playing and earning experience points (XP).
  2. Understand Seasonal Prestige: Familiarize yourself with the seasonal Prestige system that will be introduced in Modern Warfare 2. This system allows players to reset their level to zero and rank up again each season, earning rewards and prestige emblems along the way.
    Modern Warfare 2 Prestige
    Prestige Icon In Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
  3. Prepare for Seasonal Ranks: Once the new season begins, you will start at Level 1 and can progress through seasonal ranks. Aim to reach the first Prestige level by reaching Level 55 again after the season resets.
  4. Earn Seasonal Levels: Grind matches and complete challenges to earn XP and progress through seasonal levels. Focus on multiplayer matches and daily missions to maximize your XP gains.
  5. Unlock Weapons and Attachments: Before Prestige, focus on unlocking all weapons and attachments available in the game. Having a variety of weapons and attachments unlocked will give you flexibility in creating loadouts and adapting to the meta.
    Unlocking Weapons In Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2 Unlocking Weapons – [Image credit: eXputer]
  6. Level Up Spec Ops Kits: Consider leveling up your Spec Ops kits in preparation for upcoming updates, such as Raids. Raids may offer bonus XP, allowing you to level up faster and reach Prestige more quickly.

Final Words

After learning how to reach Prestige In Modern Warfare 2 and understanding how to prepare for it you are ready for when it arrives. If you want to learn how to max out your weapons and earn XP faster, check out our How To Level Up Weapons Fast guide. 

While you are at it and wondering which weapons will be best to upgrade you can look at our COD MW2 Weapons Tier List to help you decide. We would recommend checking out the BEST FSS Hurricane Loadout since it is one of the best at the moment. 

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