Monster Hunter Rise Support Palico: Best Types & Moves

There are 5 types of Palicoes in Monster Hunter Rise with different Moves. We will go through each of them thoroughly in this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment from the renowned Monster Hunter series of Capcom. As the name suggests, you’ll have to spend time hunting different monsters in the game. To assist you with it, you’ll come across Support Palicoes in the game. These Palicoes all have different abilities. So we’re here to help you choose the Best Support Palico type in Monster Hunter Rise.

Key Highlights
  • Palicoes are cat-like companions in the game that assist in hunting different monsters.
  • Initially, you can only have one Palico, but you can hire up to 35 different Palicoes by visiting the Buddy Plaza.
  • There are 5 types of Support Palicoes: Healer, Assist, Fighter, Bombardier, Gathering.
  • Each Support Palico has a unique set of moves, with the level 1 and level 20 moves depending on the type of Support Palico and the other 3 moves randomised.
  • Healer Palico has moves such as Herbaceous Healing, Healing Bubble and Vase of Vitality that can heal player and party.
  • Assist Palico has moves such as Felyne Silkbind and Poison Purrison that can boost player’s abilities and damage dealt.
  • Fighter Palico has moves such as Rousing Roar and Furrious that can deal damage to enemies.
  • Bombardier Palico has moves such as Felyne Wyvern Blast and Giga Barrel Bombay that can deal explosive damage to enemies.
  • Gathering Palico has moves such as Endemic Life Barrage and Pilfer that can help gather resources.

Types of Palicoes 

Palicoes are the cat-like companions in Monster Hunter Rise that assist you during your hunts. There are a total of 5 different types of Support Palicoes. They are:

  1. Healer Palico
  2. Assist Palico
  3. Fighter Palico
  4. Bombardier Palico
  5. Gathering Palico
Palicoes types in Monster Hunter Rise.
Different types of Palicoes are available to choose from.

Initially, you’re allowed to have only one Palico. But you can hire up to 35 different Palicoes by visiting the Buddy Plaza. What it means is that you won’t be stuck with the first Palico you get at the beginning of the game. You can try out different Palicoes later on.

Here’s summarized information on Palicos:

PalicoType of PalicoLevelEffect
Herbaceous HealingHealer1Places a healing plant that will continually heal any allies who are nearby
Healing BubbleHealer5Creates a bubble that heals you when touched
Vase of VitalityHealer10Shows effect when you stand in smoke, heals ailments
Furbidden AcornHealer15Heals a buddy, temporarily prevents loss of its health
Health HornHealer20Recovers player and Buddy's health
Felyne SilkbindAssist1Fires movement-hindering ironsilk at large monsters
Go, Fight, WinAssist5While your Palico is dancing it reduces hunters' stamina loss
Summeown Endemic LifeAssist10Places a fragrant pouch that entices nearby endemic life to approach
Shock Purr-isonAssist15Prevents large monsters from moving by setting a shock trap
Poison Purr-isonAssist20Immobilizes large monsters and poisons them
by setting a trap
Rousing RoarFighter1Grants +30% affinity to all hunters for 150 seconds
Whirlwind AssaultFighter5Whirls their weapon around in a circle before ramming into enemies
Power DrumFighter10Raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies
Fleet-foot FeatFighter15Skillfully evades the monster's attack then mounts a counterattack
Furr-iousFighter20Increases attack power drastically
Felyne WyvernblastBombardier1Lets loose a fearsome roar gives power
Zap Blast SpinnerBombardier5Unleashes a horde of top-shaped bombs that track monsters
Anti-Monster MineBombardier10Places a mine that goes off when a bigger monster steps on it
Flash BombayBombardier15Sets a bomb that dlies into the air and emits a bright flash
Giga Barrel BombayBombardier20Rushes at a enemy with a Giga Barrel Bomb
Endemic Life BarrageGathering1Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista
Mega BoomerangGathering5Hurls a gargantuan boomerang bsaed on weapon attack type at foes
CamouflageGathering10Palico conceal themselves and stay hidden
Shock TripperGathering15Inflicts thunderblight on monsters
PilferGathering20Steals materials from monsters

What Each Support Palicoes Offer

As we’ve mentioned before, in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll come across 5 types of Support Palicoes. Each of these Support Palicoes gets a unique set of moves according to their support type. They get a total of 5 moves, where the level 1 and level 20 moves depend on the type of Support Palicoes. As for the other 3 moves unlocked at level 5, level 10, and level 15, they are randomized.

The 3 random moves your Support Palico will get, don’t depend on their type. These moves can be from any support type, even their own. The moves are already assigned when you come across a Palico. These moves cannot be changed. If you want to have different moves on your Palico, you’ll have to search for a new one.

Okay so, once a Palico gets to their required level, they will learn and equip that level’s move. Level 1 skill is already unlocked, as for other skills, they’ll be unlocked as that Support Palico levels up.

Now, which type of Support Palico is the best in Monster Hunter Rise? Before we can determine that, we need to know about all their moves. They are all good, but some skills are better than others. Meaning that if you don’t get these random skills on your Palico, it won’t affect the Palico’s performance.

Support Palicoes Moves

We’ve listed down the Moves of different types of support Palico that you’ll come across in your travels in Monster Hunter Rise.

Healer Palico

Healer-type Support Palico focuses on healing the player and the party. 1st and 5th Move of Healer Palico remains the same, whereas others can be randomized. We’ll discuss all of the moves so you can better understand them.

Level 1 – Herbaceous Healing

The Level 1 move will stay the same on all Healer-type Palicoes. If you’re targeting Herbaceous Healing, then there’s no need to worry that you might not find it. It is quite handy for starting players.

level 1 move of Healer type support Palico in Monster Hunter Rise
Healer Palico using Herbaceous Healing.

With it, the Healer Palico will place a plant that has restorative powers that heals the allies nearby. It is like the Escuregot, but Palico can cast it multiple times within a time limit. But there’s a catch, you don’t have any control over where to place it.

Level 5 – Healing Bubble

Level 5 move can be random on different Palico Types in Monster Hunter Rise. If the Palico gets healing’s level 5 move, it’ll be called Healing Bubble. When used, it will create a bubble that will get bigger. When the bubble is touched, it will pop and provide healing. The bigger the bubble is, the more it heals.

Level 5 Healer Palico's move in Monster Hunter Rise.
Healing Bubble move of Healer Palico.

Healing Bubble is a good move on Palico. The bubbles last long enough for you to capture healing abilities that will top up your character’s health. That’s why it is a handy move and an always-ready healing skill for your hunter.

Level 10 – Vase of Vitality

Like level 5’s move, level 10’s move is random. You can get it on any type of Palico. Vase of Vitality is a superb move. When used, the Palico will place a vase that lets out a small AoE cleansing effect. When in its range, it clears any status effects that you or your party have. 

Level 10 Healer palico's move in monster Hunter Rise.
Vase of Vitality clears all the debuffs.

It lasts for approximately 1 minute, but the healer Palico will use it multiple times during battles. One great thing that we found interesting about it is that the Palico will use it as soon as your hunter gets inflicted with a status. But the move shouldn’t be on cooldown.

Level 15 – Furbidden Acorn

Furbidden Ancorn comes in randomly in the level 15 slot, so chances are you won’t find it on a Healer Palico. But that is good, as it is not worth getting it and recommend any other skill over it. Still, if it comes, then no problem. In it, your Palico will heal a Buddy. Meanwhile, it will temporarily prevent your buddy’s health loss.

The reason why we’re okay with it is that it will ensure that your buddies survive longer. It will not only heal the Palico who uses it but other buddies too. As It provides no support to the player and there are different and effective methods to increase the buddies survivability. If you think we’re being rough to it then think it like this, you can have any other effective level 15 move here.

Level 20 – Health Horn

Health Horn is a level 20 move, so you’ll find it on every Healing Palico you’ll come across. Health Horn is the best move that makes people choose to pick Healre Palico Type over all others in Monster Hunter Rise. it greatly recovers the hunter and buddy’s health.

Level 20 move of Healer Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Healing Horn is a superb level 20 move.

It will instantly heal the player and allies within a certain AoE. The Health Horn is the best healing skill found in Monster Hunter Rise that the Healer type of Support Palico can have.

Assist Palico

Next up in the list of Support Palicoes, we have the Assist type Palico. They are a perfect choice for those players who want a buddy that will help them by providing a small window to wale on the monsters.

Level 1 – Felyne Silkbind

It is the permanent Level 1 Move of Assist Palico. In Felyne Silkbind, the Palico fires a movement-hindering Ironsilk at large monsters. It fires that using a small Palico-sized ballista.

Level 1 move of Assist Polico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Felyne Silkbind move of the Assist Palico.

With it, the Palico restricts the monster’s movement range. The move will help you detach from the fight and allows you to recoup. Felyne Silkbind will also prevent the monsters from burrowing or flying.

Level 5 – Go, Fight, Win

The Level 5 random move for the Assist Palico type is called ‘Go, Fight, Win’. That’s what it does, it motivates the Hunter to use less stamina than before. During the move, the Palico starts to dance. While dancing, every move of the Hunter will consume less stamina.

level 5 move of the assist palico.
Assist Palico motivates the Hunter in ‘Go, Fight, Win’.

Go, Fight, Win is the best move for the Level 5 random slot. It comes in handy if you use a bow, dual blades, or other weapons of such sorts. To be honest, not a lot of people will find it useful. But the players who use such weapons or move a lot in fights should prefer it over any other level 5 move.

Level 10 – Summeown Endemic Life

the Summeown Endemic Life is a level 10 random move. In the Summeown Endemic Life, the Palico will place a fragrant pouch. The pouch will entice endemic life from nearby to approach it. Wirebig is a notable endemic life creature that you the fragrant pouch can attract.

Level 10 move of Assist Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Summeown Endemic Life summons endemic life from nearby.

It is a great move, but keep in mind that you’ll be giving up the Level 10 slot for other better moves. Another thing that bugs us is that it is quite similar to the Vase of Vitality in looks. It can create confusion for players with multiple buddies, or when you’re playing co-op with your friends.

Level 15 – Shock Purr-ison

On the level 15 move slot, the Shock Purr-ison is a move from the Assist Pelico. In it, the Palico sets up a shock trap. If a large monster steps on it, it will stop the monster from moving.

Shock Purr-ison, in our opinion, is the best move for the Level 15 slot in Monster Hunter Rise, and we highly recommend looking for Support Palicoes with it. Although it is more likely that the Palico will only cast this skill only once during fights, it will incapacitate the monster briefly. You can use it to capture low-health monsters because more traps are always better.

Level 20 – Poison Purr-ison

As for the permanent Level 20 slot move, the Assist Palico gets Poison Purr-ison. During Poison Purr-ison in Monster Hunter Rise, the Assist type Palico will set up a trap. The trap will immobilize large monsters and then inflicts poison status on them.

Level 20 move of assist palico in monster hunter rise.
Poison Purr-ison traps the monster and puts poison status on it.

It is one of the best support moves that Palicoes have. The pitfall trap will poison any monster that gets stuck in it. It is great when you want to wail down on monsters for a short time. Not only will you deal damage to them, but the poison status will also deal a bit of extra damage.

Fighter Palico

Fighter Palicoes provide the hunter with decent Support buffs in Monster Hunter Rise. But they fall behind other Palicoes because they have some of the worst Palico moves. Don’t get us wrong, and we don’t hate Fighter Palicoes. To understand what we mean, read through their moves.

Level 1 – Rousing Roar

For the Fighter Palico, Rousing Roar is the only move that made us stick with it. During it, the Fighter type Palico will let loose a fearsome roar. With the roar, it will empower the player and other buddies.

Level 1 move of fighter palico.
Rousing Roar increases the damage of the Hunter.

It is a great move for the early game as it provides you with a decent affinity boost and earplugs for a short time. The only downside of the Rousing Roar move is that it is paired with the worst Level 20 move, We’ll get on that in a while. Overall, Rousing Roar is one of the best early game Palico move.

Level 5 – Whirlwind Assault

Whirlwind Assault is the Fighter Palico’s level 5 slot move. During this move, the Palico will spin around using their weapon. It will create a whirlwind and then ram into monsters. The weapon will attack the monsters as long as the whirlwind stays in contact with the monster.

In it, the Palico will deal weapon damage to the enemies. We wouldn’t recommend Whirlwind Assault unless your Palico’s weapon has a status. Even then, there are better options to choose from, as it is slow and the Palico doesn’t manage to get a lot of hits.

Level 10 – Power Drum

For the level 10 slot from the Fighter Palico’s moves, we have Power Drum. while using it, the Palico will start to beat on a drum. It will raise the attack and defense of the hunter and buddies.

Level 10 move of Fighter Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Power Drum increases Hunter’s attack and defense.

Power Drum is a great choice if you’re looking for minor buffs to deal that extra damage. Or, if the tide turns, to survive a few more attacks. But there’s a downside with it, the Palico doesn’t use it that often. But, we have some good news. When the Palico uses it, it lasts for a while before the Palico stops with this move.

Level 15 – Fleet-foot Feat

On the level 15 move slot, the Fighter Palico has the Fleet-foot Feat move. The Fighter type Palico will draw the attention of the monster, and then skillfully evade the monster’s attack. While evading, it will launch a counterattack on the said monster.

It is a decent move from the Fighter Palico, but then again, it isn’t good enough for us to recommend it to you. It is quite handy as it helps take off some heat for a while. As for the ‘support’ aspect, the Fighter type Palico’s Fleet-foot Feat move isn’t that great in Monster Hunter Rise. Palico doesn’t deal that much damage in counterattack to justify it, and there are much better choices available.

Level 20 – Furr-ious

The Level 20 slot move of Fighter Palico is one of the worst Support Palicoes moves. During it, the Palico will become ‘Furr-ious’. During the Furr-ious the Fighter type Palico’s attack power will drastically increase.

Level 20 move of Fighter Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Furr-ious increases the damage of the Fighter Palico.

If we have stated it as ‘one of the worst Support type Palicoes moves’ found in Monster Hunter Rise, we have reasons to do so. First off, only the Fighter Palico’s damage gets the damage buff, and the hunter’s attack doesn’t get a buff. Even though the Palico gets a buff, the buff isn’t that great for you to choose it over others. And secondly, it is tied with one of the best level 1 slot moves. Furr-ious takes the fun away from Fighter Palico’s superb level 1 move.

Bombardier Palico

If you want additional part breaks on monsters for extra materials, then the Bombardier type Palico is the best support Palicoes. But then again, the Bombardier Palico is situational or redundant if you don’t face any problems with breaking parts.

Level 1 – Felyne Wyvernblast

The Level 1 permanent move is known as Felyne Wyvernblast. The Bombardier Palico will fire small Palico-sized Wyvernblast shells at the monsters. They will trigger explosions when they strike.

Level 1 move of Bombardier Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Felyne Wyvernblast deals explosion damage to enemies.

Felyne Wyvernblast is quite similar to the Lighbowgun’s sticking Wyvernblast on a monster. If you’re looking to deal extra damage to the monster and break parts, then it is perfect.

Level 5 – Zap Blast Spinner

For the level 5 random slot, the Bombardier Palico has Zap Blast Spinner. This Support type Palico will unleash a horde of top-shaped bombs in fights in Monster Hunter Rise. These bombs track monsters and then blast upon impact.

With it, the Bombardier-type Palico will send out several bombs. When the bombs make an impact, they will cause damage. It is for those who are looking forward to breaking some parts. Other than that, there’s not much of a use to it.

Level 10 – Anti-Monster Mine

As for the level 10 slot, The Bombardier Palico in Monster Hunter Rise has the Anti-Monster Mine move. The Palico will place a mine on the ground. The mine explodes when it is tripped by a large monster. The mine can at times stagger the monster that trips it.

The move in itself isn’t a bad move. But you have to keep in mind when you choose Anti-Monster Mine. You’ll have to let go of another level 10 slot moves from the Healer, Assist, and Fighter Pelico types of Monster Hunter Rise. Those level 10 slot moves are much better compared to the Anti-Monster Mine.

Level 15 – Flash Bombay

Flash Bombay is a Level 15 slot move. The Bombardier Palico will launch a bomb that will fly into the air. The bomb is a flash bomb that will emit a bright light.

level 15 move of Bombardier in Monster Hunter Rise.
Flash Bombay acts like a flash bomb.

Although it is a solid choice, it isn’t a perfect move. Because while testing the move, we found out that the flash bomb will mostly miss its target. Your Palico will randomly decide when and where to use it. They can use it with bad timings, or behind the monster where the flash won’t affect the monster.

Level 20 – Giga Barrel Bombay

For the permanent level 20 move, the Bombardier Palico has what is known as Giga Barrel Bombay. The Palico will rush at a foe while carrying a Giga Barrel Bomb. The bomb will explode when it reaches the monster.

Level 20 move of Bombardier Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
In Giga Barrel Bombay, Bombardier fires a large explosion barrel at the monster.

This move is good enough on its own. The bomb explosion takes out a decent chunk of health from the monster. If it hits right, it potentially breaks some parts too.

Gathering Palico

Gathering type Palico is currently every hunter’s favorite choice for Support Palicoes. That is because of the level 1 and level 20 move. Here’s what the Gathering type Palico’s moves in Monster Hunter Rise look like.

Level 1 – Endemic Life Barrage

Endemic Life Barrage is the best move for the Level 1 slot of any Support Palico. The Gatherer Palico will spawn a small Palico-sized ballista and fire endemic life at monsters from it. The status effects of these endemic life effects the monsters.

Level 1 move of Gatherer palico in Monster Hunter Rise.
Gatherer Palico using Endemic Life Barrage.

The best part about it is that it is a level 1 move that will fire a Paratoad, Poisontoad, or a Sleeptoad. The corresponding status usually will instantly apply to the monster; if not, it will provide a buildup for the second hit. This move is great for the early game, as you’ll get to heal yourself while the monster is under sleep status.

Level 5 – Mega Boomerang

As for the level 5 slot of moves, the Gatherer Palico has what is known as the ‘Mega Boomerang’. In the move, the Palico will throw a gargantuan boomerang at monsters. The boomerang will be based on the weapon attack type that the Palico is currently using.

It is for those who don’t need healing or ‘Go, Fight, Win’ moves. The boomerang will deal weapon damage that is quite beneficial in the status buildup. Although it is not super effective, it is the best damaging move in the level 5 slot.

Level 10 – Camouflage

As for the level 10 slot, the Gatherer type Palico has the move ‘Camouflage’. The Gatherer Palico will conceal itself temporarily. Meanwhile, it will be hidden from the monsters, preventing itself from being targeted.

It is one of the worst moves available for the Level 10 slot. It will make the Palico less likely to get attacked by monsters and that’s it. Although it’s not bad, it doesn’t do anything to support you or the party.

Level 15 – Shock Tripper

Shock Tripper is the Level 15 slot move of Gatherer type Palico in Monster Hunter Rise. The Palico will drop a lingering electric field. The electric field will inflict the thunder light status on monsters within it.

Level 15 move of Palico In Monster Hunter Rise.
Shock Tripper gives Thunderblight status on Monsters.

This is a great move for the level 15 slot. Thunderlight status will give you enough time to get a stun or two on the monster. But you’ll have to hit the monster several times to cause the stun effect, which can be quite challenging.

Level 20 – Pilfer

The permanent level 20 slot of Gatherer Palico is ‘Pilfer’. During it, the Gatherer Palico will throw a boomerang at monsters. On a hit, the boomerang will steal a few materials from the monsters.

Level 20 move of Gatherer palico.
Pilfer is a great move if you’re looking for extra materials.

It is the best Level 20 move on any Palico. As Monster Hunter Rise’s end game is all about collecting materials, the Gathering support Palico’s move comes in handy. It will provide 2-4 additional materials at the end of a monster hunt. These materials will often be shared with your party.

Best Support Palico

That was the complete list of moves that different Support type Palicoes have in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’ve read through all of these skills, then you wouldn’t have a problem understanding which one is the best Support Palico.

If you’re having trouble choosing from any one of those Support Palicoes. Or you can’t make out which one is the best out of those. Then we’ll help you select the best one out of those. We’ll go from the worst to the best in our utility.

Again, we will try to give valid reasons why we prefer X over Y, but the final choice will be yours. Whatever we choose as best might not fit your gameplay. So we recommend that you choose whatever is suitable for you.

Fighter Palico

In the list of Support Palicoes available to choose from in Monster Hunter Rise, the Fighter Palico is the worst. Although, the Rousing Roar provides an affinity and earplugs that lasts for a while. But the level 20 move, Furr-ious is a waste as it only increases the Palico’s already low damage.

Bombardier Palico

Bombardier Palico is an excellent choice for a buddy if you are looking for additional part breaks. These broken parts will be extra materials for you. However, Bombardier’s moves can be redundant if you have no problem breaking parts on your own.

Felyne Wyvernblast and Giga Barrel Bombay are decent choices if you’re looking to deal explosion damage to enemies. Other than that, the three randomized skills have little to no use. We’d recommend that you go with other moves if these don’t fit your needs.

Assist Palico

Assist Palico is a solid choice if you want to incapacitate monsters in Monster Hunter Rise while providing you with a small window to wale on them. Felyne Silkbind is a great skill to lockdown monsters. Whereas Poison Purr-ison is one of the best level 20 Palico moves, and you can use it to deal extra damage to monsters.

The three randomized moves from Assist Type Palico are some of the best moves available in Monster Hunter Rise. ‘Shock Purr-ison’ and ‘Go, Fight, Win’ are great choices if you can’t decide which ones to choose.

Healer Palico

Healer Palico focuses on keeping you alive even when the tide of the battle turns around. You should go with it if you want to fight all out without taking a break. Because the Healer Palico makes sure that you stay alive.

Level 1 move ‘Herbaceous Healing’ and Level 20 ‘Healing Horn’ of Healer Palico is the best to dish out extra health. For the three randomized healing moves, we’d recommend that you keep a lookout for the ‘Healing Bubble’ and ‘Vase of Vitality’. If you focus on damage and don’t focus on the healing aspect, then you’d want all the healing you can get.

Gathering Palico

To be honest, we expected that we’d have a hard time choosing the best Support Palico in Monster Hunter Rise. But when we started jotting down the list of best Support Palicoes, then it all became clear. We can say that Gathering Palico is the Best Support Palico that you will come across in Monster Hunter Rise.

We didn’t choose it only because it lets you gather materials off of monsters. But it has other abilities that make it quite useful. The Endemic Life Barrage comes in quite handy in hunts. It will paralyze or put a monster in sleep status with a single move.

But that isn’t the main deal with Gathering Palico. It is the level 20 move ‘Pilfer’. This will steal materials from monsters and at the end of the hunt, will provide 2-4 extra materials. Oftentimes you’ll share these materials with your teammates.

As for the three random skills of Gathering Palico, we’d recommend avoiding the Camouflage move as it won’t help you at all. You can pick up the Mega Boomerang if you can’t find any other reasonable move. Shock tripper is a decent move from the Gathering Palico, though we’d prefer any other move from that slot.

Other Game Tips

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But that’s not all, you can choose different weapons. Read through our Weapons Tier List to get the best weapons. Apart from that, we have guides for Long Sword Builds in Monster Hunter Rise, Switch Axe Builds, and much more.

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Apart from that, you get to collect several rare items in Monster Hunter Rise. These artifacts are useful in upgrading Hunter’s weapons and armor. Frocium is a Master Rank item. Read through its guide to learn about its location and use. Dragonbone Artifact and Awegite Ore are some of the rare items.

Once you have collected these rare items, you can use them in Best Armor Sets. If built properly, these items will keep you alive in fights with harder monsters.

But crafting these Armor Sets takes a lot of material and Zenny (the currency in Monster Hunter Rise). So we have the best money farming methods in Monster Hunter Rise. If these methods are performed right, your stores will be filled with tons of Zenny in no time.


All of the Support type Palicoes in Monster Hunter Rise are good in their way. But not all of them are worthy to be called the best Support Palicoes. However, the Fighter Palico falls way behind due to its level 20 move. But it somewhat covers that up with the level 1 move Rousing Roar.

Healing and Gathering Palicoes are at almost a tie for the No. 1 position in the list of Best Support Palicoes. But, Gathering Palico takes the lead thanks to its superb Level 1 move. The Level 20 move that provides 2-4 extra materials, in the end, comes in handy in the late game.

With that, we conclude our list of the Best Support Palico that you can find in Monster Hunter Rise. We hope you had as much fun as we had testing different Palicoes, and happy hunting.

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