6 BEST Monster Hunter Rise Money Farming Methods

Our guide on Monster Hunter Rise Money Farm will help players learn all the way to fast zennies faster in the game for upgrades.

Monster Hunter High Rise enables you to play as a hunter while using brand-new maps in the setting of Kamura Village. You need to protect the villagers from Rampage while you hunt down the monsters. The diverse range of weapons, gear, and characters makes the game addictive. You also need money for various reasons in the game. Zenny (the money) is something you will always need in the game, but you can always fall short of it. There are ways to earn the Zenny Faster, so we have discussed Monster Hunter Rise Money Farm in this guide. 

Key Highlights
  • Zenny is the currency in Monster Hunter Rise, and it is required to buy new items or upgrades.
  • You can use the Lava Cavern Expedition and follow a specific route that includes mining ores to farm Zenny quickly.
  • Players can prepare for the expedition by waiting for Mining Outcrop Upsurge, practice route completion in 5 minutes, equip the Guild Cross set, and eat Skill-Boosting Dango.
  • Players can also sell items that are not very useful but sell for a high number of zenny, such as Minegardenite, Golden Egg, and Platinum Egg. Players can also sell extra monster material for zenny.
  • Collect account items, which are automatically converted to money and Kamura points after a quest ends.
  • Players can sell ores, which can be mined unlimitedly and sold for a high amount of zennies.
  • To increase efficiency, play solo, eat the Dango Money Maker, do not deliver eggs, and catch a fortune owl when it appears.

Preparing For Zenny Farming in Monster Hunter Rise

equip Guild Cross set
Preparatory Steps to Farm Money

Zenny is the currency in Monster Hunter Rise. It would help if you had currency in every game to buy new items. Similarly, Zenny is required in Monster Hunter Rise to buy new items or upgrades in the game. There are various ways to farm Zenny in the game, and we have discussed them in our guide below.

Before we move on to the farming steps, we will have a look at the preparatory steps. These preparatory steps will help you maximize the expedition results.

Wait for Mining Outcrop Upsurge

It is essential to complete your route during mining outcrop upsurge to increase your Ore yield. The upsurge will reset the map conditions either when you clear a quest or after 10 Minutes on an expedition. Make sure to clear a quest before you leave for the expedition or wait for 10 Minutes after your start the route.

Practice Route Completion in 5 Minutes

If you return from the quest without crossing the time limit of 5 Minutes, the expedition will still be in place, and you can continue it. However, if you exceed the time limit because of a bad run, you will have to wait for the next one. Time yourself when on the route, or you can just leave before 5 Minutes without completing it. You are better off leaving than waiting for the next expedition.

Equip the Guild Cross Set

Geologist Armor Skill at level 3 allows you to mine extra time during the route. Equip your guild cross to get the geologist’s armor skill before going on the route. Your expedition will mainly be about mining ores, so it is better to get the guild cross set equipped.

Eat Skill-Boosting Dango

Skill-Boosting Dango and their explanation is mentioned below.

Leg Day

Leg Day has an activation chance of 80%, and it decreases stamina depletion while wall running. You can get it bu completing the Village quest ‘Supply Run”.


Pinea-Full has an activation chance of 80% and reduces stamina consumption. You can get it by reaching Village or Gathering Hub.

Raisin d’etre 

The activation chance of Raisin d’etre is 90%, and it reduces the time between gathering point respawns. It is unlocked from the start of the game.

Lava Cavern Expedition in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Expedition
Lava Cavern Expedition

The fastest way to make money in Monster Hunter Rise is through Lava Cavern Expedition. Once you are done with the preparatory steps and have made sure that the expedition is Upsurge Mining, begin the expedition. In case you do not have upsurge mining, you can complete the “Roly-poly Lanterns” quest to rest the expedition until you get the Upsurge Mining.

Mining Routes in Monster Hunter Rise Money Farm

You need to follow the following routes to acquire as many ores as you can. After making sure that you have upsurge mining, begin the Lava Cavern Expedition following the route outlined below. 

  • First of all, use your wirebug to climb up to area 5 and mine all ores along the wall.
  • Jump down of Area 5 and then keep following the path until you reach Area 12.
  • Keep proceeding through area 12 and jump down the cliff.
  • Head to Area 11, and you will see the vines that are leading to Area 14, climb up these vines.
  • There will be many ores along the cave’s wall, where you will enter through a hole.
  • Move to sub-camp two and mine outcrops in Area 6.

You will head back to the main camp after collecting the ores. Put all your ores in the inventory using the tent if you were able to complete the run fast enough that you have time for the second one. Complete another run using the same route.

It is the fastest way in the game to get zenny, so make sure you follow this whenever you need zenny for upgrades. Read Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List to learn about all the weapons you will upgrade after earning zennies. 

Faster Money Farm Methods in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Selling items to farm money
Selling Items to earn Zennies

To farm zenny faster in the game, you need to follow the following ways.

Sell Zenny Items

Some items are meant to be sold. They have minimal use in the game, so it is better to sell these items and earn zenny for your upgrades. A list of items that have minimal use but sell for a high number of zenny is given below.

Item Selling Price
Minegardenite 20,000z
Golden Egg 20,000z
Platinum Egg 100,000z
Silver Egg 10,000z
Dundormarin 10,000z

Sell Extra Monster Material

Another thing to sell is extra monster material for zenny. You will not need a monster part 500 times. You can sell it to Kagero, the Merchant for zennies, whenever you think you are short of zennies.

Collect Account Items

Account items are automatically converted to money and Kamura points as soon as a quest ends. Always pick up the items when you get the chance. Just try to avoid picking eggs, as they will hinder your movement.

Farm the Village Quest 

If you do not get a mining outcrop upsurge in Lava Caverns, you can complete Village Quest. Completing Village Quest will get you a 3000 zennies completion reward. However, you can also get 5000 more zennies by selling other rewards you earned after completing the quest.

Farm Golden Eggs

Gotta Hoard Fast quest gives you Golden Eggs when it is finished. This quest can be done within 2 minutes, which means you can complete it five times in 10 minutes. A single golden egg is 20,000 zennies, so you can earn 100,000 zennies by selling 5 golden eggs.

Sell Ores

Ores are the most useful items in the game in terms of earning zenny, as you can mine unlimited ores in the game and then sell them. Ores can get you a lot of zennies when sold in chunks. Some Ores, their ways of farming, and their prices are listed below.

Ore Farming Method Selling Price
Awegite Shrine Ruins 1200
Frocium Frost Islands 1200
Purecrystal Flooded Forest 3600
Allfire Stone All Maps 2700
Centuria Ore Citadel 1420
Machalite Ore All Maps 160
Fucium Ore Sandy Plains 1020
Lightcrystal Flooded Forest 1150
Lightcrystal Flooded Forest 2440
Firecell Stone Lava Caverns 1720
Ultimas Crystal All Maps 2100
Eltalite Ore All Maps 800
Meldspar Ore Flooded Forest 1000
Sapphiron Ore Flooded fOrest 1230
Centuria Ore Citadel 1420

Increase Money Farming Efficiency

monster hunter rise money
Increase Money Farming Efficiency

We have mentioned a few tips to increase the efficiency of farming money.

Play Solo

It is extremely fun to complete the quests with other players, but always remember that reward will be divided among all the players. If you are earning 10,000 zennies by completing a quest with four players, each player will receive 2500 zennies. When your purpose is to earn zennies for upgrades instead of having fun with other players, it is better to play solo. 

Eat the Dango Money Maker

You can increase the amount of money by 30% that you earn at the end of a quest by Dango Money Maker. You can get Dango Money Maker from Wealthy Man daily special. Make sure to check it out whenever it is active.

Do Not Deliver Eggs

Although it is extremely helpful to deliver eggs in earning zennies, remember that it takes a lot of time even to deliver one egg. This is an inefficient way of getting zennies, and you should not opt for it if you want money faster.

Catch a Fortune Owl

Never ignore the fortune owl that randomly appears, as it can double the number of zennies earned. A notification saying “Lucky Life Found” will appear on the right side of your screen to notify its arrival.


It is extremely important for players to know the ways to earn currency. Similarly, Monster Hunter Rise has currency in the form of zennies which can be earned in many ways. Read all the ways to earn money faster, complete expeditions, and increase efficiency in farming money faster in this guide.

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