Monster Hunter Rise Fucium Ore: Definitive Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise guide will explaing the location and farming methods of Fucium Ore in the game including the uses of the ore.

When you unlock Higher-Rank in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll realize that the game boosts its difficulty level. You will end up facing more aggressive monsters with bigger health pools. At this point, any or every low-level gear that you have will become useless in these High-risk areas.

You will need High-Rank Weapons and Armor even to get a chance of beating these monsters. That is where Fucium Ore will help you craft some of the best weapons and armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise. Maintaining a good supply of this special resource material is absolutely necessary.

Key Takeaways
  • Fucium Ore is a special resource material used to craft high-rank weapons, a Constitution Perk jewel, and armor in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • These mining outcrops can only be accessed in High-Rank, and have a chance to yield Fucium Ore.
  • The best location to farm Fucium Ore is in the Lava Caverns, specifically in the North-East area.
  • The Geology Skill of the player can increase the number of ores mined in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • To increase your Geology Skill to level 3, equip Leather Gloves and Leather Pants and craft a Talisman from Kagero, the Merchant.

Location of Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

There are three locations where you can mine the Fucium Ore. Two of these locations are unlocked as five-star quests in High-Rank, whereas the third is locked behind a six-star quest. There are many mining outcrops in these locations, and some of them will allow you to mine Fucium Ore.

Following are the three locations where you can farm the Fucium Ore;

  • Sandy Plains
  • Flooded Forest
  • Lava Caverns

Now, I will briefly discuss the exact locations of Fucium Ore in these specific areas of Monster Hunter Rise. It should be noted that the mining outcrops have a “chance” to yield Fucium Ores, so you will have to farm them.

Sandy Plains

There are five different mining outcrops where you can obtain the Fucium Ore in the Sandy Plains. However, these ores will only become available once you visit the area in a five-star Gathering Hub Quest in High Rank. Thankfully, the map in Monster Hunter Rise has numbered areas, so it will become easier to discuss different locations.

sabdy plains fucium ore
Location of Mining Outcrops that yield Fucium Ores in the Sandy Plains area of Monster Hunter Rise

One of the mining outcrops near Area 2 can yield Fucium Ore. However, you will find almost three mining outcrops just west of Area 5, where Fucium Ore can be mined. Mining outcrops below Area 10 and above Area 12 will also have a chance to contain the Fucium Ore for you to mine.

Flooded Forest

There are six different mining outcrops in the Flooded Forest area that have a chance to contain the Fucium Ore. Additionally, these will only become available when you visit the area in a five-star Gathering Hub Quest at High Rank. Again, I will use the map to guide you through these locations.

flooded forest fucium ores
Location of Mining Outcrops that yield Fucium Ores in the Flooded Forest area of Monster Hunter Rise

You’ll find almost three mining outcrops in total around Areas 9, 10, and 11 that have a chance of containing the Fucium Ore. Additionally, Area 11 will have the most mining outcrops available to mine in the Flooded Forest. Another mining outcrop present between Area 1 and 8 can also yield the Fucium Ore. Lastly; you can find two mining outcrops below Area 3 that can contain the Fucium Ore.

Lava Caverns

It is the last area on my list that will provide you with Fucium Ore material. There are seven different locations in the Lava Caverns at the upper level where you can possibly mine the Fucium Ore. However, this area will only yield those ores once accessed through a six-star Gathering Hub Quest in High Rank. 

Lava caverns fucium ore monster hunter rise
Location of Mining Outcrops that yield Fucium Ores in the Lava Caverns area of Monster Hunter Rise

Most of the mining outcrops in Lava Caverns are located in the subterranean zones. There are three different points between Areas 6, 8, 9, and 10 where you can mine the Fucium Ore from mining outcrops. Three more locations around Areas 11 and 14 can also yield the Fucium Ore upon mining the outcrops. Lastly, you’ll find some Fucium Ore in the mining outcrop near Area 5.

Best Farming Method for Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

I recommend doing the farming for Fucium Ores in the Lava Caverns area of Monster Hunter Rise. You will find the maximum number of mining outcrops that yield the Fucium Ore here. Additionally, you should do your farming in the North-East area of the Lava Caverns.

How to Increase the Number of Fucium Ore Mined

There is a way to increase the number of ores mined in Monster Hunter Rise. It is all tied to the Geology skill of the player. All you have to do is increase the level of your Geology Skill to 3, and it’ll increase the number of all types of ores mined. 

The following methods can be used to increase the Geology Skill Level of your character;

  • Equipping the Leather Gloves and Leather Pants will increase the level of your Geology Skill to 2.
  • Craft a Talisman from Kagero the Merchant. Equipping that Talisman alongside the Leather armor will increase your Gealogy Skill level to 3.

Increasing the Geology Skill to Level 3 will boost the number of Fucium Ore obtained in Monster Hunter Rise by a massive amount. It is definitely worth it to increase the Geology Skill Level in MHR.

Uses of Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Almost every metal/ore in Monster Hunter Rise is used for both crafting and upgrading. Fucium Ore is certainly no exception to that rule. Additionally, it is one of the Special High-Rank Resources that you’ll need to craft and upgrade some of the best equipment in Monster Hunter Rise.

Fucium Ore can be used to do the following;

  • Crafting Jewels
  • Crafting Weapons
  • Upgrading Weapons
  • Crafting Armor and Buddy Equipment

Crafting Jewels

Physique Jewel 2 is the only jewel that can be crafted using a Fucium Ore. Additionally, it only requires a single Fucium Ore to get crafted. The jewel itself will give a Constitution Perk to the player, which grants a huge buff in itself. Basically, it will reduce the amount of stamina consumed by the player while performing any type of action. It is an extremely useful buff for hectic High-Rank boss fights.

Crafting Weapons

You can craft the following weapons by using the Fucium Ore;

  • Daora’s Delphinidae I (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Demon Rod I (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Cornpopper I (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Demon Gunlance I (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Flammenkanone I (×5 Fucium Ores)
  • Mane Malice I (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Rajang Shooter I (×8 Fucium Ores)

Upgrading Weapons

Here is a list of some weapons that you can upgrade using the Fucium Ore and the number of ores needed to upgrade them;

  • Heavy Bowgun ImageFulgent Shot I (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Bow ImageArko Nulo Black II (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Light Bowgun ImageGale Bowgun (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Bow ImageArko Unu White (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Lance ImageDrill Lance II (×5 Fucium Ores)
  • Lance ImageBabel Spear II (×3 Fucium Ore)
  • Light Bowgun ImageBarro Blaster (×5 Fucium Ores)
  • Hammer ImageBinding Bludgeon II (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Great Sword ImageChrome Quietus (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Lance ImageClassy Fragrance (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Hammer ImageCyclo-Hammer II (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Switch Axe ImageCzar Switch Axe (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Bow ImageDawn Ray Bow II (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Hammer ImageDevil Masher II (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Long Sword ImageDevil Slicer (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Dual Blades ImageDual Cleavers (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Heavy Bowgun ImageEarth Eater (×8 Fucium Ores)
  • Heavy Bowgun ImageFelyne Bowgun II (×5 Fucium Ore)
  • Gunlance ImageFiore Nulo Black II (×5 Fucium Ores)
  • Gunlance ImageFiore Unu White (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Hunting Horn ImageFortissimo (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Hammer ImageGreat Nova II (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Lance ImageGrowling Wyvern II (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Dual Blades ImageGuillotines (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Insect Glaive ImageHiten Blade (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Gunlance ImageImperial Guardlance (×5 Fucium Ores)
  • Long Sword ImageJulienne Blade (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Charge Blade ImageKaiser Blade (×6 Fucium Ores)
  • Insect Glaive ImageLagombavarice (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Light Bowgun ImageLotus Bowgun II (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Gunlance ImageLudroth Harpoon III (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Heavy Bowgun ImageMeteor Cannon (×10 Fucium Ores)
  • Hunting Horn ImagePukei Bagpipe II (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Gunlance ImagePukei Gunlance I (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Hunting Horn ImageQueen Chordmaker (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Dual Blades ImageRainy Jelly II (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Heavy Bowgun ImageRebound Shot (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Charge Blade ImageRough Roller II (×2 Fucium Ores)

Crafting Armor And Buddy Equipment

You can also craft armor and buddy equipment using the Fucium Ore, which are;&lt;/strong></p>

  • Torso ImageVespoid Mail (×1 Fucium Ores)
  • Waist ImageChrome Metal Coil (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Head ImageIngot Helm S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Legs ImageChrome Metal Boots (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Arms ImageTigrex Braces S (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Arms ImageDamascus Vambraces (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Torso ImageIngot Mail S (×1 Fucium Ores)
  • Head ImageRathian Helm S (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Waist ImageUroktor Coil S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Waist ImageIngot Coil S (×1 Fucium Ores)
  • Legs ImageMizuha Gaiters (×4 Fucium Ores)
  • Waist ImageBasarios Coil S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Arms ImageBarroth Vambraces S (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Head ImageChaos Archbun (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Legs ImageVolvidon Greaves S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Waist ImageDamascus Coil (×3 Fucium Ores)
  • Legs ImageIngot Greaves S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • Arms ImageIngot Vambraces S (×2 Fucium Ores)
  • C Basarios Axe S (×1 Fucium Ores)

For more information on the best armors in MHR Sunbreak, check out our BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armors guide.


Monster Hunter Rise is the successor of Monster Hunter World, developed and published by Capcom. Fucium Ore is a unique material used for crafting and upgrading your weapons. Gold Lite Ore is another unique material, so check out our Gold Lite Ore guide for more information on that. All these ores are necessary for fully upgrading your equipment in the game.

Money is another important resource in MHR that is required for almost everything in the game. For more information on money, check out our Money Farming Methods guide. If you want to make the best of your experience in Monster Hunter Rise, then try using some MODS. During your adventure in MHR, you will come across many NPCs in the game.


This concludes my guide on the Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise. Hopefully, it helped you obtain the number of Fucium Ores that you needed to craft and upgrade your favorite equipment in MHR. Let me know what you think about the latest Monster Hunter game in the comments below.

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