Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Guide

Our guide on Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power will help players know about active Latent Power and builds where you can use the power.

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power 

About Latent Power
What is Latent Power

The skill description of latent power shows that it increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion. However, these skills require certain conditions to be met. A description of affinity and stamina is mentioned below.

Key Highlights
  • Latent Power is a skill in Monster Hunter Rise that increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion
  • Affinity is a stat that determines how well a player can perform a critical hit. Stamina is needed for attacking, dodging, and climbing walls and is not regained during combat.
  • Latent Power has five levels, with increasing affinity and stamina reduction at each level.
  • To activate Latent Power, a player must be in combat with a monster, have their weapon drawn for three minutes, or exchange blows with an enemy.
  • Latent Power remains active for two minutes and the countdown begins again if any of the activation conditions are met.
  • Equipment related to Latent Power includes the Throttle Jewel 2 decoration and various armor sets including Basarios Coil X, Golden Hakama, and Zinogre Coil.
  • High-rank and low-rank builds with Latent Power include Full Affinity Build, Sheathing Great Sword Build, Critical Discharger, and Affinity w/ Latent Power Boost Build.

Affinity Stat

Affinity is a stat for determining how you can perform the critical hit. There are many skills in the game that increases affinity. More affinity simply means you are more capable of performing a stronger attack.

Regain Stamina

Stamina is needed to attack, dodge, and climb up the walls. You will not be able to regain stamina in the middle of the fight even if you have plenty of steaks. Having a skill that reduces the use of stamina is definitely a better option. 

Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Levels

Latent Power Levels
Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Levels

There are a total of five levels of latent power, and each one differently impacts the stamina and amount of affinity. The levels have been mentioned with the increase in affinity and stamina reduction.

Level 1

The Level 1 is marked by a 10% increase in affinity and a 30% reduction in stamina usage. 

Level 2

It has an affinity increase of 20%, while the stamina reduction remains the same as in level 1, a reduction of usage by 30%.

Level 3

We have noticed that Level 3 increases affinity by 30$ and reduces stamina usage by 50%

Level 4

Affinity increases by 40%, and stamina usage is reduced by 50% in level 4.

Level 5

Level 5 is marked by a 50% increase in affinity, and stamina reduction remains the same in level 3, level 4, and level 5. 

How to Activate Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power

Activation Conditions
How to Activate Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power

You can know that Latent Power is active when you see the stamina and affinity symbols above your life bar. The stamina glows in white, and your hands also glow white. If your Latent power is not active, the following are the ways to activate it.

Combat with a Monster

You need to be consistently close to a monster or stay in combat with a monster. You can try it in a hunt and in the training plaza where you will see a large dummy. Being in combat with a monster will start the countdown to activate the latest power. 

Weapon Drawn

If you are not in contact with any creature, latent power can get activated after three minutes of your weapon being drawn.

Hit the enemy

You can cut down on the activation time by exchanging a few blows with the enemy. Hitting the enemy or being hit by the enemy reduces the activation time for latent power.

You have to remember that Latent Power stays active for two minutes. After two minutes, the new countdown begins if any of the above-mentioned steps take place. 

Equipment of Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power

The equipment related to Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power has been covered in the guide mentioned below.

Latent Power builds
Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Equipments


Decorations are jewels that can be crafted to boost armor skills, and decoration associated with Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power is Throttle Jewel 2. 


The armor of Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power is described in the table below.

Armor     Base DefenseSkills        
Basarios Coil X100Defense Boost
Latent Power
Speed Sharpening
Basarios Greaves X100Defense Boost
Latent Power
Load Shells
Reload Speed
Basarios Mail X100Guard
Latent Power
Load Shells
Golden Hakama70Latent Power
Critical Boost
Golden Haori70Heroics
Latent Power
Maximum Might
Golden Kote70Heroics
Latent Power
Lunagaron Coil114Latent power
Orangaten Braces96Latent Power
Quick Sheath
Skalda Brachia X/ Spio Brachia X98    Latent Power
Poison Resistance
Skalda Vertex X98Latent Power
Poison Attack
Zinogre Coil28Latent Power
Zinogre Helm28Critical Eye
Latent Power
Zinogre Mail S62Latent Power
Weakness Exploit
Zinogre Mail X116Latent Power
Weakness Exploit
Thunder Attack
Zinogre Greaves X116Constitution
Latent Power


The builds that have latent power can be high rank or low rank; we have discussed both types of builds in this guide.

High-Rank Builds

The high rank builds with Latent Power are as follows.

  • Full Affinity Build
  • 100% Affinity
  • Sheathing Great Sword Build
  • Affinity & Knock-out power
  • Critical Hammer
  • Comfort Horn
  • Mid-High Rank
  • Critical Discharger/ Elemental Phials
  • Evasive Charge Build
  • Weakness Exploit 1005 Affinity
  • Elemental Set
  • Critical Slugger Hi Ninja Build
  • Critical Lance Build
  • Raw Damage Build
  • Elemental Build

Low-Rank Builds

The low-rank builds with latent power are listed below.

  • Affinity w/ Latent Power Boost Build
  • Affinity Powerhouse
  • All Out Damage
  • Mid Game Slugger
  • Evasive Lance
  • Mid-Game Critical Eye + Constitution
  • Offense and Utility
  • Critical Eye + Stamina Skills


The game also offers a variety of weapons, tools, and gear. Our guide on Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power will help you understand when is the latent power active, armor which have this skill, and builds that use the latent power. While you’re at it, consider reading Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List.

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are various power armor skills that strengthen the hunter. You will find a lot of them easy to use, while for others, you need to understand how to activate them.

Latent power is one of these armor skills, and our guide has covered everything you need to know about it. While you are at it, you can consider reading our guide on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Armors.

Monster Hunter gives players a chance to explore maps as a hunter, taking down the monsters. Like many other Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Rise is marked by slaying down the monsters while you play as a hunter.

To attack the monsters, you need to understand all the armor skills in Monster High Rise. Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power is one of the powers that can be activated just by following a few simple steps. We have covered everything that you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power in this guide. Follow the steps to activate Latent Power and also know about the builds that have Latent Power. 

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