Modern Warfare 2: How To Unlock Polyatomic Camo

Learn all you need to know about unlocking the Polyatomic Camo in COD MW2

Grinding your weapon to unlock the Mastery Camos is one of the most entertaining and gratifying aspects of any Call of Duty game. The Camos look fantastic and let other players know that you are an expert with that weapon. In Modern Warfare 2, the Camo Unlock mechanism has undergone changes. We will tell you the steps you have to take to unlock the Polyatomic Camo In Modern Warfare 2

Key Highlights 

  • Polyatomic Camo is a Weapon Mastery Camo Skin and can be obtained by completing its challenges.
  • It is comparatively harder to unlock the Polyatomic Camo than the Gold and Platinum Camo.
  • After unlocking the Polyatomic challenge, the challenge itself is easy.
  • You have to get 300 kills with the Polyatomic Camo in order to get the mastery emblem and calling card.
  • It is worth it to go through the effort of unlocking the Polyatomic Camo, as it shows your mastery of weapons.

How To Unlock The Polyatomic Camo 

How To Unlock The Polyatomic Camo In Modern Warfare 2
COD MW2: The Polyatomic Camo – [Image credit: eXputer]
Modern Warfare 2’s Camo Challenges have undergone changes and are now rather simple to complete. The majority of the challenges may be solved by leveling up your weapons and playing different game modes. To Unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2 you have to first unlock the Platinum and Gold Camo which is why reaching it will be hard. Everything you have to do to unlock the Camo quickly will be explained to you. 

Camo Challenges 

The Base Camos In Call Of Duty
COD MW2: The Base Camos – [Image credit: eXputer]
When compared to the previous Camo challenges, this time, the Camo challenges differ. There are only 4 base Camos you have to unlock in order to get all the base skins. Each Camo has a different challenge that is required to be completed. In the previous version of Modern Warfare, you were able to unlock the Gold Camo after completing the base challenges. It is really different now in Modern Warfare 2. 

Gold Camo

Call Of Duty Gold Camo Unlocked
COD MW2: The Gold Camo – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now the Gold Camo challenge is unlocked by completing 4 base camos. The challenge differs from gun to gun, but it is basically getting a certain amount of kills without dying a certain amount of times. It is quite easy and can be done in just a few matches. 

Platinum Camo

Call Of Duty Platinum camo Unlocked
COD MW2: The Platinum Camo – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Platinum Camo is much harder to unlock than the Gold Camo. You have to unlock all the Gold Camos of a weapon class to be able to unlock the Platinum challenge. For example, if you want to unlock the M16 you would have to play with all assault rifles and get Gold Camos for each of them. Once you’ve done that, you have to hit a certain amount of longshot kills to unlock the Camo.

Polyatomic Camo

Call Of Duty Polyatomic Camo Unlocked
COD MW2: The Polyatomic Camo – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now finally, to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2, you have to unlock the Platinum Camo for each gun in the game. There are 51 guns in the game, so you would have to grind all classes to unlock the Polyatomic Camo challenge in Modern Warfare 2. 

Once you have done that, the actual Polyatomic challenge is relatively easy because you have to get a certain amount of headshot kills. Like if you want to unlock the Polyatomic Camo for M4 you have to get about 24 headshot kills to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2. Although it might seem difficult, there are a ton of ways you can unlock the Camo. 

Leveling Up Weapons 

The base and mastery Camos can be unlocked while you are just grinding your weapon to Max Level. It is because you usually end up getting those unique kills like longshot or headshot kills while just playing. Mainly those end up being the challenges of the Camos and unlock them easily. It is really important to keep switching weapons and upgrading each to max level. 

That is because to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2, and you must get the Platinum Camo for each weapon n the game. Sticking to a single weapon might get you to Gold Camo easily but not Polyatomic Camo. It is a higher mastery camo which is why it would require a lot of time and effort to get it. 

That does not mean it can be necessarily stressful and boring because all you have to do is play the game. That is why you were here the first time, to play in different game modes and try out weapons. You could just be focused and doing your best in the game and leveling up the guns with the challenges being done side by side. 

Game Modes 

Some game types will be quicker than others because you’ll need a lot of kills to finish these tasks. Ground War is a fantastic game mode that revolves around killing opponents and taking targets. Enemies are distracted since there are many players and goals to capture in the game. Consequently, it is simpler for you to fall behind, go prone, and gather quick kills.

Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed game modes are excellent for completing camo challenges in Modern Warfare 2. You may concentrate on obtaining as many kills as you can in them because battles end quickly, and you can respawn every time you get killed. Doing so will help both in upgrading your weapon and getting those specified kills in challenges. 

The greatest game mode is going to be invasion if all you’re attempting to do is enhance your weapon. In addition to the 20 players, Invasion also features 20 idle bots that are easy to kill.

Killing bots earns you the same number of points as killing players, so you can just concentrate on doing that. Invasion is the ideal mode for just leveling up your weapons because bot kills do not count toward your camouflage challenges. 

Equipping The Polyatomic Camo

How To Equip The Polyatomic Camo
COD MW2: Equipping The Polyatomic Camo – [Image credit: eXputer]
After unlocking the Polyactomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2, you can enter the gunsmith’s customizing menu. All of the camos that you have unlocked for that gun are listed under the Weapon mastery tab. The polyatomic camo will be available for the weapon you want the camo, and from there, you simply select it. 

Upon first glance, you could see that the camo has an aesthetic dark matter-type look to it. It’s an amazing camo to have, especially since you can flex it on your opponent and friends. When compared to the previous mastery camos, these are much easier to unlock, so if one truly wants it, one can simply grind and get it.

It is easier said than done because most of the Call Of Duty players haven’t even unlocked the camo challenges yet. It requires you to take your time with the game. Up your skills, and when you unlock the sick-looking camo, you will know you deserve it. 

Polyatomic Mastery Challenge

The Weapon Mastery Challenge In Call Of Duty
COD MW2: The Weapon Mastery Challenges – [Image credit: eXputer]
A new set of Modern Warfare 2 weapon mastery tasks will become available after you achieve the mastery weapon camo. The unique player emblems and calling cards are unlocked by completing the mastery camo challenges. 

Since you have completed the Polyatomic challenges, compared to that, these are not that difficult. All you have to do is get 300 kills while you have the Polyatomic Camo equipped. Doing So will get you the special polyatomic emblem and calling card.

What Do Camos Do 

Unlocking the camos for pleasing visuals is a part of it, but the main reason is the sense of achievement. You work hard in the game, struggling to get those wins, and the camo shows for it. Your opponents can easily be intimidated by you if they see you running the skin. Because it shows you have fully mastered the weapons and are an experienced player. 

Final Words 

Even after all the efforts, you have to go through to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2, it is worth it. If you are looking for ways to unlock your weapons faster, make sure to check out our guide, How To Level Up Weapons Fast

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