Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino: Ultimate Guide

This guide explains in depth the locations of King Rhino item in Monster Hunter Rise along with its use to complete the Economic Stimulation Quest.

Key Highlights
  • King Rhino is an important item in Monster Hunter Rise that is needed for the Economic Stimulation Quest. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to find.
  • There are five spots on the Flooded Forest map where King Rhino can be extracted, but only one is needed for the quest.
  • Rock Roses, also known as Desert Roses, are a gathering item in Monster Hunter Rise that can be found in the Sandy Plains.
  • They respawn every five minutes, but can be obtained faster by using the Raisin D’etre Dango item, which decreases respawn duration by 40%.
  • There are five locations to find Desert Roses in Sandy Plains, and they can be recognized by their unique appearance.
  • Acquiring Bismuth Prisms is more difficult than King Rhino, requiring a Hunter Rank of Six to unlock the Lava Caverns biome.
  • Bismuth Prisms can be found in Lava Caverns by scrolling through special items on the map and selecting Iridescent Ores. There are five locations in Lava Caverns to find Iridescent Ores.
  • The game map can be used to navigate to special items and locations of all the collectibles.

If you have played the previous editions of the Monster Hunter Series, you will know how important farming is. You will need to gather as many things as possible, even if they have the faintest glow. Usually, you don’t need to do a lot of work in order to grab items; all you need to do is go near them and press Harvest.

Some items in the Monster Hunter Rise will require some effort to get a hold of. However, remember that the harder an item is to acquire, the more benefit it will bring you later in the game.

Moreover, sometimes you will get a list of items for a quest where you will have to deliver multiple items so you can get a higher reward. In this guide, we will show how to acquire King Rhino items in Monster Hunter along with Rock Roses and Bismuth Prisms to get a Submarine through the Economic Stimulation Quest.

Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino for Economic Stimulation
Items required for Economic Stimulation

King Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino
Flooded Forest Map for King Rhino

The game has the flexibility of letting you scroll through the map to look for the items you need specifically. Simply open the map and navigate the special items. Each map in the game has unique items ranging from common to highest. In Monster Hunter Rise, you will find King Rhino in the Flooded Forest map.

Once you open the Flooded Forest map, navigate for the special items. You will see Shining Rhino in the list; click on it so you can see the locations on the map. There are different methods to extract items in the game; however, rare or ranked items are harder to find.

Moreover, patience is the name of the game. You will sometimes have to try again and again to get King Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise from a difficult spot. In total, there are five spots on the Flooded Forest map where you can extract King Rhino from.

Although, for economic stimulation, you need only one of these items. However, there is no harm in collecting more so you can get more rewards. Read the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing guide if you are facing this error.

King Rhino Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

MHR King Rhino
King Rhino item

First Location: On the south side of the main camp, there is a Great Wirebug; use that to climb up. Once you climb all the way up to the cliff, go on your left as there is a shortcut. It will lead you to Area 13, where you need to turn right facing toward the mountain that you can also scale.

On top of the mountain, you will see a small pyramid-like building. Climb that building, and you will see a small room with pillars inside. The King Rhino (Shining Rhino) will be behind one of these pillars.

Second Location: This one is pretty simple. All you need to do is fast-travel to Sub camp 1. Once you reach there, use your wirebugs to get to the cliff that is above Sub Camp 1. Search the trees carefully as the King Rhino (Shinning Rhino) is attached to one of them.

Third Location: Now, you will need to fast-travel back to the main camp. Get your Palamute ready and ride on it towards the southeast section of the map so you can reach the big pyramid. Once you reach there, scale up halfway to the pyramid with the great wirebug on the first landing.

Now you will have to use wallrun and wirebugs to reach the top of the pyramid. Make sure that you keep a large barrel bomb as you will need that to blow up a wall on top. After blowing up the wall, go on your right, and you will find your third King Rhino (Shinning Rhino) right there.

Fourth Location: After getting the third King Rhino, come out of the room and go around the pyramid to the backside: the side facing east. Once you reach there, slide down the mountain to the bottom of it. Search the trees in that area as King Rhino (Shinning Rhino) will be attached to one of them.

Fifth Location: Now, you will need to head towards Area 7. When you reach there, go to the northeast cliff, where Felynes and Melynxes gather. Go to the edge of the cliff while facing the waterfall. You can do that by using Palamute and a wirebug. If you don’t have a Palamute then two wirebugs will suffice to jump towards the waterfall cliff.

Once you make that jump, head northeast towards the highest cliff in Area 7 using your wirebugs, once you reach the top, search again for the King Rhino (Shinning Rhino) item on one of these trees.

Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise

For this item, you will have to access the Sandy Plains. They come in the Gathering Items category, and according to the game mechanics, all the gathering items respawn after five minutes.

In case you are in a rush and cannot wait for five minutes to collect the item, then use Raisin D’etre Dango. It is an item that you can consume to decrease the respawn duration by 40%. So, by consuming Raisin D’etre Dango, you will have to wait for three minutes only.

So, before you start the quest, you will need to acquire this item from a tea shop. Open your map and navigate the special items until you find Desert Rose on it. Click on it so you can see the locations on the map where you can find them. Now head over to any location you want to go and find the Red Rose.

You can recognize a Red Rose when you come across it by its unique look. It looks like several rocks mashed and cluttered together into a big irregular rock. Once you pick the required Red Roses, your Economic Stimulation quest will be 80% done.

Red Rose Locations

MHR Red Roses
Sandy Plains for Red Roses

Like King Rhino had five locations in Monster Hunter Rise, this item also has a total of five locations. However, compared to King Rhino, getting Red Rose items is easier in Monster Hunter Rise.

Location 1: towards the left side of the main camp, where you will find an opening. Go inside that opening, and you will find your first Red Rose (Desert Rose).

Location 2: Fast travel to Sub camp 1. You will see a building behind the camp; use the great wirebug to climb the building so you can quickly collect the Red Rose (Desert Rose). However, remember to use a wirebug mid-flight otherwise, you will go to the lower level.

Location 3: Here, you basically need to go through Area 10 to Area 12, where you will find the Red Rose (Desert Rose). Since the gap between them is wide, ride on your Palamute so you can cover more area in lesser time.

Location 4: Simply, fast-travel Sub-Camp 2, you will find the Red Rose (Desert Rose) near it.

Location 5: After getting the Red Rose from location number 4, you will see a big hole in the ground somewhere nearby. Jump into it and go to the lower level, where you will find your last Red Rose (Desert Rose) on Sandy Plains. While you’re at it, why not go through our Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Guide

Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise

Now comes the harder part; acquiring Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise is even more difficult than acquiring King Rhino. One of the reasons is that you need to have a Hunter Rank Six so you can unlock the Lava Caverns and the biome.

You can see a mark on the map representing Lava Caverns. However, the location is not accessible to everyone. You need to complete Hunter Rank Six quests first to unlock this site. Once you unlock it, simply go for an expedition tour and grab the Bismuth Prisms.

We recommend you take a tour of Lava Caverns during the daytime and open your map again to see the items’ exact location. On your map, scroll in the special items and select the Iridescent Ores.

Bismuth Prisms: Iridescent Ores Location

Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino Lava Caverns
Lava Caverns Upper Side

There are a total of five places where you can get the Iridescent Ores in Monster Hunter Rise, just like King Rhino.

Lava Caverns in MHR
Lava Caverns Lower Side

Location 1: Fast travel to Sub Camp 2. Upon reaching there, go to the north side, and there you will see the first Iridescent Ore.

Location 2: Go back to Sub Camp 2. Then move towards the south side of it, where you will find the broken stone bridge. Under the bridge, you will find your second Iridescent Ore.

Location 3: After getting your second Iridescent Ore, head to the lower layer, where you will see a stone pillar. On top of it, you will find the third Iridescent Ore.

Location 4: Fast travel to Sub Camp 1 so you can get the fourth Iridescent which is just on the south side.

Location 5: You will have to go to the lower level once more, then go to Area 13. You will find your last Iridescent there.

The Economic Stimulation Quest

Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino for Economic Stimulation
Request Completed for Economic Stimulation

Now that you have collected King Rhino along with other items in Monster Hunter Rise open the menu and click on “Complete the Quest” so your expedition tour can come to an end. To end the quest, you will need to return to the village and go to the Argosy.

After that, you need to go to the Buddy Plaza, where you will speak to a trader named Rondine. Once you start the conversation with her, she will ask you to give all the materials required in the quest. Once you deliver all these items, you will get the third submarine as a reward.

The additional submarine will let you gain more free items passively through the Argosy. That is like farming items for free, and without any effort, so we suggest doing the Economic Stimulation Quest is worth it.

That is all from our side, use the locations which are near you to collect King Rhino and others and once you get them, reward yourself with a submarine. Remember that you might fail to reach some of these locations on the first try; keep trying because this quest is worth the grind.


Capcom’s action and role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise was released on Nintendo Switch in March 2021. However, the Microsoft Windows version was released this year, and it is the sixth edition of the Monster Hunter Series. Throughout the game, you will see the Japanese influence on architecture and food. In Monster Hunter Rise, you will also come across gathering items such as King Rhino which will help you to unlock more submarine slots.

Unlike its previous editions, Monster Hunter Rise has been redeveloped entirely, and the game mechanics have changed drastically. That is the reason why fans welcomed the game with such a warm welcome like they had not seen anything like it before.

Also, read your Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armors to keep your defense at its best. Make sure that you collect the Large Beast gems and have a heavy Bowgun Build, so you play the game more effectively.

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