Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore: Locations, Uses, & More

In This Guide We Will Explore The Monster Hunter Rise's Gold Lite Ore In Depth By Discussing The Locations, Uses And More Information On It.

Monster Hunter Rise features different types of ores that you will require to progress through the game, and one such ore is the Gold Lite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise. In this game, combat matters a lot. So you will have to invest in some of the best equipment there is available in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Gold Lite Ore is an essential material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak used to craft and upgrade Master Rank items and specifically Master Rank armor.
  • Gold Lite Ore is a rare material with eight-star rarity. Players need this material as they progress through the game.
  • Gold Lite Ore is found in the Mining Outcrops of the Sandy Plains map on Master Rank, with a relatively high chance of dropping after mining the outcrops.
  • There are 12 specific mining outcrops located in zones 2, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 12 in the Sandy Plains map.
  • Stamina-enhancing items such as Dango Glutton and Dango Wall runner, as well as well-done steak or rations, can help mine Gold Lite Ore faster.
  • Gold Lite Ore is used to craft specific pieces of armor such as Regios Coils, Basarios Coils, Rathian Helm, Squire’s Greaves, Basarios Vambraces, Squire’s Braces, Shell Studded Vest, and Anjanath Vambraces.

What Is Gold Lite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

A Mining Outcrop
A Mining Outcrop

Gold Lite Ore is an essential part of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak as it is used to craft and upgrade different types of Master Rank Items. They are specially used to craft Master Rank armor. Gold Lite Ore is an eight-star rarity material that every player will require later on in the game.

The Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore is a shiny, gold in color ore that is very appealing to the eye. At one time, you can hold 99 Gold Lite Ore in your inventory. You can even sell the ore in its raw form for a selling price of 1260  Zennies.

Where To Find Gold Lite Ore in MHR

Locations Map
A Map Of The Gold Lite Ore Mining Outcrops

To use the Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore, you first have to find it and harvest or mine it. Gold Lite Ore can be specifically found in the Mining Outcrops of the Sandy Plains map. Sandy Plains a wasteland map where there is an upper and lower levels. Also, we recommend that you use stamina replenishing items as well because you will have to ascend your way through tough terrain.

Now, to find Gold Lite Ore, you will have to visit the Sandy Plains on Master Rank. There you have to go through each of the 12 mining outcrops. Each outcrop has a chance of dropping Gold Lite Ore, which means that it is not guaranteed. However, the chance of dropping Gold Lite Ore after mining the outcrops is relatively high, so do not lose hope. Also, these mining outcrops are usually white or blue in appearance.

Now we will be giving you a general idea of each Gold Lite Ore mining outcrops location by describing the area in a specific zone. For those who do not know, the zones are generally marked on the sandy plains map. The 12 mining outcrops for Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore are in:

  • The first location is in zone 2. The mining outcrop is to the southwest in the gray outer area.
  • The second location is also in zone 2. To the east, the mining outcrop is located on a ledge.
  • The next location is in zone 5. The mining outcrop is on a tall towering rock formation that is near the center of the cavern.
  • This one is also located in zone 5. It is located in an underground cave. The cave is on the right of the ravine trail’s entrance.
  • The next location is also in zone 5. The outcrop can be found on a plateau which is located on the west side of the cavern.
  • Now, the first mining outcrop in zone 6 is to the left of the precipice.
  • The second outcrop of zone 6 is near the southern ridge of zone 6.
  • Another zone 6 mining outcrop is on the southern tip of the ridge, which is opposite a zone 2 mining outcrop.
  • The last mining outcrop of zone 6 is located inside the precipice’s ravine.
  • The only zone 9 mining outcrop is on the northwest corner of the zone.
  • The zone 10 mining outcrop is near to the right of the zone 7 entrance in zone 10.
  • The last mining outcrop is in zone 12. This time the outcrop is in ruins and on a shelf to the west side of the ruins.

Stamina Replenishing Items to Mine Gold Lite Ore Faster

A Well done steak
Cooking A Well Done Steak

Now, some of the stamina-enhancing items are Dango Glutton and Dango Wall runner. We recommend that you use both of them for your mining trip. These Dangos can be acquired through reaching level 3 village and completing the village’s three quests known as the “Supply Run”.

Also, you can consume a well-done steak or your rations to replenish your stamina quickly. For those who were wondering how to get rations, all you have to do is to travel to the canteen and buy the Motley Mix, which can be bought through small monster hides. You can use these Motley Mixes to make a well-done steak or just consume them as it is while you explore to find Gold Lite Ore

Best Items You Can Craft With Gold Lite Ore

Armor Set
An Armor Set In Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore is used to craft armor and buddy gear, as mentioned before. It is often used to make a specific piece of a set of armor. Some of the pieces of the armor set that you require Gold Lite Ore for are:

  • Regios Coils
  • Basarios Coils 
  • Rathian Helm 
  • Squire’s Greaves
  • Basarios Vambraces 
  • Squire’s Braces
  • Shell Studded Vest 
  • Anjanath Vambraces

Now that we have discussed everything there is to discuss regarding the Monster Hunter Rise Gold Lite Ore, and we bring this guide to an end. In the guide, we discussed the Gold Lite Ore and its locations. Also, we exclusively covered content that could be linked to Gold Lite Ore. We hope you enjoyed the guide and found it useful. If you think we missed something, then let us know through the comment section down below.

Monster Hunter Rise is a game that revolves precisely around the name of the game. Where your basic task is to survive and hunt different types of monsters, it is a role-playing action game that is also the latest title in the Monster Hunter series. The game was published and developed by Capcom. However, they designed it originally for the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally released in March 2021 for Nintendo. However, they later also released it for Microsoft in January 2022.

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