MHR Bullfango: Rewards, Location & Farming

The Bullfango Guide will give you complete details about this mystical beast and the best way to hunt down these creatures.

What is Bullfango in MHR

Bullfango is a small category beast that can be spotted in jungles and ruins of Monster Hunter Rise. These monsters are aggressive in nature and attack other animals or humans if they feel endangered. They are boar-like creatures with a foul temper.

Key Highlights
  • Bullfango is a small beast that is found in Jungles and Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise. These are very aggressive monsters and attack whenever in danger.
  • These monsters are found in large herds and move around in large groups. 
  • Players can farm Bullfangoes to get many useful materials that can be used to craft different weapons and armors.
  • These monsters are mostly found in Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forests. In shrine ruins they can be found mostly around a small stone bridge at the front of decrepit houses.
  • Players can get three levels of loot on killing bullfangos. Low Rank rewards include Bullfango Pelt, Sharp Fang and Bullfango Head.
  • High Rank rewards include Jumbo Bone and Acute Fang. Master Rank rewards include Crushing Fang and Massive Bone.
  • Players need at least one Palico with Pilfer to farm Bullfango’s head. Pilfer enables players to hunt items from monsters before killing them.

Bullfango is a wild animal that is not friendly to human interaction. These creatures usually live in large herds and roam around in stocks. They are such aggressive creatures that they even start to attack their own herd members if they don’t recognize them.

If you don’t have a particular reason to interact with them, it is recommended to maintain a distance and avoid unnecessary interaction with their hoards. 

Apart from their aggressive nature, Bullfangos are useful creatures as they provide considerable loot and materials upon killing. You can farm the head of a Bullfango in order to obtain handy materials that can be used to craft certain items. 

MHR Bullfango Location & Habitat

The small creatures in Monster Hunter Rising usually change their habitat from time to time according to the weather and climate, but Bullfang is mostly located in specific areas. If you want to go for Bullfango Hunting, you can visit the following locations as it is guaranteed to find these fanged beasts in these locations.

Shrine Ruins

The most common spawn area for Bullfangs in Monster Hunter Rise is Shrine Ruins, specifically in Area 9 of these ruins. Once you reach the place, visit the small stone bridge which is located at the front side of the decrepit houses. There, you can find these beasts roaming around.

Bullfango Habitat
Shrine Ruins

The most convenient way to reach Area 9 of Shrine Ruins is through the Sub-camp of Area 10. From there, you can hop on your Palamute and take a ride to Area 9.

Flooded Forest

Another place where the Bullfango prefers to live is the Flooded forest, as this place is enriched with water and greenery. A Bullfango loves to stay in water and grass. You can visit Area 10 of Flooded Forest, and you will surely find these creatures roaming around.

If you are hunting Bullfango, make sure to target ones that are separated from the hoard in order to avoid unnecessary attention from other members. Once you are in close proximity, go for its head to kill the beast in one strike.

Monster Hunter Rise All Bullfango Rewards

Hunting a Bullfango provides different levels of loot. Mostly it drops Low-Rank materials, but if you are lucky, you can get some rare items as well.

The following tables cover all types of materials dropped by Bullfango. These rewards have various uses in the game, as they can be utilized in quests to craft new items or upgrade your existing equipment.

Low Rank

The following table covers the low-rank items obtained as a reward upon killing a Bullfango in Monster Hunter Rise.

Bullfango Pelt60%
Sharp Fang20%
Bullfango Head20%

High Rank

The following table covers the High-rank items obtained as a reward upon killing a Bullfango in Monster Hunter Rise.

MaterialCarvesDropped Materials
Bullfango Pelt+50%
Bullfango Head17%
Jumbo Bone15%
Acute Fang18%

Master Rank

This table contains the items of Master Rank. Obtaining these items as a reward is rare, but if you are lucky, you might get some. Here are the possible materials that a Bullfango can drop upon killing.

MaterialDrop Rate Chance
Bullfango Thickfur50%
Crushing Fang18%
Bullfango Head17%
Massive Bone15%

How To Farm Bullfango Head in Monster Hunter Rise

If you feel like hunting this Boar-Like monster is an easy task, then you might be wrong. Although Bullfango is comparatively smaller in size, it can deal serious damage and drop your health bar if you are not taking precautions. So, let’s discuss the most optimal way to hunt the creature as much as you want to get the rewards and materials.

Farming a Bullfango head is a bit tricky. You cannot obtain a Bullfango head by hitting it in a certain area like you can do with Kelbi and Gargwa, nor you can receive it by Carving the creature.

The Bullfango Head is obtained as a Pilfered item only in the loot. If you do not know what Pilfering is, it is essentially what the Palico will scrounge up. So, if you are ignoring the Palico buddy for your speedy Palamute, then you are decreasing the chances of receiving a Bullfango Head.

If you are looking up to for farming of Bullfango Head, you must have at least one Palico buddy equipped with the Pilfered Move. The Pilfered Moves basically enables you to hunt items from monsters before they are killed. This skill of Palico gets you the Bullfango Head.

Palicos are usually equipped with the Pilfered Move when hired. If not, you have to train your Palico with the Pilfer move before going for hunting of Bulgfango heads.

Strategy For Hunting Bulfango Head

 Use this strategy to farm Bulfango Heads in the most Optimal way.

  • Hire at least 2 Palico buddies that are equipped with the Pilfer move.
  • Initiate the 4-star Hub quest “Lost and Found.”
  • Prompt your Palico to Pilfer with the help of Felvine when killing the Bullfango.
  • Repeat the process and hunt down these beasts as much as you want.


Monster Hunter Rise is packed with many mysterious creatures, and it is necessary to have knowledge about each of them so that you can behave accordingly whenever you encounter these creatures in the game.

Bullfango is one of the offensive animals that cause damage but provides a considerable amount of resources for killing. You can either stay away from them to avoid unnecessary interactions, or you can hunt these creatures to get specific materials.

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