Dislyte Mona Build Guide: Skills & Relic Sets

This Mona Dislyte Build guide will showcase skills, relic recommendations, ascensions, overall ratings, and playstyle!

Dislyte beginners will usually start with a fresh account to discover a collection of Espers they are introduced to. Amongst those happens to be Mona in Dislyte, who the players will get when they first start. She is a beginner first-star epic Esper given to players for free when that is first progress through the story stages. 

Key Takeaways
  • Mona is an Esper in the game Dislyte that is given to players for free when they first progress through the story stages.
  • Mona excels as a “Farmer DPS” character, which is good for passing story stages and farming gold, relics, abilimons, starimons, and experimons.
  • Mona’s abilities are particularly useful when targeting large crowds of opponents and she can also self-sustain.
  • Mona can struggle with harder bosses like Fafnir and Apep, but it is recommended that players invest in her.
  • Mona’s abilities include Moonshot (S1), Hunter’s Mark (S2), and Lunar Hail (S3).
  • Moonshot is Mona’s basic attack that can deal damage equivalent to 115% of her base attack and can also grant an extra turn if the enemy is at low health.
  • Hunter’s Mark is Mona’s secondary attack that can deal damage equivalent to 70% of her base attack and also restore her health while stealing 10% AP from the enemies.
  • Lunar Hail is Mona’s ultimate ability which allows her to attack all enemies while dealing damage equivalent to 80% of her base attack and also granting her critical chance and critical damage for 5 seconds.

Mona’s Role In Dislyte 

Dislyte Mona
Mona Esper
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
(lvl 1-60)
4 StarFighterFlow2,147 - 9,680179 - 1,255190 - 86097.010%150%20%

Her abilities lie in being an excellent “Farmer DPS” that excels mostly in passing story stages with little to no issues and is excellent for farming gold, relics, abilimons, starimons, and experimons. For beginners, it is recommended to look into the best DPS Mona Dislyte Build so that they can get her to 6-star to min-max her abilities. 

She is particularly good when she uses her ultimate “Lunar Hail” or her S3, and she is more focused and used for targeting large crowds of opponents since her ultimate will land several critical hits at once. This is extremely useful in taking out stages where there are 5 enemies at once. 

She can also self-sustain pretty easily, with her ability to self-heal and restore her own AP when fighting tougher opponents or farming harder practice stages.

However, she lacks in facing harder bosses like Fafnir and Apep, but players are recommended to invest in her. Players who have zero knowledge of Dislyte might want to read up on our Dislyte Beginner Guide!

Mona’s Skills 

With Espers being so useful in cobalt, they are accompanied by three main abilities: their S1, S2, and S3 and their very own captain ability. These skills can help players decipher what ability they need to prioritize when coming up with their Mona Build in Dislyte, as certain skills will work better than others. Before reading further, consider going through our Dislyte Divine Waves guide and learn about Inferni Bosses & Farming. 


Dislyte Moonshot
Moonshot Skill
EffectsDamageCooldownPer Level Buffs
  • Attacks a single enemy
  • Gains 1 turn back after killing the enemy
130% ATKN/A
  • Level 2 => Dmg: 105%
  • Level 3 => Dmg: 110%
  • Level 4 => Dmg: 115%
  • Level 5 => Dmg: 120%
  • Level 6 => Dmg: 130%

Dislyte Mona has an interest first skill; her S1 or her basic attack is Moonshot. Essentially when it is cast by the player, they will be able to unleash attacks towards a foe while being able to inflict damage equivalent to 115% of her base attack. This allows her to render one opponent useless at any given time. 

With her normal attack, she can also gain another turn for her S1 if the enemy is at low health, and she can wipe them out. This grants her the ability to deal even more damage, which is crucial when trying to farm materials fast. 

With her s1, there is a maximum of 6 levels. Level 2 will grant her a damage output of 105%, while level 3 will increase it up to 110%. With level 4, players will be granted a damage increase of 115%, while levels 5 and 6 will boost the overall damage output to 120% and 130%, respectively, which is pretty amazing. 

Hunter’s Mark 

Dislyte Hunter's Mask
Hunter’s Mask Skill
EffectsDamageCooldownPer Level Buffs
Attacks all enemies and also restores HP which is 30% of the damage dealt.70% ATK3 Turns
  • Ascension => Stealing 10% Of The Enemy’s AP
  • Level 2 => HP Restored: 18%
  • Level 3 => HP Restored: 21%
  • Level 4 => HP Restored: 24%
  • Level 5 => HP Restored: 27%
  • Level 6 => HP Restored: 30%

Suppose some people decide to make Support Mona Build in Dislyte. In that case, they should level up Hunter’s Mark first as compared to her S1 or S3. with this skill in hand; Mona can single-handedly attack all enemies while dealing damage, which is equivalent to 70% of her base damage output. 

Alongside that, Mona in DIslyte can also restore a certain amount of her Health Bar, which helps her stay alive in tougher practice stages. With that, she will also be granted the ability to steal 10% AP from the targetted foes, making the enemies weaker and allowing her to attack them more. 

With a max of 6 levels once more, her level 2 will increase the damage output by 18%. Leveling the ability to 3 will enhance by 21%, while level 4 will bump it up the 24%. Levels 5 and 6 will subsequently enhance the overall damage output by 27% and 30% at their respective levels, which is crucial for taking out enemies. 

Lunar Hail 

Dislyte Lunar Hail
Lunar Hail Skill
EffectsDamageCooldownPer Level Buffs
  • 4 times attack all enemies
  • Increases the Critical Damage by 30%
115% ATK3 Turns
  • Level 2 => Dmg: 105%
  • Level 3 => Dmg: 115%

Her final ultimate ability is known as Lunar Hail which also happens to be her S3. whenever players summon forth Lunar Hail; they will be able to unleash attacks against enemies a total of 4 times, all the while being able to have a damage output that will equate to 115% of Esper Mona’s total base attack. 

Anytime Mona ends up landing a critical hit, she will gain an extra 30% damage dealt with foes, which allows her to obliterate them faster and gain victory faster, and this is vital if you are trying to speedrun through the story content and need to farm to upgrade other Espers faster. The cooldown for this skill is 3 turns. 

There are only 3 max levels for this skill, whereby level 2 offers Mona a 105% overall damage dealt increase while leveling it to 3 will enhance the overall damage output by 115%. 

Captain Ability 

Dislyte Captain Ability
Captain Ability Skill

Suppose players decide to fully invest in making Mona their DPS after fully investing in a proper Mona Dislyte Build. In that case, the captain’s ability will land them an ally attack buff by 24% for other espers in the party. If you are in a bind about what team to pair together with Mona, why not give our Best Dislyte Characters guide a read? 

Mona’s Ascension Phases In Dislyte

When players want to invest in Dislyte Mona, they need to cater to her leveling up using Experimons and Abilimons, but they also need to look into Ascending her. With every Esper having six main ascension phases, each phase will provide a certain buff to their respective Health Points and personal defense. Phase three will provide a major ability buff, making it the most worthwhile of every phase. Just like Mona, we also have another Esper known as Tang Yun, so make sure to check out our Dislyte Tang Yun Build Guide!

  • Phase One: For phase one, Mona Esper will be granted an attack boost of 70, the same as many other Epic and legendary espers, which allows her to become even stronger in combat, allowing her to take out several enemies at once. The attack buff is also necessary when players are trying to get a higher Esper rank and need to farm experimons and abilimons. 
  • Phase two: For phase two, Mona will experience an HP increase by 950, which makes her survive longer and self-sustain a lot more while she is in the middle of combat against some enemies that also happen to have higher HP pools. To get her to phase two, players will need to have a few Basic Flow waves that they can get from fighting Flowrunner. 
  • Phase three: While mentioning phases, players need to invest the most resources into getting Mona to phase three, as it is the most important part of Mona Build in Dislyte . With this phase, Mona will be granted the ability to steal 10% HP from targetted opponents, allowing them to be taken over easily. Players will need a few basic and advanced flow waves to get her to phase three. 
  • Phase four: The ascension phase four is a rather simpler one, as it will simply provide for Mona an HP increase by 10%. While it may not seem like a lot, a 10% buff can make or break when your Esper is on a lifeline and about to die. To get Mona’s phase 4, players need to fight Flowrunner, located in the Ritual Miracle, and needs basic and advanced flow waves. 
  • Phase five: With phase five, people that aim to main as Mona are in for a treat, as her overall crit rate will be increased by 10%. She must land as many critical hits against foes as possible if players want to use Mona as the main DPS. Her phase 5 requirements are 10 Elite flow waves and 25 advanced flow waves. 
  • Phase six: last but not least, we see her ascension phase 6, which completely maxes out her ascensions and grants her an attack enhancement by 20%. This is a crucial phase since her overall damage output depends on it. Therefore players are advised to invest 20 elite flow waves and 35 advanced flow waves into phase 6. 

Recommended Relic Sets For Mona 

As we mentioned before, Espers will typically take help from a main four-piece set that provides them with a set bonus while also buffing up their overall performance while in combat. There is also another two-piece set that Espers will need to equip to become stronger while on the battlefield.

The Mona Build in Dislyte will have three main recommended gear sets, so let’s see what they are! If you have no idea about how relics work, then why not check out our Dislyte Relic Guide!

First Most Popular Set

Dislyte War Machine
War Machine Set

Just like any other Figher/main DPS esper, Dislyte Mona will also use the War machine set x4 for her main set, as it is her best in the slot. Mona will get a 30% attack boost upon equipping the four-piece set, which greatly helps buff her when she is out in practice trying to take down foes. 

  • The UNA I is one of the main pieces with a stat that can not be changed, with it being a flat attack. Its main aim is to increase Esper’s overall base attack, which adds up. Since Mona is a fighter, players are advised to invest in crit damage and crit rate sub-stats. 
  • For UNA II, players can look into choosing pieces that will best compliment their Mona Dislyte Build, which is going to be pieces that have crit damage and crit rate as their main stats strictly. Do not pick pieces that have HP or defense, and instead invest in substats with attack and crits as well. 
  • UNA III will always be a basic defense stats, that too it being flat defense. It is not changeable. Therefore, players are best left looking for broken substats such as an attack, Speed, resistance, and crits. The main stat is only defense because players will always need the defense to tank enemy attacks. 
  • Last but not least, UNA IV can be attacked % main stat since it provides the player with ample buffs in their overall damage output while allowing them to have the higher numbers that they so desire to see.
Dislyte Fiery Incandescence
Fiery Incandescence Relic

The 2 piece set popularised by the player base for Esper Mona has to be the Fiery Incandescence Set x2, which will grant Mona an extra 20% crit rate, making her even more broken in combat. 

  • The piece can not be changed for her MUI I piece as its main stat will always be flat HP, broadening Mona’s overall health bar. 
  • For the second piece, also known as MUI II, players can switch between attack % or Speed as their main stat based on their preferences. 

Second Most Popular Set

Mona Dislyte Build
Hades Relics

The next relic set that is adored by players worldwide is the Hades Set x4, which provides for the player’s HP restoration based on the damage dealt with opponents. The restoration will be based on 35% damage output, which allows Mona to stay on the battlefield for a longer period to come out victorious. 

  • The first piece that we will discuss is UNA I, which will almost always be a flat attack, and can not be switched out. Its unchangeability is that it provides a higher base attack, so Mona in Dislyte can dominate enemies. 
  • For the second Hades UNI II piece, players have the freedom to choose between crit damage or crit rate as their main stat. The main thing to note is the need for a higher crit rate or greater crit damage, and then based on that, players should decide. 
  • Since mona is typically on the front lines for the practice stage and experiment or abolition farming, she will need flat defense, provided by the UNA III piece. Her defense lacks, and she is more of a squishier character. Therefore flat defense can benefit her. 
  • For UNA IV, she should have attack % almost all of the times for her main stat, with crit damage, crit rate, and extra Speed or resistance as her substats which can greatly help her in the arena. Make sure to catch up one some Dislyte Codes so that you can get some extra rewards!

Third Most Popular 

Mona Dislyte Build
Hammer of Thor Relic

Another set that players can use if they don’t have the first two sets is the Hammer of Thor Set x4, which just overpowers the Mona Dislyte Build by giving her 40% extra crit damage. This, combined with a crit rate set, would make her a monster in practice stages. 

  • As discussed before, the UNA I will always have the flat attack; therefore, investing in sub-stats is important. The most popular substats will always be crit pieces, Speed, and resistance. 
  • For UNA II, players should just go for crit main stat pieces, with as much Speed, resistance, and attack as they can get their hands on for the substats as it will benefit them the most when they are out in the arena. 
  • For UNA III, the flat defense will be the main stat. 
  • For UNA IV, focus on what your Mona Esper requires for battle. If she lacks Speed, give her Speed, or attack if she lacks attack. 
Mona Dislyte Build
Sword Avatara Relic

As for the two-piece set, the Sword Avatara Set x2 is also another solid option, as it provides extra HP, which helps her stay alive for longer periods. 

  • MUI I will have HP as its main stat. 
  • For the MUI II piece, you can choose either Speed or attack % based on the formation as long as the sub-stats are good. 

Mona’s Overall Ratings In Dislyte

As an Epic 4 star, Esper Mona can clear the story content quite easily and only faces difficulties when she is made to face bosses like dungeon bosses, that too when she has to fight in solo or as a main DPS. for bosses; she is best suitable as a support on the sidelines. Her performance doesn’t lack; therefore, min-maxing her Mona Dislyte Build is worth it. Jacob is also an impressive Esper that shouldn’t be looked over, therefore you might like our Dislyte Jacob Guide!

  • Story Content: Mona’s main DPS skills shine when she is being used as front-line DPS. Her main strengths are practice stages and cleaning difficult or easy story content, and when it comes to farming experimons, abilimons, and farming, nothing beats Mona’s capabilities. For that reason alone, she is rated as an S-tier character in story content. 
  • Cube Miracle: As for the Cube Miracle, which happens to be a dungeon that has rooms that players need to get through, and in the middle, they can access extra runes that buff them up and even attain extra Espers for support. In Cube Miracle, Mona in Dislyte can perform admirably, rated as an A- Esper. 
  • Kronos: Kronos is an important boss situated in the Ritual Miracle that players can use for relic farming, and Mona is known to perform pretty okay when she is made to be a front-line Esper. She can clear the starting levels and the other difficulties, and she is rated as an A-star Esper for Kronos clearing. 
  • Apep: Now, Apep is one of the bosses where, unfortunately, Mona lacks strength and combat capabilities. She is not able to withstand as a main DPS, nor is she able to clear it on her own without needing extra support. Therefore she is ranked C- when it comes to clearing Apep. 
  • Fafnir: The same goes for Fafnir, who also happens to be a boss located in the Ritual Miracle. Maybe it is the formation or how the boss is coded, but for some reason, Mona isn’t able to hold her own therefore is only ranked as a C-tier Esper. 
  • Temporal Tower: For players that want to speedrun this Tower, which was previously known as Spatial Tower, with Mona Esper being listed as a B+ Esper, she isn’t commended for clearing it alone either. 
  • Point War (Defense): If players place Mona in the formation to defend their team against other players in Point Wars, she will be able to defend herself pretty well. Her rating is a solid A-tier Esper. 
  • Point War (Attack): Even for unleashing attacks against enemies, Mona can kill off opponents with her S1, S2, and S3 skills with no issue therefore, she’s ranked A here. 

We will wrap up with our Mona Dislyte Build and overall guide; we hope that you enjoyed it! For people looking to reroll until they get their desired five-star, why not read up on our Dislyte Reroll Guide!

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