MHR Dragonbone Artifact: Location, Farming & Usage

This Monster Hunter Rise guide will explain the location and farming methods of Dragonbone Artifact in the game including the uses of the Artifact.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest and greatest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise developed and published by Capcom. Dragonbone Artifact got added into Monster Hunter Rise with the release of Sunbreak DLC. It is a Master-Rank material that is used for both upgrades and crafting. Other materials used for similar purposes include the Fucium Ore, Gold Lite Ore, and Awegite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Key Highlights
  • Dragonbone Artifact is a Master-Rank material in Monster Hunter Rise, added in the Sunbreak expansion pack, used to craft better equipment and upgrade high-level gear.
  • It can be obtained from Bonepiles scattered around the map but only in Master-Rank expeditions.
  • The best location for farming Dragonbone Artifacts is The Jungle.
  • Bonepiles respawn after some time, making it easier to farm.
  • The number of Dragonbone Artifacts gathered can be increased by leveling up the geology skill by equipping Leather Gloves and Pants and crafting a talisman from Kagero the Merchant.

What is Dragonbone Artifact In Monster Hunter Rise

Dragonbone Artifact is one of the many Master-Rank materials in Monster Hunter Rise. These materials were not present before in the main game. However, they were added into the game alongside the Sunbreak expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise.

The Dragonbone Artifact is one of the special resources in the game, not only is it used to craft better equipment, but it is also used to upgrade some of the high-level gear. There are many different ways that you can use to obtain the Dragonbone Artifact.

It should be noted that the Dragonbone Artifact is very important in the game. You’ll need it to craft some high-powered equipment for the endgame. You can carry 99 Dragonbone Artifacts at once, and each piece can be sold for 2400 Zennies which is the in-game currency of Monster Hunter Rise. We will explain the different locations where you can farm this item in complete detail later in the guide.

Location of Dragonbone Artifact

Many resources in the game either require you to kill some monsters or mine them at outcrops. But Dragonbone Artifacts are quite different in that respect. Basically, you will need to gather them from Bonepiles that are scattered around the map.

The drop is not even certain, and you’re going to have to farm a lot for the Dragonbone Artifact. However, there are many bone piles that you can interact with, and these bone piles also respawn after some time. So you can easily farm them.

Bone piles that drop the Dragonbone Artifact will only be accessible when you start an expedition on Master-Rank in Monster Hunter Rise. The following locations contain Bonepiles from which you have a chance to gather Dragonbone Artifact;

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Flooded Forest
  • Frost Islands
  • Sandy Plains
  • Lava Caverns 
  • The Jungle
  • Citadel

Additionally, make sure that you access these locations in Master-Rank for the Dragonbone Artifact to spawn. Although each of these locations possesses Bonepiles, there are only some locations you can farm for the Dragonbone Artifact efficiently in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best Farming Method For Dragonbone Artifact

There are many locations in the world of MHR where you can obtain the Dragonstone Artifact. Unfortunately, these locations do not drop the item 100% of the time. That is why you’ll end up farming for the Master-Rank resource material in Monster Hunter World.

We recommend farming the Dragonstone Artifact in The Jungle. Basically, it is the most efficient area for farming this Master-Rank resource in Monster Hunter Rise. There are many locations in the Jungle where Bonepiles are located from which you can gather the Dragonbone Artifacts.

monster hunter rise dragonstone artifact
Location of Bonepiles that have a chance of containing the Dragonstone Artifact in the Jungle Area of Monster Hunter Rise

Follow the location pointed out in the map above to get to these bone piles. As we have already mentioned, getting the Dragonstone Artifact is not a guaranteed drop. Additionally, you are going to have to farm these bone piles continuously, so make an efficient route through the Jungle.

Thankfully, the Bonepiles do respawn after a while, making your grind a tad bit easier. Just start an expedition on Master-Rank in the Jungle in Monster Hunter Rise. Keep farming the Bonepiles until you have enough Dragonbone Artifacts for your weapon crafting and equipment upgrades.

How To Increase the Number of Dragonstone Artifacts Gathered

You can increase the number of Dragonbone Artifacts gathered from bone piles by simply leveling up your geology skill level. You can level up your geology skill level by doing the following;

  • Equipping the Leather Gloves and Leather Pants will increase the level of your Geology Skill to 2.
  • Additionally, craft a talisman from Kagero the Merchant. Equipping that Talisman alongside the Leather armor will increase your Gealogy Skill level to 3.

Basically, once you level up the geology skill, you will be able to gather from bone piles more than once. At level 1, it is just one additional chance. Whereas at level 2 of geology skill, you have two additional chances to gather from bone piles in Monster Hunter World.

Additionally, You can even use different types of Dango to boost your gathering abilities further. Combining Dangos with your leveled-up Geology skill will maximize the chance of you getting the Dragonstone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise.

Usage of Dragonstone Artifact

Dragonstone Artifact is a special Master-Rank resource that is used for crafting and upgrading equipment in Monster Hunter Rise. You can craft some of the best weapons and armor sets using this material. It is definitely worthwhile to farm the Dragonstone Artifacts in order to craft high-powered gear.

Additionally, Dragonstone Artifact can be used to do the following in Monster Hunter Rise;

  • Crafting Jewels
  • Crafting Weapons
  • Upgrading Weapons
  • Crafting Armor and Buddy Equipment

Crafting Jewels

Charger Jewel+ 4 is the only jewel that can be crafted using the Dragonstone Artifact. The jewel buffs your weapons in Monster Hunter Rise and is one of the most useful jewels in the game. Basically, the jewel does the following;

  • It will increase the fill rate of weapons with gauges
  • It increases the charge rate of weapons with charge attacks
  • Also buffs the Focus skill

Additionally, Charger Jewel+4 can even be sold for 6000 Zennies in Monster Hunter World. It was also added into the game with the Sunbreak DLC expansion pack. Basically, grinding Dragonstone Artifact to craft the Charger Jewe+ 4 is absolutely worth it as it buffs your weapons. 

Crafting Weapons

You can craft the following weapons in Monster Hunter Rise by using the Dragonstone Artifact;

  • Araknasmasher (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Final Fieldblade+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Akanesasu+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Summoning Bell+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Queen Rapier+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Blade of Talos+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bloom Snow Blade (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bone Claw Lance (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Crab Horns (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Dear Lutemia+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Grand Barong+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Red Pincer (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Shaucha Gloryblade (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Spiral Splash+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Talon Twins+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Furious Flammenkanone+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Chef’s Best Knife (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Araknatootle (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Rosenranze (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Kurenawi Ougi+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Nifl Mist+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Wyvern Chaser+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Blade of Talos+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bloom Snow Wail (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bonesilt Veil+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Dark Lance (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Double Droth+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Mud Slicers (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Royal Torrent+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Sonic Glass (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Striped Shell (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Valkyrie Blaze+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Ragdos Tabar+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Forte Flammenkornett+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)

Upgrading Weapons

Here is a list of some weapons in Monster Hunter Rise that you can upgrade using the Dragonbone Artifacts. Additionally, the number of artifacts needed to upgrade them is also mentioned;

  • Evening Dusk+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Fortis Gran+ (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bloom Snow Claws (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Raging Wyvern (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Secta Du Black (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Draquila Reaver (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bonebreaker Tabar (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)

Crafting Armor And Budding Equipment

Not only can you craft armor using the Dragonstone Artifact but also the buddy equipment in Monster Hunter Rise. Following is the Armor and Buddy Equipment that can be crafted using Dragonstone Artifact;

  • Aelucanth Elytra X / Rhopessa Elytra X (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Bishaten Vambraces X (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Skull Visage X (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Barbanias Patch (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Ceanataur Helm (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Hoplite’s Braces (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Yukumo Sky Kote (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)
  • Artillery Corps Greaves (×1 Dragonstone Artifact)


In a recent update, Monster Hunter Rise also received a feature that allows you to customize the look of your weapons. Basically, the mechanic is called the Layering of Weapons. Read our Layered Weapons guide for more information on the mechanic.

MHR has also received some of the best MODS that heighten its already amazing experience. You should also experiment with some of these MODS. There are many NPCs in Monster Hunter Rise that can give you different quests to complete. Bahari is an example of an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise.

There are many weapons in Monster Hunter Rise that you can play around with in the game. If you want to learn about the best weapons in each class, then read our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List. All weapons also possess different builds that you can make, including the Bowgun Build

Monster Hunter Rise is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game that has gained massive popularity. Additionally, it has some of the best boss fights and locations to explore in the Monster Hunter Franchise. The game also gets regularly updated, and DLC was also recently released for  MHR.

This concludes our guide on the Dragonstone Artifact in Monster Hunter Rise. Hopefully, it helped you farm the Master-Rank resource with ease.

We also hope that you were able to craft the best gear in Monster Hunter Rise using the Dragonstone Artifact. Let us know what you think about Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak DLC in the comments below.

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