Monster Hunter Rise Firestone: Location, Farming & Use

This guide explains the importance of Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise with its locations, farming techniques, and usage for weapons and armors.

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth edition of the Monster Hunter Series, it released on Microsoft Windows in March 2021. Gamers who have played the previous version of the Monster Hunter Series can tell that MH Rise has come with a lot of new things. There are Pricey Shoot, Luchika, and Layered Weapons that you cannot find in the previous version. However, in this guide, you will get to know how to farm the rare Firestone material in Monster Hunter Rise.

Key Highlights
  • Monster Hunter Rise allows players to craft and upgrade weapons, armor, and other items, but different materials are required to perform these tasks.
  • Firestone is a rare material that is difficult to find in the early stages of the game, but becomes more common in higher-rank quests.
  • There are three village quests available for Firestone, with the “Getting Back the Groceries,” “So Hot, It Melts Iron” and “The Best Quest” which is relatively difficult.
  • Players can farm firestone in Lava Caverns, which is the same for both low-rank and high-rank.
  • In low rank, it can be found in mining outcrops in regions 9 and 12, and the area between those regions has the most chances of obtaining it.
  • In high rank, both the white and blue mining outcrops are good sources of the item. Players can equip the Geologist skill of level 3 to yield more per outcrop.
  • Firestone can be used to upgrade a variety of weapons and armors, including Forged weapons, Upgraded weapons, Ore Tree, Bone Tree, Fire Tree, Thunder Tree, and many more.

MH Rise Materials

The game does not have basic mechanics. Rather, it allows you to craft and upgrade weapons, armor, and other items, making things flexible for you. However, you need to collect specific materials to craft or upgrade something specific.

Some materials are easy to find while some are rare. You can get some materials directly by defeating monsters, while you have to get some indirectly such as Kamura Tickets. Moreover, there are Afflicted Materials that you can only obtain in the end game by completing the anomaly quests.

So, to give you a gist of it, materials are super important if you want to keep proceeding in the game effectively. Collect as many materials as you can, even the ones which have the slightest glow.

Once you collect materials, you can craft them after opening the start menu and clicking on the crafting list. Moreover, Monster Hunter Rise has made farming easy as you can do it anywhere as long as you have the required materials in your inventory.

Firestone In Monster Hunter Rise

In the early stages of Monster Hunter Rise, you will find it extremely difficult to find the Firestone. Once you reach the middle stage, more options will open, and it will be easier to collect them.

You can use it to upgrade weapons and craft armors. The item is difficult to find in low-rank quests; however, in higher-rank quests, you get to see it more frequently. In MH Rise, you will usually find the item in mining outcrops.

We recommend that before you start any quest for it, you set up an expedition and save time by farming other mining outcrops.

Quests For Firestone

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are a total of three village quests available for Firestone. Remember that a low-level quest can result in getting either zero or a minimal amount of the item. However, low-level quests can be completed easily in lesser time. Remember that in the following quests, there is only a 5% chance of getting a single item.

Getting Back The Groceries

Monster Hunter Rise: Firestone in Getting Back the Groceries
Getting Back the Groceries Quest

This village quest is a non-key gathering quest in MHR. It is only for the sake of additional rewards as key quests are necessary to complete the game. The quest is of level four, so make sure you rank 4 unlocked.

The client in the quest is Yomogi the Chef, she will request you to find the package that she lost which contains Legendary Herbs. You have an objective of delivering 6 Secret Dango Ingredients. Make sure you have completed the Supply Run quest as that is the prerequisite for the Getting Back the Groceries quest.

After accepting the quest from Yomogi, you can see it in the Four-star village quests list. You will need to collect 6 items that will be all around the map in the shape of small packages. Since the map has two levels, you will find the items on both levels. After collecting all the items, return to Yomogi the Chef and the quest will be completed.

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So Hot, It Melts Iron

MH Rise: So hot It Melts Iron Quest
So Hot, It Melts Iron Quest

It’s also a Four-star and Non-Key gathering Village quest in which your task is to deliver twelve pieces of coal. The quest needs to be done within 50 minutes and the basic reward for it is 3150z. You will need to look around in Lava Caverns for the coal.

In MH Rise, coal can be harvested by mining Scorched Ore. You can easily check your mini-map or detailed map so you can locate these ore points. Collect as much scorched ore as you can because you can also harvest volatile coal from it later on.

The BEST Quest

Monster Hunter Rise: Firestone in The BEST Quest
The BEST Quest

The non-key slaying and four-star village quest is relatively more difficult than the previous ones. The task of the quest is to slay 10 Rachnoid small monsters. These monsters have eggs on their back and resemble spiders. Do not get too close to these small monsters as they breathe fire which will give you damage.

The reward for the quest is 2100z and the client for it is ‘Thoughtful Girl.’ You can indicate the monsters on the Lava Caverns map, and they are marked in red. Make sure you harvest materials from a Rachnoid when you kill one.

Firestone Locations

MH Rise Upper Layer Locations
Upper Layer Lava Caverns Locations for Firestone
Monster Hunter Rise: Firestone Lower Layer Lava Caverns
Lower Layer Lava Caverns locations for Firestone

As mentioned earlier, there are two options for you to farm the item in. For the early stages, you can use Low Rank, but it will have few chances of giving you the item you want. However, once you reach mid-game or endgame, you can use High Rank to farm the items with a much higher yield.

Low Rank

In Monster Hunter Rise, Lava Caverns is the only location for both low rank and high rank, where you can farm firestone. If you are in low rank, start off by looking for Mining outcrops which are usually in region 9 and region 12. However, you might get a chance of farming a few of them in region 1 as well.

Moreover, the area between region 9 and region 12 can be accessed with ease. It has an area where you will see a few white veins, that place has the most chances of getting this item. If you have limited time, then we would not suggest you search for the item in blue outcrops as it rarely drops any.

High Rank

For the Higher Rank version, both the white area and the blue mining outcrops are a good source of the item. However, if you need loads of the item and you don’t have enough time then you should equip Geologist skill of level 3.

Each time you mine with the geologist skill, you can get up to twelve times more Firestone from just a single outcrop. So, if you are going to mine all the deposits in the area using the geologist skill of level 3, you can get up to 40 times more of these items. Therefore, if you don’t need the item urgently in the early stages of the game, keep postponing it so you can farm it without wasting much time.

Uses Of Firestone In Monster Hunter Rise

There are plenty of uses of Firestone in MH Rise, that is the reason this item is so difficult to farm. Mainly you can use it to upgrade the following weapons and armors.

Weapons That Require Firestone

Within weapons, there are different classes, and you would require a different amount of the item for these weapons.

Forged Weapons

  1. Death Stench Tree: Cawscythe I (x2)
  2. Rathalos Tree: Djinn I (x3)
  3. Zinogre Tree: Usurper’s Roar I (x2)
  4. Anjanath Tree: Flaming Fury I (x2)

Upgraded Weapons

  1. Kamura Tree:
    • Kamura Chorus IV (x3)
    • Blade IV Kamura (x3)
    • Kamura C. Blade IV (x3)
    • Kamura Cleaver IV (x3)
    • Glaive IV Kamura (x3)
    • Kamura Glintblades IV (x3)
    • Kamura Iron Bow IV (x3)
    • Gunlance IV Kamura (x3)
    • Kamura H. Bowgun IV (x3)
    • Kamura Hammer IV (x3)
    • Iron Axe IV Kamura (x3)
    • Kamura Sword IV (x3)
    • Kamura L. Bowgun IV (x3)
    • Spear IV Kamura (x3)
  2. Ore Tree
    • Elite Switch Axe I (x2)
    • Keen Edge II (x3)
    • Dual Daggers (x2)
    • Elite Blade I (x1)
    • Iron Beater II (x3)
    • Millenial Lance (x1)
    • Iron Bayonet I (x1)
    • War Mace (x2)
    • Eizenlitter (x2)
  3. Ore Tree 2
    • Meteor Bazooka II (x5)
  4. Bone Tree
    • Power Gasher I (x2)
  5. Fire Tree
    • Barbaroi Blade I (x3)
    • Gun Hammer II (x2)
    • Blazeblades I (x2)
    • Heat Lance II (x1)
  6. Thunder Tree
    • The Shredder I (x2)
  7. Bnahabra Tree
    • Fiore Nulo II (x2)
  8. Uroktor Tree
    • Lava Pick I (x2)
    • Scale Tornado II (x3)
  9. Barroth Tree
    • Barroth Loader II (x2)
  10. Aknosom Tree
    • Aknosom Blade II (x1)
    • Lance II Aknosom (x2)
    • Aknosom Pike II (x2)
  11. Rathalos Tree
    • Axelion Blade I (x1)
    • Djinn I (x3)
  12. Mosgharl Tree
    • Pumpking II (x2)

Armors That Use Firestone

Like weapons, there are a variety of armors that use firestone, and they are:

Low-Rank Armor

  • Ingot Set
    • Ingot Mail (x1)
  • Bullfango Mask Set
    • Bullfango Mask (x1)
  • Uroktor Set
    • Uroktor Torso (x1)
  • Basarios Set
    • Basarios Helm (x1)
  • Rathalos Set
    • Rathalos Coil (x2)
  • Anja Set
    • Anjanath Vambraces (x1)
  • Tigrex Set
    • Tigrex Mail (x1)
  • Death Stench Set
    • Death Stench Brain (x1)
  • Visible: Utsushi Set
    • Utsushi Chest (V) (x1)
    • Utsushi Tassets (V) (x1)
  • Hidden: Utsushi Set
    • Utsushi Chest (H) (x1)
    • Utsushi Tassets (H) (x1)
  • Channeler Set
    • Robe Channeler (x1)
    • Obi Channeler (x1)
  • Medium Set
    • Medium’s Robe (x1)
    • Medium’s Obi (x1)

High-Rank Armor

  • Kamura S Set
    • Kamura Head Scarf S (x1)
  • Uroktor S Set
    • Uroktor Torso S (x4)
  • Aknosom S Set
    • Aknosom Greaves S (x1)
  • Basarios S Set
    • Basarios Greaves S (x2)


That is all from our side, we recommend you collect Firestone in the later stages of Monster Hunter Rise. It will also let you collect more items in less time and more effectively. Just follow the simple steps mentioned in the guide and you will be having plenty of it in your inventory.

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