Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge: Farming & Usage

Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge Guide entails how you can farm it and the usage of getting immature sponge

Monster Hunter Rise has now arrived with a new storyline where you will have to protect villagers from the rampage. You will play as a hunter killing the monsters using brand new maps. The game offers a diverse range of weapons, gear, and characters. You need to farm a lot of different items in the game, and Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge is one of them.

Key Highlights
  • Immature Sponge is a special item in Monster Hunter Rise used to upgrade weapons and craft armor.
  • It can be obtained by looting the environment, completing quests and carving specific monsters.
  • The flooded forest is a good location to find Immature Sponge, specifically from Ludroth with a 36% chance of obtaining it.
  • The Ladies of the Lake village quest tasks players with killing Ludroths, which also gives them a chance to obtain Immature Sponge.
  • Once obtained, Immature Sponge can be used to upgrade weapons such as Drowning Shaft I, Spiral Lance I, Spongia Bow I and Ludroth Pair I.
  • It can also be used to craft armor such as the Droth Set, Vaik Set, Ludroth Set, Droth S Set, Vaik S Set and Royal Ludroth X Set.

Players usually find it difficult to farm this item, so we have discussed the location to find it along with its usage. 

What Is Immature Sponge in Monster Huter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge
About Immature Sponge

Immature Sponge is a material in Monster Hunter Rise that is a special item. You can get special items by looting the environment, completing quests, and carving specific monsters. Immature Sponge, like all other special items, can be obtained in the same way and then used to upgrade weapons and craft armors.

Rarity          4                  Sell Price    150
Hold Item99TypeMonster Materials

Where To Find Immature Sponge in MHR

You are recommended to head to the flooded forest to find Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge. You will encounter Ludroth in this area with a 36% chance to equip you with an Immature Sponge if you carve it. Targeting Ludroth has a 16% chance of giving you the Immature Sponge.

If you are confused about the exact location of Ludroth in the flooded forest, we have attached a picture of the location. 

Where to Find Immature Sponge

Quest To Farm Immature Sponge

You can get Immature Sponge by starting the “Ladies of the Lake” village quest. The Quest will task you with killing Ludros. You will get Immature Sponge by targetting it, and when you are done killing it, the Quest will continue. The later tasks in quests will also give you a few chances to earn Immature Sponge in the game.

How To Complete The Quest

Completing the “Ladies of the Lake’ Quest is not too difficult, especially if you have a direction to follow. We have mentioned a few steps you can follow to complete this Quest to make it easier for you to get the Immature Sponge.

The Quest is set in the Flooded Forest, so you will have to head to it in order to start the Quest. You will be able to locate Ludroth easily using the markers on the mini-map. One thing to notice is that you cannot find Ludroths on the land; instead, you can find them in shallow water. 

Ludroths are usually found in groups, so killing 10 of them at the same time will be an easier job. However, if Royal Ludroth is present in the same vicinity, it will get harder to slay Ludroths and harvest materials. Make sure that he is not in the same vicinity where you are planning to kill a group of Ludroths. 

Once you successfully kill 10 Ludroths, you will be able to complete your Quest. You will get an Immature Sponge in this way. Moreover, you will also get 1500 zennies as a reward for completing the Quest. 

Usage Of Immature Sponge in MHR Sunbreak

Immature Sponge
Usage of Immature Sponge

Once you successfully farm Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge, you will be able to use it to upgrade your weapons and craft armor. The detailed usage of Immature Sponge by various weapons and armor is listed below. 

Upgrading Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge is used to upgrade various weapons that we have listed below.

  • Drowning Shaft I
  • Spiral Lance I
  • Spongia Bow I
  • Ludroth Pair I

Crafting Armor

You can craft armors using Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge. We have prepared a list of armor below.

  • Droth Set: Droth Mails, Droth Greaves, Droth Coil
  • Vaik Set: Vaik Braces
  • Ludroth Set: Ludroth Braces
  • Droth S Set: Droth Mail S, Droth Greaves S
  • Vaik S Set: Vaik Braces S
  • Ludroth S Set: Ludroth Braces S
  • Royal Ludroth X Set: Ludroth Mail X


Monster Hunter Rise Immature Sponge is an item that you can farm in the game using ways we have covered for you in the above guide. You can use this Immature Sponge to craft armor and upgrade weapons. Follow the guide, and you will be good to farm Immature Sponge.

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