Modern Warfare 2: Best XP Glitches

The XP Glitches are the Shortcut to earn tons of XP in no time.

Leveling up weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is quite hard. The game has bought new mechanics for leveling up weapons, which has made it hard to level them up. To Unlock Weapons, you either have to grind a lot, by playing every day or just live with the weapons and upgrades you have. If you don’t have time to grind, then you’ll be stuck there. But we’re going to change that with a few glitches that players found in Modern Warfare 2 to increase XP quickly. Our guide consists of ways that you can use to earn XP quickly using the XP glitch in COD MW2.

Key Takeaways

  • XP Glitches help you earn XP for weapon attachments quickly in COD MW2.
  • The First XP Glitch includes the Low Profile Missions. Spam the Snake Cam to trigger the God Mode glitch and earn XP.
  • The second XP Glitch is a bit technical, as it requires some preparation.
  • Use the Hunter Perk Package and Suppression Mine to trigger the glitch.
  • The Suppression Mine must be used on the enemy tank.

God Mode XP Glitch

Now, the first glitch that we have for XP turns your game into God Mode. The exploit of the glitch is quite easy if you know what you’re doing. So, we’ll tell you the exact steps you need to do to get the XP glitch in COD MW2.

For the Glitch, you’ll have to start the game mode called ‘Low Profile Specs Ops’. It is one of the best XP glitches in the game. Okay, so when you start the mission, you’ll be given a selection of weapons. From there, choose the one that you want to level up. Remember, whatever weapon you choose will be the one that gets an increase in XP. There is a way around that; we’ll get to it in a while.

Okay, so, when you are parachuting down from the plane, you will see 3 different markers on the map. They will be A, B, and C. You want to go to the C marker. While you’re diving, aim toward the southwest direction. Look at the C marker. There, you need to go to the building that is to the right of the C marker. We’ll highlight the building in the picture below.

Building at C Marker.
The Building at C Marker is highlighted. [Image Credit: eXputer]
When you land on the building, take out all of the guards that can kill you. Once you’re done with that, jump down from the topmost roof, and go into the room. There, you’ll find stairs leading down. Face the stairs and look to the right of them, you’ll find a door that is right next to the stairs. Go to it and then press the Snake Cam button.

Triggering The Glitch

Now, this is where you need to work to get the glitch. To trigger the glitch, you’ll have to spam the Snake Cam button. Keep spamming it until it completes itself. Once it is done, close the Snake Cam mode, and you’ll find a copy of yourself crouching on the Door. If you see it, then it means that the God Mode glitch worked. If that didn’t work, try it again by spamming the Snake Cam button.

Snake cam in xp glitch in Modern Warfare 2.
Keep spamming the Snake Cam button. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Okay, once you’re done with the Glitch, you’ll have the God Mode. The God Mode makes you invincible to the enemies. They can see you and will fire at you, but you won’t take any damage. With the God Mode, you can go on a killing rampage against all bots in the game. Each kill will give you a good amount of XP.

God Mode activated for xp glitch in COD MW2.
The God Mode is indicated by your copy left in the game. [Image Credit: eXputer]
When you’re done with it once, your weapons will gain XP equivalent of 5 levels. That will help you unlock new equipment and at times new weapons. A good example of weapons earned through leveling up other weapons is the Lachmann series, where one weapon is made available with the progression of another gun.

Leveling Up

An average game took us 10 minutes to finish. In one game, we were able to increase 5 levels of a weapon. That means it will take you an hour to get the gun to max level. And if you seem to be running out of ammo, there are different ammo crates scattered all over the map. Use them to re-fill your ammo.

You don’t get to choose the weapons you want to upgrade. You only get the choice among the limited weapons available in the game. That is a big problem with the Low Profile missions. You can only choose the few weapons that are available in the round. We were able to gain a few levels every time we successfully triggered the glitch.

But, if you pick up any of the weapons dropped down by bots, you can level them up too. It is a great method to increase the level of the weapons that are not available to you in the beginning.

4,000 XP Glitch

The second glitch gives you a total of 4,000 XP. it is a superb glitch in which you can level up your weapons in mere seconds. Here is how the glitch works.


Okay, so to begin with, first off, you need to pick up the weapons you want to get to the highest level. It should be a good combo of the Best Guns in Modern Warfare 2. Once you have made a combo, you need to pick up the Hunter Package. It will give you a few perks that we need.

The first Perk that we get from the package is known as Spotter. It will help you locate enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, Kill Streaks, and many more. Not only that, the Spotter ability is great if you want to hack into enemy Claymores, C4, Proximity mines, or the Trophy Systems. What that means is if you aren’t able to pull off the glitch, you’ll get tons of other benefits from the set.

The next perk in the set is the Ultimate Perk, which is the Overclock perk. With it, you’ll get another Field Upgrade charge. It also increases the charge rate of your Field Upgrade by a whopping 40%. We’ll explain the usage in a minute.

Perks in XP Glitch in Modern warfare 2.
These are the required Perks for the Glitch to work. [Image Credit: eXputer]
With these perks in hand, head to the Field Upgrade options and select the Suppression Mine. It triggers when an enemy passes near it. Then it disrupts their vision and slows the movement of the opponent. But we’re not looking for that feature.

suppression mine in COD MW 2 xp glitch.
Suppression mine is the most important equipment for the glitch. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Triggering The Glitch

Once you have all that, you’re ready to perform the Glitch. Head into the game, and load the Invasion Mode. When the game starts, your goal for the first half is to play as you normally would. Kill all that come in front of you and earn normal XP that way. But remember, don’t use your Field Upgrade; it is an important part of the Glitch. If it is used, then you’ll have to start all over again.

Glitch in Modern Warfare 2.
Go to the Invasion Map. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once the first half of the game is over, the game will spawn tanks. When the opponent starts to use the tank against you, that’s when you need to be attentive. Your goal is to detect the enemy tanks with the help of the Spotter perk. Once you have the tank’s location, head toward it and place your Suppression Mine on it.

The tank will constantly trigger the Suppression Mine, giving you loads of XP every second. In mere 20 seconds, you will have up to 4,000 XP. It is great for leveling up your weapons quickly. And in no time, you’ll have all your weapons to their highest level in no time.

Now, the Overclock Perk allows you to have two charges for the Field Upgrade. By the time the tank comes, you should have at least two charges. When one Field Upgrade ends, use the second one, and you’ll get twice the XP. It is a great option if you quickly want to level up your weapons.

Level up with XP Glitch in COD Modern Warfare 2.
After you sucessfully pull off the glitch, you’ll be rewarded with XP. [Image Credit: eXputer]

What Is An XP Glitch?

XP Glitches are basically faults in the game codes. The games consist of several hundred thousand lines of games. And oftentimes, there are a few gaps in the codes that result in problems within the codes. During testing, these codes go unnoticed or unsolved. When the game is released, the players trigger the glitches by performing specific sequences.

The Glitches are a good way to gain XP in COD Modern Warfare 2. That is because unlocking the attachments to the weapons takes quite a long time. Using the XP Glitches, players can quickly earn XP in thousands which results in them gaining COD MW2 weapon levels quickly.

Now, remember, the developers often look out for the glitches that can break the game. The XP Glitch breaks the game as it allows players to level all of the weapons in no time. We’re expecting the Developers of COD Modern Warfare 2 to patch the XP Glitch in a few days. That’s why you should use the glitch to level up your weapons as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

That was all there was to know about the XP Glitches in COD Modern Warfare 2. These XP Glitches help players unlock weapon attachments and even unlock Weapons quite fast. The Glitches are easy to pull off; you just need to know how to do so, which we have thoroughly explained in our guide.

For the first glitch, you just need to spam the Snake Cam button. It will eventually take you into God Mode. If it doesn’t, try again. It took us two tries to get it right. In that mission, you’ll be limited with what weapons you can use. If you find enemies using the weapons that you want to upgrade, you can take them.

As for the second glitch, to pull it off, you need to come prepared. Use the perks that we have suggested, and don’t forget the star of the show, ‘Suppression Mine’. Remember, you only have to use it on the tanks that enemies are using. It won’t work on the Tanks used by your allies. With that, we complete our XP Glitch for COD MW2. If there is any useful glitch we missed, let us know.

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