BEST Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build

Monster Hunter Rise has 14 weapons all with their own unique playstyles. Our guide focuses on the Best possible Heavy Bowgun Build.

The Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter has always been a hard-hitting strong ranged weapon. The main downside to which has always been its sedated gameplay. Our guide will tell you about the best MHR Heavy Bowgun Build possible.

Key Highlights
  • The Heavy Bowgun is a ranged weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that is used for providing support to teammates from a safe distance.
  • The Heavy Bowgun has low mobility, but the wirebugs give it new mobility options for dodging and quickly escaping after an attack.
  • You can enhance the heavy bowgun with different elemental ammunition. It can also shoot at monsters from the sky.
  • The Heavy Bowgun has a unique Wirebug/Silkbind attack, the Free Silkbind Glide. The Free Silkbind Glide is particularly useful for rushing in and hitting monsters with a charged attack or dodging.
  • The Super Wirebug+ can be used to travel to higher landscapes and mountains.
  • The Garangolm Canon+ is the best weapon for the Heavy Bowgun Build. It can be obtained by slaying the new monster Garangolm in the Citadel Flooded Forest.
  • The best armor for the Heavy Bowgun Build are the Utsushi True Mask, Kushara Cista X chest plate armor, Barroth Vambraces X arm armor, Kushala Cista X waist armor and leg armor.
  • Acquiring the right materials and decorations for the armor and weapon can be time-consuming and depend on luck.

What is The Heavy Bowgun?

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun
Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise

Before we jump into our best Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build, we need to discuss this weapon in a bit more detail. As we already know, the Heavy Bowgun is one of the 14 weapons, and it is a ranged weapon. 

In addition, being a ranged weapon means the user will primarily be providing support to their teammates from a safe distance. Other ranged Monster Hunter Rise weapons include the Light Bowgun and The bow

Heavy Bowgun users have very low mobility; if you are the type of player who wants to shoot at monsters quickly and then swiftly getaway, then Monster Hunter has you covered there as well. You can use the Light Bowgun for that kind of playstyle. 

Furthermore, you can apply different kinds of elements to your ammunition. You can swap between these elements on the fly mid-fight to suit the situation you have found yourself in. The players are free to experiment and make their own best MHR Heavy Bowgun Builds.

The wirebugs give the Heavy Bowgun mobility that it has frankly never ever had before. You can rush in and hit the enemy with a charged shot and then escape quickly using the wirebug.

The Heavy Bowgun can also shoot at the monsters from the sky; the move can be changed and swapped to your liking. It is very similar to one of the moves that the Bow has.

What makes this version of the Heavy Bowgun different from its predecessors is the addition of the Wirebug attacks. Each weapon in the base game of Monster Hunter Rise has two Wirebug moves; let us discuss both of these for the Heavy Bowgun in detail.

Wirebug Silkbind Attacks For MHR Heavy Bowgun Build

Aside from helping you with dodging the enemies’ attacks when you use them at the right given moments, Wirebugs also have two moves for each of the 14 weapons present in the base game of Monster Hunter Rise.

The wirebug attacks are officially known as Silkbind moves in the game. This is because of their silk-like look and how you can gain them from bugs roaming around on the map that make silk.

Furthermore, both of these moves are created with their main weapon in mind. So both of the attacks for the Heavy Bowgun are extremely good for the user and downright essential as you progress through the game and encounter stronger monsters.

The player usually has access to two of these, and when you use one up, you will have to wait for it to recharge again. You can see the recharge meter on the middle bottom side of your screen. Every Silkbind move is extremely well implemented to their respected weapon.

In addition, to your normal wirebugs, while exploring the different vast open-world-like locales, you will find something called a Super Wirebug+. 

As the name suggests, it is an enhanced version of your normal wirebug. It is important to keep in mind that when using it with a Silkbind attack, it will act like a normal wirebug. The main proficient use of this is to use it to travel. Super Wirebug has an extremely long reach and will take you to higher landscapes and mountains.

Free Silkbind Glide 

Silkbind Attack number 1 Monster Hunter
The Free Silkbind Glide Move

The Free Silkbind Glide is going to be one of your most essential assets when using a Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build. The move might feel like the generic wirebug dodge, but it is quite different and has better frames and dodging. 

The name of the move is a little misguiding; you don’t glide; rather, you slide either towards the enemy or away from it. This Silkbind Attack can be extremely useful for rushing in and hitting the monsters with a charged attack quickly.

Moreover, the other use for the silkbind move is dodging. In most wirebug dodges, the character is standing still when dodging; that isn’t the case with this one. While using Free Silkbind Glide, the Hunter will slide, so it makes it even harder for the monster to attack you.

A great situation to make use of this will be when the monster is either stunned or down. Then you can quickly go in and hit it with the charged shot and other attacks, then retreat back to the ranged attack spot. 

Counter Shot

Silkbind Attack 2 Monster Hunter
The Counter Shot Silkbind Attack

The name of the silkbind move probably gave away what it does. The Counter Shot is an extremely good move for when you are keeping your distance from the monster and are snipping him away slowly and carefully.

Whenever you feel like the monster has aggro on your hunter, that is when you activate this silkbind. As soon as the monster hits the character, its move will be countered with an attack.

Furthermore, as you can probably guess, the Counter Shot is an essential tool that you should regularly use whenever it is available for the MHR Heavy Bowgun Build. It makes sure that the monster doesn’t one-shot kill you or disrupt your momentum.

Now that we have discussed all there is for the Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build weapon, and its wirebug silkbind attacks, let us proceed towards the strongest possible build. Continue reading to turn your hunter into an unstoppable.

Best Gear For Heavy Bowgun Build in MHR

To be able to take on extremely powerful endgame monsters present in both the base game of Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, you will need to have the best possible loadout at your disposal. The new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion has changed all the weapons up a bit. 

So we will provide you with the best possible post-sun break MHR Heavy Bowgun Build. Let us start with the best weapon you can have equipped on your Heavy Bowgun Hunter. 

Best Weapon

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak New Monster
Garangolm is The Monster that you will farm for the weapon

The best possible weapon for our build is the Garangolm Canon+; you can get the weapon by slaying a new monster that was introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion. Its name is Garangolm, and it is a very fun and engaging monster to fight.

Moreover, Garangolm is a giant beast whose appearance is very similar to that of a Guerilla. You can find and hunt the monster in the Citadel Flooded Forest locale that was introduced recently. 

This is a brand-new monster, and it, alongside its habitat, made its first appearance in the massive expansion to Monster Hunter Rise called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Garangolm Canon+ is an incredibly efficient heavy bowgun. It has an Attack of 380, and you can use the special machine gun firearm ammo with it. Now let us talk about what Decorations you should fit into it.

Decorations for the Weapon

Decorations in Monster Hunter are also known as Jewels. No need to be alarmed; these are very simple to explain. Decorations are just a fancy name for Mods. These decorations are literally how mods are in other RPGs. 

Furthermore, you will need to farm a lot for these specific best decorations, though. Monster Hunter has always had fun farming or at least very minimal or minor farming. The decorations are the only things aside from Gems that can get very frustrating to farm.

Getting the right decoration mostly depends on your luck. The player might get it on their first run, or they might have to repeat it repeatedly until they finally get the decoration. 

Most casual players don’t bother finding decorations or using them, but if you are going to build the Best possible Monster, Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build, you will certainly require the following Decorations.

  • Critical Jewel 2
  • Quickload Jewel 1
  • Brace Jewel 1

As you can see, most of these Decorations/Jewels are self-explanatory in how they affect the weapon. All of these are excellent picks for the weapon that we have recommended. Next up is the best armor. 

Best Armor

Heavy Bowgun Hunter Best Armor Monster Hunter Rise
Our Recommended Armor for Heavy Bowgun Build

The armor is probably the most important aspect of our build. It is where most of the Decorations will be applied. We will tell you the best armor pieces for every single part of the character’s armor.


For the Headpiece, we recommend the Utsushi True Mask. The Decoration that you should fit into the headgear is Capacity Jewel 3. The player will need to acquire x2 Frocium, x1 Elgado ticket, x1 Monster Slogbone, and x2 Spider Princess’s claws to craft the headgear.

In addition, you need to be patient, as farming the right materials can take time. There is no way to make the process go any faster; as mentioned earlier, it all depends on your luck.

Chest Armor

For the chest plate armor, we recommend the Kushara Cista X piece. To craft this piece, you would need x2 Steel Dragon Utsubo, x2 Amber Hardfang, x2 Steel Dragon Scales, and x5 Steel Dragon Heavy Shell. 

The Decorations that we advise you to fit in the Chest Armor are x2 Critical Jewel 2. The two Critical Jewel 2s will give a high bump to the build’s already high critical damage.

Arm Armor

The Arm Armor that we recommend for our build is Barroth Vambraces X. To build it, you will need x4 Heavy Pieces of Earth & Sand Dragon, x1 Monster Toughbone, x1 Barroth Hardclaw, and x3 Massive Monster Bone.

The Decorations that will be the most fruitful for this piece are Absorber Jewel 1 and Thrift Jewel 2. Once again, patience is the key to making the strongest possible Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build. 

Abdomen Armor

The waist or abdomen armor that you need to equip is Anjanath Coil X. To craft the piece, you will require x2 Monster Toughbone, x4 Anjanath Fur, x2 Anjanath Shard, and x1 Anjanath Mantle. 

As far as Devorations go, we recommend you fit x2 Absorber Jewel 1 and Spread Jewel 3 on the piece of armor. Both of these will be the most effective and are most suitable for this armor piece.

Leg Armor 

For the leg piece, our build uses Malzeno Gleaves. To be able to craft and get that the player will need to acquire x2 Malzeno Fellwing, x2 Malzeno Cortex, x1 Malzeno Bloodstone, and x1 Jue Ginryu’s Gokaku

This is the final piece of our armor, and for it, we don’t have any specific Decoration that we would recommend. The player is free to pick one of their own accords; just make sure beforehand that they don’t mingle or nerf the effects of the other ones.

Now that we have discussed every bit of armor that you should equip for our Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build, let us move to the last piece that you need to equip to complete the armor section. 

Best Talisman 

These are also something that you equip alongside your armor on the same screen, but this one isn’t necessarily a part of your armor. You will need to equip a specific talisman for our build to be complete. 

Talismans are like Decorations; you will have to farm them and hope you get lucky and end up with the one you require to complete our build. The Talisman we recommend is Weakness Exploit Level 2. And the Decoration you need to find in it is Ironwall Jewel 2.

Stats With Our Best MHR Heavy Bowgun Build

Once you have equipped every single piece of armor and also have fit in all the Decorations, your Heavy Bowgun Hunter should have the following stats.

  • Defense: 542
  • Fire: 0
  • Thunder: 2
  • Water: 0
  • Dragon: -8
  • Ice: 0

As you can see, the only area where you will have some sort of a disadvantage is with the Elder Dragons. That should not be that much of a problem because the Heavy Bowgunner is a ranged support class, and the player will also have a counter move at their disposal. 

The Critical hit rate at this moment will be extremely high, and the hunter will be able to take way more of a beating now before they get downed and sent back to camp. 

With our Incredible Monster, Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Build, you will be a beast and show off to your friends by carrying them through long and excruciating hunts.

Extra Information 

Monster Hunter Rise has been a part of many crossovers. That has been very appealing to some players, which resulted in them actually buying the game and getting into it. 

Monster Hunter Rise’s predecessor Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s best-selling videogame to date, which is very surprising but, in our opinion, very well deserved. 

Moreover, the franchise has earned good faith among gamers because of the content that they constantly add for free. Yes, that is correct; a videogame developer in this day and age is adding free content. Those crossovers we mentioned above are also completely free.

The Monster Hunter franchise is also very well known for adding insanely massive expansions that are almost the size of the original game. Monster Hunter World Iceborne actually has far more content than the base game, and they add all the new content for free.

The main person that oversees the Monster Hunter Division at Capcom’s Divison 1, Ryozo Tsujimoto, also has been overseeing their Fighting Game Division since 2018. That could be one of the reasons why we are suddenly seeing them make a comeback.

In addition, while Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak so far hasn’t been as massive of an expansion as Iceborne was at launch, the players need not worry, as we can tell by Capcom’s track record that loads of free content updates are sure to come regularly.


Monster hunter Rise is the latest installment to Capcom’s very well-established Monster Hunter Franchise. Just like its predecessors, Monster Hunter Rise also has a lot of weapons to fit with every player’s playstyle.

To be precise, there are 14 recurring weapons in the Monster Hunter Franchise as of now. All of these are very different in their playstyle, and you can use them in every situation during combat. For more on these, check out our Monster Hunter Rise Tier List.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Team is divided into two divisions. The first and main division works on home-console big-budget games like Monster Hunter World, while the other team’s main focus is developing games for handheld/portable consoles. Also, consider reading our BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armors guide.

In addition, Monster Hunter Rise was, of course, handled by the second division. They have proven to be as competent as the main division because Rise runs on a Switch incredibly well for a game that looks like this.

The game’s stellar performance no doubt also owes a lot to Capcom’s RE Engine. That is what seems to be their main engine for games going forward, which is great because the optimization that it has is insane.

Moreover, MHR was exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and was released later on for PC through Steam because of its high demand. The game runs like a dream on PC, as expected.  Even though the original game was released for pc at a later date, Sunbreak Expansion will arrive at the same time as Switch.


That brings our Best MHR Heavy Bowgun Build to a close. If you have acquired all the things we mentioned and have set all the Decorations, then we are sure you will be feared among even the greatest monsters in MH Rise.

Moreover, from what we can tell, the next entry in the Monster Hunter Franchise is already in the works. Gamers who play on Xbox and Playstation did not get to experience Monster Hunter Rise. This next entry will probably be for those systems and PC.

For fans who are waiting for crossovers, they will surely come; MHR already has a lot of awesome ones like Okami, Sonic, Street Fighter, etcetera. What are your favorite characters that you would like to see fighting the huge monsters of Monster Hunter Rise?

Despite being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch for most of its lifetime, the game sold extremely well. As of writing our guide, it has reached 9 million copies sold worldwide. That’s insane for a third-party Nintendo exclusive title.

In addition, the sales number is very close to Monster Hunter Iceborne’s 9.2 Million. The next entry in the franchise will probably be just as good as MH Rise and World. So far, the Monster Hunter Team always seems to improve with each game.

What do you think about Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak Expansion? Did it live up to your hype? Were you disappointed with this coming from Monster Hunter World? How much of Sunbreak have you played through? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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