Monster Hunter Rise Dereliction – Complete Guide

The Full guide to the Dereliction skill, its levels and usage and the ideal playstyle to use it in Monster Hunter Rise.

To be to stand a chance against the newer Sunbreak DLC bosses, the Monster Hunter Rise expansion introduced a plethora of new skills to the game. One of which is the Dereliction Skill.

Key Highlights
  • Dereliction skill is a new skill added to Monster Hunter Rise that not only drains the player’s health points but also boosts their overall attack damage.
  • The skill spawns butterfly-like spirits called Qurios which grant passive bonuses of each skill level of the Dereliction and the more Qurios spawned, the higher the buffs applied to the player.
  • The skill is unique in that it allows players to regenerate health upon swapping between weapons during combat.
  • The skill has three levels and the bonuses vary depending on the level, with level 1 granting red and blue scrolls for increased elemental and status values, level 2 giving increased attack power and level 3 granting increased defense.
  • The skill can be unlocked by crafting specific leg piece armor and experimenting with different armor pieces to build the ideal build for your playstyle.

Dereliction Skill Explained

MHR dereliction skill
The dereliction skill in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The progression in Monster Hunter Rise can be overwhelming at first. The game introduces players to several new mechanics right off the bat.

Unlike Monster Hunter World, Rise refreshes the combat and progression scene with several new helpful aspects. These may include the new Wirebug traversal and fighting tool as well as the various fantastic armor skills.

Just like the Latent Power Skill, The Dereliction is a fantastic new skill added with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The skill is unique that it is only available on the Master Rank armor sets of the game. Master Rank is essentially the true endgame experience of the Monster Hunter Franchise. It is a traditional difficulty mode applied when hunters cross the late-game borders of High Rank.

Master Rank is no pushover as it truly tests the skills of the player with the toughest monsters. The hunts are magnified as each monster has special modifiers to boost their aggressiveness and other aspects. Players using the Trainers of Monster Hunter Rise can even find these bosses a hassle to overcome despite using cheats.

The dereliction skill is currently being buzzed around the community of hunters in the MHR Reddit & Discord. Veteran and skilled players alike are calling it one of the best skills to use with a few different combinations.

The skill itself has no special builds yet but its usage can be used in conjunction with a specific playstyle.

How to Activate Dereliction Skill

The usage of Dereliction
The usage of the Dereliction skill in Monster Hunter Rise

The skill description itself states that upon activation, it will drain the user’s health points. However, with that effect, it will also boost their overall attack damage. Like any other skill in the game, Dereliction has 3 levels. It also allows you to regenerate health upon swapping between your weapon “switch skills” during combat.

The skill spawns butterfly-like spirits called ‘Qurios’. These beings are the visual cues of the skill that grant the passive bonuses of each skill level of the Dereliction. The skill works in a very unique way that can be confusing to understand for most newer players tackling the Sunbreak DLC content.

The skill will consume enough health at a certain threshold, after which it will spawn more Qurios. The more of these spirits around you, the higher the buffs & bonuses applied to your character. The maximum amount of Qurios that can be spawned in total is three assuming your skill level is at max.

The skill bonuses vary in what they may provide in either blue or red scroll. The safest bet would be to craft the leg piece armor to get the first rank of the skill. This is because dereliction at Rank 1 works extremely well knowing that any other type of armor piece in other slots suits your build better and does not ruin it.

For now, let’s quickly look at each skill level of Dereliction and the bonuses each one grants you in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. After which we will entail the armor pieces which have the skill unlocked so you craft them.

Dereliction Skill Levels

Each armor and weapon skill have three different tiers or levels. With each level, they grant more and more bonuses on top of the existing bonus. So it is worth experimenting with each armor’s skills to build the ideal build for your playstyle. Following are the skill levels of Dereliction in the Sunbreak DLC of Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Level 1: You will be granted the Red and Blue scrolls skill effects. Using Red Scroll will give you increased elemental and status values. Meanwhile using the Blue Scroll will grant increased attack and stun potency to monsters. Level 1 Blue scroll provides +15 bonus attack points while Red allows +5 elemental attack points.
  • Level 2: The potency of each bonus is further boosted. Blue scroll status gives you +20 AP and Red scroll will allow +7 elemental attack points.
  • Level 3: The final level allows the maximum points to be granted with Blue and Red scrolls both having their values increased to +25 and +10 respectively.

Keep in mind these values are all based on the maximum Qurio spirits you can get on each level of the skill. Overall these are excellent bonuses, a few of which will no doubt work efficiently even at the first level.

Unlocking the Dereliction Skill in Monster Hunter Rise

While so far there is no exact build that utilizes the skill in particular. Most heavy damage-dealing builds of Monster Hunter Rise can safely run it if they are capable of handling the constant health drain status. The dereliction skill is only found on two armor pieces in Sunbreak which are the following:

Archfiend Armor Sceros Monster Hunter Rise
The Archfiend Armor Sceros Leg piece

Archfiend Armor Sceros: The following armor piece is part of the Archfiend Armor set. The armor piece materials can be farmed from the Gaismagoram Monster in the Sunbreak expansion. It is weak to the Dragon and Thunder elements: The exact materials to craft it include:

  • 24000 Zen
  • 2x Abyssal Dragonscale
  • 4x Archdemon Backshell
  • 2x Archdemon Piercetalon
  • 3x Consumption parasite
MHR dereliction skill arms
The Archfiend Armor Epine gauntlets

Archfiend Armor Epine: It is also a part of the same set of Gaismagoram. As we mentioned already, you can swap these for any other suitable gauntlet pieces to better comfort your build. Since players can get the best benefits from the Dereliction skill at its first level. The components needed to craft the piece are:

  • 24000 Zen
  • 5x Abyssal Dragonscale
  • 2x Archdemon Backshell
  • 1x Archdemon Tailhook
  • 2x Garangolm Fist

Tips for the Efficient Dereliction Skill Playstyle

When it comes down to using the skill, it can overwhelm certain players. The skill is hard to fixate in most builds because you are constantly bombarded with health loss. It can be a downside for players who struggle to keep up sustained damage on Monsters. However, in the hands of skilled players, dereliction is insanely viable.

If you are comfortable with the health loss then Dereliction can be one of the most valuable skills to use to put down monsters quickly using enormous chunks of damage in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. We have put together a couple of ways with which hunters can counteract the annoying health drain perk of the skill:

Dereliction health items
Helpful items to reduce the effects of the Dereliction skill
  • Firstly, you can visit the canteen in-game to create and eat the Super Recovery Dango. What is so great about the snack is that it will provide you with permanent health regain buff throughout the hunt. The amount that it heals is not the best at first glance but we assure you it will prove beneficial.

To be precise the amount that it heals is about 1/3rd or to be exact 33% of the total health. The Dango does cost you too much zen to purchase and we highly recommend eating it before tackling any fairly difficult Monster.

  • Now to make the health loss feel almost non-existent, players can farm for Pop-Fish and hand them over to the Dango Stall. Here you will find the option to create a Motley Mix from this popfish. Simply select them and you will have the option to convert them into Gourmet Fish food items.

The Gourmet fish is fantastic as it will heal all of your red health left by the Qurio spirit HP drain. On top of this, it will also provide a potent Health Regen buff. It is much stronger than the Dango HP recovery and will slow down the health drain by 70% which makes it the ideal food to run continuously with the skill equipped.

The Verdict

In hindsight, the skill has had many players tempted to run it on most of their raw DPS builds. Along with Dereliction players will also receive the Resentment skill from the armor pieces. It will increase your overall damage while your health is in the recoverable stage (the red portion of your health gauge).

Although running the skill on your build makes every fight a high-risk high-reward situation. You can also try pairing it up with the Coalescence Skill. Which temporarily increases your attack damage after recovering from various Status Effects of the game, including the likes of the Frenzy virus or Qurio health loss.

No doubt the skill is becoming immensely popular among the fanbase recently. It is also helping speedrunners of the game re-adjust their builds to get faster times on killing monsters with massive values of damage per hit. We can only hope the skill becomes a weapon of mass destruction in every other player’s hands too.


MHR is not so different from its other titles in the Franchise. There is still the thrill of the hunts of farming essential monster parts like the Rare Large Beast gems or the Inferno and Thunder Sacs. Players are truly pushed to the edge in combating these fearsome monsters in tactical hack n slash gameplay.

Thankfully, the game accommodates players with a unique arsenal like the Hunting Horn and Heavy Bowgun. However, you can bring most of the heavy-hitting damage out of our 5 Best Builds for Monster Hunter Rise. These builds utilize the Best Armor of the game to create some extremely powerful and overpowered builds.

This wraps up our detailed guide on the Dereliction skill of MHR and its in-depth analysis of usage and levels. We hope you enjoy using it in the Sunbreak Expansion of Monster Hunter Rise. Let us know if we missed anything or if you want to share anything about the skill in the comments box below!

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